Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps: Terrorist Organization

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4. On February 3rd 2012, the Ayatollah Khamenei specifically threatened Israel and the United States with nuclear weapons, and one of his aides issued a Fatwa calling not just for the complete destruction of Israel, but of all Jews everywhere they can be found.  This is a direct threat to our citizens as well as our friends and allies.  Iran’s nuclear program and its ballistic missile program are under IRGC control.

5. Iran has made enough noise about having nuclear weapons for any sober observer to conclude that once they have a working bomb, they will use it.  This is a direct threat to many of our citizens living and working abroad, and an indirect threat to us.

6. While the records of our naval operations tend to remain highly classified, we have had naval vessels in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea often enough in the years since the Cold War ended.  While the personnel who monitor such things in our Navy tend to be closed-mouth about their experiences, it seems some of them know what an Iranian Kilo class submarine sounds like, and what radar frequencies are associated with Iran’s Silkworm anti-ship missiles.  We also refitted our 20mm Phalanx CIWS guns with the capacity to hit small fast-moving targets, like the Boghammar speed boats the IRGC naval force uses.  In short, it seems reasonable to assume that our Navy has already been sparring – so far without shots being fired – against the IRGC’s naval forces.

7. On November 28th, 2011, US District Court Judge, John D. Bates, handed down a ruling that showed Iran had been responsible for providing material support to al Qaeda for the 1998 East African Embassy bombings.  Moreover, Judge Bates’ decision pointed out that Iran had agreed to provide training at Hezballah camps for al Qaeda as early as 1992.  Again, Iran would have operated through the IRGC.  Al Qaeda attacks have killed Canadian citizens and done massive economic harm to Canada, which is why it is listed as a terrorist entity.

8. Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iran has done its utmost to keep Iraq unstable by pumping in arms and support for both radical Sunni groups (like al Qaeda, despite their frequent bloody attacks on Iraqi Shiites) and for radical Shiites like al Sadr’s militia.  They have also harassed US and UK personnel in Iraq.  Again, the Qods force of the IRGC has been implicated in much of this activity.

9. Using the Qods force and IRGC, Iran has stirred up the Shite Houthi tribesmen in Yemen and got them to stage attacks into Saudi Arabia in 2010 and 2011.

10. Members of the IRGC have been used to assassinate many Iranian exiles and dissidents since 1979 in many countries and recently were arrested in the United States for a planned assassination of the Saudi ambassador to the United States.

Although the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps play a key role in protection of the Islamic Republic of Iran and suppression of the Iranian citizens, it also extends the existence of a government that has taken the lives of many innocent individuals through its terrorist activities and brutal actions.  Therefore, as the agents of ideological oppression, of state terror, and the sponsors of terrorism outside of Iran; the IRGC certainly deserves to be added to the Canadian list of entities to which our anti-terrorism laws apply.  Declaring the IRGC to be a terrorist group will allow Canadian officials to employ many more options in countering their activities inside our country, and will send another stern message to their masters in Tehran.

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  • american terrorist

    if the iranian revolutionary guard is an terrorist organisation then your american, israel and canada are terrorist countries,. and they should be eliminated from the face of the earth. hail allah

    • UCSPanther

      Let's see you try. You'll get your 72 virgins soon enough…

    • Western Canadian

      Should that be ‘heil hitler’?? Oh, wait, same thing.

  • UCSPanther

    I call the IRGC the Iranian Schutzstaffel due to the many similarities they bear to the Nazi Party's armed wing.

    • Suleiman

      Yeah exactly like the American CIA covert operations to protect the evil American empire and its war machine.

  • sasss31

    For the sake of humanity, this regime must go. And I speak as an Iranian. IT is for the global security of the world that this regime under NO circumstances be allowed to acquire apocalyptic weaponry. The only solution is regime change and regime change NOW.

  • Ghostwriter

    You'll get no disagreement from me,sasss31.

  • H.S

    This reality has been shouted for so many years by so many peoples and political parties within and out of Iran. great to hear what I just have read.