A Suggestion for the Israel-Palestinian Impasse

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The Israeli daily Maariv reported on May 30, 2012 Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s warning that “Unless the Palestinians come back to the negotiating table Israel may have no choice but to take unilateral actions to protect its own interests.”  Should Israel decide on unilateral action it must consider annexing the combined elements of the Allon Plan and Area C of the Oslo Interim Agreement.

A comparison between the map generated by Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Allon on July 26, 1967, presented to Prime Minister Levi Eshkol for a settlement with the Palestinians, and the map showing area control under the Oslo Interim Agreement of September 28, 1995, reveals significant similarities.  There is, however, a difference. The Allon Plan, promulgated after the Six-Day War, was unilateral, inasmuch as Israel did not have a partner for peace – albeit the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was the intended party to the negotiations. The Oslo Interim Agreement on the other hand was negotiated with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

The thrust of the Allon Plan was to provide security for Israel.  At the time there were no Israeli settlements to be considered and Allon was bent on securing for Israel what military strategists called the “back of the mountain,” and control of the Jordan Valley.  Israeli military strategists agreed that this was needed in order to control the West Bank militarily.  Moreover, this area was mostly desert and virtually no Palestinians were living there. Under the plan, Israel would control Palestinian access to Jordan.

Allon designated the Jordan River as Israel’s eastern border, thus enabling Israeli forces to prevent the armies of Iraq, Jordan and Syria from coming in from the East, crossing into the West Bank and attacking Israel’s main population centers.  He also proposed the annexation of areas in the Jerusalem corridor in order to secure the approaches to the city.  During the 1948 War of Independence the Arabs controlled the approaches to the city and were in command of the Jerusalem corridor resulting in the besieging of the city and the near starvation of the city’s Jews.

According to the Allon Plan, the Palestinians would be given control over three densely populated enclaves: A northern enclave that included Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem, and Ramallah; a southern enclave that took in Hebron and Bethlehem; and, a special enclave designated for the Jericho area, which also included a crossing into Jordan.  These enclaves would be connected by specially constructed access roads.

The principle that guided the late Yigal Allon was “maximum strategic territories, minimum control over Palestinian population.”  Area C of the Oslo Interim Agreement similarly provides Israel with the same guiding principle.  It takes in approximately 50,000 Palestinians, who will be given Israeli citizenship should the Israeli government resolve to annex the area on which Israel has currently both military/security responsibility as well as civilian control.

Area C consists primarily of sparsely populated desert regions including the Jordan Valley in the east, and the area southeast of Hebron, as well as Jewish settlement blocs, Israeli military bases, and access roads.  Area C is the largest of the three areas specified under the Oslo Interim Agreement.

The Oslo Interim Agreement, much like the Allon Plan, provides for areas A and B – encompassing the main Palestinian urban centers (Jenin, Tulkarem, Nablus, Kalkilya, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron and Jericho) and the surrounding villages — to be administered by the Palestinians.  In area A, Palestinians control both the civil and security administration, and in area B (Palestinian villages) Palestinians control the civil administration while Israel controls security.

Since area B includes the strategic high ground, and mountain ridges, Israel might be compelled to add portions of area B into Israel.

In a number of ways, the situation on the ground today has not changed much since Yigal Allon devised his plan in 1967.  There is still no consensus among the Palestinians about the kind of state they hope for. The only thing that unites the Palestinians is their hate for Israel, and their wish to eliminate it.  In the meantime two Palestinian regimes exist in mutual distrust and deep animus towards one another.  Hamas in Gaza is Islamist in orientation and it has declared unambiguously that it will never recognize the Jewish State.  Fatah, the leading party within the PLO that dominates the West Bank, is largely distrusted by the population in the West Bank, and if open, fair and democratic elections were to be held in the two areas, Hamas would probably win a majority because it is less tainted with corruption and incompetence.

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  • crackerjack

    And what is the "plan" for the annexed population? Full Israeli statehood, or some form of apardheid? And what is to become of Area A? End of occupation and compleat withdrawal leaving isolated islands within an Israeli entity?

    There is no solution for Israel's occupation desaster. 67', Israel bit of more than it could chew, and has ever since been medicating the symptoms but not the cause.

    • ziontruth

      "Full Israeli statehood, or some form of apardheid?"

      Neither. The best would be, to boot them out for being the settler-colonists they are. Where do I get this idea from? Various sources, not least of which is you Leftists yourselves.

