‘Justice for Trayvon’—with Bricks and Bats

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Saturday night in Mobile, Alabama, a white man named Matthew Owens became the most recent target of black attackers seeking retributive “justice” on behalf of Trayvon Martin. The trouble began at approximately 8:30 p.m., when Owens asked a group of black youths to stop playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive, the street directly in front of his home. Apparently perceiving this request as a racial affront, the youngsters headed off to recruit a number of adults to accompany them back to Owens’ home shortly thereafter. Armed with brass knuckles, bricks, chairs, bats, and steel pipes, some 20 African Americans stormed the house and brutalized Owens on the front porch. According to one witness, “He was laying on the ground full of blood. I mean, it was horrible. His head, everything. Blood was pouring from his head, both sides. And his whole body was drenched in blood.” As the assailants left the scene, one of them looked back at the helpless victim and shouted: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!”

The assailants who beat Matthew Owens had clearly swallowed—hook, line, and sinker—the left’s disingenuous depiction of Trayvon Martin’s killing as the latest in a long line of racially motivated atrocities targeting black victims. To be sure, no leftist has pushed this egregious lie more loudly or more passionately than Jesse Jackson, who, in the immediate aftermath of Martin’s death, proclaimed that “blacks are under attack”; that “targeting … and ultimately killing [blacks] is big business”; that the Martin case “gives us insight into just how hard it is to be black in America”; and that the 2008 election of President Obama had “triggered [a] tremendous backlash” of the kind of racism that allegedly caused Martin’s demise.

And yet, neither the actions of Owens’ assailants nor the comments of Jesse Jackson make the slightest bit of logical sense when considered in proper context. Reflect upon this remarkable fact: The attack on Matthew Owens occurred precisely 55 days after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Extrapolating from annual homicide statistics in the U.S., approximately 1,191 African Americans had gone to their graves as a result of homicide during those 55 days. And 1,119 of them (i.e., 94% of them) had been killed by other blacks. Does it not seem odd, then, that a statistical rarity like the Martin case has been turned into the centerpiece of a national referendum on racism in America? Does it not seem odd, as well, that self-anointed black vigilantes, like those who attacked Matthew Owens, have chosen to impose their own brand of “justice” on Martin’s behalf, while turning a blind eye to the thousand-plus black victims who have been killed by fellow blacks in just the few short weeks since Martin’s death? And most importantly, does it not seem odd that a so-called “civil rights leader” like Jesse Jackson, characterizing Martin’s “cold blood[ed]” killing as an emblem of “the classic struggle of our time,” has vowed to “turn [the] moment” of the teen’s death “into a movement”—much as the 1955 slaying of Emmitt Till helped galvanize the early civil-rights movement?

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  • Chezwick

    Waiting in vain for the President to comment on this racial injustice. Like AG Holder, it seems that for Obama, the skin-color of the perp and of the victim is the determining factor on whether or not an injustice has been perpetrated.

    • Ken

      You will never see it, Chez!!

    • mrbean

      Prez Obama deep down is an anti-semite hating whitey clandestine Muslim racist and the sooner he is gone with his leftist czars and entourage of leftists with him, the better for the USA. This man is an accomplished standup bullsheet artist, an intellectual incompetent, and basically a very bad human being. Less tha a week after the gold toothed tattooed teen thug Trayvon Martin was a justifiable homicide. In Baltinore, a gang of sheboon sows and their chocolate bucks did this to a tourist. See for yourself. Blacks are animals not suitable for civilized societies. SEnd them all back to Africa. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwoEh-ZwlCI

      • Chezwick

        Take your racism elsewhere. True conservatives are color-blind.

        • mrbean

          Oh my by all means, let's not call a spade a spade – pun intended. Conservatism by the way is dominated by RINOism and gutless white guilt. I guess you are a fan of the halfwit Maxine Waters who thinks, "You white people have to unmderstand our rage" I always show tough blacks alot of understanding. The big ones make a big noise when they land and they never get up. They don't understand the advantages of trained vs so called tough.

          • Chezwick

            You're either a left-wing provocateur trying to discredit this fine web-site…or you're a pathetic, small-minded bigot who hasn't a clue what is relevant in today's world.

            I'll take a black conservative over a white liberal any day of the week.

          • mrbean

            No I am a radical right winger who supports the Constitution. What is relevant is the black community is a bloodsucking parasite on the white community and responsible for 74% of all the violent crime in the USA. Even education has been dumbed down by accomodating the inferior intellectual genetics of the majority of blacks.

          • Ghostwriter

            No,you're not!!!!!! Your views are more reminiscent of neo-Nazis or Klan members than any legitimate concern for this country. mrbean,I wish you'd wise up and stop acting like an idiot. Others have said the same thing to you. You should listen to them. Not all black people are savages. The views you express belong in the 19th century,not the 21st. How about joining us in the real world and not in Stereotypeville which you seem to be happiest living in?

          • Chezwick

            No rational conservative thinks like you. The Tea Party worships Rep Allen West, and he's black.

