Israel Under Siege

The Syrian regime’s civil war with armed rebel forces is spilling outside of its borders into Israeli territory. In recent days, Israel has witnessed incursions by Syrian tanks and mortar shelling. Meanwhile, this past weekend, Israel’s Negev population has been hit by over 100 missiles launched by Palestinian jihadists from Gaza.  The Palestinians also fired a sophisticated anti-tank missile at an Israeli jeep traveling along Israel’s border with Gaza, injuring four Israeli soldiers. So far, Israel has been showing remarkable restraint in the face of these multi-location assaults. But Israel’s patience is undoubtedly wearing thin.

Whether the Syrian incursions in the north and the Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza are somehow coordinated, under the command of their common puppet masters in Tehran, remains to be seen. However, it would be naive to assume that the simultaneous assaults are a pure coincidence.

Israel’s enemies appear to want to lure Israel into engaging in full blown reprisals, which they would use as ammunition for their propaganda campaign to delegitimize Israel in the international community.

So far, Israel has not taken the bait. Although it reserves its inherent right of self-defense, Israel has held back from launching any full scale air or ground attack against the Syrian troops and weaponry in the vicinity of the Israeli-Syrian border or against the Palestinian jihadists in Gaza.

Syria’s latest hostile act occurred on November 11th, at the same time that the rockets from Gaza were raining down on Israeli population centers. The Syrians fired mortar shells, which hit an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) post and an Israeli community in the Golan Heights area adjacent to the Israeli-Syrian border.  This was the second time that Syrian shells exploded in the Golan Heights area during the last week.

The series of Syrian provocations this month started on November 2nd, when Syrian tanks violated the Separation of Forces Agreement, signed between Israel and Syria in 1974, and entered a Golan demilitarized zone.

Although the UN Security Council has ignored Israel’s repeated written complaints regarding the barrages of Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, Israel’s UN Ambassador, Ron Prosor, sent a letter on November 6th to the Security Council calling on it to address Syria’s violations of the Separation of Forces Agreement. “The international community and the Security Council should address this alarming development without delay to prevent further escalation,” Prosor wrote.

The Security Council has done no more to address Israel’s concerns over Syrian instigated hostilities than it has Israel’s complaints regarding the Palestinian rocket attacks.

In response to the latest shelling incident instigated by the Syrian regime, the spokesperson for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a waffling statement Sunday evening that as usual failed to clearly lay the blame where it belonged and denied Israel its inherent right of self-defense:

The Secretary-General is concerned by reports of clashes between the armed opposition and Syrian security forces in the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)-supervised area of separation, in which Syrian small arms fire and one artillery round reportedly landed in the Israeli-occupied Golan today and prompted a response by Israel.  No injuries to civilians or UN personnel in either instance were reported.

The Secretary-General is deeply concerned by the potential for escalation.  He calls for the utmost restraint and urges Syria and Israel to uphold the Disengagement Agreement, respect their mutual obligations, and halt firing of any kind across the ceasefire line.

The UN Disengagement Observer Force that is supposed to patrol the Golan area has been feckless. In fact, it may be even worse than feckless. According to a report by Inner City Press, Syria is claiming that it had the UN Disengagement Observer Force’s “oral approval” for “conducting a limited military operation to free two villages from terrorist groups.” The operation allegedly approved by the UN Disengagement Observer Force included the Syrian tanks.

Even though Israel’s letter to the Security Council regarding Syria’s prior hostile acts fell on deaf ears, Israel again chose to file a complaint in response to the latest mortar shelling, this time through the UN Disengagement Observer Force, which may have already been complicit in approving the earlier tank incursion. While tamping down any talk of immediate Israeli escalation and firing only a warning shot aimed at a Syrian artillery cannon, Israel indicated that it will not necessarily be so restrained in its military response the next time.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak also issued a stern warning to Syria to keep its fighting against the rebels away from the Golan Heights.  “The message has certainly been relayed. To tell you confidently that no shell will fall? I cannot. If a shell falls, we will respond,” Barak told Israel’s Army Radio.

Israel is literally surrounded by enemies, armed and funded by Iran, and sworn to its destruction.  Hamas to the south and Hezbollah to the north have increasingly sophisticated weapons to terrorize Israel’s civilian population, while using the civilians the terrorists control as human shields to propagandize the casualties resulting from any serious Israeli reprisal. Egypt and Turkey are no longer buffers.  Instead, they are part of the problem, as the Islamists’ grip over the governments of both countries tightens.

