Mitt Romney’s Night: ‘We Believe in America’

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A great speech by Marco Rubio, proud moments with Olympians, appearances by Jeb and Newt, and an unusual performance by Clint Eastwood – set all of that aside. This was Mitt Romney’s night, and all who watched, save the far-left media, must have sensed that he shone like a President.

Thursday night was the final night of the Republican Convention 2012. The focus was on getting to know who Mitt Romney is – the man behind the politician. Before that could take place, some well-known faces from the GOP were presented to the anticipating crowd.

A touching video of Ronald Reagan was shown, followed by Newt and Callista Gingrich comparing Obama to Carter and Romney to Reagan. Newt stated that both Obama and Carter “weakened America’s confidence in itself and our hope for a better future.” Jeb Bush spoke of the need for School Choice. “You can either help the politically powerful unions or you can help the kids,” he stated.

Telling the story of Mitt Romney were members of Romney’s church, former business associates, including from Bain Capital and Staples, gold medal-awarded Olympians, his son Craig, and leaders from his Massachusetts gubernatorial staff.

At the 10:00 hour (Eastern), Clint Eastwood took the stage and proceeded to ad lib a conversation with President Obama, who was represented by an empty chair. At times, it got a rise from the crowd – “We own this country. Politicians are employees of ours.” And “When somebody doesn’t do the job, we gotta let him go.” But other moments didn’t seem appropriate.

Eastwood was followed by Marco Rubio, who introduced the man of the hour, Mitt Romney. Rubio is an excellent speaker and a star among Hispanics, a crowd that the GOP worked hard to reach during this convention. His speech contained a number of applause lines. He described Obama’s policies as “tired and old big government ideas, ideas that people come to America to get away from.” He stated that Obama’s “Hope and Change has become Divide and Conquer.” And of his father, who was a banquet bartender, he said, “He stood behind a bar in the back of the room all those years, so one day I could stand behind a podium in the front of a room.”

Rubio was an amazing warm-up act for the man who might very well soon be the leader of the free world. Mitt Romney truly brought the house down and uplifted everyone inside of it.

Romney spoke like a man of compassion and conviction, a man of strength and dignity. He spoke like a leader. He looked and sounded like a president, and similar to Rubio, Governor Romney had a number of memorable lines.

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  • Roger

    Obama, the empty chair. That sums it up pretty well.

    • fiddler

      Really. Although old Clint had some trouble putting his skit together, I trust that the "empty chair" of the WH occupant sticks in the minds of people. Vacancy as a leader, vacancy as a patriot, vacancy in veracity. It should hopefully erase any doubt about who should lead.

    • Ricky Michael

      I'm voting for the one American who is running for president.

    • johnnywoods

      The empty chair fits well with the empty suit.


      Empty chair to represent the empty suit currently occupying the White House.

      The OWS socialists bring more shame and disrepute on Obama.

      • Roger

        Just as the brownshirts did to HItler.

        But they are still useful tools.
        Not part of the rule of law, not part of any solution. But part of obama's drive to destroy our system so he can bring in a new era or utopia. Too bad he doesn't go to Zimbabwe or some other failed state and learn how to have a utopia before he tries it here.

    • Alexander Gofen

      It is far from summing it up. Obama is not empty, but a vicious enemy of America filling the chair, on the top of being ineligible, and also a thief and fraud – while the so called opposition "party" looks the other way.

      • Roger

        If a republican president ruled by fiat, a democrat speaker would have used impeachment.

        Obama is much more corrupt than Nixon, and we know what happened there.

        Boehner is a traitor and needs to resign in disgrace.

  • Omar

    With Romney, America will fight for freedom and democracy in the world. Time to confront Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe and other despots, and free the world.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Romney is irrelevant because of his denial of the ineligibility and criminality of Obama.

      THE MERE FACT OF Romney's WILLINGNESS TO RUN AGAINST A THIEF (!) means that Romney has no human dignity! (Never mind the integrity and duty to uphold the Constitution).

      As M. Savage put it, Romney is a eunuch promoted by a party of eunuchs.

