DOJ Seeks Candidates With ‘Psychiatric’ and ‘Severe Intellectual’ Disabilities

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It’s official. The Obama administration is intent on dumbing down the Justice Department. Literally.

P.J. Media uncovered efforts by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department to actively recruit and give preferential treatment to the hiring of attorneys and staff who have certain so-called “targeted disabilities.”  Included are attorneys and staff with “psychiatric disabilities,” “severe intellectual disabilities,” and other current severe “intellectual or mental conditions.”

This policy stems from an executive order signed by President Obama in July 2010 requiring that federal agencies develop plans for promoting employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities including “performance targets and numerical goals for employment of individuals with disabilities and sub-goals for employment of individuals with targeted disabilities.”

Pursuant to this executive order, Attorney General Holder issued a memorandum entitled “The Justice Department’s Schedule A Hiring Plan for Persons with Targeted Disabilities.” It directed all Department “components” to establish, by July 31 2012, a program to recruit, hire, and promote “qualified” attorneys and non-attorneys with targeted disabilities.

This brings us to the memo P.J. Media disclosed from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division dated July 31, 2012, entitled “Hiring Of Persons With Targeted Disabilities Policy,” laying out such a program for the Civil Rights Division.  Under the program, applicants who indicate they possess a targeted disability may be direct-hired “through a streamlined, non-competitive appointment.”  They are “eligible to be considered, interviewed, and hired for a vacant position” even “before the position is advertised.”

This is taking affirmative action to the extreme. What exactly constitutes a psychiatric disability or severe mental condition?  Would drug addicts fall into these categories and be given a shortcut to hiring over individuals who are drug-free?  Would a schizophrenic with potentially violent tendencies be eligible?  Those who would be inclined to answer yes to these questions argue that the program is only aimed at recruiting and hiring “qualified” applicants.  This is an extreme oxymoron that is as illogical and ill-conceived as the program it is used to rationalize.

According to the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, intellectual disability means “a disability characterized by significant limitations both in intellectual functioning (reasoning, learning, problem solving) and in adaptive behavior, which covers a range of everyday social and practical skills.”

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  • kblink45

    The timing in this story is suspect.

    Eric Holder couldn't have been the initial enforcer of Obama's directive to promote those with serious intellectual and psychiatric disorders.

    He was the first hire.

  • Rifleman

    Fine, make these kinds of hires their pilots and limo drivers, and see how many they hire.

  • mlcblog

    From the White House on down!!

  • kafir4life

    Didn't we get our current president that way? A number of American voters decided to "hire the handicapped" as it were. It was actually imperative that the Stinky (BO) administration not hire anybody that could be construed as more intelligent than themselves. Since steaming piles of dog feces could be in the "more intelligent than Eric and Stinky" category, they have to be careful with their choices. Biden, of course, was a perfect fit for Stinky. Has no brain or thoughts of his own, and happy to sit in a corner playing with his toes until he's sent out on a "mission".
    And that's GREAT for the employees at the DOJ. At least they understand that their "skill set" had nothing to do with their hiring. Good job Stinks!!

  • Fabio Juliano

    We've always dreamed of the day when people would no longer be discriminated against just because they're crazy and stupid. Why shouldn't a maniacal arsonist be a federal prosecutor? Why shouldn't our safety from terrorist attacks depend on someone with an orangutan-level IQ? What is more important, being able to read or equality? Not hearing Satan's voice in your head or fairness?

    Anyone who opposes this initiative is clearly a vile, disgusting, despicable, repugnant right-winger stricken with insanophobia and moronophobia, and who for the safety of everyone else should be locked up in an asylum.

    Eric Holder 2016!

  • ★FALCON★

    DOJ Seeks Candidates With ‘Psychiatric’ and ‘Severe Intellectual’ Disabilities

    . . . to launch false flag operations against the little dictator to steal another election.

  • VLParker

    The Department of Justice is already loaded with people with psychiatric disabilities not the least of which is Eric Holder.

  • Western Spirit

    Maybe someone with a severe mental problem will eliminate Holder by seeing him as a tool of the devil. But that would require a sane person.


  • AntiSharia

    Doesn't Eric Holder have severe intellectual disabilities?

    • HighPressure

      No, he has a psychiatric condition… he is a sociopath and a friend of racist thugs.

  • Fabio Juliano

    In a better world, Eric Holder would be a pimp.

    • SKIP

      He IS a pimp, for the Obamuslim and the NBPP and other black miscreants.

    • Lady_Dr

      I kind of thought that Stinky was the pimp, and Eric was either some sort of love slave or a ho for rent.

