Tax Dollars at Work: U.N. Trashes U.S. Over ‘Violence’ Against OWS

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During the month that followed, Zuccotti Park, which the occupiers had taken over completely with large tents and the like, became a breeding ground of crime, including alleged rapes and other assaults. The New York occupiers shared such lawless behavior in common with their comrades in other cities across the country.

Finally, in the early morning of  November 15, 2011 – nearly two months after the occupation had started — the police moved in to clear out the occupiers from Zuccotti Park. The action was meant to halt the increasingly dangerous around-the-clock occupation of the park that prevented other members of the public from using it for recreational purposes. However, the occupiers were not barred from returning without their tents and sleeping bags to make their views known through peaceful demonstrations.

Here is how New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained why his patience with the occupiers had run out:

Unfortunately, the park was becoming a place where people came not to protest, but rather to break laws, and in some cases, to harm others. The majority of protesters have been peaceful and responsible. But an unfortunate minority has not been – and as the number of protesters has grown, this has created an intolerable situation. Protesters have had two months to occupy the park with tents and sleeping bags. Now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments.

As usual, the United Nations has butt in where it does not belong. Moreover, while saying in their letter to Secretary of State Clinton that they were not prejudging the accuracy of the information they received indicating a violation of the occupiers’ rights, the UN special rapporteurs repeated over and over again the occupiers’ false accusations. They focused their letter on allegations that the police used disproportionate, unnecessary action and even violence to disperse or remove “peaceful” protesters, without even once acknowledging the possibility that some of the so-called “peaceful” protesters were infringing on other peoples’ rights and committing criminal acts.

The UN special rapporteurs do not understand what they were supposedly appointed to protect. Of course, that should be no surprise considering that they are reporting to the misnamed travesty known as the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly do not mean that one group of demonstrators can completely take over, with permanent encampments, a space dedicated to public use and turn it into their own private law-free zone to do what they like, excluding other members of the public from using the space for other legitimate purposes.

The UN special rapporteurs’ nonsensical letter does not deserve a reply from the U.S. government other than to tell them to get their facts straight and mind their own business.

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  • H&R_ Barack

    Oh wait! John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will defend the 50% who pay taxes! (90% of their constituents)

    No huevos between the two of them? Imagine that.

  • Ken

    Another of many reasons to COMPLETELY stop funding the United Nations!!

  • foamboy

    Not the business of the UN? Oh, that’s right, it’s happening in the USA. Above reproach, apparently.

    • logdon

      If you cannot distinguish between rule of law established to keep the peace and the carnage perpetrated by dictators in order to either hang on to their kleptocracies or wipe out faiths other than their own you are definately deserving of reproach. And that is glaringly apparent.

      This is cultural relativity in all its morally corrupt glory.

      Next up you'll be saying that Hitler had a point in killing six million Jews because of the stringency of post WW1 reparations.

      Same idiocy of scale and misplaced comparison.

    • poppakap

      Once again, they OCCUPY their mouths but not their minds.

  • George

    The UN people who are complaining wants the Occupy movement to grow and overthrow the U.S..

    • guest

      Same group that was in Egypt pushing Sharia. The UN is a muslim controlled hostile.

    • Omar

      Those people at the UN who support OWS also support radicals like Bill Ayers.

  • David

    How dare the UN question us, don't they realize that if the US does it, it is automatically legal, ethical & moral. We kill whoever we like, whenever we like, and where ever we like. We use undercover agitators to disrupt peaceful protests & coordinated police violence to break up peaceful occupations. We subject American citizens to torturous, humiliating and long imprisonment prior to even being charged with a crime. These are the issues that have been questioned by various UN rapporteurs (and been ignored).

    Don't you get it? The UN human rights mission is to help people around the world to be treated with respect and to have certain universal rights to which the US was a signer confirming. It appears to them that the US has not been honoring our agreements. Sad to say, they are correct, we have not been honoring the treaties and declarations that we have signed. However, the UN should butt out because "we the people" don't need no stinkin' UN to advocate for our rights. We can do it ourselves… and get pepper sprayed, beat with clubs, tasered, shot with rubber coated bullets, and arrested.

