Romney’s Stand and the Left’s Destruction of the Black Community

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In choosing to address the NAACP national convention Wednesday, Mitt Romney reached out to an organization whose leaders and rank-and-file members alike will support, with virtual unanimity, President Obama’s reelection bid this November. Nonetheless, the audience greeted Romney respectfully when he first stepped to the podium. That tenuous respect, however, quickly dissipated when Romney began to talk about Obama. Murmurs of disapproval ran through the crowd when the Republican candidate asserted that the President had not fulfilled his promises while in office, and that Romney’s own policies were likely to help “families of any color more than the policies and leadership of President Obama.” But when Romney pledged to reduce government spending in part by eliminating “expensive, non-essential programs” such as “Obamacare,” he was met with loud, sustained boos. Following the speech, NAACP chairman Ben Jealous wasted no time in issuing a statement indicating that Romney’s agenda was not only “antithetical” to the NAACP’s interests, but also reflective of “his fundamental misunderstanding of the needs of many African Americans.” No matter that the “Obamacare” legislation, as a major stepping-stone toward the Left’s ultimate goal of a single-payer system, will propel the country in the direction of a healthcare model that has already led to colossal levels of inefficiency, fiscal waste, and human tragedy wherever it has been tried.

The disapproval of Ben Jealous and his fellow NAACP members was of course entirely predictable, for they reside near the far left of the political spectrum, where any pledge to curb or reverse the growth of government constitutes heresy. Romney’s theme touched a collective raw nerve among the NAACP faithful—analogous to an outsider telling a Catholic congregation that the trinity and the doctrine of transubstantiation will lead them only to a spiritual dead-end.

The Left’s track record of economic, social, and moral destruction is easily observable to anyone willing to look at it. But as far as that goes, modern-day leftists are akin to the 17th-century philosophers who, professing certitude that mountains and valleys could not possibly exist on the moon, famously refused to condescend, even for a moment, to look through Galileo’s newly developed telescope. Indeed, contemporary leftists are likewise wedded to a faith they cannot bear to see challenged in any way, lest the carefully crafted towers of their understanding suddenly be washed away like sandcastles on the shore. Thus they turn a blind eye to the legacy of chaos and suffering that big government has brought to mankind generally, and to African Americans in particular.

Consider, for instance, what the Left did to the black community by way of government-mandated policies regulating the mortgage-lending industry. In 1977, progressive Democrats in Congress engineered the passage of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which required banks to make special efforts to lend to minority borrowers—particularly mortgagors—of meager to modest means. In the 1990s, the Clinton administration effectively placed the CRA on steroids, transforming it from an outreach program into a strict quota system that imposed oppressive penalties on banks which fell short of their quotas. With no recourse other than to drastically lower their standards and to issue multitudes of subprime loans to borrowers with weak credit credentials, banks embarked on a path of ill-conceived practices that would ultimately lead to the housing-market collapse of 2008.

Because of their comparatively poor credit ratings as a demographic group, blacks were disproportionately represented among those who fell into the financial trap of subprime loans. Thus the subsequent foreclosure rates among black homeowners dwarfed those of their white counterparts. Because of this, the median net worth of black households declined by 53% between 2005 and 2009—the single greatest economic blow ever delivered to the black community. Then, from 2009-2012, African Americans collectively lost another $193 billion. When the bottom fell out of the housing market, it inevitably fell out of the jobs market as well. Between January 2007 and August 2011, the black unemployment rate spiked from 8% to 16.7% (and 19.1% for black males). Hoover Institution Fellow Thomas Sowell observes that although “many blacks got loans that they could not have gotten otherwise,” in the final analysis they “lost out, big time, from this ‘favor’ done for them by politicians.”

The ceaseless proliferation of big-government welfare programs and expenditures during the past half-century has likewise inflicted incalculable harm on poor blacks in the U.S.  When President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 launched the so-called War on Poverty, he gave form to what Thomas Sowell has described as “the crowning triumph of the liberal vision of society—and of government programs as the solution to social problems.” With the expansion of the welfare state, Americans’ dependency (which previously had been declining for many years) on the federal government suddenly rose to unprecedented heights. By 1974, government-provided benefits were an astounding 20 times higher than they had been in 1965. From 1965 to the present day, more than $16 trillion of taxpayer money (in constant 2012 dollars) has been spent on welfare programs for the poor, yet the poverty rate is essentially unchanged.

