Holocaust Memorial Day and European Hypocrisy

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German Nobel Laureate Gunther Grass, a former Waffen S.S. soldier in Hitler’s army, published a poem earlier this month which criticized Israel for “aggressive warmongering against Iran” and identified the Jewish State as a “threat to world peace…”

Yom Ha’Shoah/Holocaust Memorial Day is a widely recognized day of commemoration throughout Europe. Holocaust memorials and museums abound; in Germany and other countries that willingly cooperated with Nazi Germany in the murder of the Jews.  Yet, throughout Western and Northern Europe today, Jews feel like an endangered species.  Residual anti-Semitism, largely borne of envy and age old prejudices shared at many “kitchen tables” is still prevalent in today’s Europe.  This, coupled with the influx of Muslims who have been taught that the Jews are the “enemies of Allah,” gives renewed vigor and legitimization to anti-Semitism.

During the pre-Holocaust age, Jews in Europe were characterized as Communists and Capitalists, misers and free-spenders.  Jews were targeted as an ethno-religious group as well as individuals.  In the godless Europe where Christianity is largely dead, it is politically incorrect to target individual Jews or Judaism however, it has become more acceptable to target the Jewish State for hate.  And, since Jews are automatically identified with Israel they are once again a target for hate and violence.  Last month saw the murder of a rabbi and three young children in Toulouse, France and, while Europe was “shocked,” the appeasement of the Arab-Muslim world continues as well as Israel bashing by the European media, academia, and most governments of the EU.

The trouble with the much of the “civilized” world is that it loves “dead Jews.”  “Cultured” Europeans murdered six-million Jewish people, including 1.5 million children, during the Holocaust, whose only crime was to be born to Jewish parents.  This same “cultured” world viciously attacks today’s proud living Jews and supports those engaged in hateful de-legitimization campaigns.  The “cultured” world loves Jews as victims not as victors.

On November 2, 2003 the Israel Insider reported the results of a European Commission poll – nearly 60% of European citizens believe that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace – more so than Iran, North Korea or Afghanistan.  The report prompted Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, to comment that “These shocking results defy logic and [are] a racist flight of fancy that only shows that anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within European society,”

For several decades following Israel’s rebirth, many wanted to forget the dead Jews of the Holocaust, looking upon them as those who went like “sheep to the slaughter.” The Sabras (native born Israelis) were ashamed of the perceived weakness of their kinsmen.  Ben Gurion, Israel’s founding father and first Prime Minister, along with his generation of Labor Zionists, sought to create a new man in the old homeland.

In Israel’s patriotic decades of the 1940s, 1950s, and up to 1967, little was said or taught about the Holocaust. In homes or in the youth movements, this most tragic event in Jewish history was barely discussed.  Holocaust survivors were reluctant to tell their stories, nor were they encourage d to do so.  A number of events led to the incorporation of the European Shoah into Israel’s living history.  First of these was the Eichmann Trial in 1961. The testimonies revealed to the young Israelis the incredible machinations of the Nazis, and the helplessness of the Jews.  Hated and persecuted by their gentile neighbors, without weapons or means to defend themselves the public learned that the Jews of Europe marched to their death with dignity, in spite of the brutality of the Nazi murderers and their helpers.

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  • rachaelamb

    Exactly,how are the murderers of the Fogel family who stabbed a Jewish infant to death in her crib, and strangled and stabbed her 3 and 11 year old brother to death,and stabbed and shot their parents any different than the nazis? The murderers are the same in their hatred and evil. The only difference is that the Jews have Israel now. They can fight back now. If the Arabs would lay down their weapons,and accept Israel there would be peace. If the Jews lay down their weapons, all Israelis would end up like the Fogel family. And apparently,that upsets the hypocritical Europeans who shed crocodile tears over the Holocaust,but support the would be perpertrators of a 2nd Holocaust. This world is becoming more evil all the time. And one of the biggest signs of this moral degeneration is the ever increasing hostility and hatred towards Israel. All who are on the side of love, justice, truth,and decency will side with Israel, and the Jews.

    • Asher

      Exactly….They are all hate crimes and anti-semetism which hasn't changed. We will never forget the Tyranny or History no matter how the Progressives try to Erase it!

