Muslim Brotherhood and Obama: Partners In Taqiyya

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To convince the world that sharia-based laws protect personal freedoms and human rights for all, Islamists engage in the time-honored Muslim tradition of lying about their own beliefs to conceal their true nature. This form of deception is known as “taqiyya.” Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is engaging in taqiyya as it prepares to lead Egypt’s newly elected parliament and to assure Egyptian citizens and the world at large that they are peace-loving advocates of universal human rights. The Obama administration is buying this taqiyya hook, line and sinker — and spreading it.

Just last week, for example, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson met with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie, congratulating the group for the victory of their political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), in the elections for a new parliament. She listened attentively as Badie assured her that sharia law “ensures personal freedoms for all.” When Badie told her the United States had to prove to Muslims that it has seen the error of its ways in past dealings with the Muslim world, Patterson followed the lead of President Obama. She apologized for what she said were past American mistakes and promised that the U.S. will “learn from them to avoid their recurrence in the future.”

Back in Washington, D.C., State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a January 5th press briefing that the United States trusts the Muslim Brotherhood party’s good intentions. Choosing to downplay an interview by a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader with Al Hayat, in which he said that the treaty with Israel is not binding, Nuland responded:

We’ve seen this press report. I would say that it is one member of the Muslim Brotherhood. We have‬ had other assurances from the party with regard to their commitment not only to universal human rights, but to the international obligations that the Government of Egypt has undertaken.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Obama administration partners in taqiyya ask us to accept at face value the Brotherhood’s current face of moderation. We are supposed to believe that it has eschewed violence, wants to maintain peaceful relations with Israel and is dedicated to fostering an open pluralistic democracy in Egypt in which all of its citizens are treated equally.

The facts unfortunately do not support this rosy picture. For example, the “one member of the Muslim Brotherhood” whose hostile remarks earlier this month against Israel were dismissed as irrelevant by the State Department spokeswoman was the Brotherhood’s deputy leader, Dr. Rashad Bayoumi. He said in his interview that his organization will not recognize Israel “under any circumstance.” Bayoumi added that “we do not recognize Israel at all. [Israel is] an occupying criminal enemy.”

Dr. Bayoumi’s interview took place just a few weeks after Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie welcomed Hamas’s Gaza leader, Ismail Haniyeh, at the Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters. Haniyeh said during his visit that “Our presence with the Brotherhood threatens the Israeli entity.” For his part, Badie had nothing but praise for Hamas, which has not renounced violence and was after all the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr. Mahmoud Saad al-Katatni, the Director of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party until he resigned on January 21, 2012 to serve as the speaker of the new Egyptian parliament, said last month that the parliament is expected to reevaluate the Camp David peace treaty that Egyptian President Anwar Sadat signed with Israel in 1979:

A long time has passed since the Camp David accord was signed and like the other agreements it needs reevaluation and this is in the hands of the Parliament[.]

Al-Katatni denied a report in an Israeli newspaper that had claimed the Muslim Brotherhood has reached understandings with the United States and Israel regarding the importance of safeguarding the peace treaty with Israel:

The report in the newspaper is completely unfounded. There have been no contacts or understandings with the American or Israeli side about the peace treaty that President Anwar Sadat signed in 1979.

Is the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated leader’s equivocation on a 32-year-old treaty, which has maintained peace between Egypt and Israel, what the State Department’s spokeswoman had in mind when she expressed confidence in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “commitment… to the international obligations that the Government of Egypt has undertaken”?

And what do we make of the report from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which closely monitors the Arab media, about the recent virulent anti-Semitic writings appearing on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website, The report stated:

The website of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt,, contains articles with antisemitic motifs, including Holocaust denial and descriptions of the ‘Jewish character’ as covetous, exploitative, and a source of evil in human society. While articles of this tenor have been posted on the site in the past, their posting has recently taken on greater importance in light of the group’s increasing strength following the ouster of the Mubarak regime, as reflected by the results of the recent parliamentary elections.

In addition to antisemitic content, articles on the site also include praise for jihad and martyrdom, and condemnation of negotiation as a means of regaining Islamic lands. Among these are articles calling to kill Zionists and praising the September 9, 2011 attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo – which one article called a landmark of the Egyptian revolution.

Saying one thing to guarantee Obama administration support for the Muslim Brotherhood and saying another on the Muslim Brotherhood’s own website is vintage Islamist taqiyya.

How about universal human rights such as freedom of religion and expression? Again, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration want us to forget about the Muslim Brotherhood’s past positions on denying certain rights to women and religious minorities. They expect everyone to fall in line and embrace the “moderate” leadership of today, exemplified by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Mohammed Badie, and the former director of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, who was just chosen as the speaker of the parliament, Mahmoud Saad al-Katatni.