            You're a Left-wing provocateur. Go back to your commie friends and tell them it didn't work.

          • RoguePatriot6

            Your a jackass that discredits Conservatives and the Constitution. There are far more blacks contributing to our society than these thugs who beat up this man.

          • aspacia


            beanboy is simply a typical, ignorant white.

          • dennis x

            talk is cheap

      • Vermont Yid

        Rarely have I read such an ignorant racist rant. Go crawl back under your rock.

        • mrbean

          Go give your communist buddy from Vermont – Bernie Sanders a BJ.

          • dennis x

            maybe you should have gotten that GED and that Black guy wouldn't have beat your sorry ass out of that job.

      • Hangul

        Just who is going to send blacks back to Africa? Cowards like you do not have the guts. As a matter of fact, your attempt to send them back to Africa would likely result in whites' expulsion to Europe instead. If you do not like it here then you should leave. Whites have committed some of history's worst atrocities. Now somehow whites think that they are the good guys. They are not. Whites behave now because they have shaped the world into a form that they like. The problem is that we(everyone else) do not care for your white dominated world. Your "civilized societies'" are responsible for the deaths of entire cultures and civilizations. We do not care what you think what you think is civilized because a culture that fought their way to the top is in no position to decide morality. In short, whites are just as bad or worse than anyone else.

        • pagegl

          Every ethnic group has perpetrated its set of atrocities; committing atrocities against another ethic group is not solely a Western European thing and I doubt it is possible to rate which ethnicity has been the worst. The world today is what it is because of those atrocities and responses to them.

        • Ghostwriter

          Hangul,you're just as bad as mrbean. And that's saying a lot.

          • mrbean

            No he isn't cause I am the baddest rooster in the chicken coop, and yeah, though I walk through Southeast LA at night I will fear no black because I am the baddest honkay cracka in all of California. Yassah Ah beez bad. Metttt……mettttt…..metttttt. KKKkkkssssss.

          • dennis x

            What city do you live in ? What part of southeast LA?

          • Ghostwriter

            Amazing. mrbean sounds more idiotic than he usually does. And let me assure you,that's not an easy feat.

          • JameRetief

            Hangul and mrbean are likely the same troll.

        • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

          Two wrongs don't make a right. Neither anti-black nor anti-white racism should be tolerated.

        • aspacia


          Why not move?

  • Alvaro

    What stupidity.

  • truebearing

    It is now coming out that Owens chased off the black punks because they were stealing from a neighbor. There appear to be corroborating witnesses to that version of events.

    What is happening in this country is a direct result of years of racial agitation and incitemet of hate toward whites. Blacks were the first target of the Left for isolation and fostering dependence on politicians and government. They were an easy target, and now we have generations of blacks preaching racial hatred to their children. these kids frequently have no father at home so they end up in gangs. It is an intractable mess.

  • truebearing

    The election of Barack Obama is the other half of the growing racial tension. he is encouraging it, and has since his days at Harvard, and then his time as a Community agitator in Chicago, where he advised ACORN during the period when blacks first began shaking down banks for sub-prime loans. As president, he has stood by a racist Attorney General who won't prosecute blatant crimes by blacks. Obama's media minions are complicit in inciting this malignant situation and his campaign strategy was designed around it. Obama's evil hand is all over this increase in racial violence. The question is: is Obama using this to get reelected or to cause a crisis big enough to declare martial law?

    • Harvey

      You hit the nail right square on the head,Obama is useing the Blacks as a reason to declare Martial law and he will take control of this Nation as sure as we will be arrested for giveing our opinion.

    • Shareese

      Racist comments fuel all!

      • mrbean

        Racism is the dispensing and/or withholding of privileges (like affirmative actions, race considerations in jobs and education, set asides for minority business) and/or punishments (e.g. – moriatoriums on the esecution of black murderers, non arrest of Black Panthers for felonies) based on a person's race. Got it?Nahhh,,, youse beez a sista un hating dah whiteys beez mo' black, yassah!

        • Ghostwriter

          Still can't resist the "Amos n' Andy" routine,can't you,mrbean? I wish you'd try.

  • pierce

    It is truly amazing how this one man, the President of these United States, of all people, can act as an incendiary in the way he has done. There will probably be many people that wont agree with me on this subject, let them, it is just my observation, but I find the man to be very divisive.

    • Jim_C

      All he has to do is stand there and be (half) black.

  • Harvey

    Obama is not acting as the President,he is acting as the dictator of the the United States.He is doing anything,saying anything to keep the Blacks stired up until a time when he intends to turn them loose on America to help him take control of this Nation.
    Obama does not care about the economy right now,his main concern at the momet is to make sure these lawless mobs of blacks are there when he wants them and these people are so ignorant they cant see they are being used by a fool that cares nothing about them.