  • Dispozadaburka

    The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism / Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini by Chuck Morse

    Page 91 " On November 22, 1943, Himmler wrote to al-Husseini, who was attending an annual Nazi-sponsored anti-Balfour Declaration meeting. "The National Socialist movement of Greater Germany has, since its beginning, inscribed upon its flag the fight against world Jewry. It has therefore, followed with particular sympathy the struggle of the freedom-loving Arabians, especially in Palestine, against the Jewish interlopers. It is in recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against him that lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Moslems of the whole world."

  • Dispozadaburka

    The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism Page 54
    "The Prophet Mohammed made plain his view of the Jews when he declared at the time, according to the authorative Islamic text "muwatta, in al-Zurkani" , "Two religions may not dwell together on the Arabian Peninsula." Abu Bakr and Omar, two caliphs who were immediate successors of the Prophet Mohammed both proceeded to forcibly convert, evacuate or exterminate the entire Jewish population of northern Arabia.
    The Jews had irritated Mohammed by their refusal to recognize him as a prophet."

  • Schlomotion

    It is clearly the opinion of Mr. Puder that everybody conscripted into the German Army in WWII should have been exterminated at the end of the war. At the very least, they are not persons and have no right to go on to do anything in life, least especially publish poetry. They are also banned, under some unspoken Talmudic law, from ever holding an opinion ever again, especially if it is a criticism of Israeli warmongering.

    Mr. Puder also reinforces the canard that criticism of Jews is "racism" but criticism by Jews is simply cultural or civilizational review, or comparative ethics. He reminds the reader that Germany only exists today as a result of Israel granting it moral status and that Gunter Grass violates this existential largesse by criticizing Israel. He then foists the "delicate" and narcissistic ego of Zionists onto the poet who boldly criticized them.

    • ajnn

      "everybody conscripted into the German Army in WWII should have been exterminated at the end of the war"

      where does he say or even imply this ?

      "unspoken Talmudic law" – wacky stuff. "Germany only exists today as a tresult of Israel granting it moral status". End of WWII was and new Germany was 1945 and Israel established officially in 1948. This schlomotion is a bit of a nut.

      why am i wasting my time answering this exemplar of jew-hatred ?

      • Schlomotion

        Puder's point is clear: Gunter Grass should shut up because he was German during Nazi Germany, and Israel cannot allow any cultural infiltration.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

          It was all the Jew's fault. Go ahead and say it. We know you're dying to.

          • Schlomotion

            You're like the guy in the bar who walks into a group of friends and says "what are we drinking?," but nobody knows or wants to know you."

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            And your'e that guy outside the bar pushing on the 'pull only' door and mad it won't open.

          • Schlomotion

            I'd rather be that guy.

      • Choi

        "a bit of a nut"?
        He/She is a FULL-BLOWN JEW-HATING POS!



      For your enjoyment.

      All of muhammeds horses

      And all of muhammeds men,

      Couldn't defeat Israel or Infidels again.

    • dave

      Israeli warmongering? Israel never started a war with anyone, they simply won the wars started against them. How humiliating for the arabs, they couldn't collectively defeat a broken people. It is like Manchester United losing to an under 11 school football team. They are incensed, which is why they now use the media in a PR war against Israel. They have to make Israel look like a terrifying, evil, fascistic state to excuse their ineptitude and people like you can't wait to jump on board with them. Israel's existence highlights how backward muslim countries are in every way and they cannot stand it because they know deep down that in order to progress they need to follow Israel and leave Islam. They can't do this and if it wasn't for all the free money they get from oil, they would be begging Israel to help them turn their own deserts into lands of milk and honey. They are idiots who have missed an opportunity to turn the middle east into the worlds main superpower all because of Jew hatred. The reality is that it has been in the west's interest to help fuel the hatred precisely to keep this from happening.

    • Hank Rearden

      They have no right to publish poetry as crappy as that. I bet Himmler is turning over in his grave!

  • Atlas_Collins

    There is a certain delicious irony in the use of the term 'blood libel' here.

