Mark Potok: Hatemonger

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In the wake of the recent murder of six worshippers in a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported that the killer, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, was “a frustrated neo-Nazi” as well as a musician who had performed with two “racist skinhead bands.” Moreover, SPLC said that it had been listing the website of “Label56”—the distributor of albums produced by one of Page’s bands—as a “hate site” since 2006 “due to its active promotion and distribution of racist hate music.” In the final analysis, Page and his cohorts were on SPLC’s radar because that organization classifies Page’s brand of hate-filled stupidity as a form of “right wing” thinking, which it views, in turn, as the principal fountainhead of America’s allegedly persistent bigotry against nonwhites, homosexuals, and Muslims, among others. To be sure, the “HateWatch” section of SPLC’s website carries the caption, “Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right.” The Radical Left gets no mention at all.

SPLC senior fellow Mark Potok, who serves as editor-in-chief of the Center’s quarterly journal (Intelligence Report) and blog (Hatewatch), holds conservatives in very low regard—asserting, for instance, that the Tea Party “and similar groups” are “shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism.” Moreover, Potok has unambiguously declared that the “biggest domestic terror threat” in the U.S. today “pretty clearly comes from the radical right.” With regard to Wade Michael Page in particular, Potok surmises that “this man almost certainly mistook Sikhs for Muslims.” “It is the same old story that we see every time,” says Potok, “the same old story we saw with Balbir Singh [an Indian-born Sikh who was gunned down by a white man in Arizona] and those three murders after 9/11.”

Potok and SPLC are justified, of course, in identifying Page as a hate-filled racist. What cannot be justified, however, is their propensity for depicting atrocities like Page’s as evidence of America’s supposedly rampant “Islamophobia.” Amplifying Potok’s recent claim that “anti-Muslim groups” have proliferated dramatically over the past couple of years, the current issue of the Intelligence Report features a major piece titled “30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right.” “Explosive growth in several sectors of the radical right,” the report says, has caused “an anti-Muslim movement, almost entirely ginned up by political opportunists and hard-line Islamophobes,” to “gro[w] enormously since taking off in 2010, when reported anti-Muslim hate crimes went up by 50%.” Potok has ascribed this “astounding” increase to “the vicious rhetoric of Islam-bashing politicians and activists.”

The seemingly ominous 50% statistic, however, loses all its punch once we examine the actual raw numbers that SPLC omitted from its bold-faced alarm. According to FBI data, the number of “reported anti-Muslim hate crimes” nationwide increased from 107 in 2009 to 160 in 2010—technically a 50% increase, but hardly what anyone could legitimately characterize as an epidemic in a nation of 310 million people. Cognizant of this, Potok on a previous occasion noted that the FBI figures “dramatically understate the real level of reported and unreported hate crimes,” but emphasized that “they do offer telling indications of some trends.”

Yet a much more significant “trend” goes unmentioned by Potok and SPLC—specifically, that the “anti-Muslim hate-crime” count of 2010 was quite consistent with the normal, occasionally fluctuating number of such events in other recent years—e.g., 155 in 2002, 149 in 2003, and 156 in 2004. Equally noteworthy is the fact that when the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes had dropped from 156 in 2006 to 115 in 2007, SPLC, at that time, elected not to issue gleeful pronouncements that bigotry against Muslims was in steep decline. Any such assertions, of course, would have inconveniently contradicted SPLC’s customary depiction of America as a veritable cesspool of “right wing” “hate.”

A second unjustifiable practice by Potok and SPLC is their routine conflation of respectable conservative scholars, researchers, and journalists on the one hand, with morally bankrupt Klansmen, Aryan militiamen, and neo-Nazis (like Wade Michael Page) on the other. The objective of this tactic is to discredit and marginalize respectable conservatives by lumping them together with the very dregs of humanity and then smearing everyone with the same broad brush. For example, SPLC’s “30 New Activists” report features numerous profiles of Klansmen, skinheads, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis—people who wouldn’t be able to find a single conservative in 10,000 to say anything positive about them. Co-mingled with these profiles is one devoted to Frank Gaffney, Jr., founder and president of the Center for Security Policy. Denouncing Gaffney as “the anti-Muslim movement’s most paranoid propagandist,” the Intelligence Report derides him as someone “who sees ‘creeping Shariah’ everywhere—even in the ranks of his erstwhile allies”—specifically, Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, whom Gaffney suspects “are Muslim Brotherhood agents.”

