Barack Obama, the Socialist

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Is Barack Obama a socialist? Many observers, from points all along the ideological spectrum, have been exceedingly reticent to describe him as such, as though there were insufficient evidence to make the case for a charge so impolite. In February, for instance, a Business Week headline stated bluntly that “it’s dumb to call Obama a socialist.” Four months later, the Associated Press published an article depicting the president merely as “a pragmatist within the Democratic Party mainstream,” and suggesting that “the persistent claim that Obama is a socialist lacks credence.” In July, a New York Times op-ed piece by film director Milos Forman said that Obama is “not even close” to being a socialist. Ezra Klein of the Washington Post casts Obama as no more radical than “a moderate Republican of the early 1990s.” Republican strategist Karl Rove cautions, “If you say he’s a socialist, [his supporters] go to defend him.” Leftist commentator Alan Colmes impugns those who “mischaracterize what Obama is doing as socialism, when there’s no government takeover” of the private sector. And Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly—noting that he has seen “no evidence that the president wants to seize private property, which is what communists do”—concludes that Obama “is not a socialist, he’s not a communist, he’s a social-justice anti-capitalist.”

But a careful look at Barack Obama’s life story, his actions, his closest alliances, his long-term objectives, and his words, shows that he has long been, quite demonstrably, a genuine socialist. The early groundwork for Obama’s socialist worldview was laid during his teen years, when he was mentored by the writer/poet Frank Marshall Davis, a longtime member of the Communist Party and the subject of a 601-page FBI file. The co-founder of a Communist-controlled newspaper that consistently echoed the Soviet party line, Davis had previously been involved with the American Peace Mobilization, described by Congress as not only “one of the most notorious and blatantly communist fronts ever organized in this country,” but also “one of the most seditious organizations which ever operated in the United States.” When Obama in 1979 headed off to Occidental College in California, Davis cautioned him not to “start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that sh–.”

In his memoir, Dreams from My Father, Obama recounts that he chose his friends “carefully” at Occidental, so as “to avoid being mistaken for a sellout.” Among those friends were all manner of radicals, including “the more politically active black students,” “the Chicanos,” “the Marxist Professors and the structural feminists.” Further, Obama writes that he and his similarly “alienated” college friends regularly discussed such topics as “neocolonialism, Franz Fanon [the socialist revolutionary], Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.” David Remnick’s highly sympathetic biography of Obama—The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obamaconfirms that the future president and many of his closest friends at Occidental were unquestionably socialists.

John C. Drew, an Occidental College graduate who knew Obama personally in the early 1980s, reports that the young Obama of that period was “already an ardent socialist Marxist revolutionary”; was highly “passionate” about “Marxist theory”; embraced an “uncompromising, Marxist socialist ideology”; harbored a “sincere commitment to Marxist revolutionary thought”; and was, in the final analysis, a “pure Marxist socialist” who “sincerely believed a Marxist socialist revolution was coming to turn everything around and to create a new, fairer and more just world.”

It was at that point, in the early Eighties, that something profoundly important happened to Barack Obama. He was drawn into the powerful orbit of a strand of socialism that had resolved, as the revolutionary communist Van Jones would later put it, “to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.” American socialists of that period, pained by the recent ascendancy of a conservative and popular presidential administration (Reagan), understood that no anti-capitalist revolution was going to take place in the United States anytime soon, and that, for the foreseeable future, no one was going to impose socialism on the populace “from above.” Consequently, many socialists in the U.S. put on a new face and pursued a new approach. As Stanley Kurtz, author of Radical-in-Chief, explains, the aim now was “to get a kind of de facto public control over the economy from below”—through the work of community organizers dedicated to gradually infiltrating every conceivable American institution: schools and universities, churches, labor unions, the banking industry, the media, and a major political party. Toward that end, the renowned socialist Michael Harrington established the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to serve as a force that would work within the existing American political system—specifically, within the Democratic Party. Figuring that a move too far or too quick to the left would alienate moderate Democrats, the DSA sought to push the party leftward in a slow and gradual manner, on the theory that, over time, ever-increasing numbers of Democrats would become comfortable with socialism and would espouse it as their preferred ideology.

