Trayvon Martin and the Forgotten Dead

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Spearheaded by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the massive, escalating protests over Trayvon Martin’s February 26th death in Florida—protests featuring desperate pleas to “stop the killing of our children”—continue to rivet the nation’s collective attention. By contrast, the death of 63-year-old Tommie Lee Caldwell a few weeks earlier created no such stir. One morning this past December, Caldwell, an African American who was caring for his terminally ill wife, was stabbed and then shot in the back of the head by an intruder inside his Detroit home. If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of Mr. Caldwell prior to this moment. His murderer was black—not a “white Hispanic” like George Zimmerman—so the guardians of “civil rights,” like Jackson and Sharpton, were spared the trouble, at least in that instance, of having to gin up a national referendum on America’s unyielding, ubiquitous racism.

The “civil rights” crowd was likewise silent two months ago when a 19-year-old African American named Joshua Brown—angered over a dispute with a black Detroit woman named Almanda Talton—shot and killed the woman’s 12-year old daughter, Kade’jah Davis, a sixth-grade honor student. No doubt, that youngster’s name is unfamiliar to you as well. Neither is it likely that you’ve heard of Eyanna Flonory or her 2-year-old son Amani, both of whom were murdered, along with two other black victims, by a pair of black gunmen in Boston. Nor is it conceivable that many readers could name any of the ten people who were killed (or the forty who were wounded) by gang violence in Chicago during the recent St. Patrick’s Day weekend—or, for that matter, the two who were killed (in addition to the twelve who were wounded) by a spray of gunfire in south Florida just this past Friday.

In stark contrast to the Trayvon Martin killing, none of the horrors that befell the aforementioned black victims prompted anything even remotely resembling a media sensation. No massive rallies were held in memory of the dead. Jesse Jackson did not lament that “blacks are under attack”; that “killing us is big business”; and that few people really understand “just how hard it is to be black in America.” Luminaries like Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx, and Arsenio Hall did not tweet expressions of outrage to their millions of “followers.” Celebrities like Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr did not use their respective Twitter accounts to publicly post the home address of any of the perpetrators. Entertainers like Chaka Khan did not produce any music videos in honor of the slain. And the president of the United States did not feel compelled, as he did in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, to urge all Americans “to do some soul-searching to figure out how does something like this happen.”

Something like what, exactly? Presumably the president was referring to the popularly accepted cartoon version of the Zimmerman-Martin confrontation, a narrative that essentially went like this: A racist, aggressive white vigilante (later identified as a “white Hispanic”) relentlessly “hunted down,” as Florida Congresswoman Federica Wilson explained it, an unarmed “sweet young boy … like a dog” and mercilessly executed the child because his black skin and the hooded sweatshirt (“hoodie”) he was wearing gave him the appearance of being a potential criminal who “didn’t belong” in the gunman’s neighborhood. In short, a deadly brew of racial profiling on the one hand, and “walking while black” on the other, had claimed yet another innocent black victim.

It is reasonable to assume that Congresswoman Wilson, like Jackson and Sharpton, is genuinely troubled by the enormous number of African American lives that are prematurely snuffed out in acts of senseless violence each year. Homicide is, after all, the leading cause of death for black males aged 10-24, and the second leading cause of death for black females aged 15-24; African Americans as a whole are six times as likely as whites to die at the hands of a murderer, and young black men in particular are fully fifteen times as likely to be murdered as their white male counterparts. These are tragedies of inexpressible magnitude.

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  • 333maxwell

    For anyone that is interested….
    I am an audio guy..

    I took the 911 call with the most audio informatiion regarding screams, compressed it, ran it at half speed and pitch corected it 100 percent.. even though it runs slower (just a tenth over half speed) anyone with an ear for music can tell not a note has been changed.. Digital affords you this luxury. In the analog days we had to physically slow the tape/medium down and you lose pitch and clarity.

    Anyway, what I find most interesting is the ghastly scream at about 1:12 right after the final shot..

    THIS AUDIO IS NOT ENHANCED per sey.. not like enhancing a photo.. the only enhancing has been to adust volume levels so you don’t hurt your ear listening to everything at relative volume levels.

    There are a few swirling artifacts in this copy because I had to compres the wav file to a 128 kbps mp3 to fit on my page so you had a player to hear it on.. These artifacts are slight and will not distract.

    The 911 call as you have never heard it before, draw your own conclusions. Listen for the scream after the shot.