Anyone familiar with Gaffney’s work understands that he presents his views in a manner that is scholarly, reasoned, lucid, and founded entirely on verifiable facts; in short, he is the very antithesis of a “paranoid propagandist.” While Mark Potok and SPLC may be averse to acknowledging any of Islamic jihadism’s stubbornly unpleasant realities, Gaffney has in fact chronicled, in painstaking detail, examples of the stealth jihad in Europe as well as the U.S., in the realms of politics, economics, law, government, education, and employment. He has likewise chronicled, with equal attention to detail: (a) Grover Norquist’s troubling ties to a self-identified Islamic supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah; (b) Norquist’s efforts to help Sami Al-Arian’s National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom take the teeth out of the Patriot Act; and (c) the significance of Norquist’s sponsorship of Suhail Khan, who has not only praised jihadists who give their lives “for the cause of Islam,” but also supported legislation that would have banned the use of vital secret evidence in the terrorism trials of suspected jihadists. Yet to Mark Potok and SPLC, all this amounts to nothing more than “anti-Muslim” smoke-and-mirrors by a “paranoid propagandist.”

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  • mlcblog

    SPLC was a despicable sleazeball operation from its inception.

    • Kufar Dawg

      You better be careful or the SPLC will designate you a hate group!

      • Drakken

        What are they going to do Dawg? Take our birthday away from us? People are getting fed up to the back teeth with PC/MC nonsense and it is starting to show.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I was kidding, I'm sorry if I offended you.

    • Pointblank

      Sept. of 2011 in Nevada a Mexican National attacked mostly white Americans in the military at the local IHOP
      and murdered 5 people! The only positive thing is that this foreigner killed himself!
      This story was also killed right away! And never heard from again! And where was the SPLC on this hate crime? No where to be found and not one word from them that I ever heard. Double standard wouldn't you say?

      The SPLC has a bad reputation and it's getting an even worse reputation with American citizens every year!

      • mlcblog

        …pond scum, but wait! lest I defile that nice green growth in the bottom of our ponds….gutter scum.

  • Chezwick

    Well then, it's high time to marginalize the SPLC as a defamation machine with a pronounced partisan, political agenda. Conservatives need to fill up the google search-engine choices with reams of articles just like the one above….all specifically denouncing the politically-motivated slanders emanating from the SPLC.

    • mlcblog

      Hear hear!! I like your thrust toward action which I notice at the bottom line of many of your contributions!!

      • Chezwick

        Thanks mlc!

    • obbop

      SPLC is a money-making machine with those working within the organization assuredly doing quite well financially.

  • Trebuchet

    This is the bunch that ripped ripped off a group of Black farmers to the tune of $3 million and where were they when "The Joker" who has been tied to the Black Bloc of the occupy movement shot up the theater in Co.?

  • Kufar Dawg

    I wonder if the SPLC is receiving a significant proportion of its funding from islamonazi petrostates or NGO's?

    • Pointblank

      I wonder if they are funded by the same people that fund the NCLR?

      The CFR? (Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations)

      • Kufar Dawg

        I used to care about La Raza and their racist politics, but w/the rise of islamofacism across the world and the fact that Spain now has practically an open door policy WRT hispanic/latino immigration I'm no longer concerned.

    • scum

      They get the bulk of their funding from the right-wing terrorist organizations that they bankrupt. I'm sorry that bothers you.