In Radical-in-Chief, Kurtz points out that this incrementalism became the modus operandi of the “democratic socialists” who embraced the ideals of Karl Marx but were convinced that a “peaceful” and gradual path represented “the only route to socialism that makes sense in America’s thoroughly democratic context.” They believed that “government ownership of the means of production”—the standard definition of socialism—could best be achieved by way of protracted evolution, not sudden revolution. Kurtz explains that socialists, far from agreeing unanimously on tactics and strategies, have always engaged in “never-ending factional disputes” about whether they ought to “eschew capitalist-tainted politics and foment revolution,” or instead “dive into America’s electoral system and try to turn its political currents” toward “a piecemeal transition to a socialist world.” At this point in his life, the twenty-something Obama made a calculated decision to embrace the DSA’s gradualist approach—under the deceptive banners of “liberalism,” “progressivism,” and “social justice.” By no means, however, did this approach represent a rejection of Marx and his socialist doctrines. Kurtz notes that Marx himself, who “expected to see capitalism overthrown by a violent socialist revolution,” was nonetheless “willing to compromise his long-term goals in pursuit of short-term gains, particularly when he thought this democratic maneuvering would position the communist movement for more radical breakthroughs in the future”; that Marx himself “recognized that not only his enemies, but even potential followers could be put off by his most radical plans”; and that, “depending on context, Marx [himself] withheld the full truth of who he was and what he hoped to achieve.”

This strategy of settling for incrementalism rather than sudden, sweeping revolution was displayed with vivid clarity during the healthcare debates of 2009-10. Obama was already on record as having stated emphatically, in a 2003 speech at an AFL-CIO event: “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer, universal health care plan”—i.e., a government-run system. But by 2007, with the White House clearly within his reach, Obama began to make allowances for the increasingly evident fact that a single-payer plan was not politically palatable to a large enough number of American voters. “I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately,” he said in May 2007. “There’s going to be potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out, or 15 years out, or 20 years out.” He made similar references to a “transition step” and “a transitional system” on other occasions during the campaign. In the summer of 2008, Obama declared that “if I were designing a system from scratch, I would probably go ahead with a single-payer system,” but acknowledged that from a practical standpoint, such a result could only come about “over time.” Obamacare, then, was deliberately designed to be a stepping stone toward total government control of healthcare—a mere way station along the road toward the “radical ends” that the president ultimately sought to achieve.

In the early Eighties, Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University in New York. During his time in the Big Apple, he attended at least two Socialist Scholars Conferences, DSA-sponsored events that quickly grew into the largest annual gatherings of socialists in all of North America. It is particularly noteworthy that Obama attended the 1983 Socialist Scholars Conference, which was promoted as a celebration to “honor” the 100th anniversary of Karl Marx’s death.

In June 1985, a 24-year-old Obama moved to Chicago and took a community-organizing job with the Developing Communities Project, funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Viewing capitalism as a system steeped in injustice, CCHD states that “the causes of poverty are understood to be an aspect of ‘social sin’ rooted in our social and economic structures and institutions.” To address the problems allegedly spawned by capitalism, CCHD promotes transformative institutional change in the form of “alternative economic structures” that will “broaden the sharing of economic power.” The Catholic magazine Crisis observes that “the way the CCHD educates others about transformative change and empowerment” is very much “in line with the socialist and Marxist ideals so prevalent in community organizing.”

And what, exactly, is “community organizing”? Dr. Thomas Sowell, the eminent Hoover Institution Fellow, offers this concise explanation:

“For ‘community organizers’ … racial resentments are a stock in trade…. What does a community organizer do? What he does not do is organize a community. What he organizes are the resentments and paranoia within a community, directing those feelings against other communities, from whom either benefits or revenge are to be gotten, using whatever rhetoric or tactics will accomplish that purpose.”