Syria presents Israel with a minefield.  President Bashar Assad, backed by Iran, is increasingly desperate as the civil war grinds on. Desperate dictators in his position will do desperate things and create distractions, which could drag Israel into hostilities in an area that has been relatively quiet for nearly forty years. But if Assad falls and radical Islamists aligned with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood take over, Israel will be confronted with an even more implacable enemy on its border.

The United Nations is less than useless. It is often on the side of Israel’s enemies. President Obama’s re-election could mean the further deterioration of relations with Israel’s closest and most important ally.

Israel faces great peril to be sure, but its people are courageous. They have the strength and resourcefulness to save themselves. They are willing to fight for the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish homeland. They know they have no real other choice in a world made up of so many other nations that have too often been willing to persecute as “foreigners” Jews living for generations in those lands simply because they chose to live their Jewish faith.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared in his address to the United Nations General Assembly last September:

Throughout our history, the Jewish people have overcome all the tyrants who have sought our destruction. It’s their ideologies that have been discarded by history.

The people of Israel live on. We say in Hebrew Am Yisrael Chai, and the Jewish state will live forever.

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  • Mary Sue

    It's even more clear that crap is going down. First it was lobbing crap into Turkey, now this. Now just how soon this will all boil over…well, let's just say, if it isn't the day the Mayans thought the world would end, it'll be sooner rather than later.

    • adinakutnicki

      It is much more complicated than most realize. Much more. And for a first good rendering, see this <a href="http://-,” target=”_blank”>-, and it is as true now, as it has been for years.

      Piggyback here –

      And then if your stomach can take it, here too-

      With the grand finale found here –… – originally published in The Jewish Press, on the sixth anniversary of the 'Disengagement' from Gush Katif/Gaza. And we are where we are today, due to ALL of the above!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel <a href="http://” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”>

      • PaulRevereNow

        Ms. Kutnicki: I've read your cite to American Thinker. Caroline Glick has been writing for years, bemoaning the fact that Israel's Supreme Court acts as an ipso facto legislature, and that Israel's judiciary is a world unto itself. She has also proposed a few times, that the Knesset pass a law, that gives Israel's Prime Minister the power to appoint Israel's Supreme Court justices; as the POTUS has in America. Why has this not been done? And what is Bibi Netanyahu's thinking on this?

        • adinakutnicki

          In a nutshell, the real rulers in Israel are a small clique of leftist power brokers, even though the majority Jewish public is center or right wing.
          They absolutely pull the strings, making sure that leftists sit in key positions, particularly in the prosecutor's office and judiciary. Even with concerted pressure applied, every time a push is made, to change the judicial fiefdom, little is done. Though some cosmetic changes were pushed through recently, the fact of the matter is that the judiciary IS the ruling hand in Israel, and the Knesset hardly makes a dent. There are NO separation of powers. NONE.
          And those behind the scenes, also pull the PM's strings, regardless if a so called right wing leadership is elected.
          At the end of the day, Israel's system of injustice is little more than a social engineering fiefdom. And its previous Supreme Court Head, Aaron Barak, crowed as much.
          To really understand, what some of the much needed solutions are, please read -

          Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • devdeep

      mary sue is so right, even i think so


    hamass has signed its death warrant.

  • Mary Sue

    Dude, a million white supremacists are asking the same damn thing about black people.


      Mary Sue, the deshawn moron is a white guy posting with a name associated with black people.

      • Mary Sue

        doesn't matter. I wonder if he thinks black people are as bad as teh jews. The point is also valid to any anti-semitic black people.

    • Mary Sue

      btw deshawn was going on about why were Jews treated like crap as if it was their own fault. Typical anti-semite.

  • Mary Sue

    Jeebuz dude, Israel can't even have it's own country without you b*tching?

  • Larry

    How many times did you vote for the obamessiah last week?

  • Mary Sue

    oh dear god another Schlo-motion wannabe?

  • The Truth

    While the house of burglars has its men out burglarizing all of the neighbor’s houses, one of the neighbor’s dogs has managed to relieve himself on the lawn of the burglars’ house. Subsequently, the spokesman for the burglars has fired a shot at the neighbor’s dog and at the neighbor’s house, loudly proclaiming that he is exercising the utmost self-restraint, and that if pushed too far, a plan is in the works to burn down all the neighbors’ houses.

    • Stern

      Aw gee, so clever. Trying to mask Jew-hatred with a little parable that is just as much BS as any real anti-Semitic rant would be. Stand up and be counted, coward, or shut up.

    • Drakken

      I can't wait until Israel says enough is enough and takes the gloves off and gives Gaza the Carthage treatment.

    • Western Canadian

      A comment, even for you, of uncommon idiocy. Your pathetic attempt to smear the object of your irrational and unremitting hatred (the jews), makes even less sense then your normal drivel.

