A New Anti-American “Peace” Movement

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As the political air hangs heavy with uncertainty about whether the U.S. or Israel might launch an attack against the nuclear facilities of Iran—a nation whose president has pledged to “wipe off this disgraceful blot [Israel] from the face of the Islamic world”—the American “peace” movement is once again doing what it was born to do: condemn the United States and Israel while giving a free pass to the genocidal murderers who seek to annihilate both nations. One of the most noteworthy recent newcomers to this movement is Chicago Mass Action (CMA), an activist group that engages in street demonstrations protesting America’s alleged racism, imperialism, and fascism.

Currently, CMA is busy circulating a petition exhorting members of the American and Israeli armed forces to disobey their commanders if ordered to attack Iran—an attack that, according to CMA, would “violate morality, international and domestic law, and the interests of humanity.” By contrast, CMA asks nothing of Tehran, save its patient forbearance in the face of provocations from the Great Satan and the Little Satan. As CMA puts it, the United States is nothing more or less than “the world’s greatest terrorist,” a nation whose “bloody hands” give testimony to the many “reckless military assaults” it has launched throughout its history. Contending that America’s “unending” wars are “only for the benefit of the super-rich who want to expand the U.S. empire and get control over other peoples’ resources, markets, labor power and strategic locations,” CMA pontificates that “the U.S. has no right to prowl around the world, looking for opportunities to gain control of more countries.”

Earlier this month, CMA staged a rally in Chicago demanding that the U.S. refrain from punishing Iran in any way whatsoever—especially with economic sanctions or military measures—for its continued development of a nuclear-technology program. Local endorsers of the rally included such champions of “peace” as ANSWER (a front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party); World Can’t Wait (founded by a longtime leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party); Code Pink (founded by a lifelong pro-Castro socialist); and Peace Action (an outgrowth of a Soviet-sponsored initiative of the 1980s that sought to permanently freeze the USSR’s nuclear and military superiority in place). Satellite rallies were also held in more than 20 cities across the United States, Ireland, Canada, and elsewhere.

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  • bets

    not exactly "NEW"
    The Left's raison d'etre has always been hatred for America

  • Rocky Mountain

    Doesn't encouragement of members of our military to disobey lawfully given orders constitute some kind of violation of law?

  • Rifleman

    I'm bemused anyone would give these groups any credibility at all, after the way the soviets' own records proved them so monstrously wrong and showed what tools they were.

  • Freedom Fighter

    This is why in November the silent majority must defeat the Democratic Socialist Party in this United States. They must be put out of power to save our Constitutional Republic. We must get out the vote in gigantic numbers to once and for all defeat this collectivist mindset. They are spending us into decline on purpose in order to weaken freedom for the individual, and thus weaken us to the core….Yes, my dear patriotic, conservative friends, these folks on the left must be DEFEATED, not compromised with……It can happen if we take them very seriously in what they are trying to do….It is obvious if you only open your eyes……Get out the vote, be vigilant, speak up, get moving, and DO NOT, DO NOT be intimidated by this evil…….Because we advocate FREEDOM FOR THE INDIVIDUAL……The BILL OF RIGHTS..

  • vanzorge

    A New Anti-American “Peace” Movement = the same old "communist" insurgency at home.

  • StephenD

    Everything old is new again. Socialists just don't get it. Their system doesn't work. Eventually, those that produce must be made to continue by force so others can share the fruits of their labor. It must lead to tyranny and the loss of individual freedom.

    Why not take the leap and call for a King instead?

  • tagalog

    Does CMA have any concrete examples of American racism, fascism, and imperialism that it can point to, in its critique of America?

    It seems to me that to compare all the various states of the world and to conclude that America is "the world's greatest terrorist" suggests a significant cognitive disconnect from reality. But of course that's just me.

    I don't mind so much if they're communists or some sort of non-communist lefties; those types are just wrong in their conclusions, even if they're right in an observation or two from time to time. But to be both wrong and divorced from reality is disturbing, and there is a lot of that kind of thing going around these days.

  • Indioviejo

    The Manchurian POTUS swore to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, but he is one of them. Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Bill Ayers and other personal friends put him ideologically in tune with the communist crowd. The question is, will the American people reelect an enemy of the state to the Presidency? Will we survive as a nation a second term by an America hater first? How corrupt are we as a people? Do we deserve this great nation?

    • Jaladhi

      And who w ere those americans who elected this POTUS?? In all likelihood he will be elected again!

  • Abisja

    What is wrong with you Americans( I know I am generalizing) – can't you get rid of scum in your society, either by lawful means or the ballot? Where is the patriotism your great nation is known for. In order to be "politically correct", almost anything goes in the US. Wake up to the call America.

  • Mo_

    I have the solution: Round them up, strip them of their American citizenship (if they even have it) and ship them to Iran on a one-way ticket.

    Problem solved!

  • mrbean

    Many Americans are intelligent enough to see through the fact that the strategy of containment does not contain as shown clearly with Korea, Vietnam. and Cuba and the "win the hearts and minds" policies of nation building for foreigners who are unwilling to fight for themselves tells Americans that the policy makers regard American soldiers lives less valuable than those of the foreigners. The so-called rules of engagement and no commitment to victory clearly show this. With these policies many well meaning Americans become useful idiots of these anti American vermin.

    • tagalog

      The strategy of containment drove the Soviet Union out of business.

  • astral

    That petition – http://warisacrime.org/petition/59721 – has some strange signatures…

    Obama Zombie (Mom's Basement)
    Whitney Houston (Bathtub)
    Che Guevara (T-Shirt)
    Kim Jong Il (N. Korean Tomb)
    Al-Mahdi TheGuidedOne (waiting…)
    a baby (cradle)
    Harry Potter (Hogwarts Castle)
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran)
    Dirty Sanchez (MX City, MX)
    Satan Himself (-00001)

  • BLJ

    I would love to drop these pinheads into Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iran. See how much love they would get from their good friends. Better yet how about a Chinese or North Korean gulag?

    These "people" are lower than pond scum and do not deserve to live in a great place like the United States. They are a blight on the American landscape. A cancer if you will.

    Our Dear Leader and his good friends like Bill Ayers etc are all part of this mix. I keep hoping to wake up from the Era of Obama and have it be just one God awful nightmare.

  • http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/ CharlestonVoice

    We view these groups as a threat to replace the entrenched neocons.

  • BS77

    same old re heated hash from the sixties….marching morons, chanting morons, morons with illegible signs and incomprehensible leaflets, blowing whistles hey hey ho ho….what a bore.

  • NotaBene

    Really John, is there any situation where you think war isn't the answer to all our problems?

    • reader

      I did not see any of you idiots protesting Obama sneaking troops into Uganda with no Contgressional review whatsoever. I guess, war IS the answer, when a socialist hack decides to wage it, eh?

  • SGT Ted

    Its the same ol, same ol from the left; They aren't for "peace"; they are for the other side and they are for unilateral suurender to the other side.

  • PAthena

    See Guenter (or "Gunter") Lewy, Peace and Revolution. It discusses how the traditional "peace" groups came to support terrorism and violent revolution.

  • Wei Fondriest

    I don’t have a favorite dance number because I have never seen it!

  • wgtrbw

    communism for the win. If i work on all 100% i also want to receive all 100% i NEED. Its unfair that 2 people work as hard as they possibly can, yet one of them is 1000 times more rich. Unfair! Since average american is very very very dumb, they fail to see this. Dont worry. America, like all empires, will fall. And when it will happen we will rape your children and kill ur pets. Americans, why you think 99% of world hates you?