Déjà Vu With Mahmoud Abbas

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We are about to experience déjà vu with Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), as he will attempt to have the U.N. General Assembly recognize the PA – this time – as a Non-Member Observer State by the U.N. General Assembly, an upgrade he hopes will firmly establish the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, captured by Israel in 1967 Six Day War, as Palestinian territories in the eyes of the world.  Abbas will address the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 27, and then file the application for observer state recognition with the world body, said Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

The Palestinians, who failed to gain the necessary majority in the U.N. Security Council as a member State last year, will be seeking an alternative path in the form of a non-member Observer state.  Their current status at the U.N. is non-state observer, and they are represented by Riyad Mansour.  FM Riad Malki recently said, “The application will be deposited and then we will be in touch with the members of the General Assembly, consulting with them on the proper timing for applying.”

Mahmoud Abbas it seems will do anything to avoid negotiations on a permanent peace agreement with Israel.  On the other hand, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot do enough to lure Abbas and the Palestinians to the negotiating table. Last month Netanyahu offered, through his negotiator Itzhak Molcho, to free 25 Palestinian security prisoners convicted of murdering Israelis, along with a subsequent release of 100 prisoners in four stages by the end of 2012. Netanyahu requested in exchange that Abbas meet with him and resume negotiations.  Abbas, through his negotiator Saeb Erekat, refused the offer and then demanded the release of all 123 prisoners being held in Israeli jails since prior to the Oslo Accords (1993). Abbas’ second demand was that PA security forces in the West Bank be provided with new weapons.

Netanyahu, giving in undoubtedly to U.S. pressure (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a visit to Israel July 16, 2012, stated that “the status quo is unsustainable”), declared last week that he will double the number of prisoners to be released to 50 on condition that Abbas freeze his intended application to the U.N. for non-member observer state status in September; that Abbas meets with him, and, resumes the negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.  Moreover, Netanyahu, agreed to the Palestinian demand for new weapons.

True to the adage that the “squeaky wheel gets the grease,” Abbas’ failure to hold elections in the West Bank and his lack of popularity among the Palestinians is being compensated for by generating a great deal of international attention to the cause with his posturing.  And while events in the Arab world, especially in Egypt and Syria, have overshadowed the Palestinian issue, Abbas’ recent positions and his threats to go to the UN, have kept the Palestinian issue in the forefront and have succeeded in turning the tables on Israel and increasing the pressure on them to make further concessions to the Palestinians.

Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister and the current Quartet representative to the Middle East, will be in the area this week – a visit that comes on the heels of Russian President Putin’s June meetings with Abbas in Bethlehem and PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem.  Blair will, no doubt, also be seeking further concessions from Israel in order to persuade Abbas to return to the negotiating table.  During Putin’s visit to Israel and his meeting with Netanyahu, he was asked by Netanyahu to convey to Abbas the following message, “The key to peace is complex but in the end it is very simple: Either PA President Abbas must come here (to Jerusalem) or I must go to him, and I am willing for either of these possibilities to occur, either way however, we must begin to talk.”  The pressure on Israel seems to be working.

Last week, top officials representing 11 member countries of NAM – the Non-Aligned Movement (Indonesia , South Africa , Malaysia , Egypt , Zimbabwe , Zambia , Senegal , Colombia , India , Cuba and Bangladesh ) were scheduled to meet with Abbas in Ramallah. Representatives of four of the countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cuba, and Bangladesh, were denied entry by Israel as their countries have no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.  NAM is made up of 120 countries (mainly Asian, African and Latin American) and constitutes almost two-thirds of the General Assembly membership.  Abbas expects that most of these countries will back his application to upgrade the status of “Palestine.”  Should the Palestinian ploy succeed, it will enable them to join a number of U.N. agencies – including the International Court of Justice.

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  • LibertyMan

    Why even negotiate with someone (or people) who never had any integrity to keep his (their) word or even knows what truth is?

  • Elliott

    INDICT Mahmoud Abbas / Abu Mazen, if he comes to the US during September 2012.
    He does NOT have diplomatic immunity; unlike Syria's Assad and Turkey's Erdogan, he is NOT a President, in any way shape or form.
    Why? For the simple reason that THERE IS NO STATE IN THE WORLD CALLED PALESTINE. It doesn't exist; it has NEVER existed.
    [Nearly 2,000 years ago the Roman Empire established one of their conquered areas (The Jewish Holy Land) as "Palestina", using a bastardized version of "Philistia", sworn enemies of the Jewish People – AT THAT TIME.]

    Abbas was financially and operationally responsible for the cold-blooded massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.
    During September 2012 he will be in New York.
    Arrest him, Indict him, put him on trial for murder.

    • Larry

      Well said. It has always amazed me that civilized countries haven't gone after Abbas, Arafat, & co for their terrorist actions. Instead they have feted them and treated them like legitimate political figures.

      • Rodney

        If he had murdered athletes from any other country they would have done what you say but he murdered Israel's and we all know that the Jews are considered fodder to the world. However the God of Israel will exact revenge for the actions of the world against Israel. SOON. God bless Israel.

  • Marty

    mahmoud abbas remains a terrorist in a suit who has a long career of finding funding for the murder of innocent people. he's the so-called leader of a fictitious people, but in reality presides over an competent and corrupt regime that refuses to hold real elections, recognize Israel's legitimacy, and continues to foster islamization of christian and Jewish holy sites. In twenty years the palestinian authority (pa) has achieved nothing when it comes to improving the lives of miserable people who reside in the hell hole the pa controls. All abbas can do is blame Israel for everything that is wrong and encourage poverty and violence.

  • flowerknife_us

    Abbas will have no life if he signs a peace treaty With Israel. His make believe Kingdom will get flattened if there is a general war. Or, even vaporized by the Iranians. Gaza seems as tho they cannot wait to die in mass destroying Israel. By any means. Abbas has no future as long as he stays.

  • WildJew

    I wonder if there is any truth to this story. I got it from a friend living in Samaria, Israel. If it is, it is pretty darned disgusting. James Baker is a vicious anti-Semite; he and Jeremiah Wright.

    James “F— The Jews” Baker Now Romney Foreign Policy Adviser (Along w/ Other Israel-Haters)