  • Steve Chavez

    Imagine the unchecked power by Holder and Napolitano will have if Obama, already ruling like a Totalitarian dictator, is re-elected?

    Holder, with all the Panther, F & F, "because I'm Black," and many other scandals, is Obama's main supporter and both are laughing at all the hearings that they know will amount to nothing which means Obama will stick with Holder no matter what he does. THEY DON'T CARE! The only one resigning was Robert Gates but he was a holdover from Bush and probably was learning too much about his boss so he was forced out.

    In order to get rid of Holder, Napolitano, and all the other "Circle of Communists," is to vote Obama out!

  • Spider

    Eric Holder was the first person recruited under this program..

    • kafir4life

      Second – The democrat party selected Stinky (BO) as the first.

  • Jayseebee

    Generally people with disabilities are our families, friends, and co-workers. We will all experience a disability sometime in our lives. People who are born with or acquire mental disabilities are shut out of society, and the government has a responsibility to make sure we the people are included.

    You'd think that "those" people would have no ability for the work, but in fact they must be qualified. They may or may not need adjustments, which would be reasonable for the employer to expect that the job will be done. So other than that these people are no different from you or me.

    • Fabio Juliano

      "We will all experience a disability sometime in our lives."

      Yeah, not being to bend your knees when you're 85 is the same as someone with an orangutan IQ in a position of trust in the Justice Department.

      What defines liberals above all is dishonesty.

    • kafir4life

      That's why liberals hire child molesters to run their day-care centers. After all, if they're qualified, and just need some "adjustments", what's the problem? Besides….it shows them they're "trusted".

      • amused

        jayseebee , you;re just as dumb as your two above critics . "SEVERE PSYCHIATRIC " ??? READ THE DAMN EXECUTIVE ORDER ! The rest of these IDIOTS DID NOT EITHER.

        • Joseph Klein

          Read the DOJ memo which developed a program for hiring attorneys and staff in the Civil Rights Division with targeted disabilities as called for in the executive order, and provided an operative definition for its program that included “psychiatric disabilities" and “severe intellectual disabilities.” Do yourhomework before spouting off.

    • Stephen_Brady

      So, if a person with epilepsy wishes to be a fighter pilot, he should be allowed to do so? Note that a person with epilepsy can work, but there are certain types of work he should nover be allowed to do. People with the kinds of disabilities mentioned in the articles should never … NEVER … be allowed to be part of any enforcement arm of a federal agency.


    "Included are attorneys and staff with 'psychiatric disabilities',” … etc.

    Wouldn't "attorneys with 'psychiatric disabilities'" be a redundancy?

  • Patricia Crowe

    He must of been their first experiment and it's an EPIC FAIL, he just wants employees that he can continue to blame for his blatant destruction of our Country and they will just take the fall for him and Obama, nice try you United States of America destroyer!!

  • Iratus Vulgas

    This isn't really much of a new development. It's just another component of the Left's diversity bandwagon. Never mind competence, skill, and ability, just as long as it looks good in a PR release. Holder could care less about results. It's about acquiring political capital. In the mind of liberals, we have an obligation to hire the incompetent because they have an unfair disadvantage created by those of us who actually know how to do things. Unfortunately the Left resents accomplishment.


    DOJ Seeks Candidates With ‘Psychiatric’ and ‘Severe Intellectual’ Disabilities

    IOW the DOJ is looking for more Socialists.

  • Arius

    Madness, utter madness. Can government get any lower?

  • mack jordan

    Armchair reactions to falsely reported information. IMHO, the problem begins with intolerance. Rule #3 of posting: "No ad hominem attacks". Promotion of discrimination on the aggregate is acceptable?

  • Ghostwriter

    There are already places where insane people are in power. This country shouldn't be one of them.

  • Brian Wilson

    Severe intellectual disabilities……….Since liberals consider conservatives to be deranged, the DOJ should be chock full of conservatives by now!

  • WhiteSnow

    Pre-Crime arrests will become quite common in our near future society.

  • Goemon

    So he wants mentally ill employees so he can discredit them if they whistleblow, or at least people too dumb to know what's going on there.

  • FPF

    People who are lack of moral and lack of justice are the major disabilities this administration seeks.

  • Elizabeth

    Seeking Candidates With ‘Psychiatric’ and ‘Severe Intellectual’ Disabilities sounds like a quota the DOJ has filled already.

  • flowerknife_us

    Can they pass the Drug test?

