‘America The Racist': The Left’s Familiar Refrain

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In Muhammad’s view, there has been little progress since the post-Civil War enactment of “Black Codes” in the American South—where any newly freed black who “crossed any line that [whites] prescribed … could be sold back to [his] former slave owner.” Muhammad suggests that these Codes reflected “the invention of the criminal-justice system as a repressive tool to keep Black people in their place, from the very moment where 95 percent of the Black population became free.”

The impulse to dominate and oppress African-Americans is “still with us,” Muhammad says, declaring that such practices as “stop-and-frisk racial profiling and mass incarceration” have become, in the tradition of “the Jim Crow South,” the latest mechanisms by which “to control black people’s movement in cities.” “We are still living with the same basic ideas and arguments” about black criminality today “as we were in the 1890s,” Muhammad laments, “stigmatizing black people as dangerous, legitimizing or excusing white-on-black violence, conflating crime and poverty with blackness, and perpetuating punitive notions of ‘justice’ … as the only legitimate responses.”

When Bill Cosby in 2007 made a highly publicized plea for African Americans to embrace their parenting responsibilities, Muhammad disparaged the entertainer’s remarks as the “latest in a long finger-wagging tradition of instructing poor blacks to lift themselves up by their bootstraps and reject pathologically ‘black’ values.” Muhammad similarly criticized a National Public Radio segment that asked whether some blacks were lagging because of their refusal to become, as NPR put it, “closer to whites in their values.” According to Muhammad, “this line of questioning reinforces one of the most persistent myths in America … that ‘white’ culture is the gold standard for judging everyone, despite its … contradictions and its flaws, including racism.”

Wherever Muhammad looks, he sees only the oozing sore of white racism, or, as in the case of Cosby, a self-sabotaging African American. As far as Muhammad is concerned, the United States of 2012 scarcely differs, in terms of how it treats nonwhites, from the United States of 1890; today’s racism is simply more subtle, more nuanced, but every bit as toxic. This worldview ranks among the ugliest and most corrosive imprints the Left has made on the minds of so many Americans.

Interestingly, Muhammad is a great-grandson of the late Elijah Muhammad, the famous black separatist and longtime Nation of Islam leader who characterized “the whole Caucasian race” as nothing more than “a race of devils.” Elijah Muhammad died when Khalil Gibran Muhammad was only three years old. It appears that the young man would have done his great-grandfather proud.

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  • http://twitter.com/Solexander @Solexander

    "[L]egitimizing or excusing white-on-black violence…"–as opposed to what Mr. Muhammad evidently would prefer, which would be to legitimize/excuse the *more common* black-on-white violence.


    End Tenure for teachers and "professors".

    What other occupation demands and gets a job for life?

    Why should teachers be a special, protected class?

    End Tenure NOW.

    • Looking4Sanity

      "What other occupation demands and gets a job for life? "

      Supreme Court Justices!

      And to a large extent, Federal Judges in general. However…abuse of the system is not necessarily an indictment of the system itself. Before you call for the end of something, you should evaluate why it was put in place to begin with.


        How many Supreme court justices are there? Nine?

        How many teachers and "professors" are there?

        • Looking4Sanity

          Their numbers are not proportionate to the influence they have over your life. It's not how many there are, it's how much power do they wield and are they trustworthy to have that kind of power for life with no accountability to anyone.

          Also…you did not address my main point about the reason for the practice of tenure in the first place. They were good and noble reasons. The solution is not to abolish tenure. It is to tweak the rules to deal with abusers. Unfortunately, as long as liberal soc-ialists are in charge of the nation's education system, none of that is going to see the light of day.

  • Dave

    sad, pathetic, ultraliberal,,left-wing extremist, hypocritical LIAR!!!! this dope is a "professor" because he no doubt couldn't hack it in the real world!!

    • Looking4Sanity

      Those who can't do…"teach"…or in this case, indoctrinate.

  • Guy

    Can we chain Khalil to a plough and let him plant taters?

    • Looking4Sanity

      It might actually give him some real world perspective on what racism ACTUALLY is…as opposed to what he imagines it to be.

