The United Nations’ Year-End Message to Israel

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon devoted part of his year-end press conference on December 19th to bashing Israel for its announcement of plans to build new housing in and around Jerusalem. He claimed that the Israeli announcement was a “near fatal blow to a very fragile Middle East peace process.”

“I am deeply concerned by heightened settlement activity in the West Bank, in particular around Jerusalem,” the Secretary General complained.  “This gravely threatens efforts to establish a viable Palestinian state.”

A Palestinian reporter asked the Secretary General whether he would support Palestinian efforts to join the International Criminal Court and pursue criminal charges against Israel to stop settlement activities. While not answering the question directly, he said that Israel’s settlement activity was “clearly a violation of international law” and that “with the enhanced status of the Palestinian Authority in the General Assembly [with] non-member observer status, I think they have the right to sign the Rome Statute, but it is up to the Palestinian authorities.”

Adding insult to injury, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that Israel should risk its own security by opening its borders to more than 100,000 Palestinians fleeing a refugee camp in Syria that had come under attack, so that they can safely reach the West Bank and Gaza by transiting Israel.

On the same day that Ban Ki-moon was putting Israel through the wringer, France led a chorus of members of the UN Security Council also condemning Israel for building more housing for its residents in Jerusalem.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor countered, in remarks to the press after the Security Council met to discuss the Israeli housing announcement among other issues, that the real obstacles to peace remain “the Palestinians’ quest for the so-called ‘claim of return’, terrorism, and Palestinian incitement.”

There is no credible Palestinian leadership willing and able to stop jihadist terrorism against Israeli civilians. There is no credible Palestinian leadership willing and able to end the extreme anti-Semitic indoctrination so pervasive in Palestinian society, which nurtures a culture of hatred and incitement to violence.  The so-called “moderate” Palestinian leadership under Palestinian Authority President Abbas – feckless at best, malevolent at worst – is the real reason that the peace process is in a deep freeze. Israeli housing construction is nothing more than a convenient excuse for the international community to use in irresponsibly transferring the blame to Israel.

Indeed, Ambassador Prosor might have added the United Nations itself to his list of real obstacles to peace. Last month’s General Assembly resolution created the illusion of Palestinian statehood by upgrading their status at the UN to an observer state, with borders based on the lines in effect before Israel’s victory in the June 1967 Six Days War.  On Dec. 17th, the UN’s head of official protocol wrote to the Palestinian delegation informing them that as a result of the General Assembly’s vote “the designation of ‘State of Palestine’ shall be used by the Secretariat in all official United Nations documents.”

The General Assembly became a tool in the Palestinians’ hands to “legislate” their claim to state recognition within the borders that the Palestinians unilaterally defined, in direct violation of the Oslo Accords signed by Israeli and the Palestinian representatives. The Oslo Accords had called for direct “permanent status” negotiations between the parties on the issues of “Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, security arrangements, borders, relations and cooperation with other neighbors, and other issues of common interest.”  Using the UN to decide these issues by fiat is anything but direct negotiations.

The Oslo Accords were intended to help implement the objectives of UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, which called for the peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict through territorial compromise. The framers of these Security Council resolutions realized that the pre- June 1967 borders were indefensible.

Under the Oslo Accords, both borders and settlements were identified as negotiable issues.  Jerusalem was referred to as one whole city – not artificially divided into eastern and western parts that would become the capitals of two separate states.

When the General Assembly adopted the Palestinian observer state upgrade resolution, it put its weight clearly on the side of the Palestinians’ unilateral position on the borders issue.  It also endorsed the Palestinians’ claim to “East Jerusalem,” which in reality is nothing more than a geographical designation of the portion of the city of Jerusalem that Jordan illegally seized and annexed as a result of its illegal war aimed at destroying the new state of Israel in 1948. It is a complete distortion of international law to claim that the Palestinians are rightful heirs to the old portion of Jerusalem with its holy sites, which Jordan illegally seized in the first place and then proceeded to desecrate.

Israel responded legitimately to the General Assembly’s interference in the direct negotiations process by affirming its inherent right to expand housing within existing Jewish residential communities in Jerusalem and to begin longer term planning for possible residential development in an area contiguous with Jerusalem. There is no basis under international law to support the claim that Jews cannot live wherever they choose in and around Jerusalem and build the housing they need in order to do so.  Yet the international community was outraged, as evidenced in the condemnations on December 19th by the UN Secretary General and all members of the Security Council except the United States.

Meanwhile, the critics of building more housing for Israeli residents in their own city look the other way as Hamas threatens Israel with extinction while re-arming and Hezbollah has amassed at least 50,000 deadly missiles in Lebanon with likely access to Syria’s chemical and germ weapons of mass destruction.