  • Schlomotion

    Potok's SPLC and Hatewatch, Gaffney's ACSP and Family Security Matters, and Horowitz's FPM and Discover The Networks are all ugly stepsisters. They are all pseudo-intelligence services and samizdats for fringe politics that regularly publish enemies lists and write defamatory articles against their targets on the allegedly opposite end of the political spectrum as well as against normal people in general. They all have in common that they act as a newsletter and that every so often they confer a new and spurious award on one of their own, fawn over a vanity paperback published by one of their own, or issue some white paper as if they were a bona-fide governmental agency.

    The SPLC has a bank account in the Cayman Islands, and they don't actually attack the causes of southern poverty. They profit by it. Morris Dees and his wife prance around in furs in a villa in Alabama. Penny Weaver can answer any of your questions about how the Cayman Islands accounts and the pool house contribute to fighting southern poverty for anyone but these two people. The answers should be amusing.

    I have already shown a number of times how, according to IRS statements, Jihad Watch receives around $350,000 to fake an or.gasm of anti-islamic fear and interracial warfare between Jews and Muslims. Robert Spencer eats up college campus organization funds and then goes there and insults them while using the campus police and Ann Coulter's bodyguard to keep his nose intact. He tries to instigate spectacle and then report it back as his own persecution, much as how Victoria Keenan and SPLC instigated an incident outside of Aryan Nations and fooled them into giving over the whole property. Mr. Spencer routinely instigates media duels with Americans of Arab extraction and then requests money to meet them in a debate and stop the defamation. There are numerous videos on YouTube of him cringing in such confrontations while Pamela Geller puts on a speak-to-the-hand routine.

    Frank Gaffney Jr. operates a pseudo-governmental agency called American Center for Security Policy. His corporatist outfit is funded by Zionists and defense contractors, who try to use fear, media, and money to circumvent the Constitution and Congress, much in the same way that Iran Contra was run. Anders Breivik cited Frank Gaffney seven times in his manifesto. Frank Gaffney markets just the type of crazy that counterjihadist terrorists are buying.

    FPM and SPLC have in common that they both hate black nationalist groups. However, they also both hate one another, specifically David Horowitz and Chip Berlet when they battled over the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. Also, SPLC, corrupt as they are, did rightfully list Daniel Greenfield's blog as a hate site. Some of Mr. Perazzo's article is true too. Even broken clocks shoot their springs at each other correctly twice a day.

    • Flynn McMahon


      • Larry

        Not "Wow", Flynn, standard schlockforbrains hate screed. He's one of this sites resident anti-semite bottom feeders.

        And just for you, schlockforbrains, Happy Nakba, may it be eternal.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Islam isn't a race, it's a genocidal, explicitly antisemitic screed of hate. Jews are variously described as apes or apes and swine in the holy quran dirtbag. As Spencer has pointed out there are at least three "authenticate" hadiths that call for the extermination of Jews. You're nothing but a supercilious liar.

    • reader

      Another sound attempt at Pulitzer. The irony here is that – apparently – FPM comments thread is the only venue for tro schlo to show off. No sail any other place, eh? Good luck holding your breath.

    • Ted G

      Propaganda 101 schlomo? I'm sure you know the term "ad hominem"
      What an utter waste of human brain power, so obviously in need of some electro-shock therapy.

      There are things you can do to help manage your symptoms. Work with your doctor and treatment team to learn more about the full range of schizophrenia symptoms you might experience and to develop a treatment plan that works for you.

      • Schlomotion

        Yes. You are already on record a number of times saying that you want to electrocute people who criticize Israeli PR. It's nice to know that the Israel Lobby has a loyal following of Pol Pot supporters.

        • HoR_Emperor

          It's nice to know you are just as much of a hateful, demented liar as you've always been.

        • MAD JEWESS

          'loyal following of Pol Pot supporters.'

          The same way you kiss Muslim a$$ and pretend that Islam is a peaceful religion? You dont 'criticize' the Israeli govt, you are just a Jew hater.

          You think the world revolves around your psychopathic thoughts?

          The "SPLC and Horowitz" are step-sisters….etc?

