Who Should Be Held Accountable for the Benghazi Cover-Up?

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True democracies allow freedom of conscience and the right to express it. They respect and protect their citizens’ right of free expression – even expression deemed offensive to one group or another.  That’s what President Obama told the UN General Assembly last Tuesday. But in practice, the Obama administration decided to make an example of the alleged producer of the offensive anti-Muslim video and have him arrested on trumped up charges of violating the terms of his probation for a past conviction on bank fraud charges. He is being held without bail. His purported probation violations were said to include using computers and accessing the Internet without supervision.

If every probation violator were put in jail, there wouldn’t be enough prisons in the United States to hold them all. But this particular probation violator, a Coptic Christian man originally from Egypt, was special.  He allegedly used a computer and the Internet to do what Obama told the General Assembly must not be allowed to happen: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

By his actions, Obama is edging closer to the position of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who lectured the UN General Assembly in his own speech that “obscenities recently released as part of an organized campaign against Islamic sanctities is unacceptable and requires a firm stand.”

Following through on Morsi’s declaration, an Egyptian Copt was arrested last week in Egypt on suspicion of posting the anti-Islam video online and making another video mocking all religions. Egyptian prosecutors had previously ordered the arrest of eight people who allegedly helped to make and distribute the anti-Islam video including the alleged producer and the U.S. pastor who helped promote it, Terry Jones. At least the Egyptian government was honest about what it was doing. The Obama administration chose to use the pretext of a purported probation violation as cover to arrest the alleged video producer and showcase the arrest to the Muslim world.

What is emerging in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in the Arabic and Muslim world is not true democracy as Obama would have us believe.  It is Islamic fundamentalism wrapped in the cloak of modern democratic terminology.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his remarks to the General Assembly:

The forces of modernity seek a bright future in which the rights of all are protected, in which an ever-expanding digital library is available in the palm of every child, in which every life is sacred.

That is not Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood leadership, where free speech is suppressed and its president has said that women and Christians do not belong in government leadership positions. Yet we are supporting this government with billions of dollars of unconditional aid.  That is not Libya, in which our ambassador and three other Americans were slaughtered and a power vacuum is being filled by Islamist jihadists.  Yet Obama minimized the violence as a “bump in the road” on the path to democracy. That is not Pakistan, where blasphemy is a capital offense, violence in the wake of the video caused more than twenty deaths, Christians are regularly persecuted, the Taliban killing our forces in Afghanistan is given sanctuary and Osama bin Laden was hidden.  Yet Hillary Clinton praised Pakistan as a “good partner.”  During her meeting with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari last week on the sidelines of the General Assembly session, she called Zadari “my friend.”  This “friend” the very next day urged the General Assembly to criminalize blasphemy internationally.

Egypt, Libya, Pakistan and other Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, are in varying degrees part of what Netanyahu called the “forces of medievalism” that “seek a world in which women and minorities are subjugated, in which knowledge is suppressed, in which not life but death is glorified.”

The American people must demand strength in confronting the global jihad movement and defeating these “forces of medievalism.”  Without unequivocal vigilance to protect our nation’s most fundamental principles rather than try to curry favor with the Muslim world, our First Amendment right of free expression will be further eroded until it becomes unrecognizable.

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  • Larry

    The buck stops at the last desk, in this case, the one in the Oval Office.

    Just like it stops there for Fast and Furious, for all the intelligence leaks, for the voter fraud and intimidation, and for the crony capitalism such as Solyndra.

  • pierce

    There is no question, it is Obama's problem. You can not blame Hilary or Susan, those two are accomplishes, but Barack is definitely the guilty person. The only other thing I wonder about is the Barack friendly PRESS, will they carry the ball, because if they don't or won't, I am afraid the american people are that dumb, they won't hold him responsible, and vote for him anyways.

    • PaulRevereNow

      What do you mean, "You can not blame Hilary or Susan?" They have the power to tell Stinky to change his policies; and if he doesn't, they can always resign. Hilary and Susan go along with Stinky's unfolding foreign policy disaster; thus they should be held equally accountable for the results. Get it?

  • WildJew

    Will there come a time when we can dispense with the fiction that Barack Hussein Obama is clueless; that he has no idea what he is doing in and to the Muslim world? I take Obama at his word when he told the ummah at al-Azhar University (June 2009), "I have known Islam on three continents before I came to the region where it was first Revealed."

  • oldtimer

    Susan Rice did what she was told. Perfect stooge/scapegoat. 0 is the most responsible and Hellary should also be held accountable.

    • WildJew

      You are right about Obama and Clinton. Both should lose their jobs. Still Rice went out there and lied to the public for them. She should also lose her job. "I was following orders," is not a justification for lying.

      • oldtimer

        I agree, they should all be fired.

  • weroinnm

    The Film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ — Made By Terrorists? http://teapartyorg.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • RAS

    The president lied, Americans died. Oh no! Not for this crafty charlatan. His dutiful leftist media will cover up his (and Hilary's ) incompetence, screw-up's, and lies fast than a dozen cats with diarrhea. And it won't matter a hoot to most of the millions on welfare and food-stamps, or the guilt ridden lily-whites (mesmerized by our first black president), or the isn't he cute celebrity crowd. What will it take?

  • chowching259

    Since the Hitler era every Jew trembles at the sight of a Grand Mufti. They are the leaders of the Muslim world and are the spark that ignites intolerance against Jews. Each time there is a riot atheistic Grand Muftis and their corrupt lieutenants must be beheaded. Special Forces manning guillotines can do the job in a few days.

  • Sarkirus

    We should blame the terrist sh*tbags who launched a rocket at the embassy, and who killed our Ambassador. There was no cover up, there was however an intense effort to not jump the gun before the facts were all confirmed, that's what got us into that crap in Iraq, remember? The only people that need blamed for anything are the piss drinking Muslim extremists who took EVEN MORE Innocent lives for absolutely not legitimate reason YET AGAIN. The tactics used in the invasion of Nazi Germany need to be enforced on Mid East Dictatorships. 24 hour non-stop aerial bombardments that only stop when the dictator dies or surrenders. Countries that do not do everything they can to suppress Sharia law and Muslim Extremism need to be viewed as enemies, and those countries need to be effected similarly.


    An interesting question. Obama sent her out as the lamb knowing Republicans would attack her. Why not just forget her altogether and concentrate on the the President. I wouldn't criticize anyone but Obama. Anybody who said anything at any time was simply following Obama's explicit instructions. So we may or may not get around to them but if we ever do it will be much later. Meanwhile Obama is personally responsible for every word uttered by any member of the administration. So at least until Nov. 7th, hit him and only him. This includes things Biden says.

  • pyeatte

    The buck stops at the Oval Office. That is where the cover-up started. The evidence is in the President himself, and his belief he is always the smartest man in the room – how hard they fall.

  • Brian Richard Allen

    …. Who Should Be Held Accountable for the Benghazi Cover-Up …?

    In the real world? Rice, Press Sec, Missus Cli'ton and Zero should all go.

    In their world it's all Mr Stevens' fault.

    Case closed.

  • Fed up

    One lie after another and yet you still have Obama supporters!!!! Who is to blame? You and I are to blame for allowing this President to continue to get away with just about everything and not be held accountable for accomplishing nothing but wasteful spending.