  • jackstraw

    Under siege? Ports blocked? Airspace closed? Free flow of goods and services cut? Are there any plans to airlift crucial medical supplys in? LOL.


      Send 'em bacon.

    • Mary Sue

      Rockets being shot into their midst certainly DOES qualify as "under siege".

  • Steve Chavez


    "All Israel's fault" will be the Obama and his media narrative, and since he's successfully BRAINWASHED AMERICAN JEWS, with most, FAKE JEWS, they'll side with Obama's Muslim-appeasing stance. "FAKE JEWS?" These are the children, and their children, of real practicing Jews of decades ago. They are the vocal minority who are active in many groups like Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, and Stop the $30 Billion, and other groups who associate themselves with Israeli "peace" groups who blame Israel's leadership and who side with Hamas, Hezbollah, and any terrorist group.

    WHEN ISRAEL ATTACKS, innocents, or are they really innocents, will be killed since many of the rocket attacks are from neighborhoods filled with homes and apartments. One Israeli rocket that hits this rocket launching site, will kill "women and children" and that will be the front page headlines. The media won't care or listen to anyone who says that a hundred rockets a day were launched from that site.


  • PaulRevereNow

    To whom are you referring when you say "their ideology?" As Mr. Hershfeld explains in this video, these rabbis have misrepresented and desecrated the Torah; and this book does not represent in any way, mainstream Judaism. No rabbi I've ever met has advocated killing non-Jews. Not even rabbi Meir Kahane advocated the killing of children.

  • Stern

    Has anyone noticed that Ban Ki Moon said absolutely nothing until Israel fired a warning shot? Not a word for weeks, but Israel fires one shot and suddenly he's "concerned". As Honest Reporting keeps saying, "It all started when Israel fired back."

    • Mary Sue

      Typical Ban Ki Moon. Typical UN. Ignores the rockets going into Israel…then cries when they fire back even though it's only a warning shot.


      *facepalm* I'm really tired of the UN's one-sidedness.

    • lambsev

      great point Stern!

      Even the USA did not involve itself in WW2 until her own interests were threatened. It was God who saved the Jews in WW2, and the USA was simply a sword in his hand against Jewish enemies!

      What we will be discovering soon is just how difficult real faith in God will be! Those who are not loving Jerusalem will likely be quickly be swept up into Islam. God's people will be a remnat, how small IDK, but small indeed.

  • Marty

    It's really in Israel's interests to avoid damaging the syrian army. Its soldiers are needed to keep fighting the so-called free syrian forces that want to enslave what remains of the population they haven't slaughtered to sharia law. The longer the conflict continues, the greater the chance that syria, a fake country anyway, will experience de facto partition into various sectarian enclaves that will almost certainly become too busy killing one another to bother with Israel.


      Get the FAKE "anti-war" activists to go to Syria and do their "anti-war" protests – in Aleppo.

      If we're lucky, none of them will come back.

      • Drakken

        I certainly would love to see that ! Darwinism at it's finest! Hopefully that traitor Rachel Corrie gets lots of company.


          You must be referring to Saint Pancake.



    His father, an alcoholic, worked for Bill Clinton.

  • Asher

    There is one man who will solve the wars between Israel and its enemies…the real Messiah, Jesus. The age old conflict between the offspring of Hagar and Abraham, and Sarah and Abraham will be solved when he comes, to unite both sides, and the children of Isaac and Ishamel. It will happen!

    • lambsev

      YES and AMEN !!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Israel Under Siege….!!NO!!, how could that happen surrounded by the people of the
    religion of piece? Now that Obama is voted to stay and additional 4 miserable years
    what solace and support can Israel expect from the Islamist enabler, none. What
    we can expect is to choose sides and support the right every way possible, Israel
    still has friends who must act and speak out against the Muslim bloodthirsty barbarians.

  • Dwee

    Asher, it is that very sort of brainwashing that re-elected the all time most pathetic excuse for a president. Brainwashing, various methods using the power of suggestion to manipulate people, is all too easy to do to as the brain is keen not to burn the extra energy needed to form new ideas about old input. That said, I appreciate your sincerity, but if Israel/the Jews waited around for a Messiah to save them they would soon be exterminated permanently, including the self hating Jews as we know Htlr went as far back in the family history as possible to find Jewish ancestry. The Jews will survive for a variety of reasons. One, though far too many have been brainwashed, there is a large percentage that are brilliant, whose brains are willing and able to use lots of energy to think ahead. Second, the very fact that Jews are always attacked makes them stronger. And third, science is evolving to where humans will be far less a threat to themselves and others. In the meantime, human animal nature combined with a little intelligence but little control of that intelligence, i.e., easily manipulated by others, will continue….