    • Rifleman

      Nope, it's the wrong way to teach khalil to appreciate what he has and feed himself if need be, and there's no need for chains. If the government doesn't reign in its' spending real soon, he'll likely learn the hard way with most everyone else. If it gets bad enough, he'll fight for a job on a plow.

      I know because my dad plowed a mule from dark to dark every springtime and midsummer in the early 40s, from age 9, until he was big enough to work on a brick truck at 15 or 16. He was glad to have a job to contribute to the household. His first job was carrying water for carpenters at five, and at six, milking cows for a nice Black family that owned a big dairy farm near Porterdale. Khalil just wouldn't understand that.

      • warpmine

        Something racist like Muhammad will never understand, WORKing isn't a race thing, it's part of life's experiences to be embraced.

  • RonaldCarnine

    Using the Martin case as proof of racial hatred, Khalil has to overlook all of the facts of the case. Like a young black man who beats the tar out of a Hispanic man who draws and fires a weapon in self-defense isn't "racist" at all. It is a case of self defense, nothing less and nothing more. Some black males in America are infatuated with the "thug" life. It produces money, stature and girls. Not to mention parties, alcohol and drugs. I lost a leg to the criminal actions of a young man who wanted to be a gangster. He watched it on tv and saw it in his neighborhood. I knew this kid for several years and had not arrested him 2 weeks before, driving w/o a license and no insurance, and allowed him to go home because I stopped him very close to his aunts house where he lived. After getting out of jail on the assault on me, he got his wish to be a genuine thug when he was arrested for transporting drugs and attempting to kill a Texas state trooper. Now he is in prison in Texas doing 23 yrs, this after he did 9 yrs. Federal time for the drugs and gun. He got his wish, he wanted to be a gangster and he is. What a wasted life. It didn't have anything to do with racism.

    • RoguePatriot6

      Your right it had nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with liberal progadanda'". Liberals have been playing a mind game with blacks since day one. They want them to be infatuated with the "gangsta thug" stereotype so those who are enchanted by it can continue to be the dregs of society and the politicians can continue to blame it on "racism"

  • David

    But doesn't Khalil Gibran Muhammad realise that the Muslim word for a Black African abd is exactly the same word used for a slave.

    • Rifleman

      Never underestimate the ability of a person with hatred in their heart to delude themselves.

  • tagalog

    If Western culture is so imbued in its very bedrock principles with thinking in racist terms, that would be terrible. What is Khalil Gibran Mohammed's explantion for the well-known Arab assumption of racial superiority, and its ongoing -even in the present day, centuries after the West put a stop to its own slavery- enslavement of sub-Saharan black people?

    By the way, this guy isn't the same Kahlil Gibran who wrote that execrable bit of fluff The Prophet ("your children are arrows propelled from your bows"), is he? If so, we can easily gauge the quality of his perceptions, can't we?

    • mcwrath

      No no, he is not the kahil gibran of 'the Prophet'. That guy was lebanese, writing in the early 20th century.

    • Omar

      Remember, in the minds of the left, no one can be racist except for white people, unless, of course, if the white person is a leftist and the black person is a conservative (Janeane Garofalo on Herman Cain is a perfect example of this exception of racism).

  • tagalog

    "Muhammad maintains that social scientists and social reformers alike have long viewed African-Americans "as a distinctly criminal population.'”

    And, of course, assuming that Mr. Mohammed is correct, which I doubt, there's no statistical evidence for such a proposition, right? The arrest, trial, and conviction of so many black criminals is just another manifestation of that DNA-level racism we suffer from, I assume.

    If we just trust the pants-sagging, hoodie-wearing, diddy-bopping group of thugs hanging out down on the corner, we'll be just fine, right? Trust, that's the hot ticket.

    "THAT'S for Trayvon Martin!"

  • Steve Chavez

    This is another reason Romney must pick Condi Rice for VP.