To be sure, the 2012 Obama campaign’s incessant emphasis on identity politics—seeking to divide the American people along lines of race, ethnicity, class, and gender—bears all the corrosive hallmarks of precisely the mindset that Dr. Sowell describes. Stanley Kurtz provides additional vital insights into the striking parallels that exist between the world of community organizing and the DSA’s gradualist approach toward socialism:

“Community organizing is a largely socialist profession. Particularly at the highest levels, America’s community organizers have adopted a deliberately stealthy posture—hiding their socialism behind a ‘populist’ front. These organizers strive to push America toward socialism in unobtrusive, incremental steps, calling themselves ‘pragmatic problem-solvers’ all the while.”

It is highly significant that three of Obama’s mentors in Chicago were trained at the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by the famed godfather of community organizing, Saul Alinsky, who advocated mankind’s “advance from the jungle of laissez-faire capitalism to a world worthy of the name of human civilization … [to] a future where the means of production will be owned by all of the people instead of just a comparative handful.” In the Alinsky model, “organizing” is a euphemism for “revolution”—where the ultimate objective is the systematic acquisition of power by a purportedly oppressed segment of the population, and the radical transformation of America’s social and economic structure. The goal is to foment enough public discontent and moral confusion to spark the social upheaval that Marx and Engels predicted.
But Alinsky’s brand of revolution was not characterized by dramatic, sweeping, overnight transformations of social institutions. As author Richard Poe explains, “Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties.” Promoting a strategy that was wholly consistent with the DSA approach discussed above, Alinsky advised radical organizers and their disciples to quietly, unobtrusively gain influence within the decision-making ranks of these institutions, and to then introduce changes from those platforms.

Obama himself went on to teach workshops on the Alinsky method for several years. In 1990, eighteen years after Alinsky’s death, an essay penned by Obama was reprinted as a chapter in a book titled After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois. And in 1998, Obama attended a performance of the play The Love Song of Saul Alinsky at the Terrapin Theater in Chicago. Following that performance, Obama took the stage and participated in a panel discussion about the show, along with several other socialists and communists such as Quentin Young and Heather Booth.

As a young community organizer, Obama had close connections to the Midwest Academy, a radical training ground for activists of his political ilk. Probably the most influential community-organizing-related entity in America at that time, the Midwest Academy worked closely with the DSA and synthesized Saul Alinsky’s organizing techniques with the practical considerations of electoral politics. Emphasizing “class consciousness” and “movement history,” the Academy’s training programs exposed students to the efforts and achievements of veteran activists from earlier decades. Recurring “socialism sessions,” taught by Heather Booth, encompassed everything from Marx and Engels through Michael Harrington’s democratic socialism and the factional struggles of the Students for a Democratic Society, a radical organization that aspired to remake America’s government in a Marxist image. Knowing that many Americans would be unreceptive to straightforward, hard-left advocacy, the Midwest Academy in its formative years was careful not to explicitly articulate its socialist ideals in its organizing and training activities. The group’s inner circle was wholly committed to building a socialist mass movement, but stealthily rather than overtly. As Midwest Academy trainer Steve Max and the prominent socialist Harry Boyte agreed in a private correspondence: “Every social proposal that we make must be [deceptively] couched in terms of how it will strengthen capitalism.” This strategy of hiding its own socialist agendas below the proverbial radar, earned the Academy the designation “crypto-socialist organization” from Stanley Kurtz.

“Nearly every thread of Obama’s career runs directly or indirectly through the Midwest Academy,” says Kurtz, and, as such, it represents “the hidden key to Barack Obama’s political career.” The author elaborates:

“Obama’s organizing mentors had ties to [the Midwest Academy]; Obama’s early funding was indirectly controlled by it; evidence strongly suggests that Obama himself received training there; both Barack and Michelle Obama ran a project called ‘Public Allies’ that was effectively an extension of the Midwest Academy; Obama’s first run for public office was sponsored by Academy veteran Alice Palmer; and Obama worked closely at two foundations for years with yet another veteran organizer from the Midwest Academy, Ken Rolling. Perhaps more important, Barack Obama’s approach to politics is clearly inspired by that of the Midwest Academy.”