    • Unkldave

      Thanks Harvey. Mostly I am in agreement with you, however it may be even worse. There are also certain segments of society (Occupy for one) that seem to hate America. Another problem are the Jihadists and all that is relavant to that. Then there are those who who will ride the fence, so to speak, others have thier heads in the sand or up someplace else. So we may be headed towards a perfect storm! I fear for our country but perhaps the tree of liberty does needs replinishment. Good luck to and God bless all patriots. Death to tyrants!

  • Jayson Rex




    • Retort

      You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about. Blacks care little about the plight of the Palestinians. What is happening in Israel is not applicable in this case. You do not appear to be smart enough to know why. Also, you are a typical fool that is trying to equate a complex situation to a game. Victim card, race card, or whatever is totally inappropriate.

      What chip? American blacks had LAWS to keep them in check up to almost 40 or so years ago. There are more black doctors and academics than ever. Progress is slow, but it is still progress. Whites have had a 200 year head start so naturally they would be doing fine. It took them long enough.

      Europe is not successful because they are any smarter. It is because the colonial powers stole everything that was not nailed down in the past. They did this at the barrel of a gun. They invaded area after area taking all the gold and minerals. Of course their descendants would be doing well. If my country had a treasury full of stolen gold there would be no way it could fail.

      Who are you to call anyone a tribe with flags? When you cut away the political BS, a nation is nothing more than really big tribe. Also, being an Afro-American is no more ridiculous than you believing that you are a "real" American. Lastly, since you are clearly not black you do not know what names blacks wish to be called by. It is an individual choice. Some like this name, others like that one. The point is that they can decide for themselves to be called whatever they wish. There was once a time when whites arbitrarily named everyone. That time is long gone. Get over it.

      • Whatsinaname

        Seventy percent of black people in this country are born out of wedlock with little or no contact with a father. Like it or not when these LAWS to "keep them in check" were on the books (by that I think you mean before the Civil Rights Act), black people had a higher rate of marriage, lower crime rate, and, according to Thomas Sowell were moving up financially at a rate higher than after it was passed. Now there is a large criminal underclass that has no chance of changing. Black violence has killed more blacks in one year than all the American deaths in 10 yrs. of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Get as angry as you want to Retort, but you can't change the facts.

    • Jayson Rex

      If defending blacks makes you feel good – be my guest. Nevertheless, your 'retort' only confirmed my opinion. Blacks have a long way to go, a very long way. But I am optimistic about the future.

      Unfortunately, Blacks often have a need to justify their acts and behaviour. In US the excuse is the slavery while in Africa it is the old colonialism. I am looking forward to the day when Blacks will need no excuse, no explanation and no justification. After all, they are 100% equal to Whites, Yellows, etc. This change also depends on how parents teach their children.

      This is what this article is all about. Read it again to understand that racial hate goes two-ways, both terribly wrong. Truth will liberate your soul, "Retort".

    • anon

      Well said! This is the best, most educated, and truthful comment on here.

  • oldtimer

    What about the incident in Chicago? Two blacks beat and robbed a white man, and said they were mad about Trayvon. Just excuses to commit crime.. Reminds me of Flip Wilson…the devil made me do it. Just like the example set by Obama, it's Bush's fault.

    • Dave

      Those criminals were quickly apprehended and are behind bars. That was justice regardless of stupid excuses. This case is different in that Zimmerman was not under arrest while the cops investigated the shooting. I knew a man that had to shoot two brothers in self defense. The two were critically injured, but they did not die. The shooter was locked up for four months until he was cleared of all wrongdoing. Why Zimmerman was not remains a mystery.

  • davarino

    One more time, Zimmerman is hispanic. How does this get turned into a race issue? Maybe because the media, without seeing Zimmerman, only saw his name first and assumed he was white and ran with it…….hehehhehehe. Why are we the people (blacks, whites, oranges….. whatever) so stupid to fall for all this crap. Last night I watched the news on ABC for the first time in a long time and couldnt believe the tilt, artistic license, snake charming in the way they interpret storys and news. Its like they are Jedi knights the way they try to corral your thoughts the way they want you to see the story, as opposed to just reporting. Amazing. And people wander why so many people watch FOX news and the others are struggling to keep their head above water.

    • Joe

      Hispanic or not he is still a white Hispanic. Hispanic is an ethnicity and white is a race.

      • JameRetief

        Strange, the term 'racial profiling' comes up a lot when the media opines about immigration enforcement. Such as, the Arizona law now being tried in the Supreme court.

      • Oleg

        George Zimmerman's family came from Honduras which means that they are likely either Indian or Mestizo (a mix of native Indian and Spanish usually). Regardless what does it matter if he's white or not, if someone attacks and tries to kill you have a right to defend yourself. By the way there is only one race, if there was more then one race B.O could not exist because that would mean that blacks and whites are of a different species and different species (like dogs and cats) can not interbreed.

  • Damon Wilson

    Did anyone really sit back and think that this is what the media wanted? KKK, Jessie Jackson, Spike Lee, Black Panthers… They are just tools that don’t look at what’s going on and start pushing the media agenda.