The most devastating by-product of the mushrooming welfare state has been its corrosive effect on American family life, particularly in the black community. Rising illegitimacy rates are the key indicators of this development. The out-of-wedlock birth rate among blacks spiked from 24.5% in the mid-Sixties, to 50.3% in 1976, to 73% today. To be sure, there were cultural influences that helped to ignite the dissolution of American families generally, and of black families especially. But the ramifications of those influences have been amplified exponentially by provisions in welfare laws that offer substantial economic incentives for shunning marriage and avoiding the formation of two-parent families. For decades, means-tested welfare programs such as food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, day care, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families have penalized marriage. George Mason University professor Walter E. Williams puts it succinctly: “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do. And that is to destroy the black family.”

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  • ebonystone

    "Mitt gets a standing ovation at the NAACP"

    from the American Thinker website

    Were FP and AT watching the same speech?

    • BS77

      Yes it was the same speech. I watched the entire speech on YouTube…..and although there were a few boos and catcalls ….there were also those who stood and applauded. Generally the NAACP audience was polite and respectful….and inclined to take Mr. Romney as a sincere and caring man. I am sure many of the NAACP audience will vote for him this November.

  • FPF

    The poorer the group gets, the more fear they have and the more dependent on the government welfare they become. This endless cycle makes them hateful and doubtful of those who believes in working hard to earn a living. And that prevents them from having the will and chance to reverse their situation. All these result in society unrest. The leftist "Democrat" just feasts on their fear and gain their vote by promising them more welfare. This is a bottomless pit. Shame on those leftists "Democrat" and so called "black" leaders.

  • George Washington

    Mitt is trying to get the blacks off the plantation, but Komrad Oblame-O, The Justice Brothers ( Druggin' Al Sharpnuts and Sugar Daddy Jesse Jackson) the Congressional Black Caucus ( you know, the ones who are so in love with hugo Chavez,Fidel Castro, and many other tyrannts and dictators – ( Looney Louie Farahkan and and many others went apeshit over Qadaffi gettin' axed ) and the other radicals/Dems will not let them leave it!!! Just ask Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, and oh Justice Clarence Thomas.

  • kafir4life

    President Stinky (-bo) has nothing in common with most Blacks in this country. During the time of slavery in this country, it turns out that Stinky's family was on the other side, "collecting merchandise" that would be sent by ship to the New World from Africa. It's been proposed that Stinks and Moochie are blood relatives, as Stinky's ancestors were known to "sample" the merchandise. Just like they found DNA linking Al Sharpton to former Senator (Democrat) Throm Sturman, who was well known for his kindness towards Black folk. If Stinks and Moochie were to take DNA tests (they won't because they know but don't want to know), we'd see that they're "kissing cousins".

    • ebonystone

      In Kenya, Papa O's ancestors would have been selling slaves to the Arabs, to be taken to the Middle East, rather than to Europeans to be taken to the Americas. The DNA of those taken by the Moslems didn't get very far: boys were generally made into eunuchs before they even left Africa, and black girls faced forced abortions when they got pregnant. There aren't many blacks in the Middle East these days, and the ones that are there are recent-arrival guest-workers (virtually modern-day slaves) in the oil sheikdoms. By contrast those sent to the Americas were able to survive and multiply; over 80 million blacks live in the New World.

  • jacob

    African-American representatives freally crack me up…

    The fact that 98% of them voted for OBAMA is not indicative of racism…

    Then what does it indicate ???

    • Jack Zeller


    • mlcblog

      Desperate hopelessness.

    • wsk

      Blind devotion and dependence.

  • davarino

    What do you call doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result? Right, its $tupid. The Black community is giving up their God given gifts to prosperity for the meager scraps handed out to them by the Leftist democratic party. The Black community could have so much more than what the race hucksters dole out. Its time to wake up and realize education could be so much better, leading to real income rather than government handouts. Healthcare can be so much better than Obamacare, which will lead to half rate doctors who give you a bandaide and asperin for serious illness.

