The Muslim Students Association, Anwar al-Awlaki and the Global Jihad

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Through his painstaking research and keen insights, Walid Shoebat recently discovered, and explained the significance of, a monumentally important document titled The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places to Support the Muslim Minorities. Commissioned by the late Saudi King Abdul Aziz, this “conspiratorial manifesto,” as Shoebat calls it, lays out, in vivid detail, the “Muslim Minority Affairs” strategy by which Islamic supremacists seek to spread, in an incremental but relentless manner, elements of Sharia Law into non-Muslim countries. In a nutshell, the strategy entails the establishment of Islamic organizations that promote Sharia as a divinely inspired system while working to prevent Muslims from assimilating into the non-Islamic cultures of their host nations. The ultimate goal is to cultivate an ever-growing, disaffected, unassimilated Muslim population that can help transform the laws, institutions, and public policies of those countries over the course of time. The manifesto unearthed by Walid Shoebat specifically identifies the Islamic organizations that have been designated to carry out this “Muslim Minority Affairs” plan in America.
Key among these is the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

The MSA was established 49 years ago by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, as the spearhead of the global jihad, wholly embraces the transformational “Muslim Minority Affairs” agenda for North America. The most influential Islamic student organization on the continent, the MSA today is “dominated,” as the Center for Security Policy’s Alex Alexiev states, “by Islamist and anti-American” goals.

The MSA’s central role in the global jihad is particularly noteworthy insofar as it relates to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton‘s longtime aide, who spent twelve years on the payroll of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, an organization that, like the Brotherhood, is devoted to putting the “Muslim Minority Affairs” strategy into action. From 1997 until sometime before early 1999, Abedin was an executive board member of George Washington University’s MSA.
 Testifying to the radicalism of this particular MSA branch is the fact that soon after Abedin left the group, its chaplain and “spiritual guide” was none other than Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born Muslim convert who, prior to his arrival at GWU, had already ministered to, and held several private meetings with, three of the men who would soon be among the nineteen mass murderers of 9/11.

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    I hope the MSA, Muslim Students Association is monitored, infiltrated by the FBI as any domestic enemy white supremacist organizations have been infiltrated.

    Mosques in the US, funded and given wahabbist books, videos from Saudi Arabia, are an internal threat.

    The Maj. Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter had a history of Islamofascist activity. The signs were there for Hasans superiors to see. But they chose to stick their head in the sand, and thirteen Americans died.

    PC, Political Correctness can kill.

    • Mburu

      I hope ADL, AIPAC ETC are monitored, infiltrated by the FBI as any domestic enemy as many supremacist organizations have been infiltrated.

      SYNAGOGUES in the US, funded and given ZIONIST books, videos from ISRAEL , are an internal threat.

      POLLARD, the zionist spy who stole sensitive secrets from america to pass to israel had a history of ZIOfascist activity. The signs were there for POLLARD'S superiors to see. But they chose to stick their head in the sand,

      PC, Political Correctness can kill.

      • Stern

        I started off composing a rebuttal to your nonsense, but quickly realized what an absolute waste of time it would be. You are typical of Islamofascists and their fellow travellers, inverting reality, making white black and black white. The tactic is to accuse your enemy of exactly the crimes you are either committing or planning, in the hope that your own evil will be missed.

        Guess it didn't work.

      • Drakken

        Soon muslim, real soon you will rue the day you got us infidels upset.



        CAIR will be your downfalllllllllllllllllllllllll………………

        Every Islamofascist dog who attacks the US ends up creating more resentment against Islam.

        MooBooRoo, You have a hankering for a NAKBA to befall Mecca.

        You'll have to make a Hajj to Hell to follow the trail of Mohammed.

    • aspacia

      Yes, PC is killing my freedoms, especially the freedom of thought.


    The MSA, Muslim Students Association needs to be sued for tolerating and advocating the treasonous, murderous ideology of Islamofascism.

    We keep hearing the claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US. I would guess that the bulk of the new recruits to Islamofascism come from prisons and mental hospitals.

  • Kufar Dawg

    The USC chapter of the MSU had, at one point, on their homepage the text of an authoritative hadeeth of islam that calls for the worldwide extermination of Jews.

    • Mburu


      "Not all of them are alike; a party of the people of the book (jews) stand for what's right, they recite the Verses of God during the hours of the night, prostrating themselves in prayer.