      • Rain

        Nonsense. The ineligibility, as true as it may be, has been made MUTE by a corrupt court system that repeatedly fails to try the matter, and so such as Taitz has pressed on, for years now, to no avail. In not prevailing within our judicial system the matter of Obama's eligibility isn't an arguable issue for Romney to make when vying for the Presidency of these United States. To do so would further embolden the Liberal party, in my opinion, some of whom might be swayed to vote for him (as even many are) based upon the hard cold facts that are irrefutable, such as the state of our economy, and the trillions he has squandered. People are suffering. Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike, and this they will take to the polls. People want to know how they are going to pay their rent, mortgage, put gas in their and feed their children. They aren't so much concerned, right now, in whether Obama was born in Kenya.

        As for Obama's varying criminalities, there will be time enough to hold him accountable once he is out of office. (You really don't think Assa's going to give up now, do you?) Getting him out of office now, as time itself has so well proven, is futile! With the top cop in all of the land in his back pocket, and Liberal minded justices on the bench, even such as Roberts, now, it would seem, our best hope is getting him out of the White House, along with Holder, as well as to reassess those sitting in our courts, so that when charges of say, treason, are brought forth they will stick and not be mocked further or tossed out.

        I usually agree with Savage. But not in this case. We NEED Romney, and not because he is, as some people say, the lessor of the two evils, but because he LISTENS to the American people and governs himself accordingly. He does not assume, as Obama does, that he knows best or better than the people themselves know.

      • Alexander Gofen

        "The ineligibility… has been made MUTE by a corrupt court system…."

        – Partially true, however the main culprits who have been making ineligibility mute are the so called "opposition" party (GOP), the US Congress, and the media (including the Front Page Mag).

        "In not prevailing within our judicial system, the matter of Obama's eligibility isn't an arguable issue for Romney to make when vying for the Presidency of these United States."

        – Wrong. To do that (albeit a bit too late) would be the only way for Romney to defeat the opponent even prior to the election, and to change the "pre-schedule order of his own defeat.

        "They aren't so much concerned, right now, in whether Obama was born in Kenya."

        – That what you say. The responsible citizens are concerned first of all in upholding the Constitution, and in the rule of law. The responsible citizens do not ignore the facts of outright blatant lies emanating from the highest office.

        "As for Obama's varying criminalities, there will be time enough to hold him accountable once he is out of office."

        – Really? Just like attempts to not re-elect Stalin and then to prosecute him… Not to mention: Where is a dignity of a nation allowing campaigning of a notorious criminal with the hopes to possibly not re-elect him?

        Where is a human dignity of Romney agreeing to run against a notorious thief?!

        "… it would seem, our best hope is getting him out of the White House, along with Holder, as well as to reassess those sitting in our courts, so that when charges of say, treason, are brought forth they will stick and not be mocked further or tossed out."

        – But it was your own party (the "opposition" party mind you!) which has been "mocking" the ineligibility and criminality for all these 4 years! It was the entire treasonous US Congress, including those elected in 2010. They all stay in place…

    • Rain

      It's also time for us to a bit more than simply pray for the peace of Jerusalem We must stand in defense of her by all means at our disposal.

  • Steve Chavez

    Romney, Ryan, and Rubio all spoke of their FAMILY history that shaped who they are today. Short clips of Romney's family life and his work ethic were spotlighted and I admired him even more. FAMILY. Santorum told of his ill daughter. Mormon parishioners told of how Mitt helped THEIR FAMILY. My Governor, SUSANA MARTINEZ, brought up her father and her young life. ALL OF THEM BROUGHT UP AND HONORED THEIR FAMILY.

    WHY was FAMILY the common theme? TO BRING UP THE STARK DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEIRS AND BARACK OBAMA'S. Obama was born of Communists; mentored by Communists; sought out Communist fellow students and professors; surrounded himself with Communists in Chicago; has appointed Communists; and now has his "CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS!" DING DING DING DING. WHAT DOES THAT MAKE HIM? A COMMUNIST! What does this family have in common? THEY ARE ANTI-AMERICAN and in most cases, they hate the United States!