    • sunnyeve

      I don't know what healthcare ,you're talikng about ,because I worked in both private and public sector ,my insurance was blue cross blue shield,blue network and priority-health for more than 27 years and the madicare is as equal, maybe it's about the doctor stereotype type of people having that kind of coverage ,haven't prove to be any better ,matter of fact they cap certain sickness coverage . So I didn't any different I have the same doctors.

    • wsk


  • Steve Chavez


    Below is my list to counter the Slogan "Time for a Change" used by the Democrats and Barack Obama. If these are repeated on radio, TV, or on stage, then the audience can say "TIME FOR A SWITCH!" together. You don't have to agree with every one but if you agree with a majority, and you want to be in the majority, then it's "TIME FOR A SWITCH!"

    Hispanics, Blacks, and minorities are born Democrats just like most Hispanics are born Catholics who are a very conservative people. Now the Democrats are the leading anti-every religion force as they excuse and legitimize every type of immorality which is opposite Catholic values. Democrats take their vote for granted and anyone of these groups that defects to the Republicans is ridiculed and called “Oreo’s, Uncle Tom’s” and all types of names making those people stay in the Republican closet. Now that Obama, Hollywood, and the Democrats are coming out of the numerous closets they were hiding in, it is time for Closet Republicans to come out too. HOW? HERE IT IS!!!

    1. If you think your Party has been taken over by Far-Left Progressives, and beyond, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    2. If your moderate views are not being heard by those who have closed their ears, but they're still wanting you to open your wallets, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    3. If you were fooled and tricked by empty promises, fancy language, and catchy slogans repeated so many times that you actually believed them, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    4. If all the “Change” you have left in your pockets are Abe Lincolns, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    5. If your vote is taken for granted because of your race and/or gender, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    7. If you're afraid of losing your 2nd Amendment right to protect your home, family, and yourself, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    8. If you're tired of those who normalize and moralize immorality, then it's TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    10. If you're tired of being taxed here, taxed there, taxed everywhere, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    11. If your centuries old Constitution is called “outdated,” as its freedoms are now being used to overthrow it by the decades old Rules for Radicals and the Communist Manifesto, and if Washington is thrown under the bus for Alinsky and Marx, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    14. If you feel your race is continuously, and purposefully, kept in a perpetual cycle of poverty and government dependability, as they are addicting you to themselves therefore requiring you to vote for them in order to get your fix, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!
    16. If your moderate and traditional moral and family values are now the extreme, then it’s TIME FOR A SWITCH!


  • Steve Chavez


    Her pick would silence the Democrats rhetoric that Republican's have a "WAR ON WOMEN."

    Her pick would silence those who say the Republicans and the Tea Party hate Blacks.

    Her pick would balance out the ticket with Rice being the International expert, that many of us look at too, and Romney being the Domestic and Economic expert. His other choices so far have very little International experience.

    She is not currently a Senator or Congresswomen where Republicans need every vote especially in the Senate so no VP pick should be from there.

    She is tough. Would be one of the smartest VP's ever.

    SHE PLAYS THE PIANO. Bill Clinton played the sax on the Tonight Show, wearing sunglasses, and that clinched it since he was "cool" while going against Mr. Stiff, GHW Bush. Can you imagine if Rice played with the band, with Yo Yo Ma, or a child prodigy? That would be the straw that broke the Camel's Back.


    • mlcblog

      She's a putz,. a RINO through-and-through. Not the pick I want to see. How about Col/Senator Allen West then?

      • wsk

        Multi PhD educated. Black belt martial artist and consumate pianist. Yeah a real loser. But yes, I also like Col. West.

        • mlcblog

          They can get PhD's in RINO politics.

    • Roywil

      I love CR and agree she would be a great choice. But it wouldn't gain many Black votes because any conservative or Republican Black is an "oreo," not *really* black. She was entirely discounted as such in the Bush administration. If Bush had a minority AG or SOS, it was a meaningless, politically motivated gimmick. If Obama does the same, he's a beacon of fairness, color-blindness, and diversity. Same goes for women, btw.

  • Spider

    Democrats and the left essentially feed off of poverty and government dependence. It is where their continued power and all their votes come from, both from the poverty stricken themselves and groups that feel sorry for them – NAACP – Hollywood etc. So my question is: What incentive do Democrats have to eliminate poverty and render the country prosperous for all when this would render them powerless?

