Stanley Cohen’s New Client: Vandal and Jihad Apologist Mona Eltahawy

At 12:42 PM on Tuesday, September 25, the internationally known journalist Mona Eltahawy, a New York City-based Egyptian American who identifies herself as a “proud liberal Muslim,” posted the following message on Twitter: “Meetings done; pink spray paint time. #ProudSavage #F–kHate.” She then promptly armed herself with a can of pink spray paint and headed to a New York City subway station to deface a poster that she claimed bore a message offensive to Muslims. Produced by Pamela Geller’s and Robert Spencer’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, that poster read: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” While Eltahawy was busy spray painting over those words, freelance journalist and pro-freedom blogger Pamela Hall tried unsuccessfully to stop her. During the confrontation, Eltahawy also spray-painted Ms. Hall and ruined the latter’s reading glasses, camera, and clothing. She was arrested at the scene, and Hall pressed charges.

Geller, for her part, made it clear that her ad was directed very specifically at jihadis, not Muslims generally.

“There is no Islam in my ad,” she pointed out. “There is no Muslim in my ad. This is a city [New York] that was attacked by jihad on 9/11, not only on 9/11/2001 but [also] ’93…. This is not against Muslims. I don’t believe that all Muslims sanction jihad…. It’s very clear. There’s no ambiguity in my ad. It’s jihad.”

In an age where politically correct, mealy-mouthed euphemism typically dominates public discourse, it is indeed refreshing to hear someone, like Geller, speak her mind so forthrightly and unapologetically. When reporters later asked Geller whether she ought to have worded her ad more gently, so as not to run the risk of offending Muslims, she replied: “I will not sacrifice my freedom [of speech] so as not to offend savages”—i.e., jihadis.

Nothing ambiguous there. But alas, Mona Eltahawy couldn’t deal with a plain talker. So instead, she caricatured Geller’s ad as an attack on all Muslims, while depicting her own act of vandalism as a courageous deed on behalf of freedom of expression. A highly significant sidebar to Eltahawy’s actions is the fact that in 2005 she was honored as a “Muslim Leader of Tomorrow” by the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), the group that famously led an effort to construct a massive mosque/Islamic Center near Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan. ASMA’s co-founders, you might recall, were Feisal Abdul Rauf (who said that “United States policies were an accessory to the crime” of 9/11) and Faiz Khan (a 9/11 conspiracy-theorist who rejected the notion that jihadis played a role in the attacks on the World Trade Center).

Notably, Eltahawy has not always been a defender of jihad. During the Egyptian revolution of 2011 she was in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where demonstrators sexually assaulted her and broke bones in both of her arms, prompting the woman to characterize her attackers as “beasts.” (This, presumably, was a less offensive term than “savages,” Robert Spencer notes sardonically.) And in June 2012 Eltahawy wrote an article in Foreign Policy magazine criticizing such widespread Islamic practices as wife beating, honor killings, and genital mutilation—an article for which she was harshly condemned as a “hater” by Islamists and media leftists. Robert Spencer theorizes that Eltahawy’s recent defacement of the anti-jihad poster in New York may have been motivated by a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon that causes victims to express empathy, and even support, for their abusers. “I think that she went to vandalize our ad because she was tired of being shunned and criticized by her friends,” says Spencer, “… so she had to prove that she was on the right side again, and that she was on the anti-freedom, pro-jihad side of things. And so, this was how she did it.”

When Eltahawy appeared in court last week to face charges of “criminal mischief” and “making graffiti,” she was offered a plea deal but instead, citing her “free speech right,” chose to go to trial. “I actually look forward to standing trial,” she said, “because I acted out of principle and I’m proud of what I did and I will spray-paint that ad again in a second.”