      For you are outspoken in your insistence that the "settlements" in the "West Bank," really the Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria, be dismantled, and their inhabitants "return" to pre-1967 Israel. As all the people in question belong to a single ethnos, the Jewish ethnos, this is quite plainly ethnic cleansing.

      "No, it's not ethnic cleansing, because they're colonists and invaders!" I hear you say. Ah, but it still is ethnic cleansing. When you say the Jews in Judea and Samaria are "colonists and invaders," that is not a refutation of your call being one of ethnic cleansing, it is merely a justification thereof. You still support ethnic cleansing, and you explain why in this case it is justified.

      I can have no better teachers than you anti-Zionists on that matter. Settler-colonists and invaders deserve to be ethnically cleansed, you say? Excellent! I believe all the Arabs inhabiting the entire Land of Israel, post pre- and post-1967, are settler-colonists and invaders, while the indigenous Palestinians are none other than the Jews. I leave the completion of the logic as an exercise to the reader.

      • Alex

        Why are you trying to use logic with this ……. and wasting time and space? His goal to kill all the Jews and move on to Europe and Us with the same virus-like intentions. What is wrong with you? You suppose to be the smart one.

        • ziontruth

          I know he's a troll, but since I don't have the power to ban him, this is the second-best option. I don't want to leave his "arguments" unanswered.

    • aspacia


      Abbas argues that any Palestinian state will be Judenfrei, and your slander Israel with the misnomer apartheid. You really lack logic.

    • Snorbak

      No mate,
      The Muslim states bit off more than they could chew when they had not 1 but 3 attempts to destroy Israel, 1948, 1967 & again in 1973. This reminds me of the definition of stupidity, but I digress.
      The solution is to 1st, declare to the world that further attacks on Israeli territory originating from Gaza or "the West bank" will be viewed as acts of war. 2nd, when the dumb ass Muslims test the waters, which they will, take control of the Temple Mount & declare all of Jerusalem (a Hebrew name) funny that, soverign Israeli territory & then annex Gaza & Judea & Samaria being spoils of war, & give the "Palestinian" Arabs the option to accept Israeli citizenship or leave.
      It may not be the solution you want but in the end you reap what you sow.

      • Larry

        Nope, don't give them the citizenship option. Do what was done at the end of both WWI and WWII, boot them out. They should have done it decades ago, not later than the aftermath of the Yom Kipper War.

        And for good measure, if they get attacked by Egypt, add the Sinai to the list.

        • Charlie Hall

          Annexation means citizenship for all residents. Period. The US did it when it annexed Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Oregon, New Mexico and California, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Ditto Israel when it annexed East Jerusalem and the Golan. For Israel to engage in ethnic cleansing would bring down the entire world on it — and deservedly so.

          • ziontruth

            "For Israel to engage in ethnic cleansing would bring down the entire world on it…"

            You'd be surprised what the world is willing to ignore when it suits it. All we have to do is ensure that situation.

            "…and deservedly so."

            I surmise your neighbors have a few anti-eavesdropping devices installed, seeing as you have such a habit of poking your nose in affairs that are no concern of yours.

          • Snorbak

            "Annexation means citizenship for all residents. Period."
            So, based on you arguement, the entire population of Judea & Samaria (West Bank) should have been given Jordainan citizenship when Jordan ANNEXED Judea & Samaria in 1948, correct? The so called "Palestinain" Arabs would be considered Jordainian then?
            Israel LIBERATED Judea & Samaria in 1967, it did not annex it, check your facts prior to making silly, emotive & biased comments.
            The same applies to Gaza.
            I love your logic, it supports my argument, keep it up:-)

        • Snorbak

          Annexing The Sinai along with parts of Jordan, Lebanon & Syria were implied if those states intend to join the fray against Israel, which personally I believe is very possible in the near future.
          "They should have done it decades ago.." yes, Israel is its own worst enemy!

  • FedupwithPalis

    The arabs don't and have never wanted a state. They only want the destruction of the Jewish State. So no peace is possible because the arabs continue in bad faith and can't be trusted.

    I think Israel might think about annexing the whole of Judea and Samaria and offering a one off payment to arabs who want to leave and live in Jordan or any other arab country. The must not become Isralei citizens as they hate Jews and want Israel gone. So a one off payment to go, or stay as stateless persons and fence them off to look after themselves. I really have no sympathy for these pretend citizens of a pretend state that never existed and was only invented to destroy Israel.