      "They believe in God and the Last Day; they enjoin the good and forbid evil ; and they hasten in (all) good works; and they are among the righteous.

      And whatever good they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for God knows well those who are Al-Muttaqûn .(3:113-115)

      • Drakken

        So if they are bad jews you do what then? Oh that is right, you savages just kill them for not being the right kind of dhimmi jew.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I find it hard to imagine that when mulo-fascists kill Jews they bother asking them if they're the "good" kind of Jew. There was a group calling itself Muslims Against Anti-Semitism, which sounded great on its face, but when I examined their group it was clear they had a restrictive definition of just exactly who was a "good" Jew. The one thing I still remember of their definition of the "good" Jew was that such a person couldn't support the existence of the state of Israel or live in the state of Israel.


        mburu, More quotes from Mein Koran?

        Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • dwight

    In Canada Omar Khadr, the jihadist who killed Christopher Speers, is trying to get back to Canada from Gitmo – President Obama wants to send him back here but most Canadians don't want a jihadist killer here where he will receive undeserved lienency due to our judicial system…but he will probably be back and on the street as the hero and posterboy for violent jihad in Canada. Muslims here in Canada are silent….and i suspect not out of fear.

    • garyfpatton

      dwight, the Muslim Dr. Tawfik Hamid, of thee Potomac Institute, calls the silence of so-called moderate Muslims everywhere, as well as the political-correctness of non-Muslims who don't speak out against violent jihad, "passive terrorism"at

      You and I agree that a large percentage of our Fellow Canadians …not just Muslims… are Passive Terrorists. Our country will pay a stiff price if we don't learn the truth about CAIR, the MSA, & MB because the leaders of all these islamo-fascist groups are practising stealth 'taqiyya' (dissimilitudic 'liefare') in our midst by taking advange of our liberal academics, courts, Human Rights Commissions and media.

  • richard sherman

    Huma Abedin is as loyal to the US as Obama's mentor: FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS


      Don't forget Obama spiritual adviser and friend for 20 years, Rev. Wright.

  • Mburu

    "The most influential Islamic student organization on the continent, the MSA today is “dominated,” , “by Islamist and anti-american” goals.

    The real Anti-americans are ZIONISTS who promote the interests and well-being of only one race while enjoying the benefits of American citizenship

    They spread immoral values among americans including homosexuality, adultery, secularism, feminism making the people less human

    on the other hand, ISLAMISTS are seeking to strengthen/refine the moral conditions of americans and other humanbeings and make them understand their divine purpose in life

    zionist propaganda from the media/hollywood is transforming americans into animals who are only interested in sensual pleasures but with no noble goals

    • Drakken

      Can't wait until we infidels get of you savages, one way or another.

    • trickyblain

      "ISLAMISTS are seeking to strengthen/refine the moral conditions of americans and other humanbeings and make them understand their divine purpose in life"

      The problem is that nobody is asking you to "give" us these things. We see theocracy in action in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. I'll pass, but you should investigate moving there if that's what floats your boat!

    • aspacia

      Right, sure, 2% of the U.S. population controls the land, regardless of the fact that few hold elected office.

      Why do you fear Jews? I fear radical, violent Muslims who physically attack those who criticize; Jews do not do this.

      I support gay and prochoice rights, secularism, and detest intolerant racists like you. I dislike fascists and dictators, along with hating the vile Sharia Law and violent tenets of any religion.

      You sicken me, and should not be living in my land. I have not gone to your land trying to impose my ways on you; do not impose your ways on me you nasty piece of dog filth.

      A Deist, Feminist, Goy, Zionist

      Baptized Catholic, raised Episcopalian.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Of course the "noble" goal of islam is to eliminate those who don't fit their "divine purpose" in this life. Which is why some 270 million people have died in the name of islam and more are being murdered every day.

  • Mburu

    "AWLAKI'S sermons focused heavily on the dangers that the corrupting evils of Western culture allegedly posed to Muslims in the West—and thus emphasized the importance of resisting assimilation at all cost."

    who wants to be assimilated into homosexuality, adultery, alcoholism, lesbianism, feminism, democracy, individualism, zionism and all other moral/intellectual filth

    muslims are supposed to be pure human beings who protect themselves from all satanic traps in order to obtain divine mercy and acceptance

    problems is most Zionists are hardcore atheists who dont understand God! I pray for them!