    Again, draw your own conclusions, I am not here to change any minds tonight. This exercise is just a way to access the call and hear things you would not of just listening to the raw recording.

    • Halcyon

      What point are you trying to make? I listened to it…and it sounds like George Zimmerman screaming…

  • kafantaris

    To understand the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman case, you need to listen to the recorded phone call made by the neighbor to 911.
    The fatal shot is heard during this call.
    Merely listen to it.
    Then draw your own conclusions.
    No need for experts. No need for pundits. No need even for an open mind.
    Just listen to the haunting call.
    A transcript won’t do. It must be heard.
    Here it is:

    • Halcyon

      What point are you trying to make?

  • UCSPanther

    Facts mean nothing to the race hustlers. All they care about is the opportunity to cash in on stirring up racial tensions.

  • StephenD

    You don't have to go to Detroit to point out the inconsistency. Right in the very same town of Sanford, FL there have been at least 4 shootings in the past week (3 last night). BUT…because it isn't so called "White on Black" it isn't a "Hate" crime and therefore not news worthy. Yeah, there is no chance of Sharpton or Jackson making anything from this so it gets ignored. I live in the next town over and it barely made the local news.

  • Lilly

    It is amazing how the MSM,politicians and the black community completely ignores crime statistics .

    If Obama,Jackson and Sharpton wanted to improve the lives of African – American citizens they would use facts to educate the young and reduce the rate of violent crimes .
    They prefer to pretend the entire white population is guilty of creating their failed communities .Using crime victims as political and religious pawns is despicable .Even worse is using them for financial gain,like JJ and Sharpton.

    Democrats created this disaster with welfare.By promoting single motherhood ,pushing entitlement programs based on poverty by skin color and creating a protected class for minorities who are not actually minorities.

    Black men have become unimportant as husbands and fathers.Welfare emasculated and robbed them of responsibility and self respect.Black women are trapped by early motherhood ,financial struggles and frustration .

    Money and government programs as appeasement will not solve this problem.Marching in the streets protesting the death of 1 man out of 5,000 will not solve the problem.Complaining,blaming,crying and killing will not solve these problems.$1,500,000,000,000 in education grants and loans will not stop the problem.

    Neither will white people.

    • meme

      early motherhood is not trapping black women. early single motherhood yes but motherhood no. but yes mainly feminism (black abortion, strong black women, etc), govt take over, drug war has destroyed the black community but black apathy has been the worst. its destroying low class whites as well but because the white population is bigger it doesnt affect whites as a whole. black people should stop black on black crime. as a black man it saddens me to know black on black crime is something black people dont get mad over.

      • johnnywoods

        Preach it! meme. You have hit the nail on the head.

    • Patti

      As any successful person – any sex, any color – will tell you – the quality or lack of it in their life is not the fault of anyone else. Yes, some are born in more fortunate circumstances, but blame accomplishes nothing. A human being who takes responsibility for his life, who notes and corrects behavior by watching the repercussions of their thoughts and actions in the world around them, who works hard, earns their way through application of their talents and gets out of self-centered entitlement attitudes by learning what they need to know to accomplish the things they want to do can create a life of their choosing where circumstances are the result of their own thought and action. We all have the same chances spiritually and by applying these eternal truths to the transitory shifts of life, one can do amazing things with their time on Earth. It is not about money for it's own sake – once the bills are paid and one is able to support oneself and others he loves – it is about values applied in the difficult times as well as the good – and living from within out – that frees us.
      Black or white, people refuse to look at their choices and where they led because that involves a difficult thing – change. It requires forgiveness for those around us who let us down. And success needs a respect for self, which is the starting point of respect for others. If one is living in a way that does not inspire self-respect, sure you can blame others for how you feel, you might even be able to build a good argument to justify it. But it won't free you from this destructive cycle. The only one with the key out of that prison is in the mirror. Look.

  • tagalog

    I don't see or hear a word from Bill Cosby or Chris Rock on this ongoing black-on-black violence, either.

    Maybe they've given up.

  • Eric G

    If racial tensions did not exist, Sharpton and Jackson would have no job. They have a vested interest in keeping racism alive and well.

    • johnnywoods

      Jackson and Sharpton would be in trouble if they had to go out and get a real job, considering their lack of constructive skills.

  • jacob

    An old saying states that were it not for pimps, there were no prostitutes….

    Does anybody remember the trouble stirred by "Rev" AL SHARPTON on the BAWANA TRAWLEY matter
    years ago in New York ???