    So, take the money, or fend for yourselves inside a security fence. That's what it has come to and no-one is to blame but the pretend Palis, the islamofascists who support them, and the racist western left who have pepetrated this situation. Damn them all and if the Palis stay and starve, so be it.

    • aspacia


      The problem is the Arabs are far more brutal to their refugee brethren than Israel has ever been: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdaW6di2jYI

      Here is a Google search: https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1DVCF_enUS363

      • Larry

        Not Israel's problem, nor is it ours, unless they want to attack us, at which point we should become their worst nightmare.

        • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

          'unless they want to attack us, at which point we should become their worst nightmare. ' And the MUSLIM CIC is going to make their lives a nitemare?
          I DONT think so

  • FactsRule

    For 44 years Israeli governments have attempted to accommodate Arab Muslims west of the Jordan River & in Gaza. The Arab Muslims (actually they are a combination of 55 nations — see "From Time Immemorial," by Joan Peters) have no international legal claim to any area west of the Jordan River, including Gaza. They lost the civil war in 1948 after not accepting a state west of the Jordan River. From 1949-1967 they were Jordanians & Egyptians because those countries stole half of Israel from the Israelis. Nary a peep was heard for almost 19 years about a "Palestinian" state. In '64 the PLO was formed to destroy an Israel that didn't control the so-called West Bank nor Gaza. Against the will of the overwhelming vast majority of the world's Jewish population, particularly Israelis, these Israeli leaders have tried everything in their power to legitimize & empower their sworn genocidal enemies, the Arab Muslims living West of the Jordan River & in Gaza. This outrageous appeasement policy is treacherous & suicidal. It has cost the lives, limbs, & properties of tens of thousands of Israelis & other innocent visitors to Israel. Instead, the compassionate intelligent & ONLY effective thing for Israel to do remains to repatriate any & all Arab Muslims if they will not swear allegiance to Israel living west of the Jordan River & in Gaza back to Jordan & Egypt. Anyone aware of the decades old efforts on behalf of the Arab Muslims to destroy Israel & to spread unspeakable genocidal hatred throughout their entire population from birth to death in every way realizes that it is certainly impossible for Israel to exist long term If they do not repatriate this extremely hostile population, as has been the practice of every nation forever, and in much higher volumes. It is impossible to accommodate the extremely hostile Muslims living west of the Jordan & maintain the lives & properties of Israel long term, impossible. Just by familiarizing oneself with palwatch.org, an organization chronicling the statements & activities of the so-called Palestinians for two decades, one sees clearly that it is nothing less than complete fantasy & is definitely suicidal to do anything less than repatriate this extremely hostile population to Jordan & Egypt.

    • aspacia

      Facts you are correct.

    • rachaelamb

      I agree the so called Palestinians Arabs are no different than the Germans of the nazi era who supported Hitler,in the way they not only support,but also cheer on,the coldblooded murder of defenseless Jewish women and children. This may sound extreme,but anyone who supports them is an accomplice in the murder of Jews in my opinion.

    • rachaelamb

      The only thing I disagree with you about is allowing the Arabs to swear allegiance. Their word means nothing they have lied so many times. Tragedy is there may actually be a handful of Arabs who don't hate Israel,and don't want it destroyed,but just like the very few Germans who didn't support Hitler during WW2,had to suffer as a result of the nazis aggression. Sadly,these Arabs will have to pay the price for their leadership's and populations hatred and aggression,and genocidial aims towards Israel and the Jewish people.

      • rachaelamb

        I take that back Arabs who serve in the IDF,and support Israel should be allowed to stay,but the moment they become violent,or treacherous against Israel,they should be expelled as well.

  • Bamaguje

    All the various 'plans' are based on the erroneous premise that Arabs really want peace with the Jewish state.
    If they did, they would have accepted the 1922 partition of British mandated Palestine which has already provided a Palestinian state – Jordan.
    In that deal Palestinians got the lion share (77%) of Palestine, and Jews got the remaining 23% which included the presently contentious West bank and Gaza.

    If Arabs wanted peace with Israel, they would have accepted the 1947 UN resolution 181 which further short-changed Jews by carving out West bank, Gaza and other previously designated Jewish areas for Arabs.
    That non-binding recommendation required consent of both parties for validity. Jews agreed but Arabs didn't, thereby voiding the resolution.

    If Arabs wanted peace with the Jewish state, they would have accepted Israel's offer after the '67 war, to return West bank & Gaza in exchange for peace and recognition.
    Instead they rebuffed Israel's offer at their 1967 Khartoum conference with infamous 3 No's – “no peace, no negotiation, no recognition. We (Arabs) have lost round 3 (1967 war) and can lose 40 rounds but Israel can lose only one.”