    • lambsev

      Those who will not believe the Holy Bible and the God who inSpired it are doomed to believe the lie.

  • TheOldBoot

    My 25 cents of advice for the Israeli government would be to open two areas in Israel for the location of diplomatic missions of countries that were hostile to them at the UN, including the UN personnel themselves. These areas would be in the border regions that Hamas and Hezbollah are attacking with rockets etc. They could always build their instalations underground.

  • Tmantom

    It's hard to answer "Stupid" seriously ! First I suggest that you get a book on history and really research why things ARE, as they are today; then I suggest that you also read that 5000 year old history book called The Bible; even though I doubt with your feeble mind, you could ever comprehend it. It would take a make-over from God to truly enlighten you. Come on man; We don't live in the dark ages anymore !

  • Mickey Oberman

    "Is the majority of humanity just crazy "anti-semites"? Please answer me seriously."

    An unequivocal and very serious YES.

    And you are a perfect example of this craziness.

  • marios

    great idea! …as well as Marty suggestion.

  • Ghostwriter

    How can we,DeSlime? You hate Jews. You want them dead. You're one of those "crazy anti-semites." You've made it clear who you are. A Jew hating beast.

  • Brujo Blanco

    It seems that those that criticize Israel for shooting at terrorists fail to identify why Israel shoots at them at all. The answer is when the Israelis are shot at they shoot back in self defense. The terrorists launches missiles from populated areas intentionally putting their own people in danger. This way they insure that the Jews will end up killing innocents by knocking out a launching pad. The terrorists shoot 80 missiles into Israel and the left cry foul only considering that the Jews fired ignoring totally why they fired at all.

  • lambsev

    read the Bible, Old and New testaments, it is all explained there.

  • amused

    This is nothing less than Assad possibly in conjunction with Iran , to draw Israel into the conflict , to the point at which the Syrian rebels turn some or all of their energies againt that which ALL muslims hate ….Israel . It is in the same vain as Saddam attacking Israel during the first Gulf War . No matter what arabs and muslims are fighting about , no matter how many of each other they are engaged in killing , they ALL share a common thread and cause …..their hatred of Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel . They can always interupt hostilities for that .

  • amused

    Arab Spring , winter ,summer or fall , the Pan-Arab pipe dream is and always will be , to destroy Israel .

  • Jim

    Do as the Turks did.

  • Thomas seller

    Israel put your trust in GOD,He will be there for you.


      We are not living in the age of miracles.

      Israel put your trust in GOD and guns and lots of ammo.

  • George Austin

    I never would have believed 4 years ago that the US would not only turn it's back to Israel, but become an arm of the muzlims. Being born and raised a muzlim BHO has followed it's tenants of deceit, lies and cunning as a master. Soon we will join the world against Israel and those that do not believe will not be able to believe. Pray for your friends and families that they will not become blind when God retracts his protection. Remember the charge to protect the weak and old. To die as a persecuted follower is an honor. To allow others to die this way is to disobey his charge.

  • Gamaliel

    Restraint is a mistake. Moshe Dayan once explained how to survive in the Middle East. He said:
    “The essence of Israel’s security in this region (Middle East) is deterrence. When we formed the State in 1948-9, we were very weak. The Arab States had planes, tanks, heavy artillery and many more soldiers than us. We had very little heavy military equipment. In the period 1949-55, we absorbed almost a million immigrants. Tent cities sprung up all over the country. We were totally disorganized. Had the Arabs mounted another major invasion, we could have lost. We devised a solution to this problem. It was deterrence. Think about being lost in a forest and surrounded by hostile animals. If you light a torch, boldly approach them showing no fear — they will retreat. But, if you show fear — they will attack and you are lost. We used this principle to save Israel during those early years. Every time we were attacked, we retaliated ten fold. We showed daring and penetrated deep within their borders to attack our targets. ..You know the result. The Arabs were afraid and never attacked. Deterrence worked. ”
    Instead of deterrence Israel today practices restraint and gives land for a peace that never comes.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Tu., 11/13/12 common era

    It doesn't take an Einstein or a Freud to discern what Israel must do right now: kill as many of the enemy as possible and as quickly as possible. The hell with the Israel bashers. They love to commemorate dead Jews, and many Jews sadly use Holocaust studies as their secular religion. Amalek must be wiped out once and for all– no more Mister Nice Guy.

  • Drakken

    As Moishe says and I agree 100% is that Israel has to get rid of the guilt complex and take the muslim enemy to task, to do this Gaza must be leveled period. The rest of the savages will take note and won't screw with Israel for a few ears until the useless leftist start having fantacies of peace again.