Islamic Violence Needs No Spark

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The Obama administration is willfully misleading the American people on the source of Islamic violence and throwing the First Amendment’s protections of free speech under the bus to boot.

In full dhimmitude mode, President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice have been busy blaming an obscure anti-Muslim video for the killing of our ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.  They refuse to place the blame where it belongs – on the Islamists themselves who do not need an excuse to incite violence against the “infidels.” Never mind that the interim president of Libya Mohamed al-Magariaf publicly took issue with the Obama administration’s apologist explanation for the killings of the Americans in his country:

It’s clear from the timing, on Sept 11th, and from the detailed planning of the attacks, indicates that behind it there was experienced masterminds. It was not a spontaneous act in protest of the movie. This has been prepared for a long time, on this specific day.

The video was nothing more than a convenient pretext for the latest episode of the continuing Muslim jihad against everything we stand for in the West. Consider, for example, the long list of targeted acts of terrorism on Christian civilians and church workers by devout Muslims, displayed on the website The list goes back to 9/11/2001.  Here are a few incidents that occurred just this year alone.

On August 14, 2012, Salafis stormed a Christian-owned store in Asyut, Egypt and murdered the owner.  On the same day, a 14-year-old Christian girl was gang-raped and murdered by five Muslim men in Sahiwal, Pakistan.  On August 10, 2012, a Christian man was gunned down by Islamists in Jolo, Philippines on his way home from church.  Four days before that, in Okene, Nigeria, Muslims entered a church and shot members with machine-guns, slaughtering at least nineteen, including the pastor. A Christian doctor was brutally blinded by Salafist Muslims in Shubra el Khayma, Egypt on July 26, 2012.  About a month earlier, two Christians were reported murdered by Muslim Brotherhood activists in El Sharqiya, Egypt.  In Kenya, on July 1, 2012, Muslims threw grenades into two churches and then shot dead fleeing Christians including children. And in Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, a video captured the image of an execution earlier this year in which a man’s throat was cut for embracing Christianity by Muslims who offered prayers as they sliced.

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  • Mike

    islam is a sick religion and must be watched while here in the U.S. Unfortunately I think things will only get worse in the M.E. for our christian brothers and sisters. islam is on the rise and must be curtailed in our country and politics. This is serious especially with bho in the white house. God have mercy on us!

  • Chanameel

    Obama lead 50,000 muslim men in a Day of Prayer on the Mall in September 2009 .(constellation Virgo)
    They prayed "For The Soul of America."
    This Rite was actually an "Act of Surrender" to Islam.

    Former President Clinton said that Obama needs 4 more years to complete his policies.

  • Schlomotion

    It is amusing and pathetic to watch the Hasbara machine try to score an Obama ouster over the Nakoula video. Mr. Klein bills himself as a "Harvard-trained lawyer." Mr. Obama (good or bad President) has an actual Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. That stands out as well as the fact that Mr. Klein's argument is bereft of any kind of legal arguments whatsoever. He is simply banging his chest and calling the President a dhimmi and trying to convince us that Americans love life more than non-Americans do. With that preposterous gambit he is defending a known felon and tarnishing the First Amendment with his warped assertion that somehow this anonymously disseminated work of fraud is the same as proclaiming your political beliefs in the public square.

    • jklein6234

      Normally I wouldn't waste my time responding to your stupid uninformed remarks, but since you raised a question about my Harvard Law School credentials I can assure you that I have an actual Juris Doctor degree with honors from Harvard Law School that I received well before Obama even entered law school. Moreover, if you knew anything about the First Amendment, it is not limited to "proclaiming your political beliefs in the public square." With few exceptions such as falsely yelling fire in a crowded movie theater, free speech applies to all speech – courts do not classify speech according to its content in deciding whether it deserves protection. In any case, as usual, you missed the entire point of the article, which is that the video was just an excuse for more violence in the Muslim world which occurs with all too much regularity – whether it is against Christians as I illustrated with examples that had nothing to do with any video or against the United States.

      I'm confident that you will respond with another inane remark which I will go back to ignoring.