    The Professor, who is surely spouting this type of White hatred in his classes and other blatant brainwashing and other hidden agendas in the assignments he gives, and Al Sharpton, Jackson, and all the other race baiters, will be silenced when the Republican Party "Tea Party sons-a-bi*ches" give standing ovations to Condi Rice. What will they say then? That should silence that argument but won't but it will turn up the volume for all America to see when they start attacking their own based on skin color and calling Rice the most vile names that they blame Zimmerman for. How could they claim Zimmerman called Martin names, and be angered by it, and yet they start calling Rice names too?

    Rice is the smartest choice since she is also an International expert which would balance out the ticket with Romney the economic and domestic expert. All his other choices so far are very weak on International affairs and at a time that the Russian Bear has woken up from his hibernation and all the major problems in the Middle East that Obama has encouraged with his support for the Arab Spring and the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood and the unspeakable talk of Egyptians blowing up the pyramids and destroying many monuments including the Sphinx. What would happen if Obama decided to blow up Mt. Rushmore… oops he's probably already thought of doing that one. Would Obama stop the blowing up of the Egyptian monuments or "that's their business?" The world would look to the U.S. to stop the madness and Obama would try to sit down and reason with zealots.

    "The Republican's War on Women" would be silenced too with Rice.

    With the election of Obama, it is the Blacks that have gone back decades in racial relations. Yes, they have a reason to be proud but spitting on others in spite and revenge is not the way to end racism against them which most is imagined in their own mind. It is they who play the race card anytime a problem arises like on the job where a Black must be fired or laid off. If you tell them anything, it's because they are Black. If you honk your horn when they cross lanes without looking, it's because they are Black. Any criticism and they automatically think it's because they are Black. IT'S IMAGINED!

    • Stephen_Brady

      Steve, I'm usually your biggest supporter, here. But Condi just won't fly as veep. Picking her won't make half of America's blacks say, "Gee, I think I'll vote for Romney cause he picked a black woman for Vice President!" America's blacks, by and large, see her as simply a female Clarence Thomas. And critics of the GOP concerning the ludicrous idea of a "war on women" would not be silenced. Condi … apart from her gender … is not one of THEM, just like Thomas isn't considered a proper black.

      Second, the choice of Condi would alienate the GOP's social conservatives. We can't have a repeat of McCain, in which social conservatives sat out the election, to a large extent.

      Finaly, the the choice of Rice would shift the campaign from Obama's failures to George W. Bush. Need I say more?

    • Western Spirit

      i don't think Rice would do the trick. Rubio is a much better choice, an Hispanic instead of a black woman who has ties to the Bush administration, and a black woman who blacks hold suspect.

      Obama is counting on the Hispanic vote, both legal and illegal, he's trying through the courts to eliminate proof of citizenship. So put a crimp in his tail by making an Hispanic Romney's vice president and steal at least a part of his Hispanic vote.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Got to disagree with you on this one, Steve. Naming Condi as VP opens so many cans of worms for Romney it isn't even funny. Try reading Mark Levin's comments on this subject and you'll begin to understand why it's a bad idea.


      • Steve Chavez

        To all replies. I would love Rubio too but there is a question of eligibility which I can't defend or deny. The Dems are claiming he is not eligible and if Romney already hired all types of people to verify that he is eligible, then I would agree.

        Remember too that Bush was re-elected even after a war that the Democrats voted for ONLY to then use it against Bush. Then Reid saying "the war is lost" while the troops were still on the battlefield which is the ultimate insult to our troops. The economy was still good even after the attacks of 9-11 when many on the Left wanted the U.S. to fall. I call it "They saw Lady Liberty bend at her knees" but they hoped she would fall. Then there were the destructive hurricanes of Katrina and another with both destroying New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast including the flattening of Galveston. Then Bush's "Imminent Threat" by Saddam who would eventually have build WMD. How many years did he not allow UN inspectors and how many years were we supposed to keep him in his box? Eventually he would have purchased a few nukes, or would be given some by Putin, to destroy the U.S. as revenge for the Fall of the Wall, the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union itself.