Obama’s next major encounter with socialism took place within the sanctuary of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, pastored by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Best known for his undiluted contempt for the United States and its traditions, Wright has long been a proud prophet of black liberation theology, a movement that seeks to foment Marxist revolutionary fervor founded on racial solidarity, as opposed to the traditional Marxist emphasis on class solidarity.

According to black liberation theology, the New Testament gospels can be properly understood only as calls for racial activism and revolution aimed at overturning the existing, white-dominated, capitalist order, and installing, in its stead, a socialist utopia wherein blacks will unseat their white “oppressors” and become liberated from their deprivations—material and spiritual alike.

Beginning in the late 1980s, Obama spent fully 20 years attending Wright’s church, which openly promoted a “10-point vision” calling for “economic parity” and warning that “God … is not pleased with America’s economic mal-distribution!” Impugning capitalism as a system whose inequities force “Third World people” to “live in grinding poverty,” Wright derides the United States as the “land of the greed and home of the slave.” For good measure, he has praised the socialist magazine Monthly Review for its “no-nonsense Marxism,” congratulating that publication for “dispel[ling] all the negative images we have been programmed to conjure up with just the mention of that word ‘socialism’ or ‘Marxism.’”

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  • Stephan

    Is there a person dead, alive, or to be born The New York Times and the Washington Post agree upon that this person is a socialist? (Maybe Time Magazine should list the worlds 100 most important socialists.)

  • captdax

    Is Barack Obama a socialist? … Hmm.. Does a bear Crap in the Woods?..

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Obama=Socialist=Democrats=Stupid=2008 election, Obama=Marxist=Democrats=Suicidal 2012 election.

  • John Donohue

    This piece is substantive, credible and "on point with its chosen point." I suggest everyone currently calling Mr. Obama a socialist add "in the European sense of the term" for a while. It is actually redundant, but forcefully nullifies the "he does not want the gov't to take ownership" thing. Kudos also for not totalizing on certain statements of Mr. Obama when you "reasonabally could have." I think you know the phrase to which I am referring in particular.

    The fundamental argument is made here, factually, soberly and objectively: Mr. Obama is a Socialist (in the European sense of the term.)

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Perazzo says "a careful look at Barack Obama’s life story, his actions, his closest alliances, his long-term objectives, and his words, shows that he has long been, quite demonstrably, a genuine soc.ialist."

    Alas, this is also true of most of the neoconservatives and half of the people at Frontpage, including all of their A-list.

    • thatsitivehadenough

      Obama is a dangerous Marxist who's first and foremost goal is to destroy the American economy, weaken it's military, remove religion and God from as many places as he can, abandon our traditions, and our traditional allies, and destroy the traditional family.

      That more Americans (Liberals & Democrats in particular) still don't understand this is proof that the media is corrupt, the education system a complete failure who's purpose has become indoctrination, and that the infiltration into ALL American systems from k-12 right up to the Dept of State, the Democratic Party (and surely part of the R party as well), the Dept of Justice, and the White House itself are so full of infiltrators who's purpose in life is to bring down the USA and merge all the socialist and communist nations of the world into one big, unhappy, miserable gulag.

      If more people had the guts to just come out and speak the truth, like this author, this website, and others like it, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in right now. Political correctness, beginning with screeches of 'McCarthyism' has been covering up a disease in America that has grown nearly large enough to destroy the host.

      This dismantling of the foundations of this great nation has been happening in America since the dawn of the 20th Century, and the pace has increased dramatically since WWII. Begin by asking if the West actually won, or did it somehow lose the Cold War by design.

      • Spider

        Good post hatsitivehadenough – you are absolutely right here but the regular folks don't seem to be paying attention, just a few informed people here and there like us.

        • BS61

          Actually, many years ago when I finally woke up, every message board was pro Obama, so we've made great progress! Much less today than I've ever seen. Of course they come out via pay from Soros for the elections, but it's normally pretty good!

