Re-Arming Gaza’s Terrorists

President Obama pushed Israel into accepting a ceasefire arrangement with Hamas, which was engineered by Hamas’s Muslim Brotherhood patron, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Under the terms of the ceasefire, Israel is supposed to negotiate, through Egyptian intermediaries, an easing of border restrictions between Gaza and Israel. This would be the same Egyptian government that had sent its prime minister to Gaza to express solidarity with Hamas during the fighting.  Hamas, on the other hand, is not required to give up its remaining stockpile of Iranian-supplied weapons, nor to commit to cease all further imports of Iranian missiles or missile parts.  In short, the ceasefire is a sham. Only a Gaza Strip without re-armed terrorists can truly stop the fire in the long run.

Obama reportedly praised Morsi for his pragmatism in putting ideology aside in order to get the ceasefire deal done.  Morsi wasted no time in exploiting the glow of praise radiating so brightly from Obama and the international community for his role in bringing about the ceasefire. He issued an edict the next day exempting all his decisions from judicial review and giving himself the power to do pretty much anything he deemed necessary to keep the “revolution” alive.

Morsi was able to get Hamas to agree to a ceasefire because he knows that Hamas will simply follow the path of Hezbollah, which has used its own ceasefire with Israel in Lebanon to re-arm itself to the teeth with sophisticated weapons it obtains from Iran and Syria. Morsi no doubt followed the time-honored Islamist tradition of lying in the service of Islam, known as taqiyya, regarding any representations he may have made on Hamas’s behalf to Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the negotiations.

How was Obama able to get Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to the ceasefire before the military operation had achieved all of its objectives?  According to Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, Netanyahu might well have succumbed to threats by the Obama administration that it would cut off or delay shipments of vital parts for F-16s and other military assets unless Israel acceded.

There is also an unconfirmed report by DEBKAfile that Obama secured Netanyahu’s agreement to the ceasefire after he “personally pledged to start deploying US troops in Egyptian Sinai” within a week. This follows another DEBKAfile report of a U.S. project to construct electronic security fences along the Suez Canal and northern Sinai. The kicker, however, is that Morsi has to consent to the fences and the entry of U.S. forces into Sinai to take action against Iranian arms smuggling networks.

Meanwhile, Hamas is wasting no time. The rocket firings may have ceased for the time being, but not the re-arming. Israeli spy satellites have reportedly detected rockets and other weapons being loaded into a cargo vessel at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, which is the location of the main base of the Iranian Navy.  Israeli intelligence officials believe that the vessel will be following a well-established sea route from Bandar Abbas to the Port of Sudan, from which arms are then smuggled through Sudan and Egypt via the Sinai Peninsula to Gaza.

Iran uses Sudan regularly as part of its terrorist arming campaign, leveraging a defense pact the two countries signed in 2008.

An arms factory in Sudan, reportedly used by Iran to manufacture arms for transit to Hamas, exploded last month as a result of what may have been an Israeli air strike.  But the Iranian-Sudanese terrorist arms venture continues on.  Libya has become another source of weapons smuggled to Gaza.  An Iranian Navy ship, carrying weapons, was allowed by Egyptian authorities to pass through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean last August – in other words, by the same government that is supposed to help maintain the ceasefire between Iran’s client Hamas and Israel.

Israel should not ease any current land and sea restrictions without ironclad, enforceable measures to stop all terrorist re-arming in its tracks. Enforceable does not mean by UN peacekeeping troops.  They have proved to be worthless in stopping the smuggling of arms across the Syrian border to Hezbollah, as was called for in Security Council Resolution 1701.

However, assuming that the DEBKAfile report is true and Morsi somehow consents to a limited U.S. troop presence in the Sinai to snuff out the smuggling operations – a questionable assumption –  that is only a start. Moreover, the United States should not have to act alone. If European countries and Turkey, as well as the United States – all members of NATO – want Israel to ease the land and sea restrictions, then NATO needs to step up.  This means committing the resources required to inspect all cargo before it enters Gaza from whatever location, and to interdict all arms and weapons components wherever they are found, before they reach Hamas.  If this includes intercepting Iranian ships, which are believed to be carrying arms shipments, before they reach Sudan and other transit points, so be it. NATO would be simply enforcing UN Security Council Resolution 1747, which prohibits Iran from supplying, selling, or transferring directly or indirectly “any arms or related material.”