    People in general remember photos and they will remember this one when they mark their ballots. COMMERCIAL PHOTO: "The Romney Family." Five boys, their wives and kids.


    OBAMA, with a joint in his mouth, wearing a helicopter hat and Che T-shirt, sitting on SAUL ALINSKY'S lap.

    Above him is GEORGE SOROS pulling puppet strings.

    KARL MARX with a "Communism Lives Again" sign.

    PUTIN with a "Vote Obama" sign.

    MAO with a "We Capitalist Pigs now and you Commies" sign.

    CHICAGO MOB in dress: Rahm, David, Oprah, and Wright.

    ERIC HOLDER dressed as Rambo, with numerous guns, and Mexican Sombero.

    MICHELLE wearing a Carmen Miranda veggie and fruit hat.

    NANCY PELOSI dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West.

    ELIZABETH WARREN dressed in squaw outfit with a one feather hat.

    JOE BIDEN wearing Gaffy Duck bill and Taliban Turban with attached fuse.

    The NEW BLACK PANTHERS surrounding them holding clubs.

    CAPTION: "Which family is more like yours?"

    • dmw

      Steve, uh, above a tour de force. Also, the Obamas? Two kids. The Romneys? Two generations of kids and fellow Church and business leaders that do not need to be hidden. Love Susana Martinez. Talked to my brother in Albuquerque yesterday. He does too.

    • trickyblain

      Yes, that would go over well with hardcore right wingers peaking on acid.

      • Omar

        Actually, it is the left that creates double standards in this country.

        • trickyblain

          Right. Like saying they simultaneously want limited gov't and a Constitution that tells us what marriage means. Or a bunch of wars and not pay for them through taxes. Oh wait, that's not the left.

          • Roger

            Yes, it is the left, remember Libya?

          • Omar

            Oh and you would prefer a bunch of people telling minorities what party they should support? And if they choose to support a conservative agenda, they would be insulted as "inauthentics"? Yeah, the left is so tolerant. That's why they successfully forced Herman Cain to withdraw from the GOP presidential race. The left is not tolerant. The left only exploits bigotry for political gains, while the left behaves like the real bigots.

    • Omar

      Don't forget. Raul Castro's daughter, Mariela, stated,"If I were a U.S. citizen, I would vote for Obama!" It's kind of disturbing when the president of the United States has the endorsement of a hostile foreign dictator's daughter. It only exposes the left's extremist connections even more.


        And Dhimmi Carter (Worst US President EVER) hugging Fidel, Chavez.

        Boy o Boy. Do I HOPE that Dhimmi Carter speaks at the DNC.

        • Omar

          Thanks for reminding me about Jimmy "The Appeaser" Carter. Now Carter is the king of double standards. He denounced our limited sanctions (not an embargo- we do business with Cuba. Check Humberto Fontova's books and articles for the truth about the so-called "embargo") against the Castro regime, yet he sanctioned minor autocratic regimes like Pinochet's Chile and the Shah's Iran. While both regimes were repressive and autocratic, neither regime had caused the amount of damage that the Castro regime in Cuba has caused over the course of many years. Carter also called for the release of the so-called "Cuban 5", who are the five Castro regime spies currently in federal prison for charges of espionage and other illegal activities in the United States on behalf of the Castro regime. Meanwhile, he never showed any sympathy towards the families of the Brothers to the Rescue pilots who were shot down into the Florida Straits by the Castro regime's armed forces with the help of one of the unrepentant spies now in prison. Then there is Alan Gross, who is still in prison over false charges of "subversion" (all he tried to do was provide humanitarian aid to Cuba's Jewish community). Carter is a dangerous influence on foreign policy.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Romney, Ryan, and Rubio all spoke of anything but the most crucial crimes of Obama, each of them being enough to prosecute him or at least topple his re-election campaign. Worst of all, they do not speak a word about the ineligibility and rude crimes of Obama such as forgery and fraud of his personnel docs.

      • Roger

        If they did, the media would label them as fringe extremists and marginalize them.

        Does it still need saying? Of course. Having GOP leadership that won't fight is more damaging to the country then ones that we have in power.