          I think the remedy is out there, but you are in denial of your mental state of paranoia. You *NEVER* make any logical sense. There is really NO use debating you, because you contradict just about everything you say and write.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I'm sure your admiration revolves around groups like Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Young Turks (thankfully, the Armenians managed to execute some of them).

        • Ted G

          LOL thx, Schlo! Since I've stopped taking anything you say seriously, I really have enjoyed many a laugh with your preposterous postings. I'm even still chuckling now…substance be damned at least I now find you entertaining.

          Yep still chuckling!



          Please go to Syria. Stand between the Assad forces and the "rebels" during a fire fight.

          Maybe we'ill all get lucky.

    • Drakken

      Side with our enemies, you will be treated as the enemy you are. Leftist/progressives like you are an abomination to our western values.

      • Schlomotion

        Are you threatening me with violence again?

        • HoR_Emperor

          Are you being willfully stupid again?

        • MAD JEWESS

          Little mary… You criticize the Jewish people for 'whining' and just look at you.

          Whahhhhhh, you are threatening me (as your limp wrist flaps up and down, dancing around in your pink tu tu)

          Truly, if people could see you as I see you, they would "ROFL".

          • Schlomotion

            I am surprised, Paulette, for someone who sings cabaret songs, that you are so bitterly homophobic, and that you think people are responsive to that.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Wouldn't you be far happier living in any one of the islamofascist pigsties of the OIC? Of course in any of these states your antisemitism would just be par for the course.


          Schlockmotion, there's an orange jumpsuit and a bunk for you in Guantanamo.

          • Schlomotion

            Thanks. You can mail them to Boston.

    • HoR_Emperor

      What a pathetic hatemongering loon you are.

    • Ghostwriter

      That's rich! Your protestations of innocence aren't very good,considering the rancid hate of Jews that you spread,Schlockmotion. You're not fooling anyone here.

  • clarespark

    All this commotion about "hate speech" was started by the white liberal foundations and echoed by the most elite education institutions. I quoted the bad guys here:…. "White Enabling of Black Power". In their naivete wealthy white liberals believed they could co-opt and tame the instigators or urban riots in the 1960s, and their effect upon the humanities curriculum has been horrendous. This was not the only example of the Great Dumbing Down, but it is a sorry capitulation to black liberation theology and other American fascist tendencies led by radicals out to destroy our country.

    • mlcblog

      You have the deep understanding here.

      I remember being a white liberal going into Oakland as an organizer and general do-gooder. It didn't take long for black folks to let me/us know Who did we think we were? they need our help? who are unfamiliar with their problems? when I/we obviously can't run our own lives very well? The white college elite never saw this lesson.

      • clarespark

        You will find amazing source materials on the actual blog that I posted. It was from movers and shakers, and though these materials were not hidden or recondite, no one else to my knowledge had exposed these people in the elite universities. Also, the one I posted here has a summary of the Shirley Sherrod tape that I have found nowhere else.

        • mlcblog

          I wish I had more time to blog. As it is, I am only able to make short comments. I do stay on top of as much as I can all of the time. Your info is so very rich and deep. Thanks for sharing. It takes all of us doing everything we can to move this mountain.

          • clarespark

            I blog only about those matters that are 1. attentive to current controversies, and which I have done archival research or massive reading of the secondary literature; or 2. Reflect unanswered questions that have always bugged me, for instance, how welcome were fascist or protofascist individuals, doctrines, and movements in the U.S?.; and 3. How deeply did communism infiltrate the progressive movement; and 4. why had there been so many witch hunts against me at Pacifics and graduate school? I am lucky enough to have time to pursue these matters. The blogs are all works in progress and subject to modification as I learn more from readers and research. But thanks for your interest and encouragement!

  • ratonis

    Show me someone who is obsessive about others' "hate" and I'll show you someone who is possessed of lots and lots of real hatred. Ditto for institutions and orgaizations.

  • rkeefe57

    It's rewarding to see that somebody out there has caught on to Mr. Potok's proclivity for "lies, damned lies and statistics." Anytime you see the SPLC and a percent sign in the same sentence you know there's more truth to the story than meets the eye.