    • aspacia


      You are correct. The problem is there are only 16 million industrious, talented Jews, and a billion genocidal Muslims. Folks, remember, we are also targets.

  • Bamaguje

    If the Arab-Israeli conflict were really about establishing another Palestinian state, Arabs would have established it when they controlled the West bank & Gaza in the first two decades after Israeli independence.
    Instead the PLO renounced all claims to West bank & Gaza in article 24 their 1964 founding charter, while the so-called 'occupied territories' were under Arab control.
    The only 'Palestine' PLO was interested in 'liberating' was Israel itself.

  • Marty

    It's interesting to note that while arabs were obsessed about ending the ancient Jewish presence in dysfunctional non-states such as iraq, yemen, and morocco, Israeli arabs have thrived and multiplied 1000 percent since Israel regained sovereignty in 1948. The numbers tell a poignant story: in 1949 about 140,000 arabs lived in Israel. Several additional thousand were added as a result of the family reunion plan sponsored by Israel and intended to alleviate the palestinian refugee problem that was caused by the arabs. Today around 1.6 million Israelis are arabs. They vote in regular elections, can criticize the government, and practice their religion freely. No other arab community anywhere in the middle east enjoys any of these democratic freedoms. That is because the remaining 350 million arabs live and are miserable in hellholes.

    • stern

      Marty, great post. Can you please point me to a link for evidence about the Arab population in 1949? I've been looking for this info. (To my mind, it provides the perfect response to accusations of "ethnic cleansing" on the birth of Israel – at the end of the War in 1948, there were 140,000 Arabs in areas controlled by the Jews, and there was not one single Jew in areas controlled by the Arabs. So exactly who was guilty of ethnic cleansing?)


      • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

        Sterno, The Arabs FOUGHT Israel. What you are insinuating is that Israel should have rolled over and played dead 2 years after WW2.
        Koo koo, koo koo

      • Charlie Hall

        Stern, you are wrong. As of 1948 there were still hundreds of thousands of Jews in Morocco, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. Most fled for their lives, but not until the 1950s and 1960s.

        Nevertheless it is a documented fact that the Haganah/IDF did attack some Arab villages and neighborhoods in order to convince the Arab residents to flee. I've seen the mosque in Tzfat; it is now a museum.

        • ziontruth

          "Nevertheless it is a documented fact that the Haganah/IDF did attack some Arab villages and neighborhoods in order to convince the Arab residents to flee."

          So you're suggesting that the Jews in 1947 should just have waited patiently till the villagers of Iraq Suweidan, situated on an important crossroads threatening Jewish supply convoys, willingly evacuated their strategic point. A wily statesman would make sure you'd be made general of the army of his enemy state.

  • Marty

    Thanks for the compliment. The numbers vary between 120,000 and 140,000 (about a fifth of the total Israeli population at the time) and I've relied on a variety of accounts of the rather hectic time period of 1948-1951. There is no precise agreement, but these are the numbers I've seen in most sources and from my own interviews. The arab number includes christians, druses, and (sunni) muslims. If you can access it, please consider consulting the Center of Bureau Statistics (CBS) in Jerusalem or Facts on Israel. At least, that is what it was called several years ago. Otherwise, any decent history of this time period will do nicely.

  • Nakba1948

    Meh. Another fascist proposal from the ideological successors of the Nazi regime. While I support nonviolent resistance against the apartheid ZIonist regime, you can be sure that if Israel illegally annexes more Palestinian land, you will have a third intifada, if not all-out war, on your hands. You Zionazis know that your time is running short. I was tremendously heartened to recently watched an interview of the courageous Norman Finkelstein, where he discusses his new book: http://www.democracynow.com/2012/6/4/norman_finkelstein_... .Thankfully, as he documents, Jewish American support for "Israel" is diminishing. More and more Jews of conscience, especially in the younger generations, are learning the facts, and the facts don't lie. If you want your corrupt, bellicose little ethnostate to survive in ANY form, you extremist nuts better change your tune dramatically and accept the reality of a Palestinian state. What a great time to be a Palestinian!

    • ziontruth

      "…you can be sure that if Israel illegally annexes more Palestinian land, you will have a third intifada, if not all-out war, on your hands."