    On account of what was he let off with the slap on the wrist that fine was equivalent to, (incidentally not
    paid by him) and not sent to the slammer for one month at least ????

    Thank GOD the girl came out and told the truth but, what would have happened to this rabble rouser
    if a replay of WATTS would have ensued ????

    This "laissez faire, laissez passer" is dangerous and it is time to stop it regardless of the accursed
    "Political Correctnees" our authorities are engaged into at all levels and all matters

  • tagalog

    Sharpton was sued for defamation of character by the prosecutor he defamed in the Tawana
    Brawley case, and the prosecutor won a substantial money judgment. Sharpton's wealthy supporters paid the judgment.

    One conceptual problem I've always had with the Tawana Brawley case: why would a girl smear herself with feces just to make an imaginary point about a non-existent racial issue? Whatever motivation would drive a person to do such a thing, is that shared by other black Americans? If so, that's a bit weird. Even the college instructor who wrote sexist graffiti on her own car wasn't covering herself in poop like Tawana did.

    • UCSPanther

      Brawley apparently did it as a way to construct an elaborate hoax in hopes of diverting her abusive stepfather's wrath away from her because she was seeing her jailbird boyfriend despite him forbidding it.

      The Brawley household was a frequent site for domestic disturbance calls to the NYPD, and her stepfather was a violent drunk and ex-con.

  • B.A. Avraham

    Were any of the black murderers arrested?

  • Ron Livaudais

    Black on Black crime is the elephant in the room and institutionalized to the point of denial. To confront
    Such a reality would mean to confront the cultural and educational bankruptcy that exists in that community-
    And the race hustlers would soon be out of business.

    • Gunner57

      Stop this black on black crime nonsense. As a European American , I fear for MY family's safety FIRST and foremost. Next is my safety. If black savages kill each other that is their business. We have to STOP BLACK ON WHITE crime!

  • mrbean

    Here is the way the chimpout black youth behaves:

    • Ghostwriter

      Not all young blacks act the way you describe,mrbean. You make yourself sound like a Klan member.

      • mrbean

        As usual, Ghostwriter defending the indefensible. I don't see any of the so-called black leadership condemning these actions by black teen thug mobs whic is epidemic. Yassah, yonowhatahmsayin' (smacking lips rapidly…metttt…..mettttttt…..metttttt….metttt)

    • Ghostwriter

      And,as usual,you miss MY point,mrbean. You see black people as some gigantic blob of people who can't think for themselves. I see them as human beings,able to make up their own minds. To me,your constant stereotyping of black people is what's indefensible to me. Your "Amos n' Andy" routine is stupid,disgusting,unfunny,and old. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you want to know what I'm talking about,look it up on Wikipedia. Maybe,you'd LEARN something instead of being ignorant.

  • maria

    For Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to stir incitement and play racial card is just business. Black community is like their hostages. They don't want them to be educated, self-confident, independent… They want them to be criminals to play role of their defenders. The same is Obama. What good did he make for black community? Is criminal rate went down? Or unemployment rate went down? Or high school graduate among black kids was up? Nothing. He just wanted them to vote for Democrats who paid him for that work. More over Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are real racists, anti-white, anti-America trash who is like a curse for black community.
    Media is became criminal as well as it supports amorality and degradation of our society overall.

  • Whatsinaname

    I'm sick and tired of feeling sorry for the black victims of black crime. Before they were victims, they supported these criminals and lionized them. If they witnessed crime, they refused to report it or cooperate with the police. How about the white victims, there is no expression of pity for them–they aren't even mentioned. It's like they never existed.

    • Ralph

      Today six black thugs beat a 78 yr old white man saying "This is for Trayvon" and "Kill the white [man]" (they probably said boy but the article's use of brackets makes it unclear). There are at least one of these EVERY WEEK. Perazzo is another white liberal who wants to prove he's not a racist by wailing about the poor black victim. People like him are useless at this point. The truth is that Blacks are totally out of control now and the media is egging them on.

  • BLJ

    Typical of both the MSM and the so called Black Leaders of America. Nothing to be gained politically or monetarily so why should they waste their time?

  • Schlomotion

    I am amazed at the venom with which this media outlet is attacking the black community simply because George Zimmerman is half Jewish. His father is Jewish, his mother is Peruvian. (Spare me your objections on maternal primogeniture). He's not "hispanic" at all. What has happened here is that there is a Jewish media blackout on the ethnicity of George Zimmerman and a full frontal Zionist assault on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson by the Freedom Center and by a WHOLE lot of Zionist radio jocks with fake Irish Catholic names, like MJ Kelli. This continued press flap is now a war between Jews and Blacks for the title of "most oppressed." It is similar to the war between Jews and Armenians over whether more than one people is allowed to be victims of a genocide. It's gross!