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  • YerushalaimShelanu!

    Today the Germans apologize for the Nazi crimes.

    Today the Spanish apologize for the Inquisition crimes.

    But today the ARABS not only don't apologize but ARE PROUD of the CRIMES OF ISLAM.

    ARABS must APOLOGIZE for the CRIMES OF ISLAM and return to the Jews STOLEN JEWISH HOLY SITES like Temple Mount and the Cave of The Patriarcs in Hebron.

    How DARE Muslims today not APOLOGIZE for the CRIMES of their ancestors?

    How dare they build mosques where the Jewish Patriarcs Abraham, Ytzaak and Yaakov are buried and today REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE their CRIME?

    MUSLIMS must APOLOGIZE for their ancestors actions and RETURN JEWISH HOLY SITES to the Jews

    • Capt_Z1

      Unfortunately that will never happen. Good thought though,

    • Arlie

      Amen! 1400 years of bloody crimes of terror on ALL of humanity and especially against YHVH's beloved people.

      I stand with Israel no matter what. (2 Samuel 24:24) David bought the threshing floor and the oxen and paid fifty shekels. Archeology has since proven that this threshing floor is the same spot that Abraham built an altar to sacrifice Isaac and that is the same place where both Temples were built. In Genesis God made an EVERLASTING Covenant with the Israelites and renewed that Covenant again and again. God deeded Israel to the Jewish people for 1000 generations. It is G-d's holy land and Jerusalem is Israel's capital and the temple mount was PAID for in cash by David. No mater how much "they" have tried to erase factual history…it has remained in Scripture and been proven in facts.

      The UN, OIC, EU and Trilateral Commission, Russia and Iran with their proxy jihad fighters along with China are being used by Satanic forces of propaganda.The Bible clearly teaches the Jews will rule the earth forever, so Satan, in hatred, taunts them now with anti-Semitism. These terrible, hateful people will not be satisfied until they rule "all the world with their global government plan. But the Satanic forces will lose. When ALL Israel cries out "He will come".

      • Dainsker

        Arlie; since when has the "story" of Abraham "been proven in facts?" Please, please show me or tell me how to find these facts, we can become famous if we can actually prove a fairytale to be true.

        Secondly; how do you know for a "fact" that it was Isaac that Abraham built an alter to? Isn't it possible that he built that alter for Ismael? Either way; l it's a stupid story & has NOTHING to do with REAL life. On another note; do you really expect people to believe God got involved in real estate? If that "story" is true; that God is not worthy of worship.

        • julius

          the reason you don't see the truth is because the prince of the power of the air is blinding you, and therefore you are blinded and will remain so until you sincerely ask God to reveal truth to you. You must also know what is truth.YOU URGENTLY NEED ASSISTANCE.

        • FPF

          Even Abraham's "story" was mentioned in Quran. Quran is a fairytale or not is a question to debate. But be careful the way you try to kiss Islam's rear and most likely you will get a kick in your face instead since there are many lunatics who will be offended by your assault to their religion.
          Your second question will be meaningfully if you have no doubt for your first question. But who cares for an illogical person's logic?

        • Mary Sue

          Um, no.

          God would be "not worthy of worship" if he actually let Abraham go through with it. He was testing his obedience.

    • Dan

      I agree.. and I suppose a moslem apology is fluff at best. Their god is not the God of Israel, and He said there are no gods beside Me, therefore the islamic god must be satan, who is the father of lies, so they have the same attributes as their father, liars and murderers.

    • Mary Sue

      because in their sick twisted narrative, Jacob and Issac (Yaakov and Ytzaak) were Muslims. Therefore they think it is only proper that they Mosquify it up.

      I really really hate the whole retroactive muslim thing.

    • Joyce Barrie

      Hear a very important radio show about THE TRUTH about all the Palestinian propaganda –

    • YerushalaimShelanu!

      There are thousands of Synagogues, Hindu Temples and Cristian Churches converted into Mosques around the world.

      Guess how many Mosques, Hindu Temples and Cristian Churches were converted into Synagogues? NONE.

      Guess who is the aggressive colonist here? The Jews fighting for their only small Jewish state or the Muslims with their dozens of states?

      The same way that today the Germans apologize for the crimes of the Nazis and today the Spanish apologize for the crimes of the Inquisition, its time for the Arabs to apologize for the crimes of Islam and return stolen Jewish Holy sites to the Jews

      • nina

        The request for an apology from the muslims makes no sense. An apology is voluntary. It means that the entity expressing it, has understood the crimes against humanity that it had perpetrated in the past. This can't be said about the muslims, who don't think that murder and pillage across the centuries is a crime. Not only don't they feel any guilt, but they continue in their murderous actions to this day, especially against the Jews.