    Fortunately for Potok and the SPLC, no one in the media will ever bother to vet any of his spurious claims.

    Mr. Potok also purports to designate "hate groups," something even the FBI does not, cannot, do because there is no legal definition of "hate group." This doesn't prevent Mr. Potok from declaring that he has personally designated 1,018 US "hate groups" last year.

    If you actually look at his Hate Map™ fundraising tool, you quickly discover that 247 of his groups are not affiliated with any known city or town, they merely float out there in limbo, padding Potok's numbers.

    That's 25% right off the top!

    In Georgia, Mr. Potok has designated 20 chapters of something he calls the Georgia Militia, but he cannot come up with actual locations for 18 of them. Instead, he lists 18 empty slots marked "Georgia Militia."

    You can't make this stuff up… see it for yourselves:

    THIS is hard data?

    But the media and the donors accept Mr. Potok's bogus numbers as factual, which is why the SPLC now takes in more than $106,000 donor dollars each and every day. That works out to more than $4,400 an hour!

    Some "experts"

    • mlcblog

      I don't like labeling, name-calling, etc., thrown about gratuitously, but SPLC has earned the name of dirty scumbags.


      That link you put up of the SPLC's 'hate' whatever really pissed me off that I was not on it

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'll bet there isn't ONE islamofascist group anywhere on the SPLC's list of hate groups.

  • Lady_Dr

    Where was/is the SPLC on Pigford? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Nakba1948

    Let's see: on the one hand, we have a gentleman, Mr. Potok, representing a distinguished civil rights organization with a long legacy of identifying and prosecuting American extremist groups that violate the law. On the other, we have FrontPageMagazine, an obscure blog publishing hate-filled articles from unknown journalists with practically nonexistent credentials. Now whom do you think the average person is going to take more seriously on the subject of "hate"?

    FPM and its band of bigoted bloviators (Horowitz, Spencer, Gaffney, Gellar, Emerson, Glazov, et al.) are to Muslims what the KKK and neo-Nazis are to black, Jews, Latinos, and gays. Just as white supremacist groups define themselves in opposition to these minorities, you Islamophobic Zionazis would have absolutely no reason for existing if not to perseverate about "creeping Sharia" and unwieldy Muslim conspiracies afoot around the world; you have no affirmative message. You paint all Muslims with a broad stroke and devote better than 50% of your daily articles to expounding on how Muslims are the source of all the world's problems. You base your livelihood on two bankrupt, inherently racist ideologies: Zionism and the scapegoating of Muslims, anywhere and everywhere.

    Mr. Potok has you folks nailed as hatemongers, and the best you can do is reflect that well-earned designation back at him? I've seen school children deal with opposition more rationally. Pathetic. But so is your worldview.

    • reader

      Obviously, it's not as obscure as Nazi1948 would like it to be, since it stalks it on daily basis.

      • Nakba1948

        Oh, I don't claim to be particularly important. I just like to remind you bigots how pathetic you are. And you support the continued oppression of my countrymen in Palestine, so why shouldn't I?

        • MAD JEWESS

          There is NO 'palestine.'

          “There is no such country [as Palestine]! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria.”
          – Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, a local Arab leader, to the Peel Commission, 1937

          “You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget this one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian People, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria. You are an integral part of the Syrian people, Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the true representatives of the Palestinian people.”
          – Syrian President Hafez Assad to PLO leader Yassir Arafat.

          “Since 1948 Arab leaders have approached the Palestine problem in an irresponsible manner…. they have used the Palestine people for selfish political purposes. This is ridiculous and, I could say, even criminal.”
          – King Hussein of Jordan, 1960

          SUCKS to not have a country, huh :)



          Try this chant at your next rally…



          I think it will catch on.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Let's see, we have a Lefty anti-Semitic troll spouting the same tired old slanders and lies. Pathetic. And so is YOUR worldview, vile troll.