    • UCSPanther

      You really want to see another Crown Heights-style riot, don't you?

      And in reply to one of your other slanderous comments. Don't worry. We Canadians have lots of ammo from places like China, good quality to boot, and all 100% legal. We don't need no el cheapo wolf.

      Remember, Canada is not the same country that it was in the '60s. Those days are long gone.

      • Schlomotion

        Good luck to you, fighting the American "race war" as a Jewish Canadian with Chinese ammo. Make sure you post it to YouTube. Don't you think you might be a little overstretched territorially?

        • Western Canadian

          Don’t you think you might be a little overstretched intellectually and ethically??

    • truckwork

      What happened in Sanford is a tragedy for both families that are involved. True leaders don't assign blame to anyone, but find the reasons for the problem, accept responsibility, correct the deficiencies and move on. That isn't being done by the media, Sharpton, Jackson or the POTUS.

      What does the religious background of Mr. Zimmerman have to do with this article which highlights the hipocracy of liberals and progressives. They ignore the majority of violent crime that occurs in black neighborhoods by other blacks. 94% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks! Only 12% of violent crime committed on blacks are done so by "whites". (I don't know where this 12% figure came from but if it came from the FBI, they classify hispanics as whites. When you take the hispanics out of this percentage the number of white criminals attacking or committing crimes against blacks is even lower).

      If you don't see this hypocracy then you are simply not facing reality and fact.

    • Maxie

      Let's see; one drop of negro blood makes one negro but a latina mother doesn't make Zimmerman latino. Yeah, that would make sense to the logic-starved mind of a liberal.

  • fightwarnotwars

    more lazy reporting/commentary from right wing pundits on FPM, the truth is that although the "media" hasn't covered it, there have been 'stop the violence" marches/events held around the country by the african-american community over and over again in states like New Jersey, California, Delaware, New York, Illinois, Michicag, etc…

    Here is better and much more objective response to this question that white deniers of racism constantly need to ask: -

    And next time…. do your homework Perazzo.

  • Andybinga

    Please sign this petition for MSNBC to fire Al Sharpton. Please pass it on.

  • David

    In the midst of this carefully nursed, planed and orchestrated "outrage" concerning the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, I'm left wondering why nobody ever bates and eye when scores of black teenagers are gunned down by other black teenagers ( drive-by shootings, execution style murders, domestic violence) every single day. I'm left wondering why it is considered normal and there's not even a whisper from Jesse "Jackass" Jackson, Al "White Interloper" Sharpton and our prophet-in-chief Barack Obama. Where is an outrage when more then 40% of black babies are born to unwed mothers? Surely Michele-eat-my-vegetables-or-else-Obama would have something to say about that? Nope, apparently she's not interested.
    It is important to understand that people like Sharpton and Jackson have for decades made a career out of race-bating and fanning racial flames. These good-for-nothing, useless individuals, who in any decent society would clean toilets for a living thrive on defamations using people like Trayvon Martin and Tawana Brawley (remember her?) as pawns.
    Let's get something straight here. Shooting Trayvon Martin was an act of self-defense. He trespassed where he did not belong and when confronted by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, attacked him, according to witnesses. I fail to see how this is a race issue. A person has a right to protect his life and his property even by force, if necessary.
    Case closed.

  • Wesley69

    Justice needs to be served in case. People need to chill and wait until the investigation is completed. Regardless of what the outcome, it will not please everyone.

    To the Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackons' and Black Panthers, let's keep this racial hatred stirred up. Maybe if it boils over, we can have a race war. Regardless of the facts, Trayvon Martin died the first martyr to the cause. Let's bring up the past. the evils of the slavery trade, the evils of the plantations, the evils of Jim Crow, the evils of discrimination. Let's bring it all up. We demand justice! We demand what is coming to us! We demand reparations!!! We demand control of the government!!! We demand whites be made second class citizens. We demand that we can whip them and lynch them when we want. We demand all the wealth of the rich people and their homes and give them to us. We demand that all the whites be put on boats and dumped back in Europe; the same with Asians and Jews amd Hispanics. We demand that you give into every one of our demands. We are in no way motivated by racism on our own. A black can not be racist. It is impossible.