        • Alexander Gofen

          Agree. GOPs are uglier and more treasonous than Dems in this case. Dems betray the justice and cover up for their own. Repooobs betray the justice and cover up for … Dems' own! Repooobs betray their duty of the opposition.

    • Asher

      Romney had alot of character references from people whom he helped in the past, the parents of the 14 year old who was dying of cancer, and Mitt helped him write a will, or the Partner at Bain whos daughter Romney helped save…He shut down Bain and they all went to look for her setting up a toll free number to call for information. Someone called in to ask if there was a reward, then got scared and hung up, but they were able to trace the call to a home in NJ where they found Mr. Gay's daughter in the basement of the home, shivering from the after affects of ecstasy. He will never forget what Mitt Romney did to save his daughter. Romney has character and integrity.

      • Asher

        This article can be found in Newmax Magazine's September issue, on p. 51.

  • Ar'nun

    Early in the Primary, I was an "Anybody But Mitt" guy. After last night however I can actually say that I will proudly cast my vote for Mitt Romney. I live in Massachusetts. I am one of 3 actual Conservatives here. I was in Iraq when Romney was elected Governor, and I came home to a $1000 fine from the Mass Government because even though I was tax exempt from most of 2002 til early 2004 because I was in a Combat Zone, but I didn't have insurance. Well, I argued that I was serving in the military and they take care of all my medical needs and I wasn't in Massachusetts anyways and I eventually won. So I have my issues with Romney. But please keep in mind, he was a Governor, making a decision for a State. Not a Federal Monstrocity appling a one size fits all solution for the entire country.

  • Ar'nun

    Last night, I saw a side of Romney I hadn't seen when he was Governor. Sure, the cynics will say that it was by design, he is a politician. Well Governors are politicians too. And he as a Republican (maybe not the most Conservative) was elected in Massachusetts, no easy task. He Governed with a 13% Republican Legislature. Even Deval Patrick (Obama's mini-me) can't get things passed by the extremists at the state house.

  • RAS

    Well if you weren’t impressed with his character, his sincerity, his authenticity, his qualifications, and his plans enough to support him as our next President then I suppose that you may be lost somewhere in the world of either twisted dreams of a fantasy utopia, bigotry, guilt, or perhaps outright misguided hatefulness. Whatever is the case, I know that he will do for you, me, and America his best, regardless.

  • BLJ

    Romney has something that Obama never had and will never get. Character.


      Obama has something that Romney has and will never get,

      the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, OPEC, George Soros, Socialists, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Rezko, Michael MOOOOre, MSNBC, the New York Times, Pravda.

    • Alexander Gofen

      No, Romney has no character. The mere fact of Romney's willingness to run against a thief (!) means that Romney has no human dignity! (Never mind the integrity and duty to uphold the Constitution).

      As M. Savage put it, Romney is a eunuch promoted by a party of eunuchs.

  • Andy

    I expect the next polls to show dramatic rises in GOP popularity. Now professional comedians will tell you that if they get laughs from one third of their audience, they're a success. Two thirds of most audiences just don't get it and will laugh along with the bright third so as not to look like dummies. I watched the audience during Clint Eastwood's act and he got way over a third laughing. Yes, yes, he was not slick, he groped for his lines, he started to sound like Jimmy Stewart (which is all to the good) but the material was socko and his delivery on the laugh lines was beautifully timed. I live alone and laughed so hard and loud the neighbors thought I was throwing a party. His little scene will go down in history as classic comedy. It's probably viral by now on the web. More important it hit on the basics in a credible, convincing, inspiring manner more effective than all the grand oratory by the rest. Clint probably persuaded more fence sitters than all the others. And also important, as BLJ here commented, Romney has character that few politicians ever have. I have a very good feeling about November. By December we can start to sing "Happy Days are Here Again!"

    • Alexander Gofen

      No, GOP is disgusting: The most disgusting an opposition (the designated, controlled opposition) could ever be.

  • Alexander Gofen

    Romney is a designated fall man, a chief eunuch of the party of eunuchs… ;

    Of a treasonous party which buried the constitution… .