      • Nakba1948

        Yes, yes, I've played this game before, and the rules haven't changed. In my months of posting here, I haven't once said an ill word about Jews or Judaism; I dare you to prove otherwise.

        • bartlebee

          Apparently, "Nakba1948" is Mark Potok's username here on

        • MAD JEWESS

          Lets talk about Islam and the PHONEY prophet that is a pedophile.
          THAT is the subject.

        • Foolster41

          "America and Europe would enjoy much better relations with the Islamic world if not for the illegal Zionist entity. " Is Jordan also an illigal entity then? isreal's creation was by international law. this is a genocidal lie, and hypocritical. ('

          "How about the so-called supporters of America actually put America first for one and stop selling out its future to the Zionist Apartheid Entity? " Israel being an aparthied state is a lie. Arabs enjoy equal rights in isreal.

          "Palestine will be free, from the River to the Sea!"
          You gleefully announce a coming genocide against Jews. (There is no doubt that this is what this phrase means)

          There, I've proven you're a Jew-hater and a liar (as I've already done before), but you will claim later that you don't hate Jews and never said anything against Jews. This is how the merry-go-round works.


          I haven't once said a good word about Muslims or Islam.

          I blame it on 9//11.

        • gravenimage

          "Nakba1948" wrote:

          Yes, yes, I've played this game before, and the rules haven't changed. In my months of posting here, I haven't once said an ill word about Jews or Judaism; I dare you to prove otherwise.

          Well, of course not–you just have a username that implies that the establishment of the Middle East's only democracy, the vibrant state of Israel, was a "catastrophe" for Shari'ah-minded supremacist Muslims.

          How could *anyone* interpret that as antisemitic? sarc/off

    • Ghostwriter

      Here's something for you to chew on,Nakba. Your people support the murder of Jews and Americans. Your people hate America,Americans and all we stand for. Your people celebrated 9/11 and never condemned a single terrorist attack on Americans before or after 9/11. Your people's only desire is to kill Jews. That's ALL your people want,not peace but dead Jews. And they've shown it repeatedly.


      Potok is a moron and so are you.
      Eat green peas.

    • Foolster41

      Nonsense. telling the truth about Islam and what it preaches isn't hate. Smearing conservatives as "hatemongers" for telling the truth about Islam isn't honest reporting. You have it backwards. this blog and people you name have NEVER called for violence of mistreatment of muslims, only education about sharia law and what it teaches.

      You are a liar.


      Eternal Nakba 1948,

      All your jihads have turned into Nakbas.

      Your fellow islamofascists can't get your hands on JOOOZ,, so you kill each other, in the name of "allah". 20,000 dead in Syria. Is it wrong to declare you a bunch of savages?

      Most cultures advance. Islamist culture regresses to the year 700.

      Koranazis are their own worst enemies.

      Happy Eternal Nakba 1948!

    • Ted G

      Hey catastrophe, you said this;
      "Mr. Potok, representing a distinguished civil rights organization"

      You're kidding right? I suppose you also think that the UN has been living up to its charter.

      Putting a nice sounding name on an org doesn't make it credible. Its what actions and statements it makes that does that. The SPLC has long ago given up any credibility. You should know that if you are paying attention.

      Using the SPLC as support to try and prop up your position means absolutely nothing.
      But defending it does.


      Eternal Nakba of 1948,,


      May all your Jihads turn into NAKBAS!

  • lsjogren

    "on the one hand, we have a gentleman, Mr. Potok, representing a distinguished civil rights organization"

    You are a stand up comedian?

    • Nakba1948

      Maybe, maybe not. What I'm NOT is affiliated with any individual or group called out by the SPLC.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The only kind of comedy this POS could spout would only appeal to nazis or muslimes.

  • DeShawn

    Mark CHAIM Potok is a jew (just in case you couldn't tell from looking at his rat face). I love it when jews fight each other. Zionist jews, left winged jews…still demonic lying jews at the end of the day. :)

    • UCSPanther

      You inbred freaks fight with each other all the time, so pot, meet kettle.