    • Roywil

      Nail, meet hammer.

  • foxmuldar

    Blacks should be asking themselves and Obama, "Where is that Hope and Change you promised us"

  • Guest

    A better question is, when will we see the end of stupid conservative articles such s this. Another would be, when will conservatives realize race matters more to 95% of blacks than any other topic. Or how about this one, when will conservatives realize blacks vote for wht they want just like anyone else. The large bulk of the black community is simply not capable of logic thinking needed for them to form a perspective that allows them to focus on the future. They re more like teens drivin by impulse.

    Am I a racist for telling the truth something we see daily in the dysfunctional black community? I don't reLly give a damn. The truth will set you free. You think the black community is capable of running themselves nd it's simply liberal policy? There re plenty of liberal white communities that work just fine. Look at Oregon or Washington. The big difference between them and Birmingham, Detriot, etc is the fact that they do not have a large blck population.

    We don't owe the black community anything. Free your mind of that thought. Fight the PC powers and move on with your life. Quit groveling. Leave the black community alone. Let them do as they will and we should be allowed to do as we will.

  • FPF

    "Then, from 2009-2012, African Americans collectively lost another $193 billion." Why this administration spent close to 1 trillion (without success) just to "stimulate" the economy? It's either most of the fund was wasted or the cost to recovery from a depression is much more than what was lost or both!

  • bbclayton

    Although I'm not gung ho about Romney, he has certainly earned my respect in that he presented the NAACP with the truth… Whether or not they will eventually wise up and listen is up to them….

  • Michael Canzano

    Charles Barkley said it , "The poor have been voting Democratic for fifty years and they are still poor."
    Truth is the war on poverty gave Blacks three things , Victimhood ,Entitlement , and the "Its Whiteys fault Race Card".
    Once segregation was disbanded , the blacks re segregated . The NAACP and the political Black Caucus are
    prime examples.

  • BLJ

    Romney went there to check it off his "to do" list box. I give him props for having the guts to bash Obamacare if front of them. Blacks have been permanently brainwashed and they are a lost cause.

    • Ghostwriter

      Not all of them,BLJ. There are those that resist that sort of thing.

  • mrbean

    It is white liberals who have a condescending attitude toward black s and particulary black conservatives, that blacks need to have approval from their elitist “masters,” or else. — This is where where the true racism really lies… with the white liberals who don’t want to see someone such Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, or Judge Clarence Thomas that have broke away from their tribalist dependency class, and are out here and able to possibly contend against liberal policies that are destroying the black community. And their is a class of black race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – and the whole congresstional black caucus who promote this dependency and racial division constantly.

  • Daniel

    Very well written. Thank you so much.

  • Reacher

    Would Mittens have been cheered if he promised 20% Black unemployment, 90% of Blacks on food stamps, and gasoline $5.00 a gallon?
    Blacks, as a group, are brain-dead, non-thinking, democrat drones..

  • mlcblog

    In close to real time, I heard he got a standing O at the end. This just shows the extremes the media goes to.

  • mlcblog

    Four-day-long hunt? I am curious what you were searching for…

  • Stephen_Brady

    For the Left, run-of-the-mill heretics who challenge a congregation’s pious devotion to big government are ultimately less objectionable than race-traitors.

    The best, most profound statement in the article was the last.

  • Asher

    Romney really gained my respect at this conference…and he is very capable and knowledgeable in organizing programs that will change this mess we're in. He knew it would be unpopular to say he is going to repeal costly programs, especially Obama care, and the blacks are going to have to realize that Obama and other blacks in power don't care about them,…just their votes…keeping them down on the plantation and indebted…but not solving their problems of education..inner city violence, drugs, or giving them the esteem and abilities to become Independent. Romney told the truth…something Obama is incapable of!

  • sunnyeve

    So this is the reason that the Republians talking point is that Black People are lazy and want free stuff and don't want to work. Most of this if not all can be debunk,the Black families have been and still is the hardest people working mediocre jobs in America and there many of us degrees ,four year and still don't get paid the same as our White counter part,so when you people decide you and your friends and neighbors hired and pay them as equal then and only then will the playing field get some what level ,a hundred and fifty years are a long ways to to play caught up!