        The tracing of the downfall of Bush's economy will reveal that it was the summer of 2007, a few months after Pelosi and Reid took over Congress as we let them spit on Bush. How many of us even denied Bush? I did on several occasions so I wouldn't get into an argument with friends who didn't know my political opinions and which I had to keep my mouth shut due to losing business which started tanking in the summer of 2007 due to "it's the economy stupid" that the Democrats PURPOSEFULLY RUINED SO THEY COULD WIN THE WHITE HOUSE TOO. How could the stock market go from Bush's over 14,000 to 8,000 in such a short time? Is Wall Street and the business in the Stock Market for Democrats and they can therefore manipulate it? Will it hit 14,000 just in time for the election and Obama will take credit? Will Democrats hire more workers therefore lowering the unemployment rate starting next month?

        We're the ones who let the Democrats spit on Bush so I wouldn't care if Rice was the VP pick because of Bush. At least with Bush, we didn't have suspicions on whose side he was on while there are unending suspicions on Obama's loyalty to the United States but I do understand all of your concerns but whoever he picks, I will lay my life down for them!

        • Looking4Sanity

          Well, see? We're only discussing the POSSIBILITY of Condi being on the ticket with NO Democrats involved and we're ALREADY bogged down in a bunch of crap about George Bush! I think that makes the most elegant case out there for her NOT being on the ticket.

    • RUI

      Condi is clueless about the middle East. Thanks but no thanks. And last I checked, the relationship between US and Russia started going tits up since she was there last time.

    • Guest

      Neither Condi nor Rubio is a good choice. The republicans need to quit trying to pander to the minority vote. Blacks will still vote 90% or better for Obama while calling Condi a house &igger. Rubio will not do any better with Hispanics.

      People have got to realize we are not all the same. We do not all want the same things. There are large classes of people who want to live on the government dole. People are not all equal. That is not based in science but feelings especially among liberals.

      Bu the way. If you want to see just how bad race relations really are and the massive double standard try this. Try telling a college professor there are differences in races and hear him say race is a social construct. Go to the registrar's office and tell them race is a social construct and you have decided your construct is now black or Hispanic. See if that trick allows you to enroll in any special programs.

      GOP, quit pandering, and go for the people who will vote for you if you show some backbone.

      • Western Spirit

        To select Rubio wouldn't be pandering. He's an excellent choice, however, he may have been born in Cuba. a problem that wouldn't be a problem if he was a liar like our president.

        Pandering is done because it works and the people who would vote for Romney will vote for him. Playing it smart isn't showing backbone its showing lack of intelligence quotient.

        • Oleg

          Marco Rubio was born in South Florida, not in Cuba, that's why there were some discussing the possibilty of Rubio being future presidential material after he was elected to the U.S Senate. He is also a constitutionalist and a fairly strong social, economic, and fiscal conservative.
          As for Rubio appealing to hispanics, hispanics are not a monolythic voting block, they never have been, mainly because the term hispanic encompases people from many different nationalities that were once Spanish colonies, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Nicaragua, Panama, etc., etc. They also do not have the brand loyalty that the blacks do when it comes to politics, they lean slightly more towards the Democratic party then Republican but it is more like a 60:40 split with a large swing vote then it is among the black population. Lets also be honest, Obama assaulting the Catholic church with Obamacare mandates is not going to make him many friends among the more devout Hispanic Catholics, hence the cheap shot at amnesty to try and win some of it back, not to mention illegally registering illegal immigrant voters.

    • jacob

      I take exception to your claim of RICE being an "international expert", because if you want an international
      expert, I got the best in the business and the man who will restore respect for the United States all over
      the world, none other than JOHN BOLTON.

      Rice has been an "expert" in the field of bashing ISRAEL and pushing it into a corner and I dare say
      HILLARY has been so far the same kind of "expert" she was, even without with all her university credits….

      Now, check the pollice statistics all over and you will find that more often than not when a car driven by a
      black person is stopped, it has no registration or no insurance, the driver has no license or its has expired
      or has been suspended and a search of the car produces at least alcohol, when not guns or something
      But what makes me mad is their failing to realize or not giving a damn, is that by such behavior, they are
      just giving more ammunition to those who hate them….