      • Roger

        He is predictable.

      • Schlomotion

        I am glad but also saddened that you clarified that you are not merely "a Harvard-trained lawyer" but did actually earn a Juris Doctor at Harvard Law School. On the one hand, that makes for an excellent resume. On the other hand, it shows that you should be capable of making much better arguments with a firmer basis in law and the Constitution. The fact remains that despite your contention that the main thrust of the article is that Muslims are always looking for an excuse to do violence, we are not in the Muslim world. We are in the United States where Nakoula Nakoula, a bank swindler and felon who operates under multiple aliases, criminally duped people into making a video which he then advertised at mosques and specifically released in a tinderbox section of the world in order to incite rioting. We are witnessing here the quintessential shouting of "fire" in a crowded theater. Sure, the movie theater wasn't crowded, but the political theater was quite crowded when this anonymous schnook saw fit to…

        What do you want to call it? Exercise his right to free speech? If I go and spraypaint swastikas on people's houses is that also free speech? What if I spraypaint them on my own house and only live next door to someone who survived the Holocaust? That's OK? That's just my political opinion? Seriously, I am shocked with all your education, your article reduces to, Nakoula was just exercising the First Amendment and Muslims are always looking for an excuse to do violence. I can make that argument without a doctorate. More sensibly, I can disbelieve it without a doctorate.

        • Touchstone

          "If I go and spraypaint swastikas on people's houses is that also free speech?"

          Um, I don't think one needs to be a lawyer to understand that you'd be trespassing on the property of others and vandalizing it. An otherwise brilliant analogy, though.

          "What if I spraypaint them on my own house and only live next door to someone who survived the Holocaust?"

          As an experiment, why don't you go ahead and do that and then try to sell your house. I'm curious how much the value of your property would drop.

          The neighbor in your scenario could always move, and would probably get a good laugh at how you've made yourself into a local pariah fit for an appearance on Jerry Springer. Unlike a defaced house that everyone can't help but notice, nobody actually has to watch silly internet videos. I bet the vast majority of the delinquents rioting never saw the video. They do nothing all day but harbor grievances, so the mere whiff of an incendiary video was enough to send them into hysterics. And here you are, as if on cue, apologizing for their horrendous display of wildly exaggerated outrage. You'd give a pass to ANYTHING a crazed Muslim zealot does in the name of his ruffled feathers. At the same time, and at the height of hypocrisy, you never hesitate to inflame Jewish sensibilities. For example, it's perfectly acceptable for you to liken Zionists to Mengele and Goebbels, but what a crime it is to poke fun at Islam.

          Any more idiotic analogies you care to draw? Thanks for fulfilling the author's prediction that you would "respond with another inane remark".

          • Schlomotion

            Oh no. I don't apologize for their horrendous display of outrage at all. I think they are stupid. Rushdie had it right when he said there is an Outrage Industry in the works that riles these utterly pathetic and emasculated men into fits of screaming, jumping up and down and getting red eyed. They lack outlets. They don't have what we have. Pork ribs? None. Dirty magazines? None. Good music? None. Video games? None. Decent movies? None. Man's best friend? None. They have religious rioting. I think it's terrible. I also think it's terrible that Nakoula Nakoula was teasing them like poking a stick at dogs. I also think it's terrible that people are trying to elevate him and his buddy Steven Klein up to the status of First Amendment martyrs.

          • Roger

            They have outlets.

            Why don't you become more articulate and accurate and say they have no non-surah 9 outlets?

          • Touchstone

            For a self-styled rebel who revels in his defiant sanctimony and reminds everyone every day that he refuses to "toe the line on Israel", your criticism of Nakoula is extraordinarily hypocritical. What you're saying is that it's OK to poke your stick at Jews and Israel all day long, to the point where you actually intend to dismantle a whole country, but it's reprehensible and worthy of the most scathing condemnation for anyone to poke a stick at Muslims. Jew-bashing good; Muslim-bashing bad. That's what you're saying. That's pure hypocrisy — your specialty.