President Obama also needs to significantly increase the U.S. government’s financial support for Israel’s anti-missile defense systems, including Iron Dome (for short-range rockets),  David’s Sling (for medium- to long-range rockets) and Arrow (for long-range conventional ballistic missiles and high-altitude nuclear warheads). These defense systems are based on Israeli-developed technology, which has proven to be far superior to U.S. technology in this area.  Our financial investment in its success will not only help our ally Israel defend itself, but will provide us with highly effective systems for our own use against the terrorists who mean to do us harm.

The United States has budgeted approximately $2 billion for these systems’ development, manufacture and deployment in Israel since 2006.  The Obama administration needs to up the ante and provide Israel with the money needed to allow the rapid manufacture and deployment of enough of these systems to protect every civilian population center in Israel against short, medium and long-range missile attack from any direction.

In the final analysis, these tactical measures are necessary but not sufficient to deal with the source of the threat not only to Israel, but to all Western democracies. The Islamist regime in Iran will have to be confronted, sooner rather than later.  As Winston Churchill once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.”

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  • @NeverFrgetRabbi

    I predicted this on Nov. 23. when I said Israel lost the P.R. war and look at NETANIYAHU'S FACIAL EXPRESSION. HAMAS CAME OUT AHEAD AND NOW HAS GAINED RESPECT IN THE ARAB WORLD. AND IN THE CAPITALS OF MANY COUNTIRES. Hamas is David and Israel is Goliath. This is horrrible. We soon will have to cut the grass again. I smell a rat, her name is Clinton. I am one Rabbi with the guts to speak out. G-d help ISRAEL REGAIN ITS INTEGRITY . I WOULD RATHER HAVE THE WORLD respect US THAN LOVE US. Most of the nations of the world will never support Israel. IRAN MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    • cassandra

      You are right Rabbi and Israel should want respect instead of o love that will never come. My family always supported isarel and so do I. I will never let her down.

  • rgrady50

    God bless you Rabbi. you are completely right.

  • AdinaK

    As far as this blogger is concerned, it is better to be feared than loved, at least when living in the fiery Middle East.

    And it is not for nothing that Arabs/Muslims haven't been able to push Israel into the sea, and it is only due to the might of Israel's military forces. And ever since Israel's stunning victories in 1948/1967/1973 they understood that Israel will clobber them if attacked.

    HOWEVER, with the US gripped – over the last few decades – by considerable forces from the left, the actual backing (as opposed to mouthing BFF nonsense) has been eroding. And with the Islamist-in-Chief at the helm all bets are off.

    NEVERTHELESS, the buck stops with Israel's leadership, even if spare parts are at issue…there are ways to strangle Washington too…through denying them much needed intel and our high tech goodies…used all over the US military to boot etc…two can play the same game.. –

    Adina –

    • Stern

      Adina, while I appreciate your strong views on behalf of Israel, I'm beginning to get a little tired of the way you use this site to promote your own blog. Sorry, but it really does begin to feel a lot like self-aggrandizement.

      • AdinaK

        Well, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. After all, it is still a free internet. However, it is also the case that most EVERY topic handled here is parallel to issues directly addressed at my blog. So, just like others respond to comments (not everyone is a blogger), I am also entitled to respond the same way you are. And there is no point in reinventing the wheel, hence, the links. The topics are too important to stand on ceremonies about. If that offends you, then so be it.

        And if the contents within my blog are considered worthy enough, for the likes of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( and Israel American Renaissance Institute <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( to associate with, then I am surely on the right track.

        Have a good day.

      • Doc

        Stern, I must address you, for your open rebuke of
        Adina. Do you not love America? Do you not love
        Isreal? Did you know that GOD said, of Isreal, “The
        nation that blesses thee, I will bless, but, (my word),
        the nation that curses thee I will curse”. Adina is
        not sharing her ‘strong feelings’, rather, she is
        SPEAKING TRUTH!!! I, and I’m sure, the other folks
        on here, appreciate very much her sharing her
        obvious, vast knowledge of this, the most important
        issue facing THIS WORLD !!And I MEAN THAT !!
        Are you sure you’re not a little envious of the lady?
        Whose side are you on? As for Adina,’you go lady’!
        May the God of Isreal and this earth bless you
        Adina, and I pray, God bless Isreal and may God
        bless this ‘once great republic’, AMERICA !!!
        P.S. I’ll be bookmarking ‘’
        after my post. Keep on keepin’on Adina !
        May the Gpd of Isreal bless you Adina


        • Doc

          Sorry about the last sentence, my misspelling of ‘GOD’.
          And the extra word below that line, ‘on’, as I am not
          very proficient with this phone, it just don’t listen real
          good sometimes !! HA ! On a serious note;
          I am a veteran, U.S Army inf. Sgt. Honorably discharged,
          I will add ! I became, lets say, ‘politically aware’, back in
          79′, That’s why I am so appreciative of, and thankful for,
          Front page mag and places like it. Along with bloggers
          like Adina. This country is in great danger along with
          Isreal, it’s so important that we NEVER forsake Isreal.