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Obama put in his two bits too.

    Maybe he and Muhammad and Al thought that the name
    couldn't belong to a person with hispanic roots.

  • John Stone

    The only problem with Muhammad is that we are funding him. Let him get his own soap box to stand on, on his own time on his own dime.

  • BS77

    Racism Racism Racism Enough already!!!!. The term has become meaningless. Who is racist and who isn't and who cares? Are the B lack Panthers racist? Louis Farrakhan??. Most people are sick and tired of hearing this idiotic refrain. There are millions of blacks, Latinos, Asians, Whites and so on who have worked hard, are successful, who live a good and moral life and do not whine about "racism"….only the losers, the Sharptons, the morons and cry baby liberal activist lawyers and their hand wringing followers keep blaming everything on
    "racism". It's baloney.. If you want to succeed in America you can….it takes effort, that's all.

  • Schlomotion

    Muhammad may be correct in asserting that here has been little progress since the post-Civil War enactment of “Black Codes” in the American South. I just watched a video yesterday where three Miami police electrocuted a peaceful black man for jaywalking in a parking lot. Young white skinheaded police, calling people offenders and transgressors for doing dangerous things like riding a bicycle while black, or refusing to give your name, address, destination, and household information while caught "trespassing" on the sidewalk.

    What's going on in this article though, is that the Israel Lobby thinks that it needs to eliminate the Black Lobby in order to secure the Romney Victory.

    • Zionista

      boy you're an obsessed sicko – always have to bring the Jews into everything – I guess we Jews really are pretty powerful. After all, we even have a sick loser like you under our thumbs. Bling! My next check will go to Hadassah Hospital – maybe a wing will be created in your name.

      • Schlomotion

        You'd accuse me of bringing Jews into a bar mitzvah.

    • Stephen_Brady

      What's going on in this article though, is that the Israel Lobby thinks that it needs to eliminate the Black Lobby in order to secure the Romney Victory.

      And there is your narrative for the post-Obama world, correct? It's the Jews' fault …

      • Schlomotion

        It has nothing to do with Obama. I voted for McCain.

        • Stephen_Brady

          But it has everything to do with the Jews, though. Am I not correct about your assessment of the US and the world?

          • Schlomotion

            You are asking me on a Jewish Hasbara site if I think Jews are involved in world politics.

          • Stephen_Brady

            What I'm saying i that my experience of you, on this site, is that you make Jews part of every problem. If the chinese were to invade Taiwan, you would say that it's the Jews' fault. If the Egyptians blow up the pyramids, it will be the Jews' fault. I'm sure that you would say that a Jew had something to do with the fall of the Incan Empire … Ghengis Khan was Jewish, maybe ..

            Do you understand me, now? You give every indication of being a fanatical anti-Semite. Get it?

          • Schlomotion

            Yes. I know what you are trying to say. No. I do not blame the Jews collectively for things they have nothing to do with. I blame individual Jews when one is caught red-handed doing something bad, such as paying Mr. Perazzo to wage warfare against "Black Nationalists" using a tone of noblesse oblige.

    • Ghostwriter

      Like Professor Muhammad,Schlockmotion doesn't have a leg to stand on with his arguments. Things have changed a lot since the Civil War days but you wouldn't know it if you listen to fools like Professor Muhammad. We have a black president. Unfortunately,the current President is acting like a typical politician,not a statesman. And sadly,Schlomind continues his idiotic jeremiad against the Jews. His anti-semitism is vile enough but to couple it with a twit like Professor Muhammad,makes me wonder about him.

    • Omar

      What about the police beating of a suspect in Philadelphia in 2005? In that case, the suspect was white and the cop was black. The suspect's name was Charles Baum and the office's name was Michael Collins. A video showed Collins striking Baum 8 times after the latter had been handcuffed. Where's that outcry. Oh, wait, no outrage, because the suspect and cop were not the "right" race.

  • sedoanman

    ACTA was right. Ward Churchills are everywhere. http://www.goacta.org/publications/downloads/Chur

    This guy is just another "Little Churchill".