    Anyone look at the other stuff going on at all? Election Time and everyone is focused on hate and inequality for women… Really in 2012… But then we look at recent history, obama gets questioned about his legality as president, once his birth certificate is released and thought to be a fraud, bin laden is killed 5 days after… People forgot Obama was even being investigated. 6 controversial bills have been signed into law or in the process of being signed or extended during these periods. It’s a political theme it appears. Make some story go big and slip things in behind the people’s back. Patriot Act, NDAA, NDRP, CISPA, JOBs Act, PPACA, full cavity searches for everyone… Anyone miss those reallocation of all natural resources bills… Or the legalized stock market fraud… Or spying…. Or intimate detention w/o due process… I think our focus is diluted just the way the media wants it. We should blame the government for the ongoing issues associated with violence linked to trayvon Martin. If the local government would have done a complete investigation no one would have be outraged but it took 2million of “THE PEOPLE” to stand up before the government took it seriously. Appalling

    • tagalog

      What's "intimate detention?"

      • JameRetief

        Ever see the movie "Chained Heat"?

  • sononthe_beach

    Michael tells it like it is;

  • tagalog




    Seems silly doesn't it, coming from a white guy on behalf of a white guy? So what gives it legitimacy when black people chant that kind of stuff?

    • Hangul

      It is not silly at all. You should go rally and chant about it. Whites can't be oppressed because they are the controlling majority. The only oppression exists in the minds of frustrated but powerless white men.

    • Jim_C

      "Seems silly doesn't it, coming from a white guy on behalf of a white guy? So what gives it legitimacy when black people chant that kind of stuff?"

      Nothing–you're right. It's ridiculous both ways.

  • Mach1Duck

    This is a direct results of Obama and Holder empowering ridical black behavior. It will get worse as we near elections.

  • Long Ben

    When people sit on their porch's maybe they should have a high capacity fast cycling semi auto shotgun full of buckshot .

    • mrbean

      No, not buckshot. Use shotgun explosive slugs and litter the front lawn with pices so they have trouble matching up what parts belong to who!

      • tagalog

        Explosive shotgun slugs? Where does one get those? From the video game companies?

        • mrbean

          Watch the military channel on weapons.

          • tagalog

            Yeah, and Mr. Owens, or any other person, would have a hell of a time getting them for personal use.

    • NeidHart

      If you can dish it out, you darn well better be ready to receive some too. Hopefully, you will eat a varmint round in such an attack. Because that is what you are.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Better to have a pump shotgun, far less likely to jam, and at close range any size shot is lethal. Besides, the rack-rack sound sends a warning only hopped-up zombies will ignore.

  • zionista

    I'm sure jesse the baby daddy jerkson and al tawana brawly sharpton will be on the next plane (private jet of course for these two hucksters) to be by this guy's bedside.

  • BS77

    Do you think Sharpton will be on the next plane down to Alabama to comfort this victim of racial violence?
    Don't think so.

    • tagalog

      Oh yeah, he'll be there, protesting the white oppressors' quick arrest of at least one of the beaters. Have you noticed that the news reports have now begun to say that Owens was not a guilt-free guy, and that the encounter he had with the neighbors vaguely involved "an exchange of racial slurs, and a fight followed?" I wonder who threw the first racial slur, what was said in reply, and who started the physical stuff…

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Sharpton will show up to volunteer a pint of blood to Ownes, who would of course quickly die.
        I am lucky to live without racial problems and get along with all of my neighbors, kids are off
        the streets after dark and it is quiet and our police keep it that way, not tollerating disorder.

  • Schlomotion

    I am not defending this beating by the kids who were playing basketball at 8:30 PM on a wide, secluded street a half hour after civil twilight in Mobile, Alabama. However, John Perazzo's "proof" that Matthew Owens "asked" the kids to stop playing is just a link to Gateway Pundit's broken hotlink to YouTube. The YouTube video explicitly does NOT state the manner in which Owens approached the group. This is an example of Frontpage handing off to Perazzo, and Perazzo citing ObamaYoMoma, aka Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit who is a commenter here. I think this is a conflict of interest and full disclosure should have been made. I think this was not merely lazy, it was malicious counterfeiting of corroborating news, and it is par for the course in this site's attempts to try cases in the media while pretending it has outside sources.

    • Atlas_Collins

      Are you saying there was racialist justification for this chimp out?

      • Schlomotion

        I sure hope you think that expression applies to white people too.

    • Atlas_Collins

      My comments must be "approved" before being shown.

      Hmmmm …. Free Speech is dead at Frontpage, I guess.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Your comment is without substantive logic, and is consequently without merit. Think about it. (Ooops. My bad. Thinking is obviously alien to your abilities.)

    • tagalog

      I guess you didn't see the early news stories, which included accounts of the basketball-playing kids also running through peoples' yards, overturning things and making nuisances of themselves. No doubt that truth is in the process of being diluted out of the story, just as the stories are now saying Owens had a criminal record (when Trayvon Martin's misbehavior came out, people said it didn't affect the shooting incident HE was involved in), and that he got involved in the rather vaguely-explained "exchange of racial slurs, and a fight followed;" such reports are being thrown into the memory hole.