      Conversion of non-Muslim places of worship into mosques

  • Hell's Gatekeeper

    Umm… other than Third-World African dictators and Leftie arse-touchers, who listens to the U.N?

    • stern

      Unfortunately, the US administration, the UK, all of Europe except the Czechs, the rest of the world, except Canada, Israel and a couple of small islands in the Pacific. In other words, once again, it's the world against the Jews. And once again, history will show that the Jews can survive even this.


        G-D BLESS the Czech Republic!

    • Clare

      See "10 Reasons to Abolish the UN" by Daniel Greenfield. There is significant support for kicking the UN out of the US. Consider getting on-board to make your voice count. (This support especially heated up during the most recent Durban hate fest at the UN and our side had renown and eloquent speakers.)

  • watsa46

    It took "40 years in the desert" for the Jews to find their way and they are considered to be a smart people. Imagine if you are not smart!!! U may never get out of it. Some make the deserts even bigger!
    The war of the West and Muslims against the Jews continues unabated.
    G. S. Ban Ki-moon is in a desert and in bad company.

  • JacksonPearson

    From where does this “suicidal” freedom of religion “mental block” originate? It comes from our “knee jerk” compulsion to blindly believe that all prophets are extreme pacifists like Jesus. This blindness plagues the highest levels of our leadership in Washington, intelligence and academic communities. It is a national security disaster making it nearly impossible to protect ourselves. The killers are shouting "Allahu Akbar" worldwide and carrying the Koran, yet we Americans refuse to identify Islam as the enemy.

    • A.J. Forester

      Thank you, JacksonPearson!

      • JacksonPearson

        You're welcome… :o)

  • Ghostwriter

    What a fool Ban Ki-Moon is. The Israelis are harming anyone. The Palestinians on the other hand,want to slaughter Jews. Many of them don't really want ANY sort of peace with Israel.

    • JacksonPearson

      The problem with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is, that he's been reading the wrong Arab comic books on the so-called Palestinian and Israeli peace process. Accordingly, under most, if not all Middle East Islamic countries ideologue/doctrine/sickness, there will never be peace in that region until every Israeli man, woman, and child is slaughtered….and then, hunted down world wide.

      We'd think that a South Korean, that lives next to a belligerent neighbor like North Korea, would have some understanding!

  • Choi

    There is a Korean word which describes Moon: Ja Ji.

    • Mary Sue

      what does it mean? Does it mean idiot? :D

  • David

    Islam Sucks

  • Hank Rearden

    The Palestinians want to live in Israel and the Israelis want to live in Israel. How u gonna negotiate that?

    • benjabomacha

      Arrange for a convoy os buses, headed for their orginal homes in Egypt & Arabia, problem solved

    • Mary Sue

      Not only that, the Palestinians want to live in Israel that is freshly Judenrein

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Moon has been bought off by the Moon God people (moldy green cheese lot) and it is
    in this man's ignorance and affrontery that he presumes to tell Israel what to do in finding
    peace. This nitwit if asked would say what to the question, "what have the Palestinians
    done to approach a peaceful cohabitation with Israel" the fakestinians have done
    absolutely nothing……all of the years of their miserable existance these frauds have
    had only one aim, the destruction of Israel and all Jews, what peace process is the Moonbat
    talking about?……………………….William

    • nina

      It would have been funny, if it weren't so tragic. Here Is the UN , the French, etc. All these holly nations, screaming that the few settlements are a deterrent to peace, while rivers of blood are streaming through Syria, and the murderous Hezbollah have Lebanon by the throat.

  • UCSPanther

    This is the same organization that has Iran chair the Arms Trade Treaty, puts China on the Human Rights Committee and wants to send observers from Belarus (The one nation where the old Soviet Police State still survives) to monitor US elections.

    It should be obvious that there is something seriously wrong with this picture…

  • Anamah

    Has this man lost any kind of decency and even the sense of ridicule?

    • Mary Sue

      Heads of the UN have one requirement: Their heads must be up their own arse.

  • benjabomacha

    Howza about Moon reconciling his diffeences with North Korea, before he has the chutzpah to preach to Israel

  • victor

    Israel should never worry or be concerned about how others think of its actions. Israel must do and should do whatever is necessary to protect its citizens and the Jews. Israel will never be right in the eyes of the world regardless of what action it takes, therefore, the hell with the world and the never again slogan should be respected and adhered to, whatever the cost. Never again should the world be allowed to push the Jews into self destruction and suicide. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN. Mind you Moon would not be saying this had he not had the blessing of the U.S. administration and knowing full well there will be no repercussion for his words.

  • mohammed musa badsha

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