  • Marty

    europe has long since decided to a Jewish cemetary. grass is simply the usual garden variety anti-semite who is outraged at the fact that living Jews prosper and control their own destiny in a sovereign state and democracy. As europe sucumbs to islamization, its inhabitants will in the end somehow find a way to blame Jews (living and deceased) for their misery. Of course, the truth is that europe is enthusiastically cooperating in its own demise. The million Jews remaining there, most of them in france and the united kingdom, should leave while they are able for Israel or the United States. Once they're gone, europeans and their islamic parasites can amuse themselves by desecrating former Jewish schools, hospitals, businesses, etc., as the continent enters a new and probably permanent dark age of sharia law and impoverishment.

  • Felek

    death camps in Poland…

    This were GERMAN death camps build in occupied Poland without the Poles being accomplices,plz be fair and precise here,dont but blame on a nation whos members have,again,received honors from Yad Vashem (this month about 19 people). Also, apropos Poland-last year, there was a Pro-Palestine demonstration in Warsaw.Around 20 people came.From all over Poland.In Germany,France,GB THOUSANDS would have shown up!.Also,important medias like the Rzeczpospolita have criticized Grass for his stupidity/malice,I have visited synagogues in Poland and,compared to ones in France,Germany,GB, they are NOT constructed as fortresses,you can visit them without huge security checks.You have an honest ally in us Poles,plz dont allow anti-jewish/israeli feelings to occur by some people accusing Poles falsely of helping Germans with the holocaust! With love from Warsaw- Felek

  • Choi

    JEW-HATING TROLL POS Schlomotion posted
    "It is clearly the opinion of Mr. Puder that everybody conscripted into the German Army in WWII should have been exterminated at the end of the war."
    Pruder did NOT say that.
    The Waffen-SS was the NAZI PARTY "army",NOT the German Army.
    The Waffen-SS had combat divisions that fought alongside the German Armed Forces,The Wehrmacht.
    The Waffen-SS were NOT German Soldiers,they were NAZI PARTY Soldiers and committed WAR CRIMES,including the MURDER of American GI prisoners at Malmedy ,Belgium in 1944.
    If Grass was "drafted" to the SS,he had to have been a COMMITTED NAZI and volunteered to be in the SS rather than the German Armed Forces/Wehrmacht.
    Grass is nothing more than an UNPUNISHED WAR CRIMINAL.

  • UCSPanther

    In my experience, 9 times out of 10 you scratch an anti-zionist, you will find an antisemite.

    BTW the rampant antisemitism in Europe is one reason why David Duke made his way over there to begin with. More work to be had over there for a white supremicist race hustler.

  • RoguePatriot6

    What part of "never again" do people not understand?

    It's a very painfully simple motto that the Israelies have adopted and all evidence supports that they REALLY meant it.

  • H&R_ Barack

    "In every generation, there are always a few who understand.
    Always understand… even if you remain among the few."
    ~ Rabbi Meir Kahane

  • Hank Rearden

    The Germans and the other Europeans are afraid of the traditional expansionism of Israel and the Jewish people. After all, Genghis Kline seized an empire that extended from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean. It was said that he established a delicatessen every mile across the empire but that you couldn't buy a slice of ham for 5,000 miles. He is remembered for his cruelty, particularly his shocking edict that all men had to be in their homes by 5:00 and had to sit down to dinner with their families. Oh, the humanity! With the Jews, you never knew what they were going to do next. One day its a school; the next its a hospital. Of course Israel is the greatest threat to world peace!

  • Ghostwriter

    Both Hank Rearden and Schlomotion are disgusting anti-semites who hate Jews and want them dead. You are both vile and have no place in decent society.

  • Andries

    It's a bit baldly thought that someone who is an antizionist is automatically an antisemitist. Probably the confusion arises because the opposite is always true.

    It seems to me that people just didn't want to see what was happening to the Palestinians for a long time. Surely a people consisting of mostly holocaust survivors wouldn't commit crimes against humanity itself? Well, think again…


      Androols, Whine some more how that more Germans than cheese eating surrender monkeys died in WW2, making the cheese eating surrender monkeys the aggressors in WW2..