    • Choi

      Because David Horowitz believes in the FIRST Amendment, you are able to TROLL away,but if one of us tries to post on LEFTY sites such as PUFFHO, we are "Moderated".
      In your FKD -UP Lefty world,"heads ,you win,tails, WE LOSE"
      Of course ,the moderators at the Lefty sites live by that,but the excercise of the FIRST Amendment here, gives us the opportunity to EXPOSE YOUR LEFTY B.S..
      btw, I almoat forgot: F.Y. and E.S.

    • Whatsinaname

      Schlemiel — oops I mean Schlomotion, you start off by saying you're not defending the kids savagely beating this man and then you go right onto defending them. Or at least it sounds that way — I can hardly understand your byzantine logic. In fact, I can hardly understand any of your gibberish. Are you on drugs? Or are you in love with your own nonsensical thinking?

      • Schlomotion

        I take the accusation of Byzantinism as a compliment when it comes from a Sanhedral Neo-Templarist. Sod hut towns can be boring. I sympathize with your impulse to don cheap armor and go search for relics. I don't sympathize with your desire to condemn propositional calculi in which there are more than two truth values. n>2-valued logic is really useful, especially in situations where you are not constrained to finite rectangles, but might have to deal with infinities and probability. No, I am not on drugs at the moment, but it is Friday, so you never know.

    • aspacia


      It does not matter what Owens said, or how he said it, unless a violent threat; the perpetrators had no right to viciously attack him.

      • Schlomotion

        Says you. That is just your moral basis though. In my moral basis if someone gets too far in my space, I am free to punch him. If I were playing basketball, I would play basketball until I am done playing basketball. Again, the facts of the case are not known, so you have no basis to try the case online.

        • JameRetief

          There's a few problems with applying your moral basis to this case.

          1)The assault didn't occur during a basketball game. Sure Metta WorldPeace can get away with a vicious assault on public television, but there's no evidence to date that the NBA was present the evening in question. IF there was a basketball game, the assault happened after the participants left.

          2)Multiple people assaulted Owens.

          3)The personal space you infer must extend to at least several hundred feet. When Owens broke up the alleged basketball game, the assailants were gathered from throughout the block.

          • Schlomotion

            I agree. Really this has nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case either. It's some wacked out ongoing dispute between neighbors. The author is using a lot of speculation and "apparently." I will be content to simply see the facts of the case and the verdict.

          • http://www.dikaesha.pbwiki.com Foolster41

            They just said it was "justice for Trevon", but yeah, it hsa nothing at all! to do with Trevon!

          • Schlomotion

            If I go around smacking people upside the head and saying "that's justice for Martin Luther King," it has nothing to do with Martin Luther King.

  • Angus Thermopyle

    People should remember Rosewood.

    • RoguePatriot6

      People should remember that and the overall strategy of Obama: To Divide the Country.

      And by the looks of some of these comments, he's doing a pretty good job.

  • james

    Why does the media promote this racial violence instead of calling it out?

    MONEY! bad news sells and sells BIG TIME! the media is a whore dressed up to hit the streets and make a fast buck and they don't care how many die in the process. They lie to the black people who blindly follow the media not knowing they are being used for profit and not knowing they, the black people keep paying for the media's games. This insanity will further harm the American Blacks who already are in disdain by blacks in Africa and all over the world. Those of us who travel know this when we speak to other blacks, who have utter disrespect for the black violent gangsta worship culture in America.

    • RoguePatriot6

      Thank you.

    • Bill the Goat

      You said it well! To much media controlled hogwash being crammed down our throats. I'm a white guy, but I believe that the black community will soon tire of being represented as a victim in every case. If there is black pride, it is time for it to surface. The media is so guilty of racial profiling……….making black kids think the ultimate is being a street smart thug who plays b'ball and talks in vernacular. I say, it's time for people of any race to say the hell with money making media ploy to turn real life into entertainment.

  • Gene Fowler

    Did anyone REALLY expect this NOT to happen ? It's S O P ! If you think back you will recall that the Obama admin actually stated, they would no longer prosecute Black ON white crimes.

    • Kipling

      That is BS and you know it. Geez…

  • Bartimaeus

    I suppose that it should not be surprising if we elected a black president for the wrong reasons, racial tensions should actually increase. Remember Allen Keys, he was a capable black person, but he had the wrong ideology and the press avoided him like the plague. Mr. Obama came out of a leftist and raciest background (Eric Bell, Jeremiah Wright, etc.), and the press gave full support. White racism is bad and black racism is just as bad. Hopefully, we are not seeing the beginnings of worse problems to come. The Justice Department, it seems, is becoming more racist oriented and that is not a good sign for the USA.

