Al Jazeera Joins Forces With Media Matters and ThinkProgress

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Like his fellow Israel-bashers at Al Jazeera and elsewhere, Rosenberg likes to spin a conspiracy theory asserting that Israel’s lobby is so strong in the United States that Israel is the “boss” in the U.S.-Israeli relationship. And he blamed the United States for the impasse with Iran. “The US, to this day, has never attempted a true dialogue with Tehran,” he wrote in one of his numerous columns appearing on the Al Jazeera website.

The same year that Al Jazeera was hosting Media Matters’ senior foreign policy fellow in Doha, the then-director general of Al Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar, visited Media Matters’ offices in Washington, according to two Daily Caller sources. There he met with David Brock and Media Matters’ president, Eric Burns.

Under Khanfar’s leadership, by the way, Al Jazeera broadcast extremist Islamist views without any counter-balance. It broadcast tapes produced by terrorists in Iraq where US soldiers were being killed, and it provided heavily biased anti-Israel coverage of the 2008-2009 Israeli operation in Gaza. Yet Brock and Burns made it a point to meet with him.

Professor Alan Dershowitz said it best when he declared: “There is not enough room under the big tent for people like me…and the bigots of Media Matters… Just in the same way that President Obama totally terminated his association with the Reverend Wright, he has to terminate any association with Media Matters and with the intellectual thugs who are behind it.”

Fat chance of that happening any time soon. If anything, Media Matters and the Obama White House are more tightly entwined than ever before.

The Center For American Progress’ blog, ThinkProgress, is also in bed with Al Jazeera. In addition to the standard bashing of Israel that they have in common, they formed a curious alliance in attacking the wealthy contributors to conservative causes, the Koch brothers, as symbols of the dreaded top 1%. Al Jazeera produced an anti-Koch “documentary,” which was promoted on the ThinkProgress web site.

Al Jazeera’s so-called “documentary” included a lengthy interview with one of ThinkProgress’ crackerjack “investigative reporters.”

Here is an excerpt from ThinkProgress’ promotion of Al Jazeera’s hit job on the Koch brothers:

The documentary features a lengthy interview with our colleague Lee Fang, an investigative reporter with Think Progress, who has played a major role in uncovering the strong “web of influence” of the Koch Brothers on state and federal politicians. The film touches on the Koch role in everything from health care to energy policy. It’s worth the watch.

In another example of solidarity, Al Jazeera conducted an interview with Wajahat Ali, lead researcher and writer for the Center for American Progress’ discredited report on the so-called “Islamophobia” network in America.

Al Jazeera has found common cause with ThinkProgress and Media Matters. Their mutual enemies include Israel, American capitalism and, of course, Fox News. The close alliance of ThinkProgress and Media Matters with the Obama White House indicates that the latter is embracing Al Jazeera as well. After all, Hillary Clinton spoke for the Obama administration in 2011 when she said — practically parroting Rosenberg’s characterization — that Al Jazeera is “real news” as opposed to the “arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news.” One wonders what it is exactly that Clinton, Rosenberg and other left-wing Al Jazeera supporters find so “factual” and convincing.

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  • truebearing

    Leftist Americans are committing acts of treason so egregious that there is only one punishment that is fitting. This Islamo-Marxist alliance is evil incarnate and has only one purpose: destroy America, and anyone who opposes their ruthless goal of totalitarian power. The connection to the Whitehouse and Obama is now irrefutable and umistakable.

    Baraka Obama makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot.

  • Rifleman

    You're known by the company you keep, and this is just additional confirmation for me.

  • John C. Davidson

    This article points out only a small portion of the conceted efforts of the Communists who are bend on destroying the freedoms put in place by the founders of this nation. Without the bill of rights, we will no longer be able to sustain freedom.

  • maturin20

    You labeled Al Jazeera as a corrupt media organization, implying that all the other media organizations are not corrupt. That's distorted. Also, when the US doesn't like what Al Jazeera says, we just bomb their offices, so what's the big deal? You also said that the Koch brothers are unfairly characterized. They are?

    • kongMing

      NBC might have a bias to big government due to political grafting.
      Fox News might blur the line between analysis and commentary.

      al-Jazeera fronts for child torture-murdering institutional rapists and drug cartel terrorists using religion to try to start an international war.

      • maturin20

        ABCBSMSNBC all routinely feed us blowback and keep us on an unquestioning permanent war footing of national bankruptcy. All of them meddle in the electoral process and rig our elections. All of them front for big oil and big automotive and love the devaluation of the dollar, love high gas prices, love unreasonable search and seizure. They are no better than Al Jazeera, and what is worse, they are headquartered here.

  • esperantominoria

    All of this means more of what is known as Islamic Cultural Terrorism,that is what Atheist Pat Condell of the UK has talked about in a video of his:

    "Video by Famous Atheist Pat Condell on “Islamic Cultural Terrorism” and a History of Other Famous Atheists"


    "Caliph Al-Hakim of Muslim Spain,who created a Library of 400,000 Books,was Not a Muslim since he was an Openly Practicing Homosexual"

    Muslims often say:"Look at Muslim Spain and how Muslims created the biggest library in Europe"

    "Abdel-Samad,the Most Famous Muslim in Germany wrote a Book saying Islam and the Islamic World will Collapse"

    The article has a video interview of Abdel Samad

  • neils60

    The author neglected to state, when refering to Mrs. Clinton's praise of al Jazeera news, that "It's always on all of the State Department's television sets". NBC/MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell also praised al Jazeera, as a great source for news of the Middle East. One can easily understand Andrea, and her fellow Kool-Aid dispensers/drinkers from MSNBC, praising al Jazeera, as it fits their agenda very nicely. But, I'm surprised at Mrs. Clinton's inability to discern actual news from blatant propaganda.

  • Steve Chavez

    It sounds like the greater enemy of the world is not Iran but Fox News. They complain that the U.S. can't sit down and negotiate with Iran but then again, they can't sit down with Fox News! Iran has the potential to start WW III, which would be a war fought with nukes, and yet Fox is a greater threat?

  • antimaturin20

    If David brock & George Soros don't like it in America, which made it possible for them to acccumulate riches, then why don't they move to a more friendler place to gays & Jews, like Iran, for example. Can't go to Malaysia though; no Jews & gays allowed, sorry, it's against the koran.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    I watch aL Jazeera. Just as I still study the communists I once was allowed to extirpate. Jazeera does a more professional and informative job that FOX, CNN or MSNBC. Hands down. Sometimes the facts, configured skillfully against your preconceptions and interests, HURTS. Sometimes the facts hurt, period. The answer is not found in silence or the self interested blithering of western propaganda. The answer is to know your enemy, know yourself and to have the confidence the difference matters. Even when it is very uncomfortable. Grow up, children.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I don't get Al-Jazeera so I can't comment on it. I have heard that it is anti-semitic,anti-American,and anti-Israel. But again,I haven't watched so I don't know for sure.

    • Michael

      I like tacos!!


    The partnership is just a mere formality. All three have been on the same Islamofascist, anti-American page for some time.