In reaction to Eltahawy’s pronouncement, Pamela Geller stated: “’Yes, attacking people and destroying property is ‘right.’ That’s rich. In attacking my free speech rights, she is carrying water for those who advocate a new genocide of the Jews and celebrate the murders of innocent civilians.” When Eltahawy’s attorney, Stanley Cohen, suggested that Pamela Hall, the blogger who tried to stop Eltahawy’s vandalism, was seeking restitution for the cost of her “Gucci sunglasses,” Geller again set the record straight:

Mona Eltahawy attacked Pamela Hall, destroyed her glasses [that she sees out of, not ‘Gucci sunglasses,’ as Cohen claimed in a disgusting attempt to paint Hall as some kind of dilettante] and her camera equipment that she works with, and now postures herself as a hero instead of the big ugly bully that she is.

It is highly significant that Eltahawy’s defense counsel is Stanley Cohen, a longtime Hamas defender who prides himself on representing only those clients whose politics he agrees with. “If I don’t support the politics of political clients,” he says, “I don’t take the case.” Thus do we note, with keen interest, that Cohen’s client list includes such luminaries as the al Qaeda-affiliated Texas Imam Moataz Al-Hallak; the Oregon-based Imam and terror suspect Imam Kariye; the Global Relief Foundation co-founder and 9/11 co-conspirator Hazem Ragab; the bin Laden-connected terrorist Wadih el-Hage, who was convicted of conspiracy in the deadly 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa; and Hamas operatives Abdelhaleem Ashqar and Ismail Elbarasse.

In the mid-1990s Cohen also helped Hamas senior political leader Moussa Mohammed Abu Marzook—who co-founded the terrorist Islamic Association for Palestine and Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development—avoid extradition from the U.S. to Israel, which wanted to try him for the role he and his organization had played in a number of bombings. Articulating his high regard for Marzook, Cohen has referred to him as “my dear friend.”

Also in the 1990s, Cohen—a proud admirer of Lenin—teamed with fellow Communist attorneys William Kunstler, Lynne Stewart, and Ramsey Clark to defend Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic Group leader who was prosecuted for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. “Most of my clients [are] involved with struggle, many of them armed struggle,” Cohen boasts.

Yet another “struggler” whom Cohen would very much have liked to help was none other than the late al Qaeda kingpin himself. “If Osama bin Laden arrived in the United States today and asked me to represent him, sure I’d represent him,” Cohen told the Village Voice in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. On September 22, 2001, Cohen said: “I don’t think this was an Osama bin Laden job at all. But I think for a lot of reasons the government would prefer it be Osama bin Laden. Because then there’s an identifiable bogeyman.” Speculating that “the government is going to use this [9/11] as a pretense … to go after those people who have stood up to Israeli interests and the pro-Israel lobby in this country,” Cohen added that he was “absolutely” certain that “this operation was assisted by ex-CIA, ex-Mossad [Israeli intelligence agency] officers.”

It is not at all surprising that Cohen would implicate Israel, which he has long depicted as a “terrorist state.” In fact, in July 2002 Cohen filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the U.S. government stop giving financial support to Israel’s “program of killing, torture, terror and outright theft” targeting the Palestinians. The suit named President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, various Israeli military officials, and a number of American arms manufacturers—accusing them all of “genocide” and “war crimes.” Claiming that “what Israel does is far more morally repugnant than what Hamas does,” Cohen affirms the Palestinians’ “right” and “obligation” to “resist occupation … by any means necessary.”

Cohen is so confident in the valor of his cause, that he beams with pride when recounting such fond memories as when he once “had lunch with the alleged mastermind of the Achille Lauro ship hijacking,” a 1985 incident where Palestinian terrorists stormed a cruise ship and threw an elderly, wheelchair-bound American Jew overboard to his death; when he “spent a day with [Yasser] Arafat in Ramallah on the West Bank” and was treated “like a head of state” by the most prolific Jew killer since Adolf Hitler; and when he was given a number of audiences with the late Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the Hamas “spiritual leader” whose favorite pastime was to order the slaughter of civilian Jews. Years later, in fact, Cohen proudly displayed, in his office, a picture of himself seated alongside this same Ahmed Yassin.

In the final analysis, it would appear that Stanley Cohen and Mona Eltahawy—a pair of jihad defenders—personify the proverbial match made in heaven…..or hell.

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  • AdinaK

    This is exhibit number ? showing how the radical left supports/aids/abets radical Islam. And no one should dare argue that 'Monala' is not an Islamist. She is.