    • Bartimaeus

      Sorry, Derrick Bell

    • Charles

      We did not elect a black president for the wrong reasons. The alternative was simply worse.

      • pagegl

        Yes, we did. People voted for hope and change. Well, we're getting change. Of course, it's not quite the change Obama alluded to. I doubt McCain would have been worse than Obama.

    • Questions

      You miss the larger point. This mob violence would have happened even with a conservative president. (You think there weren't black-on-white beatdowns with Reagan in the White House? Guess again) The real problem is the violent nature of blacks. They are a murderous race. Someone has to stand in their way. "Empowerment" won't work. Force will.

      • Ghostwriter

        Are you and mrbean friends,Questions because you both seem to share the same ridiculous views of black people. The KKK must love you guys.

      • Oleg

        Wrong, it has to do with the social conditioning of many blacks, the cult of victimhood, the miseducation and non education of their youth, the destruction of the black family, the Balkanization of their communities, glorification of criminal behavior, etc. They have housing projects in Europe, Scotland for example, where the youth behave in very much the same manner as the thugs who allegedly beat Mr. Owens, and they are overwhelmingly white.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    This is somewhat reminiscent of the Reginald Denny episode. During that particular display of mindless racist violence I recall (somewhat fondly, in fact) the stalwart, armed Korean shop-owner blasting away at the mob with a .45. Not only was he not charged with any crime, his shop remained unmolested. Amazing!

  • Daniel MacDonald

    I am sad about what happened to Mr. Owens there is no justification for what happened to him whether these Kids were stealing from a neighbor or just being noisy. However the attempt by Atlanta's Police Dept.to let Mr. Zimmerman get away with killing Travon Martin is where the blame for the current reaction of blacks in America belongs. That said, Most of the comments above are racist rants by bigoted people who's behavior reflect the centuries of racism of their forefathers and does a gross disservice to Frontpagemag which simply brings us the facts behind the headlines of newspapers and magazines from around the world.
    While I am generally unimpressed with Obama's presidency to date I must point out that it was only when he and Mr. Holder advised that they were prepared to use Federal laws to go after Mr.Zimmerman that Georgia's Governor ordered the special prosecutor that led to Mr. Zimmerman being charged with second degree murder. There is no doubt in my mind that the unarmed Mr Martin was assassinated by Mr. Zimmerman and the investigating officers mucked things up so badly that the special prosecutor was unable to charge Mr. Zimmerman with First degree Murder which I believe this most certainly was.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      If folks think you are an ignoramus, 'tis best to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    • Guest

      Anyone who disagrees with people like you are either racist or have some phobia.

      Your term doesn't mean jack. You might as well have said must of the rants about are trees. You and yours have redendered the term useless.

      Proud to differ with you and be called whatever you may.

      Cracker Racist Nazi

      PS import the jungle to America and America becomes the jungle

      • Ghostwriter

        What is this? Are the Stormfront readers coming on to this website? I'm appalled by all this.

      • aspacia


        Looks like cracked was banned.

    • reader

      Georgia's Governor orders Florida's special prosecutor now? Apart from obviously having trouble with law, logic and common sense, how about trying a big colorful map for starters?

    • aspacia


      Premeditated means planned and Zimmerman did not plan to shoot anyone that night.

      Read the police report before making judgement: http://cnninsession.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/m

    • Jim_C

      I agree 100% the police badly mucked up this case, but your charge of "assassination" has no basis in rational thought.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Will Owens stand trial for a hate crime, basketball lovers across America will be demanding his head
    tossed through a hoop. On the other hand 20 African Americans about beat him to death and he may
    yet die or be left crippled for life because he wanted peace and quiet in his home where he has a
    right of quiet enjoyment. I think if he called the Police and let them take care of the noisy guys
    outside it may have ended better. Only a racist moron would think he did not call because the
    Cops were mostly black and he was uncomfortable with the idea that they may take offense
    and beat his head in. This story is rife with possabilities and conjecture, the bottom line is that the
    20 assailants should be sought out, arrested and tried for the violent act they committed. I wonder
    if he was sitting at home with his Bible and guns, most likely not, Race hate should have no
    place in our lives and we can thank the MSM and Jackson & Sharpton and their ilk for it being
    present. How much attention will this victim of racial hate receive, it being openenly vile and evil,
    where will the incident lead?………………………………..William

  • tramky

    Barack Obama is not a President of the United States. He is what he has always been–a Democrat community organizer in Chicago. That tell you everything you need to know about his view of the world, about his motives, and about the policies he may impose on the nation–and those he does not.

    In the end, it is clear that Obama wanted to be President to stick a thumb in the eye of America, to live for a time in the White House at the expense of taxpayers, and to have the best vacations he ever, and will ever, have. It is all liberal Progressive nonsense, nothing more.

    His Congress has not produced a budget for 3 years, he 'sticks up' for some Americans at the expense of others.