  • john in cheshire

    From my experience, non-whites are more racist (in the negative way that people like Mr Sharpton use it, that is) than whites. If us whites were so racist, why have we bent over backwards for centuries trying to help these people to better themselves, much to our own disadvantage? A true racist, like your average slave-loving arab for example, would just use those who are perceived to be inferior as slaves and cannon-fodder. I suggest that whites in a black dominated country; oh, I don't know, maybe South Africa; are treated worse than blacks in a white country have ever been. For me, the term racist is just a swear-word used by socialists and non-whites, to repress us whites.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "The founders’ belief in the “racial inferiority” of blacks,…"__
    Apparently Barrack and his constituents are just as racist because they seem to believe that blacks can't make it on their own without BIG GOVERNMENT or The Democratic Party.

    "…legitimizing or excusing white-on-black violence, conflating crime and poverty with blackness, and perpetuating punitive notions of ‘justice’ … as the only legitimate responses.”
    No, I'm sorry, you can blame this on liberal media, Hollywood and their gangsta stereotypes in movies or knuckleheaded rap artists promoting and glorifying violence against each other.

    “closer to whites in their values.”
    This is racist in it's self. What values are those? A good education? A strong faith in God? A strong work ethic? Speaking proper English? A strong patriotic loyalty? hmmmmmmm….it would seem to me that these could be described as "CONSERVATIVE VALUES". "WHITE" HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!!!

    • intrcptr2

      The trick is that Muhammad has let the cat out of the bag; his criticism of people who argue that blacks ought to get closer to white values argues rather strongly that blacks aren't all that close to such civilized values right now.

      You're right, they are not "white" values any more than they are Japanese or German; they are simply those which provide the basis for civilization. ANY person who rejects them is rejecting civilization.

  • RoguePatriot6

    So, according to Muhammad (amazing how someone this educated can be so foolish) I have to have "WHITE" values to be a decent hardworking citizen in this country. Yet he accuses others of racism. Typical and hilarious!!!!

    "Interestingly, Muhammad is a great-grandson of the late Elijah Muhammad, the famous black separatist and longtime Nation of Islam leader who characterized “the whole Caucasian race” as nothing more than “a race of devils.”
    Here's something else that's even more interesting. Many from the Nation of Islam would claim that Christianity was used to enslave blacks yet seem to overlook their own history of enslaving blacks. Check out the Arab Muslim-North African slave trade. Do you think four hundred years was bad? HA HA HA!!!! How about over 1000 years. That "HOLY PLACE" MECCA, where they have a pilgrimage every year, was a slave trade capital. Does "STOCKHOLM SYNDROME" sound familiar?

  • Western Spirit

    The Left can't let racism die because it is getting too much traction from it. Since so many African- American's aren't doing as well as they could, and neither are whites for that matter, the fault is racism no matter how the social mores and programs favor blacks.

    Blaming racism is the excuse not the reason for blacks not doing as well as whites. And avoids blaming the black culture that makes blacks dependent on government for handouts instead of their own initiative.

  • Professor R

    If America is SO RACIST and continues to enforce an antebellum post-Civil War 'Jim Crow'/Black Code' mentality, then how did Dr. Muhammad obtain a PhD in the first place? A TRUE, race-based society would NEVER PERMIT a Black man to become a Professor at a university!!!
    If he states fellow Black educators were the ones who helped him obtain his Doctorate, then he disproves his thesis, since THEY TOO would have never been able to achieve their positions, if America was a race-based society!
    A True Conservative

  • Looking4Sanity

    Well…I certainly see why the guy "is not a household name". There is nothing about him that sets him apart from inner city blacks at all…with the possible exception of a job. And his job, it would seem, is to fan the flames of ignorant bigotry while being paid by the State to do so.

    He does illustrate a truism my father taught me many years ago…"No one is completely worthless, son. They can always serve as a bad example."

    "Muhammad derides Thomas Jefferson and his fellow American founders as men who “failed miserably” at the task of “building what would become American democracy.”