    Trayvon's death was a tragedy. But where are the marches, the speeches, the Presidential call for 6 year old Aliyah Shell who was sitting between her mother’s legs on the family’s Little Village front porch when shots rang out from a pickup truck.? Aliyah was shot several times and died that afternoon at a hospital. She was Hispanic.

    Where are the marches, the speeches, the Presidential call for 13 year old Allen Goin who was chased home from school by two older Black boys? They set him on fire on his porch while yelling racial comments that he " deserved it" because he is White.

    Are we so divided that any violence must have a color or race attached to it???? Instead of United States, or a united people, are we a divided people? Are we headed down the road of racial intolerance and violence? There are some among us, that WANT this, that MAKE A LIVING ON THIS.

    • Obama bin Biden

      The monkeys aren't my kin.

      I don't care in the slightest if they murder each other by the thousands or by the hundreds of thousands.

  • guest

    All this debate about race on both sides is immaterial. It all comes back to one thing. A boy was shot by an adult while returning home from the store and the adult has yet to be charged.

    • Maxie

      Go back to and have another glass of kool-ade. It's ALL about race.. Marx used the proletariat as an excuse for revolution. Just substitute 'race' for 'proletariat' and you'll get the picture..

  • mrbean

    A frail 78 year Dallas Watts was almost beaten to death in Toledo by 6 chimpout black teens for just being white – a probably because he can't fight back. Read for yourself "This is for Trayvon"

  • Ghostwriter

    Unlike Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton,I'm going to wait until all the facts are in. While we have idiots like Jackson and Sharpton stoking unneeded racial tension,we have our own village idiots like Schlomotion and mrbean,attacking Jews and blacks simply because they can. That's as bad as what Sharpton and Jackson are doing. I wish this would stop and discuss this in a civilized manner,without the racial invective from both sides.

    • mrbean

      Once again, the liberal Ghost writer errors seriously and again defends the indefensible. I defend Jews so I may call you a liberal liar. Old Ghostwriter defends the black tribalists as though they have some claim. Now for some facts. That was a gated community that Zimmerman lived in and was legitimately patrolling as neighborgood watch for that community. Trayvon Martin (the sneering 6 foot thug with the gold teeth and tattoos not the 12 year old kid in the pity party picture they keep showing) did not live there and had no business being in that gated community. When Zimmerman approached him he attacked Zimmerman breaking his nose and was on top of him banging his head on the pavement. Absolute right to self defense applies – so the black thug got himself shot and was killed. So sad, feel so bad that water come to me eye. ABC has corrected two deliberate errors when an independent enhanced the film and the 911 call. Zimmerman in the video does have wounds as described in the medical records and he never said "coon" at all in the audio. In addition there is a conspiracy being orchestrated from AG Holder and the DoJ . Next post explains

    • mrbean

      The DoJ called the AG of Florida who had the police report and all evidence sealed including the probably stolen ladies diamond rings and burglary tools taken from Trayvon Martin when he was suspended from school (for the third time). The police chief was forced to resign by the state without cause – but it is suspected he was threatened by the DoJ and the State AG. In addition, the Florida governer has appointed a special prosecuter who has convened a secret grand jury where he can indict a ham sandwich if he so chooses to. All evidence is sealed including the two eye witness's testimonies. No arrest of Zimmerman yet so they can deny his lawyer any access to the evidence and the police report until of course, they release THE STATES REVISED VERSION OF IT after they indict Zimmerman. This is all a sham to make Zimmerman a scapegoat to satisfy the black mob.

    • Ghostwriter

      I will say it again and again to you,mrbean until it sinks in there. You see black people as animals. I see them as human beings,with their own opinions. Many of them are like me,who want all the facts in first before making a conclusion. You don't. You see black people as a vicious mob with no humanity in them at all. I've met black people and there are those who don't like what's going on either. You live in a world of stereotypes that date back to the 19th century. Well,this is the 21st century,mrbean. Times have changed. I wish you would.

  • Elizabeth

    Democrats don't talk about black on black crime because it draws attention to this problem among blacks – which is never a good thing to do when pandering.

  • Obama bin Biden

    Thank god for legal abortion.

    Without it there would hundreds of thousands more violent criminal blacks filling our prisons and stalking our streets.

  • Tim Rowland

    It seems really dysfunctional, like an abusive family that rages against anyone who talks bad about their kin, but then beats on their own behind closed doors. It also defies any logical sense, becoming an irrational, emotional spirit that cannot see truth.