      • Suzy

        you're an ignorant idiot! Well bears may crap in the woods…but you're full of crap!! Obama is no more a socialist than any human here on planet earth who feels there's an unequal division of wealth stemming from the greedy banks, ugly corporate amercian based now in unfettered capitalism! and ya know what? trust me you can't even define what socialism is? not really and you certainly can't proove that Obama wants to seize property and turn us commie!! How exactly will he pull off his evil agenda??? You just need a scap goat for your own ignorance and insecurity.. You talk about the mess we're in right now…no more of a mess than the worlds ever been in…do your homework ! and to blame all this on Mr. Obama is just such a cop out for a very co dependent, childish person who even though you complain about some government takeover, you actually want the president to do everything for you and straighten out the messes that other regimes like Reagon, and bush caused!!!!!……….The McCarthysim you talk about is coming from people like you who spew vitriol and cause assinations!

    • adamjw2

      You wanna provide some evidence for this statement…

      • Schlomotion

        Maybe for Christmas. It's open source information, if you are impatient.

        • Roger

          That open sourced information backs up the story, and not you.

          • Schlomotion

            I am surprised at your amazing ability to check that in .45 seconds.

          • Roger

            When you don't make things up you can do that.





    • Steeloak

      The difference schlectmotion is that they have all come to their senses and abandoned the socialism of their youth to become conservatives while Obama continues to fervently believe in his Marxist utopia to this day.

      A quote, often attributed to Churchill, says it all: "Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains."

      • Schlomotion

        I disagree. They abandoned the soci.alism of their youth, but they merely switched to Likudism which is not only just as bad, it's foreign, runs contrary to American interests, and on top of that, they still use Stalinism to push it.

        • Roger

          You pretend so much.
          It's all you have.

        • Drakken

          You are living proof our education system is broken and you can't fix stupid, not even with duct tape.

        • Ghostwriter

          Schlomind,please stop with the anti-Jewish nonsense. Your premise is already weak. The anti-semitism just makes it weaker.

    • Ted G

      What a true fool you are schlo!

  • rusyn

    what the hell is a social justice, anti-capitalist. sounds like socialist to me.

  • Ar'nun

    I love the new Democrat party Slogan… FORWARD! LOL!

    This sounded familiar so I racked my brain and rememebred, one of the National Socialist Party slogans in 1930's Germany was "Vorwarts! Vorwarts!" They even had a song that the Hitler Youth sang while marching called "Vorwarts! Vorwarts!". And Vorwarts translated means, FORWARD!

    Funny coincidence. Especially after all the delegates booed the idea of Jeruselum being the Israeli Capital, and then booed God.



      Progressive sets off less alarms than their true ideology, Socialism, neo-commie.

      • BS61

        Agreed! Every term they state is the exact opposite of what they do!

  • Attila The Hun

    Calling B.Hussein Obama a socialist is an insult to true believers. For many destitute and the poor Socialism may seem to be their last hope, but for Hussein Obama and his ilks Socialism is a way to gain power and enrich themselves by exploiting the very poor they claim to help. Just watch Michell Obama wardrobe, for a women who claim to who care for the poor wearing clothing design for the upper class. Or B.Hussein Obama playing golf with the most powerful capitalist and enjoying the life of the rich and famous. B.Hussein Obama is nothing more dictator wannabe street thug. Plan and simple

    • Will

      Yes, Barack Obama, the President of the United states, is a "wannabe street thug."

      In real life, he's the President of the United States, but he really wishes he was a street thug? Why would he have taken all the time to become president if his real dream was street thuggery? Couldn't he have accomplished that already if that was his goal? Or did he try and fail then decide to just become the president instead?

  • clarespark

    Populism can lead to either fascism or communism. I made the case for the Democrats proto-fascism here:…. "Proto-fascism and the Democrat People's Community. Years ago, C. Vann Woodward wrote a very good book on middle class radicalism: Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel (1938). The implications for today are very upsetting.


    Why did it take so long and so many words to say what everybody already knows? All you have had to do was listen to him.

    • dnteatylwsno

      I couldn't agree with you more SFLBIB…WTF took so long.