      • DeShawn

        Inbred? jews are one of the most inbred people on earth, shylock. Black folks on the other hand have the most genetic DIVERSITY in the world. Keep lying, you sons of Cain.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I've asked you before what your opinion is of Ethiopian Jews? Ethiopia's Jewish community has existed for 1000's of years and probably pre-dates the existence of your gutter religion of genocidal Jew hatred and pedophilia.

          • DeShawn

            Did you hear that goys? He just called CHrisianity a "gutter religion." These jews believe that Jesus, the Son of God, is boiling in Hell in hot excrement. It's true, just read their filthy talMUD. Ethiopian jews are descended from the Israelites and are not fake jews like you khazar imposters.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'd love it when both you and Nakba1948 would disappear from here,DeShawn. Your anti-semitic garbage is disgusting and adds nothing to the debate. It would be better if you both vanished from this site. You both have repeatedly proven yourselves to be hatemongers of the worst tripe. You both have no conscience,humanity,or civility. Your departure from here would be welcome.

    • DeShawn

      Too bad, you oven magnet. And I can't be an anti-semite because I have no problem with Arabs, the real semites. You people are khazar genetic garbage. One look at your ugly rat faces proves tht!

      • Kufar Dawg

        Then move to an Arabic state scumbag and find out how far your race-based affirmative action policies will go in any Arabic state. Try the Sudan on for size first. Be sure to say hello to the Janjaweeds.

  • bartlebee

    I run an organization called Hate Group Tracker. My organization has designated the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

    • Kufar Dawg

      LOL, it's about time too!

  • davidhorowitz

    Wade Michael Page, with Nazi flag aflyin', kills 6 Sikhs. Why, yes, I'd call that Right Wing Islamaphobia. Geez…
    And you focus on the SPLC without mentioning that the Anti-Defamation folks had him on their radar as well. Or are you now going to complain about profiling?

    • Ted G

      There is no such thing as islamaphobia, its a made up construct. Didn't you get the memo?

  • umustbkidding

    It's hard to read these articles any more with out thinking that I've been taking crazy pills!

    Pray – pray – pray because only GOD can straighten this mess out.

    "Guard against impostures of pretended patriotism"  George Washington

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The SPLC has identified the vast majority of Americans as Right Wing extremists, I ponder the tea
    party, whites,blacks, hispanis, entrepreneurs, laborers, union members, workers from
    the entire spectrum of American life. The left and all if it's vile cohorts are a minority in America
    standing in front of citizens that are being falsely associated with them by a lying, marxist media.
    They try to look big but only swell in numbers when lied to citizens have been taken in by a false
    press and TV programming, which is on it's way out. The left is going down and the sooner and
    more devastating a crash the better for America and a possible return to a future with common
    morals and virtue. ……………………………………………………..William

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  • NewHampshire

    Potok is wearing a white sheet. His hate group is responsible for the kiling of a tea partier who was shot while sitting in his lawn chair at a rally… as well as the attack on the family center. POTOK needs to be in jail for spreading hate.

  • Terence Sommer

    this guy sounds evil

  • Chuck TN.

