America in Decline

In these last few days after the 2012 U.S. elections America’s future, for many, appears to be bleak.  To those same Americans, an unfamiliar America is emerging in which traditional American values that made the U.S. exceptional are evaporating.  Qualities like self-reliance and a strong work ethic have been replaced by a big government that is taking care of nearly half of the populace, in one form or another, and encouraging others to reach out for assistance.

Mitt Romney’s defeat and Obama’s triumph is a victory for the liberal-left culture, which has achieved some level of political dominance in our society.  Its instruments:  political correctness (PC), multi-culturalism, and relativism-are creations of the New Left cultural Marxism and have shackled many Americans – especially white Americans consumed by guilt – to decline and decay.

Barack Hussein Obama savaged Mitt Romney with personal attacks during the campaign that were so brutal as to prompt Romney’s son to threaten Obama that he will “take a swing at him.” PC factored into Romney’s constraint making him reluctant to fight back and attack Obama on unresolved personal issues such as his past associations, birthplace, religion, school grades, contributors, etc.  Romney feared the all powerful and deadly charge of being called a racist.  The competition between a white person and an African-American in the U.S. is rendered uneven by guilt over historical race relations, which demagogues try to keep fresh for purposes of political power.  With the pervasiveness of PC in the general public but especially among those in the media and academia, any charge of racism leveled against a white person or candidate can effectively damage or destroy his career.

Demographic changes in America – with a diminishing population of whites, also affected the outcome of the election. The Democrat Party has consolidated political power through a paternalistic embrace of non-white minorities, women, and young voters.  There is an “American Idol” mentality in this country which, coupled with the fact that young students want to be “cool” and accepted by their peers on campus, led to the Obama victory.  Influenced by leftist professors, students tend to gravitate towards the party that mirrors those PC views.  Young single women consider issues such as abortion, women’s rights, etc. a priority.  They see the world through a narrow lens of how their lives might be affected.

Hispanics, who represent the largest minority in America, consider immigration to be their primary issue.  Republicans, in upholding the laws of the land, have been tougher than Democrats on “legalizing” the illegal immigrants, and they have been punished as a result.  African-Americans, the second largest minority, are likely to vote for a fellow African-American, especially when his party stands for governmental support programs, and is a major employer within the African-American community.   Interestingly enough, no member of the PC mainstream media would dare accuse an African-American of racism. It seems only whites can be regarded as racist.  Jews, another Democrat constituency, are the most baffling of all groups.  The Democrat Party relies on their financial support but distances itself from Israel. And yet, it continues to get their support.  An old joke has it that Jews earn like Episcopalians, but vote like Puerto Ricans.

In addition to demography and race, this election showed that there will be a generational change in the future.  Romney will probably be one of the last baby-boomers to run for the presidency.  Henceforth, trends towards racial diversity will only expand in both parties.

The Democrat Party, once a truly patriotic party with figures like Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, and Henry “Scoop” Jackson, is no longer.  Many of today’s flag-bearers of the party are leftist ideologues like Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi.  The party has consistently sought to reduce the military budget and increase social welfare.  On the international scene they are seen as appeasers and perceived as weak – especially among Middle East Islamists, and authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin.  The Democrats want to emulate Europe’s social welfare just when Europe is assessing the damage cradle-to-grave socialism has done to its economy.

President Obama hates Europe’s colonial past (Dreams from My Father) but loves EU bureaucrats whose actions often times override national interests.  He adores the power of these same bureaucrats who decide on how Europeans should live.  Obama-care, coupled with his efforts to transfer wealth from one group to another, will further cripple the already weakened U.S. economy.

Around the world Obama’s reelection has been celebrated albeit not because they love Obama or America but rather because he and his policies represent a weaker America, a less assertive America demanding consideration of its vital interests.  Russia’s Putin hopes Obama will keep his promise to be “more flexible” in the second term.  Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s new president, hailed Obama’s victory stating that “it would strengthen the friendship between the two countries.”  Hamas, the Islamist terror group controlling Gaza issued a statement of congratulation saying, “There is a chance for Obama to change the Israeli-biased American policy and build a new moral one that ends the double standards in dealing with various Middle East issues, and help the Palestinians to regain their rights.”

Obama’s second term would enable him to recognize Hamas as a “partner”  in the Palestinian Authority in spite of its rejection of negotiations with the Jewish state and intransigence when it comes to recognizing Israel’s right to exist.  In his second term, Obama will likely forge a closer relationship with Muslim Brotherhood groups throughout the Middle East, particularly with Egypt.  He will “handle” the Iran issue by essentially allowing the Islamic Republic to reach a point of no return in assembling a nuclear weapon.