    Our constitution was created so our government would answer to the people but they don't. Polls will show that 60, 70, even 80% will agree on something, like taxes, or women's rights, or medical marijuana. The State Legislatures, Congress and the President do the exact opposite of the will of the people. I kinda think we could use some help here, if our democratic republic is to survive.

    • oldtimer

      Hate this country, you are FREE to leave.

      • David

        oldtimer- I was waiting for that sorry old invitation to leave. However, I never said that I hated the USA… never insinuated it either. Are there problems? Sure. Anyone unwilling to acknowledge the very real problems facing America will be completely useless at finding solutions. I suggest you take a look around at the 50 million uninsureds, the corporate stranglehold of our democracy, the institutional racism, the new surveillance infrastructure, our failing educational system, the way we have criminalized poverty and applaud greed, etc. I'm sure that you got yours and are just selfish enough to figure that's good enough. Well, I got mine, too, but can't be satisfied when so many others are suffering.

    • Joseph Klein

      I suggest you get a grip on what really happens at the United Nations day-to-day. Do you think that Israel deserves more than two times the amount of UN human rights actions against it as against Sudan, more than five times as much as against Iran and more than six times as much as against Syria? Do you really think that the United States's human rights record is anywhwere near as bad as China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Apparently the UN thinks so, since it launched more human rights actions against the U.S. than any of those other countries between 2003 and early June, 2012.

      No wonder, since such stellar human rights advocates as China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia sit on the UN Human Rights Council alongside of the U.S.

      We don't need any advice on human rights from such a dysfunctional organization.

      • Johncdavidson

        It seems you have a group of Soros funded agitators. That's obvious just from reading their comments.

        They are searching for someone to guide them to the nearest restroom & explain to them what that roll of tissue is for hanging on the wall of those small cubicles.

        • David

          I can only speak for myself and I do… speak only for myself. What gives? You all are obsessed with that one photo of some jerk taking a dump on the side of a car. I don't know the backstory (and either do you) and for all we know that photo was a set-up to give the media ammunition to discredit the Occupiers.

          • Gwen

            I work in Tribeca not too far from Zucotti Park, where the ows freaks set up camp. I walked by one day last sept. just to see. The body odor emanating from the park was overpowering and there were several clowns walking around looking stoned on something could have been lack of sleep but either way, they looked like filthy zombies. Many had dopey slogans on their tents and on banners about every dumb cause and many were incoherent – just like the ows ninnies interviewed on the news who couldn't put a complete sentence together – you must be so proud!

          • Johncdavidson

            Saved me the trouble, thanks. It was all the ignorant statements they mad that I refered to & that they even took the cash to act like fools jumping in front of TV cameras. Just a freak show.

    • poppakap

      So much talking, so little wisdom. How these dolts don't recognize their "useful idiots" status is quite amazing.

    • Sage on the Stage

      The U.N. is an incredibly corrupt, worthless organization where bribery and nepotism run rapant. Example, what was that Oil for Food scheme, run by Saddam Hussein through the U.N., some years ago? And how much money that the U.S. gives to the United Nations winds up in the pockets of terrorists? If the U.S. doesn't honor commitments–and maybe that's happened once or twice–look at who we are dealing with. The U.N. has no more conception of human rights than Josef Goebbels, and they take every chance they can to reduce or destroy U.S. sovereignty over our own territory. Example, should we honor the Law of the Sea Treaty, that provides for giving away American territory, which the U.N. supports? Should we allow U.N. representatives to come to the U.S., and tell private landowners what they can do with their property? Excuse me…we don't need the United Nations.

    • Ghostwriter

      David,why is this ANY of the U.N.'s business? People are getting killed in Syria and all they can do is attack us for how we deal with Occupy Wall Street? They should be attacking the Syrians,not us.