            You claim to love your country, to the point where you see yourself on a crusade to rescue it. You should be championing Nakoulah's right to make his incendiary video. Not the video itself, mind you, but his RIGHT to make it. That's what you should be defending, but since you have no compunction about wanting to "wring" Ben Shapiro's "neck", or wanting Michael Moore to suffer a gruesome death on "sharpened stakes", I shouldn't be surprised that you'd cast integrity to the winds and go on a Nakoulah witchhunt. If you had any principles, you'd defend the rights of Moore and Nakoulah, even if you fervently oppose the way they exercise those rights.

            It would be hard for anyone to be more hypocritical than you. I'm still hoping that you'll notice your planet-sized hypocrisy one day and finally have a life-changing epiphany, but sadly, you just keep getting more hypocritical all the time.

          • Schlomotion

            That's amusing. Are you likening Jews to Muslim extremists now? That irony aside, I must correct you again, in that I do not support the dismantlement or dismemberment of Israel.

            Nakoula does have a right to make incendiary videos. If he had made them under his own name with his own money, without defrauding the actors, without stalking mosques, without denying that he did it, without pinning it on other people, I could easily support his right to do it while merely impugning his judgment.

            I am amused that you even use the word "integrity" to describe anything within this web of anonymous and alias-cringing hurlers of racial and religious invective and defamation, and this posturing of deacons as dispassionate fact finders. It's a witch-hunt now, to berate the two men behind this video? Is it a witch-hunt when you catch the two shamans in flagrante delicto with the bloody chicken feet still in their hands? Who's hunting? It's right there.

        • Mullah be Damned

          Nakoula was making a criticism of a political system (Islam), which is the quintessential form of protected free speech. Without the right to criticize authority freely, we are doomed. In the ME we see what happens to a governing system when it is shielded from criticism. It becomes a monster.

    • Ghostwriter

      Stupidity,thy name is Schlomotion. You continue to prove it with each post.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Don't like the concept of free speech? Don't like Jews (aka. "zionists")? Then MOVE. Move to any one of the lovely islamofascist states of the OIC, where you'll never be bothered by Jews, Christians, Bahais, Hindus or Sikhs again. Make your next Haaj a permanent pilgrimage, you won't be missed.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "It is amusing and pathetic to watch the Hasbara machine try to score an Obama ouster over the Nakoula video. Mr. Klein bills himself as a "Harvard-trained lawyer." Mr. Obama (good or bad President) has an actual Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. That stands out as well as the fact that Mr. Klein's argument is bereft of any kind of legal arguments whatsoever."

    Blah, blah, blah, blah….mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo….jibberish. Really???
    Dude, you can sit at your terminal and tapdance all you want. Supression of free speech is exactly what it is, supression of free speech. We are a Constituional Repbulic, not an Islamic one governed by shariah. The Feds had NO, I mean NO legal right to detain that citizen for posting that video on youtube or try in anyway to persuade Google to remove it. The very fact that they did detain him is a signal that we in many ways have already surrendered to this ideology.

  • Gee

    I find it interesting that the poorly made video is somehow derogatory total Muslims or Mohammed, when it in fact is merely a poorly made video that faithfully portarys the actions stated in the Koran and Haddith.

    The US government has and is attempting to overthrow those parts of the US Constitution that they do not like.

  • Toecutter

    Anything is an excuse for violence with that religion. That is the Moslem way. This has nothing to do with crappy videos about Mohammed. It is just another excuse for Moslems to be violent. For violence is how their crap got out of Arabia in the seventh century in the first place!

    You can call me kooky, you can call me crazy… but I’ll never be a dhimmi. Not even at gunpoint!

  • Ghostwriter

    Nakoula has a perfect right to be an absolute idiot if he wants to. Look at Schlomotion. He's an idiot and he continues to prove it every single day.

  • Joe Six-Pack

    We are losing the war. The attrition our enemy was enduring in the match up against our military in Iraq and Afghanistan is way down. Their resources are now being directed in new, more effective ways. This war is going to become much bigger long before it is over.