The Communist Chinese are also happy with the Obama victory.  Romney threatened to be tough on China during the presidential debates, saying, “On day one, I’ll label China a currency manipulator and that will allow me to apply tariffs where they steal our intellectual property and kill jobs.” Hu Jintao, China’s outgoing President, declared that there has been “positive progress” in Sino-U.S. relations over the past four years.

Obama’s electoral victory, regardless of his abysmal record in domestic and foreign affairs, is historical in scope.  No other president has ever been reelected with an unemployment record as high as 7.9% (the real unemployment figure is probably higher and does not take into account the under-employed).  But then no other previous president was African-American.  The PC media ignored his record and failed to vet him during the election campaign of 2008 and again in 2012.  Hollywood icons were on hand with their red carpet for the President – their American Idol – while never questioning what it is he actually accomplished that would justify another four year term.  Like them, the Norwegian Nobel Peace committee chose to award him with undeserved recognition, conferring the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing to advance the cause of peace.

Obama has been neither a healer of the nation nor a bridge builder, and yet he was reelected to the highest office of the land.  But he helped to assuage White guilt.  Interestingly, the Democratic Party, which touts itself as being for women’s rights, did not nominate Hillary Clinton for the presidency and chose instead someone far less experienced than she.

A day after the 2012 U.S. elections the Stock Market fell over 300 points reminding many of us that our economy is nearing the fiscal cliff.  All indications are that the young college students of today, who flocked to Obama, may very well find themselves dependent on government handouts as lucrative jobs in the private sector continue to disappear.  The road ahead for America is bleak indeed, thanks to the PC culture that gave us Obama for four more years.

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  • Looking4Sanity

    The Life Cycle of Constitutional Republics

    From Tyranny to Liberty
    From Liberty to Prosperity
    From Prosperity to Apathy
    From Apathy to Tyranny

    It should be noted that the circle only revolves in one direction. Apathy never leads to prosperity. As far as I am aware, no government has ever survived more than one cycle. We are currently on the cusp between apathy and tyranny. The end of America as we knew her is upon us.

    • adinakutnicki

      And the disaster-in-the-making could not have come full circle without the Radical/Islamist-in-Chief's efforts, even though the stage has been set for decades. Nevertheless, he is the chief Pyromaniac.

      In order to FULLY deconstruct America some pillars had to fall. Thus,

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • Looking4Sanity

        You're absolutely correct, Adina. May Yahweh bless you and protect you, and the Nation of Israel, in the trials that are in store for this unrepentant world.

    • BS77

      Interesting that one of the most popular cable shows is now Doomsday Preppers.

      • Looking4Sanity

        I'm already all “prepped up”. I've turned my attention to gold prospecting. Why buy it when you can suck it out of the creek bed, right?

    • Snow White

      The present state of apathy, or the mind set of "Get it. Let Willie build it,"has led to a state of anarchy in which those who feel they are entitled are forming gangs and taking what they want, raiding stores, and beating up the vulnerable, as long as they are white, just for the fun of it. When the victim class realizes their only defense is to band together as vigilantes, hide their identity lest they be prosecuted for defending themselves, and try to restore order while authorities protect and condone the activities of the mauraders and thieves.the tyrany will began. Anyone who has read Hitler's speeches will realize that his description of Germany in the thirties, reads like he was describing the USA today.

  • pierce

    We are most definitely in decline, and who do we thank for this. 1) we thank the PRESS, for never having vetted Barack Obama, and 2) we thank those people who are more interested in entitlements, than they are in a days work for a days pay. This is why our nation is in decline, but just who is going to reverse this course, hopefully we will before it is not too late.

  • Spider

    Pierce – No one will be able to reverse this. The Obama victory was a guarante that it is too late to turn the ship around. Our debt, entitlrmrnts, unfunded liabilities and immigration policies will now bring about the ultimate destruction of a once great country. We can now expect bankrupsy, hyper-inflation anarchy and maybe even civil war in 15 years or less.. Think Greece to the power of 10. G-O-D Help us.

  • The Truth

    Mr. Puder is openly seditious with regard to the United States. This article seeks to shift the blame from Alan Greenspan's housing bubble and Paul Wolfowitz's "topple the Middle East" Doctrine, and the domestic oil cartel's Spike the Energy Prices Doctrine. Mr. Puder is trying to shift the blame for America's decline to blacks, hispanics, and "leftists," and is trying to bang the "whitey is dying" tambourine. He is doing this because he is an Israel Firster operating out of Philadelphia, but putting Israel's interests ahead of the United States and fomenting racism to do it. He is treating us to End Times apocalyptic revelations because the election did not go in the direction that his cronies bribed it to go in. Mr. Puder is the executive director of Interfaith Taskforce for America and Israel and is the same man who helped to forge Walid Shoebat's credentials as a "professor."

    • logdon

      You are insane.

    • Mary Sue

      If that's what you got out of that article, your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Ghostwriter

      Why don't you go back to Stormfront,The Lie?