    • rubiconcrest

      Open your eyes…".homosexuality, adultery, alcoholism, lesbianism and other moral/intellectual filth" …. These things exist in Islamic countries as well, many would argue to a greater degree. I say Islam heal yourself before you try to impose your sick beliefs on us.

      • aspacia

        More animal porn is sold in Muslim majority lands than any secular land.

    • Drakken

      Do yourself a favor muslim, get out of my country before we bring back a time honored tactic called cowboys and muslims.


      Savage mburug, Please take over for awlaki, relocated to Hell with your osama bin laden.

      NO 72 VIRGINS FOR YOU mburu. You've done too much to reveal the truth about islamofascism and the false prophet mohammed.


      mburu, Keep smashing your forehead on the floor in your mosque.

      Concussion is a sign of a devout Muslim.

    • trickyblain

      "who wants to be assimilated into homosexuality, adultery, alcoholism, lesbianism, feminism, democracy, individualism, zionism and all other moral/intellectual filth"

      Oh. I'm sorry — I thought immigrants came here out of free will. You must have known that sex and alcohol are pretty easy to obtain here, and that our women are free to wear whatever they wish. Knowing this, why come? Why stay? There's plenty of places you can go where people are not free to do such things.

      Nobody here is asking Islam to "save" us.

      • Ghostwriter

        That's one of the few things you said that I agree with,trickyblain.

    • UCSPanther

      One of these days, you Jihadist nutcases WILL learn that you keep your hands off of other cultures.

      If the lesson has to be taught the hard way, then so be it.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I have two words for you: bacha bazi. Go play w/your little boys and/or marry a pre-pubescent girl in Afghanistan,
      Egyptistan, Soddy Barbaria or Pakistain.


      Mecca is a hotbed of "homosexuality, adultery, alcoholism, lesbianism".

      What do you think happens when men and women are separated, and women kept in garbage sacks? The Islamist males get the idea that girls are bad, and the Muslim men turn to each other.

      Even the prophet Mohammed couldn't handle women. But a per-pubescent 9 year old girl, Aiesha, with no mature breasts or waist is just right for a sexual deviant you call mohammed.

    • aspacia

      It was probably Satan, not Gabriel who directed Mad Mo to be the vile, barbaric savage he was, and you are spreading Satan's violent venon.

    • garyfpatton

      I'll also be praying for you, Mbru, that the Lord Jesus, not your Qur'anic Isa, will open your mind so you can understand the truth regarding the lies you've been taught.

      What "Mslims are supposed to be", you can NEVER be because you're human like the rest of us. You know in your heart what I say is true because you have no joy in your life. Islam is cold comfort in your trials of life because you can only repeat slogans. You bright and know that you know you'll never be able to work your way into heaven.

      Please accept the free gift of an abundant life now and peace with the real One Living God, not Islam's "cop in the sky", Allah. The simple and safe route to real life now is at and hereafter at .

      God bless you!

  • Stern

    You've really drunk the Kool-Aid, haven't you. Been to Pakistan for your jihad training yet?


      muburu needs to be in Pakistan. To play dodge the drone launched missile.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    Few Zionists are hardcore atheists. Most atheists are anti-nationalist and the anti-Zionist groups are full of these types. Mburu, you are entitled to your antisemitic and anti-Israel theological beliefs, but not your own facts. Learn how to practice taqqiah competently. The first step seeing reality.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I always find myself wondering if islamofascists believe their own propaganda/lies? Especially about Jews.


        KD, I'm sure they do. Islamofascists believe that they will be rewarded with 72 virgins in the aftermath of a suicide bombing.

  • Ghostwriter

    The only filth I see on this website,Mburu,are your anti-Jewish tirades. They are as bad as the statements by Schlockmotion,Nabka1948,and our other "Mein Kampf"-reading loons. You sound more and more like Al-Alwaki,except he's had his hand in the deaths of people. You are just an anti-Jewish loudmouth who spreads his filth everywhere he can.


      It's in the holy Koran, like the holy Mein Koran.

  • foxtrot

    muslims are filthy creatures….Islam is a plague not a religion….
    and u know why dey hate pig and dogs so much because dey and produce more babies than muslims…
    Americans never allow islam to flourish in your land otherwise dey will through you out of your own country..

  • Betty

    eye opener READ THE HARBINGER

  • gary fouse


    Who are you to force others to follow your values? I have news for you. In our society, homosexuality, adultery, atheism and apostasy are not punishable by death. If you don't like it, you don't have to live here.