    And this blogger's recent commentary is another nail demonstrating their morphing, as one does the bidding of the other just as long as the US and Israel are in the cross hairs –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • Mary Sue

      I guess she got tired of straddling the fence? Or maybe she didn't want to end up having to play musical safe houses like Salman Rushdie? Either way Mona's still a brain dead lefty.

  • Mary Sue

    I think Cohen was absent from class the day they taught that you represent your client, no matter who it is, WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

  • elvisbarry

    Their is nothing more vile and sickening than a self hating Jew who sells out his own people !

    • Mary Sue

      I hope his mother is properly ashamed of that aspect of her son.

  • marios

    Agree 100% with elvisbarry. it's very disgusting. Hope this corrupted traitor with such meaningful last name "Cohen" (it's double shame) will get what he deserve soon.
    I wish Mona brethren in square of Tahrir finish what they aimed to do with her. No surprise that she as Muslim as a rule do, lied and distorted the meaning of Pamela Geller & Robert Spenser poster.
    G-d bless you Pamela Geller & Robert Spenser for all what you do for this country, for freedom.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    The Arabs and/or Muslims of today control 22 nations… 99½ percent of the ENTIRE Middle East land mass while Israel occupies only a 1/2 of 1 percent speck on the map.

    But that's still too much land for the Arabs to spare.

    They want it all.

  • JacksonPearson

    I keep saying that life on earth is short and temporary. For the Stanley Cohens that curse and hate Israel, well, when their time come, people like him will have a specially cursed, extra hot place in hell.,



    • bkopicz


  • Ghostwriter

    What Ms. Elathawy doesn't understand is Ms. Hall had as much right to speak as she does. She's a fool for not realizing that.

  • esperanto

    Check out:

    "Another Case of Not Practicing what You Preach by Allah in the Koran,the Case of the Golden Mean in the Koran"


    "The World of Our Imagination:Three Historical Figures(King Arthur,Emperor Barbarossa,the 12th Imam-Mahdi) who Never Died,and are Still Alive"


    Air lift stanley cohen and moano elhijab to Tarir Square painted with Stars of David on their faces.

    The mobs will take care of them.

  • Questions

    The spirit of the William Kunstler, an extreme self-hating Jew and defense lawyer, is well and alive in the body of Stanley Cohen.

  • Glennd1

    I just laugh when I come here now. While I actually support Geller's right to publish her ads, I think you all miss the basis for the offense given by the ad. It's the claim that Israel, and particularly, the militant Zionist campaign to erect a majority Jewish state in Palestine, isn't "savage" too. You should really just listen to everything Benny Morris now admits is true about the period between '47-'49.

    There is no way you could ever equate the Zionist campaign against the Arab Muslims living in Palestine to the struggle between liberal forces and those of Jihad. In fact, many of the early radical Zionists were also hard core leftists and not really liberals in the classical sense of the word. And Jihad is also a broader word in Islam, and in some interpretations encompasses the personal struggle to be a good and moral person. But whatever, just don't claim that by opposing Islamism and Salafist terrorism, I'm required to support Israel or Zionism. That's the thing that bothers people about this ad.

    • JacksonPearson

      "I'm required to support Israel or Zionism. That's the thing that bothers people about this ad."
      Bullsh*t. Who, and where have anybody required you to love or hate Israel against your free will? Pamela Geller's savage ads are informative, and compels nobody.

      “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” —-Pamela Geller

      • Glennd1

        My point is that Geller is trying to conflate opposition to violent Islamist Jihad with support for Israel by her statement that is plane. And if I'm not required to support Israels' conquest in Palestine, then why is my govt doing so? And I don't hate Israel, what a child you are. Go watch the Morris video, go see how civilized the Zionists who gave birth to Israel were.

        • JacksonPearson

          You exposed your ignorance…now go play in traffic!

    • ApolloSpeaks

      The infant state of Israel had a choice: either fight savagely to defeat an exterminating enemy hell bent on a second 20th century holocaust; or like the Jews of Europe go like sheep to the slaughter. Most of us here believe Israel made the right moral choice. Most of us here believe Israel need not apologize for doing what was necessary and right at the time for its survival in a life and death struggle with a morally and mentally inferior enemy lacking the capability of building anything remotely approaching the magnificent democratic Jewish State.