    • John Donohue

      I get the "what took so long," however, this piece is rich with citation, support and hard-hitting facts. It is very valuable.

  • dave

    superb well researched article. And scary. Seditious marxist/socialist conspirators have taken over the democratic party and the US Presidency. The Republicans had better expose Obama's background as a key part of their presidential campaign. The American people need to understand all the marxist and islamic subversion behind Obama and vote him out decisively.


      The Democrat party has been Hijacked, by Socialists.

      That's why I'm voting on a case by case basis. If both the Democrat and Republican candidate are equal, I'm voting for the Republican.

      It's Time For A Change.

  • Chanameel

    Will Obamacare cover Orthodontic Insurance for Michelle?

  • Jim_C

    I happen to think there is a definition of soc.ialism that Obama does not meet, since he governs somewhere between Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon ideologically.

    But hey, if he is in fact a soc.ialist–BRING ON THE SOC>IAL.ISM!

  • cynthia curran

    Well, I agree that Obama is a Fabian, personality I think that even Hilary would not have such as high spending for Green jobs in China or Finland or wherever. Obama cons middle and upper middle class whites belieiving that he is someone different than he is and playing some lower income whites on the envy of their more wealthier counterparts. Obama does the same with minorities since they still have less than whites on the average.

    • Will

      Of their "more wealthier" counterparts huh? He's trying to make people envy their "more wealthier" counterparts?

      I can see it now. Two rich guys talking, "I'm more wealthier than you." "No, I'm more wealthier".

      You can say wealthier, or more wealthy, more wealthier is something you learn is wrong in third grade.

  • cynthia curran

    What is interesting is some paleo-cons that like Ron Paul also like Obama better than Mitt Romney. The only thing that really disagree with Obama is on immigration. Whit nationalists types are divided between those that like the welfare state for whites and those that are more mainstream with republicans on economics. They like Obama since he was supposed to deport more illegal immirgants than Bush but Obama is using that to try to legalized millions of people.

    • Will

      Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than Bush. He wasn't "supposed to" he has, its fact.

      • JoJoJams

        Will, it's not "fact"! The Truth is that most have SELF-deported due to the crappy economy!! This administration has been hell-bent on keeping the border partrol from doin their jobs, and even issuing orders to NOT ask for papers, etc. Why the h3ck do you think they've gone after Sheriff Joe and Arizona? Again, the only reason there has been an exodus of illegal immigrants is entirely due to the crappy economy — only in that sens has "Obama deported more illegal immigrants than Bush". And by the way, it was Bush's attempt at amnesty that got resoundly defeated that was one of the "pushes" that helped to begat the Tea Party – the bailouts he started and the lightbulb b.s. were some others.

      • Steeloak

        Only because they started counting illegals caught at the border by the Border Patrol and immediately returned to Mexico as "Deported".

        True deportations, those done by ICE, are way down under Obama.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, there are some Conservative Hispanics but being poorer than whites on the average means that their are a lot of radical Hispanic politicians out there that want to make California a Hispanic state and whites go away. Castro shows that they are working on Texas which takes a lot longer since white Texans vote heavily for the Republicans. But many Republicans for too long think that social conservative always equals economic conservative which isn't true, blacks have been always to the right of whites on social issues but not economic issues. Changing a state's demographics in the long run is bad for Republicans under the Bush years it was assume that Hispanics will vote more Republican and therefore letting Hispanic immigrants take jobs in the US will prevent the takeover of communists in Mexico. The Communist Party almost got Mexico with millions of its citizens have moved to the states.

  • cynthia curran

    For example Orange County Ca in the 1960's was known for white Conservatives like James Utt and John Schmitz a little far to the right but now because white Republicans its known for Loretta Sanchez.

  • Will

    Does the fact that the rest of the country thinks you guys are all insane bother you in the least bit?