    Yeah. They "failed miserably". They failed so miserably that what they conceived 236 years ago has now become the dominant force on the face of the planet…socially, economically and militarily. We could use MORE "failure" of that sort these days!

    This guy has dug himself in so deep in the psychology of Democrat victimhood that he can't even see light at the top of the hole any more!

  • Ronald Simon

    first we should note that kahlil Gabran the poet was a christian and so I see with this professor his third name is muhammad is a muslim, what an oxymoron. Being a muslim i would think to keep this race thing going, keeps the american people off balance in fear of being labeled. the reASON MORE BLACKS ARE FOCUSED ON IS BECAUSE IN MOST MAJOR CITIES THE BLK COMMUNITIES ARE FALLING apart. black on black crime is greater then white on black crime in these major cities. Al harpton and jesse jackson picked this trayvon killing racist they wouldn't have a job and this is how they make their money by holding guilt ridden whites in line. Personally I don't give a damn about blk or wht, I just care about taking care of me and family and don't have time to be a racist. these blk people who keep bring up this race card want to keep their own people on the plantation.

  • mrbean

    University history professor — Khalil Gibran Muhammad is a Black Muslim, i.e., a member of Farrakann's Nation of Islam. According to the Nation of Islam, the Tribe of Shabazz was the only survivor of thirteen tribes which lived on earth 66 trillion years ago. After a rogue scientist blew up the planet, splitting off the moon, the other tribes perished. The Tribe of Shabazz relocated to "the rich Nile valley of Egypt and the present seat of the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia". The Nation of Islam does not hide its prejudices. The organization's philosophy has been, from its earliest days, racist to the core. Its founder, Farad Muhammad [also known as W.D. Fard], taught that the white race was produced thousands of years ago in a failed laboratory experiment by an evil wizard named Yacub. This pernicious belief remains the backbone of Nation of Islam theology, and is a palpable influence on the organization's oratory.

    • BS77

      66 trillion years ago!!!!!!!….gee, and I thought, mistakenly, that is was ONLY 65 trillion years ago. Oh well……

  • mrbean

    All need to undertand what racism is properly defined. Racism is the dispensing and/or withholding of privileges (e.g., positions, contracts, admissions set asides for blacks excluding whites and other races) and/or punishments (e.g., moratoriums on executions of blacks in MD and IL) based on an INDIVIDUAL'S race. University history professor — Khalil Gibran Muhammad is a racist. Yassah, dat wat he beez, yonowatahmsayin!

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,I agree somewhat with mrbean. The Nation of Islam is just as racist as the Ku Klux Klan. They've even had common cause in some cases. And I agree that Professor Muhammad is just as bad as David Duke is. But,he sabotaged his case when he returned to his "Amos n' Andy" routine. Why can't he ever learn?

  • drbukk

    Do today's blacks realize that every Caribbean island and all the countries in Central and South America had slaves? Why is it all our fault?

    I have traveled quite a bit and never seen more blatant racism against blacks as in Cuba. Let's chip in for a one-way ticket for this professor.

  • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

    The only reason that the left continues to use the race card is because 'conservatives' react to it.

  • RUI


    An anti-American doing what anti-Americans do best: bitting the hand that feeds. Is there anywhere in Europe, Russia or China where there's even a black mayor? But no, only American "racism" is on the table.

  • okthen

    Citing Bureau of Justice statistics, between 1976 and 2011, there were 279,384 black murder victims. Of these 262,621 were murdered by other blacks..

    Blacks commit 7.5% times more violent interracial crimes than Whites.
    31% of the robberies involved Black offenders and White victims
    24% of murders were white victims and black murderers.
    1.3 million violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year are interracial.

    In 2010, 6470 blacks were murdered in the United States, more than 17 per day. 91% of the black murder victims were murdered by another black.

    Blacks are 14 % of the nation's population, they account for more than 60% of homicide victims. Nationally, black homicide victimization rate is six times that of whites, and in some cities, it's 22 times that of whites.