      Indeed, there's no moral equivalence between a people fighting savagely against a genocidal enemy to build a modern, progressive civilized society, and a people fighting savagely for regression, oppression and medieval darkness. Geller nailed it: the Arab-Israeli conflict is between the civilized man and the savage.

      • Glennd1

        Okay, so at least you are somewhat honest about the brutal war Israel fought and the horrors it visited on the Arab Muslims living in Palestine. But here's the thing you can't or won't see. If the Zionists hadn't invaded, colonized, and erected a majority Jewish state where it was not welcome to do so, they never would have been "forced" to commit a crime against humanity. And ethnically cleansing 650,000 people is a crime against humanity. You may feel you are justified in doing so, but it's a heinous act. I was told the Israelis were victims for decades and it turns out they were the aggressors. So have at it, just don't tell me I have to think it's moral, or that the U.S. should have a thing to do with it. I'm happy to leave the Palestinians and Islamists to their own devices too. Just leave the U.S. out of it.

        • ApolloSpeaks

          On the other hand if a majority of Arabs had been enlightened like King Faisal (leader of the Arab Revolt) they would have welcomed the Zionists with open arms understanding, as Faisal did, the blessings and gifts they were bringing to the region. The remarkable Faisal transcended the barbaric cultural prejudices against the Jews and signed an agreement with Chaim Weizmann for Arab-Jewish cooperation in establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Faisal was a great unifier trying to reconcile Sunnis and Shiites and Arabs with Christians and Jews. Faisal didn't see the Zionists as "invaders and occupiers;" they were refugees of persecution and a force for good, bearers of enlightened values (much like his own) to a backward and primitive region.


          • ApolloSpeaks

            BTW, Faisal's friend and fellow warrior T.E. Lawrence the great Arabophile was, like Faisal, a strong Zionist, as Martin Gilbert discovered and wrote about in Churchill and the Jews. "Lawrence" writes Gilbert, "believed that only with a Jewish state would the Arabs make anything of themselves." This was the view held by Churchill who traveled to Cairo with Lawrence when Faisal was made King of Iraq. Faisal, Lawrence, Churchill and other non-Jewish pro-Zionists believed strongly that a Jewish homeland in Palestine was a good thing for the Arabs and encouraged mass Jewish immigration.

  • Arthur


    Pam Geller is very mistaken to say that only the Muslims are savages but Judaists are civilized.

    If you look at the record, they are both savages. In fact, Islam was derived from Judaism (see the books by Cutler, etc.)

    The Judaists (who calls themselves Jews but are whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages) have a longer and more nefarious history of violence against Christians and Whites. Except they control the media and are able to hide it.

    As just one example, the Jewish Russians caused the Holodomor in Ukraine during which millions of Whites perished.

    The Judaists were a big factor in perpetuating WW2 during which 90 million whites perished.

    The Judaists support Muslim immigration into this country and EU and call patriots who oppose Muslim immigration Neo-Nazis and anti-semites.

    A Rabbi in Israel recently celebrated the takeover of Europe by Muslims (see

    We would never have a problem with Islam had it not been for the Judaists, who are bringing them here.

    • Glennd1

      Now this is an example of an anti-semite. You see, I constrain my characterization as "savage" the well documented actions of radical Zionists and the Haganah between '47-'49. You just use this dialog as an entry point for your hatred and mewling. Please, do the world a favor and don't vote or reproduce ever again, okay?

    • JacksonPearson

      You're another anti-Semite Dummkopf that have crap oozing out of their mouth and ears.
      -Sieg Heil

  • arthur



    Stalin's Jews. "We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish"

    By Slever Plocker, on Ynetnews at:,7340,L-3342999

    A Rabbi in Israel recently celebrated the takeover of Europe by Muslims (see

    See the article: “Islamization of Europe a good thing.”,7340,L-4299673

  • laura r

    what was the outcome of the case? did pam win? is there an artical i can read?