      • David

        Why are you all bringing up Syria? The UN criticizes Syria every day. Or do you think it the lone problem that would be better served, and more accomplished if every member of every committee were tripping over each other regarding? What would you do about Syria? Nuke 'em, no doubt. What possible reason would the UN have for not confronting any/every country who violated the Geneva Conventions or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

        He loves his country best who strives to make it best. ~Robert G. Ingersoll

        "Our country, right or wrong." When right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right. ~Carl Schurz

        Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first. ~Charles de Gaulle

        This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in. ~Theodore Roosevelt

        What we need are critical lovers of America – patriots who express their faith in their country by working to improve it. ~Hubert H. Humphrey

        • Sage on the Stage

          "…when hate for people other than your own comes first." Why is it necessary to hate others? A country should put its own interests first, and not pay any attention to unaccountable foreign councils, like the UN. As for deGaulle, he wasn't a reliable ally, and its no surprise he would say something like that.
          Theodore Roosevelt also said that those with hyphenated names had no place in America; meaning that he didn't like the practice of group identity politics, with their insistence on group rights replacing individual rights. And when has the UN criticized North Korea? Or Hugo Chavez? Or Iran?

    • Omar

      The U.S. has one of the best human rights records of any country today. Meanwhile, despotic regimes like China and Cuba have one of the worst human rights records in the world today.

  • V_O

    Yes… Let's get some help…. forget the pepper spray… All we need is for the government to start firebombing our neighborhoods, police to go house to house and shoot our children, punish any women that are raped( or make them marry their rapists so they don't get jailed or executed,) maybe put up some "work camps" for people to disappear in…

    Maybe Stuff like that might make the UN step in to help us save our democratic republic?

    I'll tell what, David & foamboy, If you stop me from going to MY job, excrete on my car, or throw a chair through my window, or rape my daughter, all in the name of "protesting" the harsh regime we live in, I'd personally grab some pepper spray and a club.

    • David

      What gives? You all are obsessed with that one photo of some jerk taking a dump on the side of a car. I don't know the backstory (and either do you) and for all we know that photo was a set-up to give the media ammunition to discredit the Occupiers.

  • cheese_burger

    "The UN special rapporteurs" …what a joke. 'Special'??? Heh! 'rapporteur' ooohhh, I bet these luzers really like that highfalutin' word… makes them feel more important than the rest of us 'little people'.

    The 'Occupy' movement is akin to to a Bowel Movement… literally. By the time they were finished, Zuccotti Park was LITERALLY swimming in the 'Occupiers' feces and garbage. They made a big mess, and they did not have the common courtesy to clean it up. Their 1% vs 99% claim was a deliberate sham. It was a buzzword, no more, no less, intended to stir up fake outrage, and attract as many willing idiots to the fake 'cause', as possible.

    'Occupys' REAL 'Cause'??? …to acquire by any means possible, legal or illegal, power, control, and wealth.

    In other words "Meet the new Boss, same as the Old Boss"… except that the New Boss, the 'Occupiers', being of the Marxist-Leninist (no, make that Stalinist) persuasion, will be more inclined towards the tools of that ideology… forced slavery and genocide.

    No thanks.

    As for the UN… what a joke… the only entity on the planet that hires soldiers to stand on the sidelines and Observe genocide while it is taking place right in front of them.

    No thanks. I prefer the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, no sharia, anywhere, ever under any circumstances, and I will maintain zero respect for 'Occupy' until they… all of them… go around cleaning up messes that other people made, for free, and publicly apologise to the entire Human Race for willfully lying to the world as to their true intentions, and publicly flog themselves, just for good measure.

    • David

      It must be hard for you to grasp that the whole rest of the world doesn't necessarily speak English. Rapporteur is not "highfalutin," it's French for reporter.

  • Bud McFarlan

    When Obama lead "The Muslim Day of Prayer, on the Washington Mall in September 2009,

    To pray for " the soul of America" Where we're the "feminists?

    Where was the mainstream media?