  • Gman213

    Apparently he is the example of the "SuperNegro" because he seems to have benefitted by the American system and become successful…too funny to be spewing this crap at this point! And he became successful how under all of this horrible racism?

  • Guest

    If you want to see an eye opening film about race and the power of propanganda google and watch, "A Conversation About Race." this is in no way racist and should not offend even a liberal. If you are fairly intelligent and open minded you will be shocked at the utter hopelessness this film portrays for white liberals. They seem to sense their double standards but will not change their mind and admit they are being racist against white people. There are a couple of black people in the interview who actually tell the truth but not a single white person will admit they are applying double standards. What does all this mean? It means the public schools and colleges are doing a fantastic job employing propaganda to give a false impression of race. Facts never seem to get in the way of this.

  • Sage on the Stage

    From a non-historian propaganda artist like Prof. Khalil Muhammad, don't expect anything approaching truth.
    An example, he compares the crime situation today with that of the 1890's. In the 1890's, there was A LOT LESS violent crime. In most jurisdictions, the murder rate was very low; in many places, there were no murders at all. Most of the crime back then was for offenses like drunkenness, vagrancy, vandalism, and brawling. This is why many people left their doors unlocked, back then, even at night. Thus, it was much easier for "Progressives" like Theodore Roosevelt to walk around the streets of New York; keeping an eye on wayward cops, and closing troublesome establishments. What would happen to TR today, as a result of his 2 a.m. expeditions? He would either be ignored or overwhelmed, by the sheer scale of corruption in government today. No comparison between the 1890's and the present day.

  • Sage on the Stage

    ….also, if evil emanates from "outside the self", why bother to have courts and judges? And why is intent so important in judging guilt or innocence? Thus, with all the emphasis on "racism", it becomes easier to avoid individual accountability. But then, what can we expect from someone whose religion de-emphasizes individual responsibility anyway? Khalil Muhammad is a propaganda artist, paid by Indiana University, to further racial division in the U.S. He does a good job of this.

  • Zindique

    Black muslims like Muhammad suffer from inferiority complex which leads them to believe that a muslim Arab is superior to an African-American. That is why this self-hating racist individuals take muslim Arab names in their attempt to distance themselves from their black identity.

  • jacob

    To begin with, anyone white, red, yellow or black who converts to Islam on his own, is not worth taking into consideration anything he/her may say….

    Secondly, if America is that racist as he claims, how does he account for a black being elected President and
    with the baggage he had and have ???

    Or is he going to deny that NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT of Blacks voting for OBAMA is not a blatant show or racism ?????
    The only "Racists" are the whites : Blacks are not, heh ????

  • jacob

    Although not of the isssue, seems that the innefable Senate DEMOCRAP majority leader got called on the
    floor by his union bosses on the issue of the US Olympic clthing being made in CHINA…

    How come the fact that most everything consumed here comes from CHINA has been overlooked by this
    illustrious politician until now and it is this minute matter who has gotten his feathers ruffled, as well as those
    of that other illustrious politician the ex-House majority leader, Ms. PELOSI ????

    Does any of them realizes that the secret toall those jobs their Boss fills his mouth with can be attained by
    just bringing back manufacturing in our good old UNITED STATES and not in CHINA ????
    Or do weneed allthe PhD'sMs. RICE has accumulated to understand such a basic principle ?????

    And now that other jewel, the milk toast Speaker of the House is undecided whether to defund or not

  • intrcptr2

    You do realize that it is the white man's fault for continuing to point out just how violent blacks are toward other blacks?

  • UCSPanther

    I hear banjos…

    It sounds like the VNN vermin is near.

  • BS77

    DeShawn….the poster child for chronic mental illness. Oh, De Shawn, it's "midst", not "mist"…..

    • Lillith

      Perhaps in DeShawns world Jews really are lurking in the mist!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    I just wish Senator Byrd was here, he knew all about racism.

  • PacRim Jim

    Democrats held slaves before the Civil War.
    Democrats founded and populated the KKK.
    Democrats hung blacks from trees.
    Democrats blocked school doors to keep black students out.
    Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    Etc., etc.