    Was watching Swamp Murders on ID channel and they let this idiot talk like he was an expert. He did nothing but babble and show his own ignorance. The very 1st thing he said on the show was that going. To Gun Show was very dangerous especially gun shows in the 90’s. He said the only people who attended gun shows were militias and hate groups. I was floored woth that answer! I go to gun shows and have been going for a long time. I don’t think he’s ever even been to gun show. I am no member of any militia or hate group I’ve never been asked to join one and have never heard anyone talking at gun shows about hating this race or that race and we should go against our Government. I’ve always had good interactions with people at gun shows and everyone I’ve ever met and dealt with were nothing but nice outstanding law abiding citizens. If i thought there was hate groups and people like he talks about that go to these shows I would never have attended more than one. I would have left as soon as I felt it was something like that. People like him do nothing but try to put fear in people’s heads so they will buy his books and try to brainwash them. He’s nothing but an idiot. I wish people would quit falling for his garbage.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    The SPLC and the ADL have come under fire in recent years by CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE GROUPS, as well as, the FEDERAL BUREAU of INVESTIGATIONS which recently LABELED the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER as a JEWISH HATE GROUP, along with its sister HATE GROUP the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE!
    The most damaging and embarrassing information for the SPLC was the recent peer-reviewed study by North Texas University identifying the SPLC as being little more than left-wing hacks by displaying the bigotry and “hate” which they are accusing Christian and pro-family groups of participating in. As our scientific understanding of homosexuality advances and an increasing number of ex-gays and successful sexual orientation change therapists come to public awareness, the SPLC seems to have made an odd choice in choosing the oppressing side.
    These activities may have played a role in the unceremonious dumping of the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League as resources by the FBI who did so without comment, a devastating blow to their validity and significance. The SPLC’s antagonism was largely blamed for a targeted shooting spree at the Family Research Council headquarters by a homosexualist supporter in August of 2012.
    More on this Story:
    The SPLC and the ADL are closely tied in with the JEWISH owned and operated MAINSTREAM MEDIA, which selfishly controls 96% of the AMERICAN MEDIA OUTLETS– the following list (DIRTY DOZEN) of LIBERAL MEDIA OUTLETS are being BOYCOTTED by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of WHITE PEOPLE, as well as, CHRISTIAN, PATROIT and TEA PARTY GROUPS throughout NORTH AMERICA!
    1) CNN
    2) HLN
    3) MSNBC
    4) CNBC
    5) OWN
    6) ABC
    7) CBS
    8) NBC
    11) The NEW YORK TIMES
    PLEASE join U.S. in our effort to SHUT DOWN all of the ZIONNIST GROUPS that are DESTROYING from within our own BORDERS? Please do not SUPPORT their OFFERINGS, or their SPONSORS?

  • Mark N Starla Traina


  • Mark N Starla Traina

    The NAAWP, the IRS, the NSA, the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ and the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is DEMANDING that the SPLC take down its HATE MAP before it gets somebody else KILLED!

  • Pozzytraction

    Jedem Das Seine!

  • Mark N Starla Traina



    The SPLC is also a HUGE SUPPORTER of allowing extremely DANGEROUS, DISRUPTIVE
    fact that they may be presenting as both a DANGER to THEMSELVES and OTHERS,
    especially if they just happen to be BLACK.

    The SPLC is best at showing “INTOLERANCE” for ANYONE or any GROUP
    that stands in the way of their PROGRESSIVE MANDATES. In fact, anyone who
    crosses the SPLC gets placed on their infamous “HATE GROUP MAP”

    don’t HOLD your BREATH, because that won’t be occurring at any time in the
    FORESEEABLE FUTURE, because I deal in TRUTH and they deal in POLITICALLY

    The SPLC no longer holds any CREDIBILITY, and as a LEGAL GROUP they have
    certainly OUTLIVED their USAFULNESS. The FBI, once a CRIME PARTNER to the SPLC,
    now refers to them as a LEFT-WING-NUT-HATE-GROUP! The SPLC has become exact
    what it espouses others to be, a HATE-DRIVEN, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-AMERICAN,








    (504) 231-3056

  • Mark N Starla Traina



    listed in a variety of other categories – the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW SINNERS, the

    groups range from those that use political correctness and issue calls for
    violence to others that present themselves as serious, non-violent
    organizations and employ the language of academia.

    many years, the largest anti-white nationalist groups in America have been the JEWISH
    a reincarnation of the old Anti-White Pro-Jew Citizens Councils that were
    formed to enforce segregation in the 1950s and 1960s.




  • Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP BOYCOTTS the SPLC, the ACLU, the ADL, the JDL, the NAACP, CNN and MSNBC!

  • jm313

    There hypocrites. They stereotype when they are suppose to be against it.

  • Baby Shoes

    Hope he gets attacked and murdered by Black Rioters that he instigates against whites.