  • Mary Sue

    Yeah, I was pretty sure Obama gave Netanyahu An Offer He Couldn't Refuse.™ Obama seems to have gone all The Godfather on him.

  • Matthew Dow

    I do not understand how Israel can keep trusting the US Obama Administration. They have lied, lied, and lied . if America and the coalition do not take Iran, and its Nuclear Arsenal. It will not only be Israel who needs help, But America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and many others who will be nicked by these crazy lunatics. We should have supported Israel to finish the job once and for all. She could then do the same to Hezbollah. I am real disappointed in the Obama liars. Just once, just once America, help Israel get rid of the real problem, IRAN, I spell, IRAN, IRAN, IRAN IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!

    • Mary Sue

      Maybe it's less that they think that they can trust them, and more, what the hell will Obama do if they don't at least PRETEND to.

  • Matthew Dow

    instead of nicked in my comment, I meant Nicked!!!!!!

  • Matthew Dow

    In the above comment I meant to say to be hit by nuclear bombs!!!! Instead it came out nicked?

  • pierce

    Nobody, but nobody can take Iran to task any more. The fact is it is 30 plus years too late to take Iran to task, period, end of discussion. The Iranians now have the upper hand.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Nobody, but nobody can take Iran to task any more. The fact is it is 30 plus years too late to take Iran to task, period, end of discussion. The Iranians now have the upper hand."

      No, it just seems that way when we bow so low.

  • Ar'nun

    Great read until I got to the part about NATO… What, are you F'in nuts??? So you want the French who have been so good to Israel over the years to have a hand in this? Why don't we just send a buch of al Qaeda into the Sinai to stop the smuggling? Or maybe we can let the North Koreans take control on this one.

    NATO is the poor man's UN Security force. They are screwing the pooch in Afghanastan and will make matters in Israel worse as well. We would be better off hiring one of those civilian security companies like Black Water.

    • Mary Sue

      I just heard that France is going to recognize a "Palestinian State". I guess that's Gaza at least for now?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "NATO is the poor man's UN Security force. They are screwing the pooch in Afghanastan and will make matters in Israel worse as well. We would be better off hiring one of those civilian security companies like Black Water."

      NATO is fine to use as reserve troops and other tactical functions, but politically they are basically compromised by the UN.

  • drivesguy

    You know, those Hamas green headbands sure make a tempting target for Snipers like me. :wink:

    • GaryG1

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It makes many want to volunteer for such duties.

    • Drakken

      You too huh? I love how you think, the black head bands the hadjis wore in Iraq were wonderful targets. Green just makes it easier to see them.

  • SoCalMike

    Obama hates the state of Israel and will make damn sure they receive no NEW offensive weapons platforms.
    Going to Obama and the UN for a solution here is like delivering the cheese to the rats.

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope Hamas someday gets what's coming to them.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      They will, I just hope I get to see.

  • pierce

    You know, it is kind of humorous, Israel is, I believe, responsible for some of the most innovative weaponry used in combat, so why is it that certain nations, and/or people, spend so much time trying to put them down. And Ghostwriter, I guarantee Hamas will get what is coming to them.

  • riverboatbill

    Walls,castles, Maginot lines, and other defensive mind sets, are usually overcome by determined attackers. Negotiations can be started after the enemy is defeated. Perhaps Israel's next military system should be called: "the Jawbone".

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Negotiations can be started after the enemy is defeated."

      Sure, like the way the USA "negotiated" with Japan and Germany in 1945?

      • riverboatbill

        Yes. I'm glad you got the point.

  • UnitConverter

    Well I guess they could blame the United States for arming Israel.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Well I guess they could blame the United States for arming Israel."

      The USA helps Israel, as it should, but Israel has an excellent, effective indigenous military production industry. And yes they do blame the USA. What's your point? The blame lies with the totalitarian liars.

  • Brian

    Does President Netanyahu know that the Obama administration sued the state of Arizona for trying to protect its borders?