  • clash715

    Part 1
    I think Puder, and many jewish people are being unfair when they say "europeans" did this, or did that to the jews. Not all europeans killed or harmed jews. It's a myth. It's what many here would term a "blood libel" if it was done to them. Not all germans killed or harmed jews. In fact, it was a small minority of europeans that did this.

    Many germans fought honorably and without malice in world war two, and had nothing to do with concentration camps or the like. Many were legitimately concerned about the communist menace. They saw over 7 million ukrainians killed by left wing communist pukes and they went to war to defend against this massive threat. They shouldn't all be lumped together with the bullies and criminals that murdered civilians in concentration camps. I know this is not a p.c. thing to say, but it is true.

    • clash715


      Did the irish kills jews? The english? The scots? The welsh? The swedes? The norwegians? The danes? The spanish? The portuguese? The russians? All of them? Not one european is exempt from this? Europeans are not individuals? They are a monolithic, homogenous group? Since when?

      This is no different than a person claiming that "the blacks" killed their father when their father was killed by a black person. Not all blacks share in the blame when other black people do wrong.

      I heard deborah libstadt on pubic radio (left wing tripe) unbelievably claim that "no europeans" helped jews during world war II. This is a bald faced lie. But it's typical of the self annointed victimization that is always rewarded in the west (whether of jews, native americans, irish, blacks, hispanics, asians, or whatever). Besides, over 49 million non-jews died in wwII, they were slightly busy being murdered themselves. 49 million dead, not exactly insignificant – unless of course, you hate europeans and want them to die for some sick, demented reason.

      • clash715


        Saying all europeans should have been the glorious, courageous saviors of jewish people is like saying that the koreans should have helped the chinese when the japanese invaded china….and raped and pillaged there. Excuse me, but the koreans were busy getting raped, abused, and murdered by the japanese themselves. This same thing applies to the europeans. They had their own problems, deaths, and attempted genocide to deal with. They did not all exactly have the ability to be the savior of themselves, much less anyone else.

        I also wish to point out that jewish people as a group have risen to much greater heights, academically, politically, financially, professionally, and socially in the west, than anywhere else in the world. If europe was such an inhospitable place for so many centuries for jewish people (as we are constantly reminded), why did jewish people not go to east asia, subsaharan africa, or other lands in great numbers? Why stay in lands where you "are constantly persecuted"? I think this is a fair question. If the west is "always a place of possible persecution" for jewish people, why not move to east asia, subsaharan africa, or israel?

        • clash715

          In my opinion, the answer is that jewish people would not have been nearly as successful anywhere else in the world. Can one imagine jewish people rising to great heights in great numbers in korea, japan, china, indonesia, nigeria, cameroon, or elsewhere where the majority were not of european descent? If you can imagine it, where did it happen? Please provide numerous examples.

          Look at the tribalism and ethnic genocide that has occurred and is occurring in subsaharan africa. In addition, as the chinese experience in southeast asia has shown, when a group is very successful, clannish, ethnocentric, and the like, the locals often respond with a tribalism of their own. There have been violent attacks on the chinese all over southeast asia: in malaysia, singapore (singapore was created partly as a result of these attacks), indonesia, vietnam, cambodia, and elsewhere. The jewish people likely would have fared much worse than the chinese in southeast asia, and in other places where europeans were not in the majority. I don't believe jewish people as a group would be nearly as well placed or successful as they are now, if the world was only asian and subsaharan african.

          • clash715

            I know pity parties are all the rave in this day and age in the left-wing west….almost all groups do it. However, jewish people should stop the insanity and start thinking about what the past would really have been like if they lived in large numbers outside the west, and how they would have fared, versus how well off they are (as a group now).

            Just my opinion. OK, waiting for the hysterical responses of "jew hater", "antisemite", "puppy killer", "heretic", and the like. Don't think for one second about my points. Please just start the name calling. It's so deep and productive. PS, please don't start in with the "you're just jealous of the jews, you stinking jew-hating racist", and the like. Jewish success is to be admired. My point again is that this success, in such numbers, did not occur, and could not have occurred, outside the west.

            So stop with the "all europeans are evil" and "guilty of something" canard.