  • amused


    That executive order , if any of the 31 responding numbskulls , would bother to click on the very link this alleged journalist put in his yellow journalism essay, you can read it yourself . NOWHERE in that executive order does it even mention " psychiatric" or "severe intellectual disabilities " . The order mentions "TARGETED DISABILITIES " which the disingenuous MR KLEIN interprets and REDACTS as "psychiatric and severe intellectual disability " .
    Now the article he writes is indeed for the SEVERLY INTELLECTUALLY HANDICAPPED – ewhich is the 31 bloggers who jumped on board this lie .
    Shame on all of you SIMPLETONS .

    • Joseph Klein

      You are the one who is distorting the facts. Targeted disabilities is a defined term in the DOJ Civil Rights Division memorandum (“Hiring Of Persons With Targeted Disabilities Policy”) that includes "psychiatric" and "severe intellectual disabilities." My article provided a link to the memo which you either did not bother to read or are deliberately ignoring. Before you comment and throw out epithets, get your facts straight or you will only serve to expose whom the real "simpleton" is.

  • amused

    You suckers will believe anything thats tossed in your direction , just like the Administration outting that Pakistani Doctor in the Bin Laden Raid , again the readers here display their "severe intellctual diability " never bothering to check the veracity of the redmeat tossed in the gutter for you to suck up .
    Right after the raid the CIA offdered the Doctor safe passage out , he refsed ,said everything would be ok .ISI due to the great embarrassment launched an investigation on everyone going to or friom the compound and all who lived around it . A nurse who asdsisted the doctyor bragged about being inside the compound , she led them to the doctor .Pakistani reporters knew about ity before the US . People in the neighborhod knew about the " vaccination program " . YOU BOUGHT AND SWALLOWED ANOTHER LIE , without even bothering to check the FACTS . The Navy Seal who wrote the book by pen name Mark Owens whose real name was outted by FOX NEWS and who collaborated in that movie touted by FPM which was nothing more than political assasination is a hardcore BIRTHER .

  • amused

    S-U-C-K-E-R-S ! Aint America Great ! where you can be ,……as STUPID AS YOU WANNA BE !

    It's no wonder I'm "Amused " !

  • jewdog

    I guess the word "qualified" here is to be interpreted as "sex" was by Bill Clinton: It's the Alice in Wonderland definition.
    At least I'll concede that by hiring terrorist sympathizers you kill two birds with one stone, because the guy will also be a complete moron.

  • amused

    I guess you're just as much of a sucker as the rest of them , you swallowed a LIE ,don't change the subject , this article is BULLSHEET and you know it .

  • Marvin E. Fox

    The DOJ seeking candidates with psychiatric and sever intellectual disabilities to fulfill the professional needs of the DOJ should be a shock to every adult American citizen. There is no shock; that is about what any of us could expect from this administration.
    Identifying a problem, establishing the parameters of the problem, deciding on a reasonable course of action to treat the problem, and assigning the best people to solve the problem is a standard method of problem solving.
    In the Obama term of office, I can't think one example of the Obama administration solving a national problem using any system at all. People with intellectual difficulties might do better.
    Marvin E. Fox

    • amused

      very good Marvin …..then you are a genuine believer of the drivel put before you ….suck it up Marv , this article was made for folks like you . And I'll bet you're shocked , just shocked , eh Marv?

      • Marvin Fox

        Hello there Amused. Thank you for your amusing answer to my comment. I am indeed am believer in the American system of government and the common sense it takes to use it. If If find any of the above in the present collection of pseudo democrats, Progressives, and Marxist pretending to be the champions of the people I will be more than amused with my good luck.
        I will further amuse you with some of my favorite statements.
        The definition of our Republic is its Constitution; all other definitions are false or incomplete.
        Redefining our Republic as "our democracy' is false, and becoming more ridiculous by the minute.
        A vote against any Democrat is a vote against every Marxist.
        This comment is signed by Marvin E. Fox. Amused, who are you?

        • Amused

          keep up the good work Marvin , you are a true patriot , and dont EVER let the facts get in your way . Tell me Marv , since you're trying to present yourself as a rational person . do you really believe what the author contends ? That Holder and DOJ are hiring " psychiatric and severly intellectual disabilities " ? Because if you do , then that would indicate that you are not rational , but just another gullible conservative sycophant. And if you believe that EVERY Democrat is a "marxist " then you're just plain brainwashed -stupid . Sorry to sound insulting Marv , but I call'em the way I see'em . So drop that "subject changing crap " about the Constitution and "democracy " , as you're certainly no expert on your own Constitution – you did get ONE thing right though , you are in fact amusing ,as are the majority of your brainwashed fellows here and your brainwashed counterpart partisans on the left ,and I am more than amused but simply amazed at the low IQ's and utter stuipidity of the politicians on both sides of the aisle .