    • JoJoJams

      lmao! You and your three buds and the local hookers are not "the rest of the country". One thing I noticed about liberals – they only hang with like-minded people, so they think that "everyone thinks this way!". Since they are too close minded to have friends from all perspectives (like most conservatives do) they just can't comprehend that "the rest of the country" actually thinks different from them. Self-professed "liberals" are only 20% of the population. The majority of this nation is center-right. Those are statistical facts, or, "An Inconvenient Truth", that should burst your ideological bubble – but probably won't….

    • Drakken

      The fact that you liberal/progressive/commis are all about I feel therefore I am as policy positions than logic, facts and common sense tells us more about you and your ilk than is says about us conservatives.

    • betseyd

      Wow, Will! Finally, someone with whom I can agree. These people are off the charts; paranoid to a tee. What is it that they are trying to protect? Control of their assets? Wives, husbands, children? The world? What exactly?

  • cynthia curran

    I mean besides white Republicans its known for Loretta Sanchez and the Korean Democratic Mayor of Irvine because of Demographic changes brought about with the IRCA of Reagan and the general changed of immigration legal immigration under Kennedy in 1965.

  • geopeyton

    Those who focus on whether or not he's a socialist lose the forest for the trees. All of the various 'isms – socialism, communism, progressivism, fascism, modern liberalism, whatever – they are all the same: they place all substantive decisions in the hands of some ruling body. The only other alternative is true liberty, which places the decisions in the hands of the individuals involved.

    Moreover, none of the true believers are willing to turn over the decisions to someone other than themselves, so they don't even really believe in their own professed ideals. They are totalitarians who desire power over others, plain and simple.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    I think too much word play can obscure the essence of ideas. Who could logically deny that Obama's ideology is closer to Karl Marx than it is to Adam Smith? And who would deny that many Dems believe that's a good thing?

  • Buddy Winston

    I wish the author would do an article called ‘OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE THAT OBAMA IS A MUSLIM.” And the lede should be, “And Islam is satanic garbage.”

    THe aforementioned is true. Yesterday, when the crowd applauded Jerusalem NOT being the capital of Israel is the umpteenth example.

    Everything Obama has done so far has been to benefit the Muzzie Brother-hoods. And damage Israel’s security.


  • Buddy Winston

    I wish the author would do an article called ‘OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE THAT OBAMA IS A MUSLIM.” And the lede should be, “And Islam is satanic garbage.”

    THe aforementioned is true. Yesterday, when the crowd applauded Jerusalem NOT being the capital of Israel is the umpteenth example.

    Everything Obama has done so far has been to benefit the Muslim Brother-hoods. And damage Israel’s security.


  • Lan Astaslem

    Socialism – an economic system designed to make the unambitious, the lazy and the unsuccessful feel better about themselves

  • Marvin Fox

    The news is finally getting out in an abundance. I hope it gets to enough places and people to end the lie that Obama is not a Marxist. Obama is a revolutionary using our Republic's Presidency as a platform for his revolution.
    A vote against any Democrat is a vote against every Marxist/Progressive/Socialist/etc.
    Marvin E. Fox

  • stevefraser

    Great summary of the Emperor's background…too bad the GOP is so weak most people will never know about the Beast they have elected.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Obama has whipped up the left to blame on the problems on rich people. No one ever thinks that a lot of upper middle class votes brought houses taht they knew that couldn't afford on credit along with cars but Bankers are the only ones to be blamed for the messed. Even when George W Bush was President there was not vocally the hatred of the so=called rich by the left, it was more anti-war since Obama has been president people forgot that Obama use money from the rich to get into office and now wants to regulated them to death which means that Obama is a demogogue.

    • Dave Ron

      When are you going to learn how to spell?

  • cynthia curran

    We are not nutsObama is similar to social Democratic in western Europe and sometimes they even lower taxes. Obama had to make a compromise with the Republicans on the Bush tax which will expire, so we are not crazy,

  • The Infidel Alliance

    Barack Hussein Obama: "I'm not an ideologue….I'm not." – January 2010

    Congressman Joe Wilson: "You lie!"

    I think we've straightened this out.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • Roger

    I don't have to.
    You make it so easy to poke and expose your lies I really don't have to work hard at all.