  • mrbean

    Mitt Romney expected to reveive boos although about 20% of the Blacks present will vote for him. But they will do it with their secret vote because the brurthas and sistas will play the "Uncle Tom" card on them if they show public support for the white guy over bruth Obama.

  • BLJ

    Anyone else see Jimmie Walker's (JJ from Good Times) comments about Obama on the O'Reilly Factor? My guess is that more blacks feel the same way but are afraid to say anything in public.

    Walker basically said that Obama is not up to the job of being President and that he did not vote for him in 2008 and will not in 2012.

  • Ghostwriter

    Why don't you go back to Stormfront,DeShawn? You're a slug and you deserve whatever you get.

  • Fred Dawes

    This country is doomed to live under total rule of the mob. NAACP Wants power to do its thing and you may someday be that thing.

  • Schlomotion

    AT LEAST the NAACP allowed Mitt Romney to appear. UNLIKE the Republican Jewish Coalition, they didn't issue the statement that having Romney speak "Would Be Like Inviting Obama to Speak,” which it would, because they are both similar in their atrocious domestic policies and spineless in their foreign policies. Mr. Perazzo ended his article with an accusation of racism that is wildly out of place, because in contrast to the NAACP, AIPAC and the RJC are much more boisterous about "race-traitors."

    The tone of this article is "you black people oughtta vote for Mitt Romney because the Left totally screwed you people over by lowering the standards for you." I hope he realizes that.

  • UCSPanther

    I hear banjos and pig squealing…

  • wsk

    I have to hand it to Romney for going into the belly of the beast. He knew what would happen, yet he went there and gave his vision for America, not black America or white America, for all America. He's not the perfect candidate by any means ( really, who is?), but he demonstrated more moral fiber and backbone than the current occupier of the WH. BTW, where was the man-child messiah? Had to send his malaprop lap dog Biden; maybe because the rank and file members of the NAA(L)CP deep down know what a disaster the man-child messiah is.

    • dennis x

      It was just a photo opt, Willard planted negro repubs to applaud, invoking obama care was to sure up the racist nature of his party knowing he would be booed. Whenever a person of color talks about voting repub, I simply refer to this site to see how jews/whites REALLY feel !

      • Ghostwriter

        And you're just as bigoted as those you decry,dennis x.

  • wsk


  • WilliamJamesWard

    I did spend some time teaching and observed that a great stimulus to a students ambitions was to
    please their parents, there is no substitute to praise for academic success than that received at
    home. Where the government has given free money to families with the prohibition that Dad could
    not be living at home, this was aimed at destroying th Black Faimily. Destruction comes from the
    Left who found sell outs like Jackson and Sharpton, who coud care less about grades, with them
    and their likes it's always show me the money. Obama will add to the pain and suffering of the
    vast majority of Black children as he changes the Clinton era wefare rules which will put Blacks
    off the unemployment roles and onto welfare, making it look like unemployment is shrinking.
    A vile man with the most sinister agenda will be happily voted for by his biggest victims. People
    need to get their heads screwed on properly, appraise their priorities, get to Church or Synagogue,
    take life and themselves seriously and build lives demanding government back off, shrink to true
    Constitutional barriers and allow freedom to produce strength and prosperity………..William

  • Bluffcreek1967

    Like most of us, I wasn't surprised at the disrespect shown to Romney by the NAACP crowd. It never sits well when any politician even remotely suggests taking away the government goodies from Blacks. They are always a people in need of a handout, like perpetual children dependent on others to feed and clothe them. As awkward as it may be to admit it, this has been the history of the Black man, whether in America or Africa. Granted, some Blacks have removed themselves from the government plantation, but far too many haven't.

    Every time misguided politicians promise Blacks more government 'help,' they only weaken them as a people and ruin their self-worth and independence. The best thing we can do for Blacks is to cut all their welfare and housing assistance, allowing them stand or fall on their own merits and abilities. Sadly, most Blacks, I presume, would be angered at the idea, and many Whites would resist it because they relish being the savior of 'poor and disenfranchised minorities.'

  • lackawanda

    Wake up Black America, its later than you think!! Read the new book”The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement:Failure of America’s Public Schools to Properly Educate its African American Student Populations..”