The Masked Face of Marxism

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When the first Gulf War began in January 1991, several hundred Black Bloc demonstrators participated in a massive anti-war rally in Washington, DC. At a certain point, the Black Blockers broke away from the main hub of the protest and proceeded to smash windows at both the Treasury Department and the World Bank, to drive home the idea that “imperialist wars” are underwritten by “capitalist institutions.”

Embracing the premise that Western culture and its promoters are irredeemably evil to their core, Black Bloc demonstrators in 1992 marked the 500-year anniversary of Christopher Columbus‘ arrival in the New World by denouncing, in numerous cities nationwide, the “five centuries of genocide” that Europeans and their descendants had brought to the Americas.

And because every anti-capitalist movement needs its Marxist heroes, Mumia Abu Jamal has become a revered figure in Black Bloc circles. In 1999, some 800 to 1,200 Black Bloc activists took part in Millions 4 Mumia, a massive Philadelphia rally in support of the convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther.

At the 1999 anti-World Trade Organization (WTO) riots in Seattle, a contingent of Black Bloc anarchists trashed the storefronts of multinational corporations and helped force the WTO meetings to collapse. As one supporter puts it, the Black Bloc struck a blow against “the insulting and deadly march of corporate power,” as embodied by “irresponsible, money-starved vampire [capitalist] organizations who feed themselves by the selling and trade of increasingly trivial and noxious products.” Four years later in Cancun, Mexico, Black Bloc demonstrators played a role in forcing yet another round of WTO talks to break down.

Given the similarities between the worldviews of Black Block and Occupy Wall Street (OWS), it is not at all surprising that a number of Black Blockers have found a home in the Occupy movement—prompting some OWSers to complain that Black Block’s destructive tactics may tarnish Occupy’s reputation. In light of OWS’s well-documented history of objectionable and criminal activity—as evidenced by the thousands of arrests which have been made at Occupy sites nationwide—that complaint is laughable. Black Block and Occupy Wall Street are merely two sides of the same socialist coin.

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  • oldtimer

    Black bloc, Black Shirts = facist, socialist, communist.

  • oldtimer

    And why have I not heard this on mainstream media?

    • Ken

      Because it does not help the Obama and the other uber-Lefties!!

  • kellys cove

    names, addresses of those arrested, please. Then we can take it to them at their mommy's house.

    • Serafino

      Each and everyone of these degenerate punks no doubt owns a $300 iphone, several of the $200 JCrew jeans, a pair or two of expensive sunglasses, etc. Just walk into any Starbucks… they are like a fixture… sucking on their $5 lattes… Sure, why not? As long as mom and dad continue to pay for this lifestyle, because mom and dad are guilty for having done every drug on earth and for having done every immoral act in their own college past.

  • davarino

    Mentally damaged individuals who couldnt keep a job at McDonalds if they tried. Their that stupid, and lazy.

  • StephenD

    There were days in our history in which it was necessary for corrective action due to the abuses of Corporations of its labor force. This was in the 1920’s. The corrections have been made and it took right up into the 1940’s. There are laws requiring a safe work place, an environment of equal opportunity, etc. Today we see a movement in just the opposite direction wherein the “workers”( I use the term VERY loosely) are abusing the Corporations (private property owners, et al). Do they think this will stand any more than it did when it was the Corporations at fault? I hardly think so. There will be a backlash. Eventually, these “Thugs” will be met by overwhelming force and people will get hurt. It’s too bad we don’t learn from the past. The pendulum always swings. You go too far in one direction, it is bound to swing just as far in the opposite direction. I’d say, for the good of our Country, we ought to head this off before it turns tragic. Seems to me a DOJ intent on protecting Americans would take some proactive steps against these anarchists to save them…from themselves.

  • Steve Chavez

    DOMESTIC TERRORISTS that Homeland Security and the FBI must now investigate and shut down the groups. This is beyond "free speech" with deaths, rapes, robberies, destruction, and pre-meditated anarchy.

    Occupiers in Cleveland planned to blow up a bridge and were trapped by the FBI but these five men had attended Occupy meetings.

    BUT, THE NEWS OF THE DAY IS the one Neo-Nazi in Arizona while the Occupy ANARCHISTS GET A FREE PASS!

    BUT, I also hope these groups continue with their violence and camps SO THEY CAN BE TIED TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM like Obama and the Democrats. PERFECT REPUBLICAN COMMERCIAL!

    • Rifleman

      Hey Steve, you're more right than you realize. You might want to look into the Cleveland bombers again, one of them was a lease signer for OWS Cleveland.

  • Rifleman

    Most anarchists are just another tentacle of the same critter. Some are fellow travelers, who always find themselves lined up in front of a lime filled ditch or on their way to a terminal labor camp shortly after the commies take over. Either way, they aren’t heard from again.