  • Guestwho

    This morning, I was watching some local news coverage out of Mobile. They were interviewing the police in charge of arresting one of the men responsible for beating the white man in Moblie. The policeman told the reporter this was in no way tied to Trayvon because these men had an on going dispute for the past three years. My first thought was, what about the other 19 people involved and talk of them saying it was for Trayvon. This was a white policeman who stated it wasn’t Trayvon related. I might buy his argument that it wasn’t Trayvon alone that brought about this horrible beating, but it was without a doubt the intensity was racially motivated.

    On Tuesday, I watched the afternoon news reports out of Mobile and Pensacola. There wasn’t a single thing said about the Mobile beating, BUT they both ran programs of discrimination. The first was a story on hate crime notes against minorities on the UWF campus in Pensacola. The other was a report out of Mobile that a company had been accuses of discrimination against blacks.

  • Daniel MacDonald

    I am sad about what happened to Mr. Owens there is no justification for what happened to him whether these Kids were stealing from a neighbor or just being noisy. However the attempt by Atlanta's Police Dept.to let Mr. Zimmerman get away with killing Travon Martin is where the blame for the current reaction of blacks in America belongs. That said, Most of the comments above are racist rants by bigoted people who's behavior reflect the centuries of racism of their forefathers and does a gross disservice to Frontpagemag which simply brings us the facts behind the headlines of newspapers and magazines from around the world.

  • Guest

    This morning, I was watching some local news coverage out of Mobile. They were interviewing the police in charge of arresting one of the men responsible for beating the white man in Moblie. The policeman told the reporter this was in no way tied to Trayvon because these men had an on going dispute for the past three years. My first thought was, what about the other 19 people involved and talk of them saying it was for Trayvon. This was a white policeman who stated it wasn't Trayvon related. I might buy his argument that it wasn't Trayvon alone that brought about this horrible beating, but it was without a doubt the intensity was racially motivated.

    On Tuesday, I watched the afternoon news reports out of Mobile and Pensacola. There wasn't a single thing said about the Mobile beating, BUT they both ran programs of discrimination. The first was a story on hate crime notes against minorities on the UWF campus in Pensacola. The other was a report out of Mobile that a company had been accuses of discrimination against blacks.

  • Swatty Jim

    The real crime here is that this incident, like every other incident where blacks beat up the whites or hispanics, is completely swept under the carpet and left out of main stream media. Never a word from all the civil rights BLOW-HORNS, and you know who I am talking about…


    • dennis x

      Oh, you must mean where five Black men in Ok. were shot 2-3 killed by two white men and NOTHING is writtten or commented on at this site.

  • Brujo Blanco

    What we are leearning from the Trayvon shooting is that alleged white on black crime gets maximum to excessive coverage. Black on white is generally under-reported. The shooting in question is a simple case. It was made a racial issue when it should not have been. Two guys met. One shot the other. Investigate and get the facts. Street justice is heed on emotion and tends to come to the wrong conclusions.

  • NoIslam

    There you have your multiculturalism america!

  • Alex

    PAYBACK COMING SOON – election======>cleaning the House.

  • BLJ

    Notice how it was 20 against 1? Typical cowards. They always run in packs and go after easy prey. If this was 20 whites attacking 1 black it would be all over the news.

    I hope that a few of those Black Panther losers try to block my way into the polling booth in November. I am ready and willing to kick some butt. Then I will go in and cast my vote for Mitt Romney smiling all the while.

    • dennis x

      I don't think they'll be patrolling the trailer parks or meth labs.

  • Rick_in_VA

    This is all the race pimps like Sharpton and Jackson, among others, have to make a living; spewing hatred.
    I doubt they have the skills to earn an honest living. And as long as they have a group of ignorant, note I didn't say stupid, people to follow them, this situation will never end.
    It is a sad state of affairs.

  • Stuart Parsons

    It is time for a new word Tryvonophobia.

  • Chris

    The problem is not black or white the problem is the people who see color I dont mean racist I mean both sides racist and no racist, racist blame color and none racist are scared to blame color even when color at fault. Most of these crimes are committed bye blacks true but ive seen a white man who grew up in these gettos act like there owed something and they will kill just to get what they think there owed, this aint a color issuee if anything its a class issue made worse bye our government who teaches us if your too lazy to work for what you want then just take it. Black white green purple all fall into that redoric.

    • aspacia

      Wow, you really need to learn how to spell, and punctuate your sentences. It is by not bye, their not there, is not not ain't, issue not issuee. What is redoric??? Do you mean rhetoric????

  • William R Nicholson

    Just another bit of evidence that will never be reported in the main stream media since they aren't interested in justice. We must get Romney or my sock puppet elected in November. I guarantee that neither is a communist and my sock puppet is much better smelling than this present administration !

  • AdultDiaperPatriot

    That's it! This one beating should be the end of it. If I hear one more time about the hundreds of years of slavery, rape, lynchings and jim crow I'm gonna blow a gasket! Now we're even black people! We got millions of yours, now you got one of ours!