      Go right ahead and destroy, by your own actions, what little still remains of the Israeli Jewish Left. That and your boycotts ought to work wonders in tipping the Israeli Jewish populace harder to the Right.

      "I was tremendously heartened to recently watched an interview of the courageous Norman Finkelstein,…"

      It is easy to assess Finkelstein by the fact that he receives praise from Islamonazi supremacists like you.

      "More and more Jews of conscience,…"

      Jews who have substituted the true Judaism for trendy Marxism, you mean.

      "If you want your corrupt, bellicose little ethnostate to survive in ANY form, you extremist nuts better change your tune dramatically and accept the reality of a Palestinian state."

      We do not want yet another corrupt, bellicose little Arab ethnostate—in addition to the 21 of those already existing—near our one and only Jewish state. You extremist Islamonazi imperialists had better change your tune dramatically, not just in Palestine but all over the world, and accept the reality that the free peoples of the world are not going to submit to your tyrannical shariah rule even if their treasonous governments have already done so. Your time is running out, and you're in for a rude awakening.

      "What a great time to be a Palestinian!"

      Which you aren't, so get out of Palestine, all of you Arab imperialist settler-colonist land-thieving supremacists. Back to the Arabian Peninsula you go, descendants of Bedouin tent-dwellers! Palestine for the Palestinians, meaning none other than the Jews!

      • Charlie Hall

        Arabs have lived in the Land of Israel since the 7th century. And they treated us far better than the Byzantines they kicked out! And your "Bedouin tent-dweller" slander is disgusting; Israeli Bedouin's serve in the IDF and defend the State of Israel.

        • ziontruth

          "Arabs have lived in the Land of Israel since the 7th century."

          On and off, according to the condition of the land, which, before Zionism, even at its best was not very good. A lot of Arab villages were abandoned and repopulated many times over and over again.

          "And they treated us far better than the Byzantines they kicked out!"

          Only when their rulers felt like it. The dhimmi laws are as onerous as the treatment meted to the Jews by the Christians, despite the Saidian discourse that wishes to posit a "good Muslims vs evil Christians" narrative with regard to the Jews. Jewish life in Islamic lands featured the same capricious ups and downs as in the Christian world.

          "And your 'Bedouin tent-dweller' slander is disgusting"

          It would be if I had degraded the Bedouin lifestyle; I have not, I have merely given it as proof that the Arabs are not indigenous to Palestine. This is no different than the anti-Zionist argument that Jews should leave Palestine because "they're Europeans."

          "Israeli Bedouin's serve in the IDF and defend the State of Israel."

          I don't want them put to the test. Members of nations should not have to contend with either the advantages or the disadvantages of living in another nation's state. Illegal Bedouin settlements (unrecognized villages like Arakib) are the other side of the coin, and I want it to stop, even if that means Bedouins' service in the IDF must also stop. Multiculturalism, the idea of having multiple nations living under the same state, has failed just about everywhere, and often catastrophically. An exclusive nation-state for each nation makes for happy nations everywhere.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Yeah, yeah, yeah.
      Everyone knows you Jew haters, Nazis and Jihados just hate Israel.
      Norm Fink is Erav Rav… You Muzzies LOVE Jews that are treacherous turncoats.

    • Drakken

      Happy nakba muzzy! You savages will get what you deserve, hopefully Israel will have enough of you islamic savages and push Gaza into the sea and clear the West Bank once and for all, then therewill be peace.

    • rachaelamb

      The very things you accuse Israel of is what you and your people are guilty of,and more. You are the modern day nazis that want another Holocaust to happen to the Jews. Norman Finkerstein is a sick,evil selfhating Jew who is no different than the kapos who turned in their fellow Jews to the nazis during the Holocaust.

    • UCSPanther

      Seeing how your "Palestinian" state is a corrupt construct that depends on handouts, its only export being terrorism, and how people are no longer being fooled, it actually is a really BAD time to be a Palestinian. If it doesn't change and clean up its act, it WILL not last.

      Norman Finkelstein is in the same class as Ernst Zundel: therefore, what he has to say is irrelevant due to zero credibility.

    • mjazz

      The bellicose little ethnostates are gaza and the west bank.

    • Ghostwriter

      Oh,you mean the anti-American Palestinians who want both Jews and Americans dead? You must really love them.