    Apparently at least one of them or their sympathizers has been here this Amish, but had no response other than to give old timer a thumbs down. I noticed when I read the article at home and his was the only comment, but didn’t have time to comment myself.

  • tagalog

    If capitalism is "inherently violent and oppressive," how come it's the Black Bloc folks who commit all the damage and shout down those who disagree with them?

    • Maxie

      Because, like all Lefties, they run on emotion (fear/anger) not facts and logic.. By definition the Left is irrational and patriphobic; all male authority is feared and therefore despised. Capitalism is competitive and that's what scares them.

  • maria

    So in 1980th leftists/communists were behind black bloc. Now progressists aka leftsists/communists are behind them again. interesting that they looks exactly as islamic terrorists in their "costumes". Probably Obama if not win in Nov can use them as reason to start " emergancy to nation safety" act( don't remember exact title) which give him absolute control over all country (complete dictatorship).

    • Rifleman

      If you watch much footage of them in action, you'll notice some of them wearing pali keffiyehs.

  • Serafino

    The 2nd Amendment is a great equalizing force against these degenerate, useless spoiled trash. These "youths" have been spoon-fed by mommy and daddy who think that their offsprings are precious princes and princesses. The reality is that they are lazy, entitled, and worthless potheads. America has become a nation of makers (us) and takers (them). Well, the makers need to wake up. An armed society makes a polite society.

    • Knucklehead


    • ebonystone

      Maybe some shopkeeper with a .45 will create "a vent to let some fresh air" into the punk who smashed his shop window.

      • Rifleman

        In my county, the shopkeeper would be backed by the police and the jury, and in a bank or restaurant the terrorizers might get neutralized by a shall issue CCW patron. If you get anywhere near the window or door of a gun store, likker store, or a pawn shop with an obscured face in my county, you're taking you're life in your own hands. It's one of the reasons I bought my house here.

  • Schlomotion

    "Black Bloc is not an organization, but rather a protest tactic employed by anti-capitalists and anarchists. Clad in black helmets, black ski masks, and black garments to conceal their faces and whatever distinctive clothing they may be wearing underneath their dark coverings"

    Don't look now. I found more of these masked Black Bloc lunatics. They're everywhere:


  • maria

    Interesting who is among Millionaires financed those "masked" gangs? George Soros or alike? I remember that "Occupiers" was financed one muliti millionair, of course, BHO supporter. Mainstream media usually don't mention that fact. All those protestores are well organized and financed by leftists. It is tactic of bolshevicks.

  • RevWMcCall

    Violence is never justified. An organization called "Black Bloc" may exist and have some legitimate ideas behind it, but the salient fact is that the "Black Bloc" garb can be worn by anybody. This makes it easy for provocateurs, whether police or otherwise, to inflitrate legitimate demonstrations to discredit them and provide justification for police attacks. This tactic has been used since the start of the Occupy movement and long before. Its effectiveness is only proven by articles like this.

    • Galveston

      if violence is never justified, why do policemen carry guns?

  • RevWMcCall

    "Last Tuesday, an army of left-wing radicals descended, in a violent May Day rampage, upon the city of Seattle. They smashed shop windows, vandalized banks, and even carried out a number of unprovoked assaults on innocent people who were sitting in their cars."

    The "army of left-wing radicals" is in fact a small group of provocateurs who show up at every demonstration with the purpose of discrediting it. With the help of dishonest "journalists" who swell this group of provocateurs, who often come from the ranks of the police themselves, into an "army," they are very successful at it.

    • Choi

      You're a LOON if you think the "provocateurs" are a Police operation.
      Where did you get your "Divinity" "degree"?
      By Sending in a MATCHBOOK AD WITH A CHECK?

  • AtheistLibertarian

    Black Bloc, Brown Shirts…. A Marxist Parasite by any other name would smell as foul.

  • Looking4Sanity

    It's Seattle. Why would this really surprise anyone? Practically the entire population is comprised of militant h0m0s. It's time for the public to start taking back our society from these lunatics by any means necessary.

  • Ghostwriter

    Don't these idiots have better things to do? These dunderheads have WAY too much time on their hands.

  • SoCalMike

    Where do these black blocker and OWS rent-a-mob parasites come from?
    Super rich connected insiders like Soros pay brainless college kids and brainwashed adults to make noise and create a scene.
    Too bad they can't find anyone literate or washed or coherent.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    They do what they do as they know our politicians must play along with the leftist ideas of society,
    as a collective of huggie bears and instant forgiving fops for depredations planned and acted on
    with malice. The authorities should have sufficient protections in place and be ready to round up
    the worst of the idiots and send them to jail for long sentences under riot provisions and as
    best possible jam them so hard they will never forget and reconsider the waste they are creating
    in their own lives which they probably will not want to spend in prison…………..William