      • Mr. Polly

        Why don’t you go back to nursery school?

        • Mary Sue

          Polly wanna cracker?

    • Jim

      Mr. Pruder also forgot to mention that the "Arab Spring" that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt began with an unbearable spike in food prices fueled by Wall Street speculators. When Wall Street wrecklessness brings the country to it's knees, they turn around and blame everybody from the gay community to the Mexicans who pick strawberries for 3 bucks an hour.

  • Western Spirit

    One world government here we come. A hand has written it on the wall as prophecy fulfilled keeps piling up.

  • Arius

    The decline of America began in the late 1990's with NAFTA after which the deconstruction and export of our industrial infrastructure to Asia commenced. This betrayal of American workers and families was engineered by BOTH the evil Democrats and stupid Republicans, may they rot in hell. I couldn't find IT work after the 1990's; it was leaving the country. The evil and stupid parties every year even upped H1B visas for foreign IT workers to enter the US. I loath and despise both parties. They have betrayed the American people in every way possible, especially the despicable Teddy Kennedy and his 1965 immigration law change that opened US immigration to the third world, may he rot in hell. Republicans are complains about changing demographics and their bleak future, but they deserve it. Not that I'm happy about it, living in my birth country is now like living in a foreign country. Our generation has taken greatness and flushed it down the toilet.

    • Mary Sue

      Bite your tongue, NAFTA was one of the best things that ever happened. It was particularly beneficial to Canada.

  • surfcitysocal

    No, the media won’t call a liberal black racist, but they are quick to call conservative blacks like Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Mia Love, or Star Parker–people who don’t fit their approved narrative–a traitor to the race, or an “uncle Tom’.

    • Mary Sue

      they don't call a black person a racist because in their convoluted reasoning, "racism" always accompanies "oppression", therefore only the non-oppressed (the ones "in charge"), ie. White People, can be "racist" because they have the "power to oppress and keep the black man down". Therefore everything a white person does is racist because everything they do, whether they realize it or not, is keeping the black man down.

      Clarence Thomas et al are thus said to be siding with the "oppressors", and thus complicit in their own "oppression" (how that even works I don't get), and this is said to be "internalized racism". Just like women who agree with Mens Rights Activists have "internalized misogyny" (which they consider to be a form of stockholm syndrome but they don't treat it as such, they treat it as if the woman is doing it on purpose and lash out at her angrily).

      Objecting that something is considered "racist" is considered "whitesplaining" because "the oppressor does not have the right to tell us what is or is not racist (because the oppressed are the only ones that know what racism is all about, apparently). People get ripped to shreds for "whitesplaining," as whitesplaining is considered oppression as an attempt to "silence" the person of colour, and also a form of paternalism.

      • cew

        Oddly enough, the same people who push the "racism = oppression" button fail to take into account that far more white slaves were taken out of southern Europe and halled to Africa, or the fact slave trading continued in that region of the world long after our own civil war, and still exists today. It's not really about oppression… it's about money and economics.

    • Dennis X

      Those you reference are not racist, they are all uncle toms. Jews have " self hating " jews, Black People have uncle toms.

    • Ghostwriter

      And you,Dennis X,are a vile bigot. End of story.

  • cynthiacurran

    Hispanics want welfare just as much as whites and blacks. Some are hard working and some are not. The Amensty line is pushed because a lot of businessmen in Texas have use hispanic illegal immirgants for a lot of low skilled jos. Texas Republicians are pushing a questworker program.

  • dannyjeffrey44

    We all anticipated a rigged election and were not disappointed. It happened and our so called "leaders" in DC remain silent. That includes Mitt Romney, and so I pose a question: Where is Mitt Romney?

    • Dennis X

      332 to 206+ ass whuppin!!!

      • cew

        No… he's home with this family and his millions. He didn't lose anything. If anything, he's gained; more time with the family, the ability to travel and enjoy his life, and a chance to move on and make millions more. That's what educated people with ambitions do.

  • riverboatbill

    I decline to decline. Lock and load.

    • Mary Sue

      slight correction. It's not "lock and load". Why would you lock before you load? :p (Psst, it's correctly "cock and lock")

      • KarshiKhanabad

        IIRC, the command to "lock & load" is from the days of the M-1 Garand rifle. The firer locked the bolt to the rear, then loaded an eight round clip. Releasing the thumb from the topmost round allowed the bolt to chamber the round & the rifle was ready to fire. No safety catch involved. FWIW.

      • riverboatbill

        While technically,the term does have a historical reference; the current common generic usage means to be ready to apply corrective force to a situation. If this troubles anyone's grammatical sensitivities or brings misunderstandings, you can just say : " fix bayonets".

        • Ajaxxx

          What if your bayonete is not in need of repair?