    • David

      Come on, get your facts straight.… I swear, "Conservatives" are so willing to believe the lies you tell each other and then spread them as if they are gospel. Do you simply forego any fact checking when the story fits your personal views?

  • Jono

    Why can't we stop funding the UN of Loosers, keep our money throw them out of New York CIty and pull out of the UN? that would give us money to spend on Our Homeless and help fund school programs.

  • Willy Rho

    The UN's goal is the same as OWS, Obama, Soros, Saudi, and Russia. They hate the USA. The Muslims, the UN, and the Socialists/Marxist's goals are to destroy the USA. We (USA) are the only thing that stands between a world with Liberty and total World domination by the Evil Ones listed above. As Kenny the Lessor said, "God Bless the USA. No madam Hater (Mein Fuhrer), I will not sing Little Bo Peep, instead.

  • Willy Rho

    Aw shucks, was it Mein Fuhrer, I Can walk?

  • Willy Rho

    The UN's goal is the same as OWS, Obama, Soros, Saudi, and Russia. They hate the USA. The Muslims, the UN, and the Socialists/Marxist's goals are to destroy the USA.

  • Willy Rho

    The UN's goal is the same as OWS, Obama, Soros, Saudi, and Russia. They dislike immensely the USA. The Moo Slims, the UN, and the Socialists/Marxist's goals are to destroy the USA.

  • Willy Rho

    I will leave off the first sentence, since you don't tell anyone the sin sored word.
    The UN's goal are the same as OWS, Obama, Soros, Saudi, and Russia.

  • Willy Rho

    I will now put up the second sentence. . They dislike immensely the USA. The Moo Slims, the UN, and the Socialists/Marxist's goals are to destroy the USA.

  • Willy Rho

    That was it! Socio-lists/Marry xists. What is so bad about those political philosophies? Please put up a list of forbidden words, it takes so long sometimes to write a comment by trial and error. That way I can figure out how to get around the forbidden words while wasting much less time. Thank You for your assistance. I really like Front Page, but commenting is made more difficult by allowing Socio Lists and Marxy Lists commandeer your comments section which is a big reason that I like to visit your site. But, be aware that some sites don't like me much. I am so easily distracted. too much time on my hands.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Klein, American Taxpayers (PBUH) pay the salaries of police officers who then stick their noses into everybody's treatment of everybody else… except in cases of national scale theft. So what's your point?

  • kendrick1

    Defund the UN! We don't need an organization that stole millions of dollars of food aid that was gathered for the poor! I'm for keeping our sovereignty, and not living under the control of such dregs!

  • Ghostwriter

    What people like David don't seem to get is that there were crimes taking place at many of the Occupy sites,not to mention massive property damage. This moron at the U.N. should get his facts straight before he opens his mouth. Better still,why doesn't the U.N. go after Syria and Sudan instead of wasting time condemning us. I also think that the State Department should politely but firmly say that the U.N. should get all the facts before condemning us and that they should mind their own business and go after places that deserve condemnation,like Sudan and Syria.

  • David

    Uncle. Uncle! I cannot reason with people who believe that Fox "News" is fair and balanced or that Rush is anything other than a misogynistic, hateful liar. I leave you all to your petty and hateful views as well as to the world that you are unintentionally working so hard to create. When the reality of climate change becomes too obvious to deny (or beyond any meaningful intervention), may you all have a flash of insight… "what else could I have been wrong about?"

    • Omar

      Oh, so you support MSNBC. The very TV "news" network that hired a race-hustler who incited two deadly, anti-Semitic riots to be an anchorman, and in which a former host of the same TV network invited an annoying actress who smeared the Tea Party as a "racist" movement and denounced a black Republican presidential candidate as a victim of "Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Ghostwriter

    The same thing could be said for you,David.

  • Saltire

    Let's some of the members of the UN Human Rights Council – China, Cuba, Ecuador, Indonesia, Jordan. Kuwait,
    Libya, Peru, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia.

    Some of these members may want to take a look at their own houses, first.