  • Schlomotion

    America should adopt the Puder Strategy. Every time Israel does something stupid, which is is like…. five times a day, the US should just say, "It seems like we have no partner here to reason with" and then just pound on them. The other part of the Puder Strategy is to just take what you want and say that you need it in order to protect it from future attacks. Really, that was the Soviet Strategy, but Mr. Puder pushes it so hard, it should be OK to rename it.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      Yeah, sure, Shlomo… And every time pali does something bad, which is 3-4 rockets a day in Ashkelon and Sderot, the world should kiss their a$$.

      • Schlomotion

        Boo hoo. Rockets. Metal tubes with a little bomb on the end. Something anyone with a welding machine can make. On the other hand, their opponents have fighter jets, tanks, bulldozers, machine guns, white phosophorus, a navy, control of the water supply, and nuclear weapons. Boo hoo. Rockets.

        • Rick Z

          Schlo —

          Kassam 3 rockets have a 45 lb (20 kg) explosive warhead and a range of 13 miles (20 km).

          Grad rockets are standard military bombardment missiles developed by the USSR, and now manufactured in many countries (including Iran, North Korea, China). Hamas has upgraded versions with 30 mile range for 100 lb warheads.

          Israel is ringed by 80,000 -100,000 enemy rockets right now.

          • Schlomotion

            And not a guidance system among them.

          • mjazz

            Targeting civilian centers.

          • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

            MOVE to pali, just MOVE there. I guarantee, 100% that you would come back w/ a different p.o.v.

        • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

          If you think it is so easy to live with rockets, my suggestion is to move to pali..
          Israel does not owe these 'people' a water supply.
          They want to be a state so damned bad, make your OWN water, lazy arabs-moochers.

          The palis get 400 mill annually from the USA, plus Osama, (I mean Obama) gave them 1.2 billion 2010-2011 on top of the 400 million, plus another 140 mill on Dec 28, 2011, plus ANOTHER 198 million.

          Go cry about your rocket throwing, miserable little 'peace loving' jihadis somewhere that people are brainwashed by Islamo-Nazi propaganda. It is not believed around here.

          "White phosperous?" Mmm Hmmm, yeah right, the same white p that the U.N. SILENTLY said nada happened. The palis LIED, once again… Part of the 'peaceful religion.'
          Sell crazy somewhere else, you are all stocked up here.
          Jew hater.

        • rachaelamb

          Too bad one of them doesn't hit you right in the butt Jewhater.

      • mjazz

        Good one! That's pretty much how it works.

    • Drakken

      Hey dummy, if you love those pali savages so much? Go live with them and give them a group hug, dumbazz!

  • rachaelamb

    My suggestion to the end the conflict would be to annex the terroritories,and expel all the Arabs,especially the families of terrorists, and the ones who cause trouble. Bottom line, the Arabs at least the overwhelming majority are never going to accept the existance of a Jewish state,and as result there is going to be conflict,war,and terrorism tragically from now on. Offer compensation to the Arabs who go peacefully,but do it without any media attention. It should have been done after the 6 day war,it would have saved everyone a lot of heartache, and suffering over the years.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    My own plan would be to kick the faux Palestinians back into Egypt and Jordan and make Israel_into the Nation it is destined to be but for fear of the Jew hating UN has not done what is in_it's own best interest. Twenty years of being jerked around by Arafat and hell bound murderers_Israel is still looking to keep the game going to nowhere but frustraion and endless disappointment._Facing up to the truth is hard and the truth is there can be no peace with Islam for Israel._So the time is now to take a hard line and dominate through force and the right.

    • wctaqiyya

      Well yeah. Or, the Jews in Israel can all just commit suicide and leave nasty notes behind. That would show those mean Arabs.

  • mjazz

    Hebron strongman Sheik Farid Khader el-Ja’abari is one of the Palestinian Authority's most outspoken opponents. He rejects the idea of a Palestinian state and keeps close contact with the IDF and Jewish settlers, and heads a clan of approximately 35,000 people.
    This is the person Israel and the West should be talking to. http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_articl

    • rachaelamb

      Arabs like him and other Arab people that really want to live in peace with Jews,and not cause trouble should be able to stay,but sadly their in the minority, and I should say extreme minority at that.

  • wctaqiyya

    I don't have the solution to the Israel Arab dilemma, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it. No seriously, if you figure out the amount of money wasted on those Arab refugees over the years, most of which winds up in Swiss banks, it would be more than enough to set those angry buzzards up in luxury anywhere else in the world. I'm thinking, Somalia. Yeah, that's it, Somalia.

    • mjazz

      Arafat stole Billions of dollars from his people, and I'm sure Hamas and Fatah continue to do so.