          • Amused

            Oh I forgot ……"Who am I " ? I'm Amused Marv , I'm a centrist , an NPA since the day I got my first voting card . I'm bi-partisan Marvin , because I can see the folly the fools of both parties are spinning and languishing in . If you're dumb enough to think that Romney getting elected is gonna change anything , then you're not as wise as your years , your duped . Sure there are some "what you would call marxists " on the left , and there are just as many what I would call "Facists " and elitists on the right . I'll tell you one of MY favorite statements – We are in dire need of a third party lest the two parties and their evey 4year pissing contest drag this country down with them .

          • Marvin Fox

            Glad to hear from you again "Amused." I have rarely observed a centrist with such an insulting mouth and leftist speech. I do know the Constitution of our Republic and political parties are not in it. A third party would be just one more doing what your Angst and disinformation says the two are doing. I don't belong to a political party because I don't like them. Under your definition, there is no one who could brainwash me. If I appear partisan at the moment, it is because the Democratic Party has no resemblance to the word 'democratic' and they don't like our Republic's Constitution. As for you, you hide behind an ambush code word, Amused, apparently to give your accusations cover.
            Marvin E. Fox

          • amused

            Well Marv , I take criticism with a grain of salt , and take special note of where it's coming from.
            You wouldn't know a centrist if he fell out of a tree and landed on your head , you're far too narrowminded to even recognize a centrist ……you're too far gone pal , for anyone who believes the utter nonsense in this article is truly lacking in crtitical thought , objectivity and mental ability . Hide ? If you're so out in the open put up your address Marvin , you're name is common .You could pen in anything you choose , and it's no indicator of credulity or authority anyway .BTW , I made no accusations . I actually bothered to read the Executive Order that Bower distorted way beyond recognition , in fact LIED ABOUT . But Marvin E. Fox …..believes it .

          • Marvin Fox

            Hello again Amused. How centrist of you to look at a standard democratic election season ploy and not recognize it for what it is. If the Democrats really cared about the handicapped people who have been available during the last four years the DOJ would have done something for them before the administration was on its way out. Anyone who believes the utter Democratic nonsense you believe is no centrist.
            Your unimaginative accusations have been the most interesting things you have said. Do you practice them before a mirror before making them.
            The definition of our Republic is its Constitution; all other definitions are false or incomplete.
            Defining our Republic as "our democracy" is false, and becoming more ridiculous by the minute.
            Marvin E. Fox

          • amused

            Well Marv , you see here in America , there are rules for the handicapped , you know those parking spaces and ramps .And there are job programs for the handicapped , you know if you loose anarm at age 24 or so , what do you do , get tossed on junk heap . Oh BTW Marv, the executive order was in 2010 , who was "on the way out " . YOU DONT KNOW WHAT DEMOCRATIC NONSENSE , that I believe , all you know is my position on this PHONY-FOR-SUCKERS-ONLY piece of yellow jouirnaliosm by the "alleged journalist " Joe Klein . I predicated my conclusions regarding Marvin E.Fox based on one simple question , which you have so far purposely eluded and sidestepped . Do you believe the DOJ is hiring candidates who have " Psychiatric and Severe Intellectual Disabilities" ? Did you suck up the dung that Klein has tossed in the gutter for your dining pleasure ? You cant answer can you Marvin ,and you know why ?? Because you know it's not true , but you're gonna stick to it like a fly on shiit anyway.

          • amused

            And you say " MY ACCUSATIONS " ? No chump , YOUR OWN WORDS indicate what you are, and you can't claim ignorance which makes your spouting pontifications even worse . You make yourself a LIAR ,a PHONY ,and a HYPOCRITE…lol…..A SCHMUCK ,as it were . Ironically , YOU are the one with a SEVERE INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY -self-imposed to boot.
            "CONSTITUTION " ?? You demean the word ! You're just another meme parrot with no knowledge of anything outside your little echo-chamber .

          • amused

            Still no answer Marv ? Didn't think so … run along and go find a 4th grader you can browbeat with your bullshiiit.

          • Marvin Fox

            Sorry I was too busy to immediately reply to your mumblings. I have a life.
            Your support of socialism in the name of the handicapped is offensive to me. The handicapped will be further handicapped if they succeed. My wife is handicapped, so I hope for some gain for each handicapped person even if it is inadvertent.
            Let me allow you some advice. I believe what you think of as your strong point is your weak point. Your accusations and name calling show your fear of losing control of the discussion. That also shows you have already lost control of the discussion. A discussion is a search for understanding and truth, not a contest to be won by the most vitriolic contestant.
            Good Luck
            Marvin E. Fox

  • AbsolutelyRight

    Apparently, President Romney will be very busy signing executive orders to undue Obama's executive orders

  • amused

    yea , screw the handicapped .