  • Observant Citizen

    Black people in this country jump at any chance to be violent. Mostly it is to their own people. But now they feel brave enough to attack whites at will. Their problems are all their own making. They are only 13% of the population and that number is dropping. When the pendulum starts to swing in the opposite direction, they will regret it.

  • mlcblog

    "Actually, the word “odd” does not nearly suffice as a description of such actions and comments. “Ridiculous,” “absurd,” and “asinine” …" how about twisted, evil, totally ignorant, perverse?

  • none

    What really boggles my mind is why would they attack a white man… or whites in general, if Zimmerman is Latino..? Why is this never brought up? Why aren't blacks doing their whole Trayvon rebellion thing against latino's? wtf…

    • Observant Citizen

      The reason blacks are not attacking Latinos is that if they did, Latinos would kick their butts so hard, they'd never forget it. In California prisons, blacks and Latinos go at it, it spills over into the streets and high schools and the Latinos usually win. Also, there's no advantage to attacking Latinos — no money, no sympathy, just a race war if they start something.

  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is just one example of the rampant persecution of Christians going on around the world.

    Now, there are new reports that another Christian Pastor, Reverend Matthias Haghnejad, has been tried in Iran for his faith. Even worse, eleven members of his Christian congregation, including his wife, were also tried and are now awaiting a verdict.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/04/27/chris


  • http://www.maghrebchristians.com Youssef

    Hundreds of Egyptian Islamists protested in Cairo on Friday against what they said was a bid to bring back deposed president Hosni Mubarak’s old guard after his last prime minister was allowed to stand in the presidential election.

    Read more: http://www.maghrebchristians.com/2012/04/27/egypt


  • RoguePatriot6

    You know, I hate racism, with a passion, no matter who it's aimed at. I guess I'm just wierd that way. No race of people own the rights to sufferering. Every race has had their turn at dishing out oppression and every race has been on the buisiness end of it.

    "In short, whites are just as bad or worse than anyone else."

    If they are just AS bad. Then blacks and everyone else have contributed to just as much to the cruelty inflicted upon others.
    Al, Jesse, Maxine and Barrack want a race war. Let's not be stupid and give them one, REGARDLESS OF WHAT F R E A K I N SKIN TONE YOU ARE!!!!

  • Linda Rivera

    Zimmerman acted in self defense. NO ONE should be denied the right to self-defense. It is very tragic that the teenager died. It is also tragic and horrible that Zimmerman's act of self defense has caused Zimmerman to receive THOUSANDS of death threats. His life, his wife and parents' lives are in danger. Out on bail, he is living in safe houses. If he is found innocent for his act of self defense, he, his wife, parents and entire family will not be able to live in America. The level of hate is intense. He and his entire family would have to re-locate to another country for their safety.

    This is what our country has sunk to thanks to influential racists who used their power to incite hate against a man who defended himself.

  • Linda Rivera

    Regardless of our color, Americans are ALL brothers and sisters. It is depressing that people in high places seek to divide us by creating hate between the races. As a nation:
    United we stand. Divided, we fall.

  • RoguePatriot6

    They want a race war. Let's not be stupid and give them one.

    Obama wants to discredit every conservative so he can use whatever unconstitutional means neccessary to take us out of the picture. He want's a race war so he and his goons can blame us for it,

    This is one black that can see through the BS. I'm as nauseated, if not more, than those who are infuriated at what's happening to our country. He want's us divided and very stupid people are playing right into his game. The stupid ones are the people who are on this site posting all of the stupid racist remarks about blacks and whites. Yes, I said, it. IT'S JUST AS WRONG TO BE RACIALLY BIASED AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE TOO!!!! It doesn't help blacks, IT DISCREDITS US and creates a bunch of resentful people who have a right to be angry because of it.

    • RoguePatriot6

      Just like the four knuckleheads who are spearheading this, Jesse, Al, Maxine and Obama. Obama and Holder are screwing us by not taking any action regarding the blatant crimes of those who have escalated this incident through instigating the crowd and purposely creating a wall of resentment between races and social classes. Of course when it blows up, "You see how racist this country is? Whites never quit resenting you or me. So, never mind the REAL ISSUES and focus in on keeping the racist white conservatives and uncle tom blacks out of the game (blacks who won't play victim and want a free country)" (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's been the same propaganda message for the past 5-6 decades so far, taught to us and now our kids. Let's break the chain and work together to oust this dictator before he turns this country into one big shameful statistic in history. You know the story and more importantly, you know the ending. Nothing good results from this. They are exploiting an old wound to divide us and keep us from voting them out come November.

    Let's proove to them we are not the gullable jackasses they make us out to be and throw it back in their faces by not giving them the race war that they want.

  • Asher

    Its called Black Race Wars…their time has come to destroy any other races.

  • http://cybergatis.blogspot.com cybergatis

    Zimmrman has been arrested and charged with second degree murder. Heres hoping he can have a fair trial. That may not be possible because he's already been convicted in he media.  If he gets off like OJ Simpson I hope there will not be rioting.