    Forget the Constitution! Here is the criminal report by Sheriff Arpaio on fraud and forgery of the opponent, yet Romney looks the other way! A gentle slap on the hand instead of exposure of egregious crimes of the opponent!

    The party hypocritically sings "God bless America!.." being a curse of America.

    1) Repoooblicans (and Dems) must be destroyed. Americans must learn that those "two" are not the "inevitable choice" between the "two evils". The "two" neither represent America nor the US Constitution.

    2) People must massively un-register from those parties and stop sending any money. Let the party's resources dry up.

    3) People must massively tear the ballots into pieces if the ballot contains the illegal name "Obama". The pieces may be sent to the respective secretaries of States – TO INVALIDATE THIS FARCE OF THE ELECTION.

    4) Establish a new patriotic party with the Platform like this:

    • rebeccajean

      Or we, as Republicans and Democrats, could quit being so apathetic and become involved in holding our politicians accountable when they fall short of our particular parties stated beliefs by voting them out of office. We could accomplish this through activist movements like, say the tea party. I am hoping that if Romney and Ryan are elected, that they follow through on the promises they've made to limit the reach of government in ours and our private businesses lives through over regulation and other onerous burdens. If they don't I hope they get kicked to the curb just like I hope we kick Obama to the curb this November.

      • Alexander Gofen

        These parties do not have much of any "stated beliefs", or whichever they had had are easily forgotten now, such as the US Constitution. Is the criminal code among their "stated beliefs"? It does not look so. Obama/Soetoro is a proven thief and forger, yet they all look another way…

  • Guest

    I have to agree with Alexander. I am tired of voting for the lessor of two evils. I will not vote for either this year. Romney will take us down the liberal socialist road only slightly slower than obummer. Let's allow the dimwits to run the country into the ground quickly so the fighting can begin and hopefully and new a stronger country will arise. Make no mistake about it, that's the direction we are headed.

    • tagalog

      A decision not to vote is a vote to retain Obama as President. To me that's intolerable, despite my lack of any real passion this election cycle. Obama must go. Romney is not my first choice, but at least he can be drawn to the right.

  • Magnus

    Martin Luther wrote, "The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn." That said, Clint Eastwood did the job of scorner. It was a masterful speech that roasted Obama perfectly! If the Republicans can keep that coming, they'll drive Obama insane and easily win the election. Biden is clearly insane, already.


      martin luther? martin luther was of his father, the devil.

  • Freida Drucker

    Enjoyed all of Joe Kaufman's articles. Kaufman has the journalistic capability of putting words on paper that bring mental images to life. Although we could not attend the RNC, we have a satisfied feeling that the Republicans will have a triumphant 2012 election. Just remember, we need every vote………

  • Alexander Gofen

    Romney is irrelevant because of his denial of the ineligibility and criminality of Obama.

    THE MERE FACT OF Romney's WILLINGNESS TO RUN AGAINST A THIEF (!) means that Romney has no human dignity! (Never mind the integrity and duty to uphold the Constitution).

    As M. Savage put it, Romney is a eunuch promoted by a party of eunuchs.

  • BS77

    Sick of the left? The attack machine is in full operation now. Maddow, Matthews, all the NY times leftist whiners and critics are doing their best to minimize the Romney candidacy……I don't worry….the DEBATES will settle the matter and close the deal. Ryan will flatten Biden and Romney will win….So far, there has been no mention whatsoever of Afghanistan or Iran. All the hot air is over Medicare and budget malfeasance……

  • Phaerisee

    As a conservative christian, some of the things that Mitt Romney believes worry me.

  • Asher

    The RNC was pure class, ideas, and integrity. Not one of the speaker had a bad night. Mia Love, Susana Martiniez, Marco Rubio, and Artur Davis are proof that minorities have values and want the best for their families and will not give up their freedom.

    • Omar

      Don't forget Luis Fortuno. The governor of Puerto Rico also brought in spirit and determination for the crowd.

  • Tom D.J.

    "We Believe in America" is a quite a bit better than the Hollywood cry of "We Be Leavin' America" during the Bush era.