Both Badie and al-Katatni espouse sharia law as the basis for governing Egypt, but maintain that sharia law, inclusive democracy and universal human rights are all compatible with each other. To this end, as noted above, Badie claims that sharia law “ensures personal freedoms for all.” Al-Katatni said in an interview with al-Jazeera that the Freedom and Justice Party “is not a religious party but it’s a civil party… that seeks a modern and democratic state but with a ‘Islamic reference’.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s website describes al-Katatni as “renowned for his moderate stances.”

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The deception and abetting to islam in our nation extends far beyond the impostor Obama and lasts much longer than his criminal term.

    1) The Department of State has been an islamic apologist and enabler for decades.

    2) The "religion of peace" Bush immediately follows.

    3) The US spineless yes-men military brass enthusiastically picks the winds from all the above. The US military brass has betrayed America and the Constitution so much, that islam is green-lighted and covered up (fort Hood), while Christianity is suppressed, and the rules of engagement are designed in favor of the islamic enemy rather than in favor of our own soldiers!

    4) Apologists and enablers of islam permeate the entire political spectrum: from the Lefts to the Rights, from "progressives" to some conservatives exemplified by the likes of Ron Paul.

    The betrayal is overwhelming and unprecedented. America must wake up and shake away all the treasonous echelons of power (if it is not too late).

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Ask any muslim what DHIMMI means………watch how they conceal the real meaning because they don't want to come out and say DHIMMIS are second rate citizens as best paying a tribute, walking in the street if muslims are on the sidewalk, and never have the audacity to look a muslim in the eye! LIES & DECEIT = MUSLIM TAQIYYA!

  • LindaRivera

    And partners in seeking to CRIMINALIZE FREE SPEECH and the imposition of global Islamic sharia law.

    U.S., E.U. Spearhead Islamic Bid To Criminalize Free Speech
    by Soeren Kern
    January 6, 2012

    The European Union has offered to host the next meeting of the so-called Istanbul Process, an aggressive effort by Muslim countries to make it an international crime to criticize Islam.

    The announcement comes less than one month after the United States hosted its own Istanbul Process conference in Washington, DC.

    The Istanbul Process – its explicit aim is to enshrine in international law a global ban on all critical scrutiny of Islam and/or Islamic Sharia law – is being spearheaded by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a bloc of 57 Muslim countries.

    …The OIC therefore scored a diplomatic coup when the Obama Administration agreed to host a three-day Istanbul Process conference in Washington, DC on December 12-14, 2011. In doing so, the United States gave the OIC the political legitimacy it has been seeking to globalize its initiative to ban criticism of Islam.

  • maria

    Obama is Muslim by sharia law as his father ( and even step-father) was Muslim. He studied in the Muslims school. He is Islamists proxy and first of all Muslim Brothers one. Some Muslims paid for his Univercities years in Harvard and… On his Cairo speech the first rows were occupied by MBH members and then…then started Arabs "revolutions", Arabs "spring" which brought radical islamist into power.
    I came accross some muslims web cite and some comments were "thank you BHO for doing good job for us."

  • Adrian Cain

    This is my creed and the words of my religion from The Book of the Law, (LIber AL vel Legis) Chapter Three, vs 49-54, in the voice of HORUS. You cannot take away my freedom of religion to blaspheme your gods. This is an attack against your gods and prophets, not against their followers or any persons alive, therefor is not hate-speech, unlike the quran which mandates death for all non-muslims and is filled with hundreds of hate-threats against all non-believers past and present.
    49. I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men.

    50. Curse them! Curse them! Curse them!

    51. With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs upon the cross.

    52. I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him.

    53. With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din.

    54. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds.

  • Dr. Ron Polland

    Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood President. He is a big part of their plan for a world caliphate begining with the destruction of Israel. The liberal fact checkers even told us this was true. Every time they counter the claim that Obama is a Muslim, they also go totally nuts in talking about Obama being a part of the world caliphate – not as an embellishment of "Obama is a Muslim," but as a separate canard or "fringe belief." They then use separate time to build the big lie by proclaiming that NO Muslims have any interest in buildling the kalifa, the world caliphate.

    They also make the same statement about the Muslim Brotherhood!

    They finish up their pack of lies by claiming that Obama is still a strng supporter of Israel.

    • chess

      Thank-You. We have work to do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

  • cybergatis

    Shouldn’t Obama have gone to Egypt? The instrument of surrender is generally signed on the victor’s turf.

  • SEO Services

    Is it true that Obama have gone to Egypt? Can you clear the information please.

  • chess

    Of course. Israel is only trying to protect itself. Was there a reason we didn't vet bHusseino before he took office? It was so obvious to anyone simply paying the smallest attention this guy was a fake. An angry fake ~ gunna' pay the world back for injustices to his father. Remember, 'dreams OF A father" ? He will be paying everyone back for a long time that his father abandoned him. Just a real angry guy who met a real angry woman…