Time Running Out on Iran

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The recently held negotiations of the P5+1 (U.S., Russia, China, France, Britain, and Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad followed similar talks that took place last month in Istanbul – both of which produced one clear result – the enabling of Iran to buy more time in its pursuit of nuclear arms.

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) reportedly found traces of enriched uranium at a 27% level in Iran’s Fordow facility.  According to the Center for American Progress, which reflects the views of President Obama, “The United States and the International community have time to continue negotiations with Iran and let sanctions pressure the Tehran regime to come clean about its program.”

These kinds of statements and the West’s squandering of time as Iran’s centrifuges spin, has led the Netanyahu government to believe that the West is about to give in to Iran.

For Israel, time is of the essence.  Israelis are not only worried about the lack of concrete results from the talks with Iran; they are deeply concerned about Obama’s habitual appeasement of Iran.  Obama has tried his best to avoid imposing hard hitting sanctions (he had to be publicly rebuked by Senator Menendez (NJ) to sign the latest piece of legislation) and has been obvious in his avoidance of a military confrontation with Iran – thereby empowering the Islamic Republic, which also wants to avoid a conflict – so that it can complete its nuclear program.

The New York Daily News reported on May 30, 2012 that, “As a candidate Obama pledged to meet personally with Iranian leaders and predicted that Iranians would start changing their behavior if they started seeing that they had some incentives to do so.”  As president, Obama declared in his June 4, 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt of the need to “overcome decades of mistrust.”  In this narrative, according to the Daily News, “Talks are successful insofar as they end not in collapse but in a sustained negotiating process…”

Earlier, on March 20, 2009, Obama videotaped a message to the Iranian people and leaders in honor of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year.  In the message he declared that, “My administration is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us, and to pursuing constructive ties…this process will not be advanced by threats, we seek instead engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect.”  There was no mention in Obama’s message of Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons.

Commenting on Obama’s gesture to Iran, the liberal New York Times columnist Roger Cohen wrote (March 23, 2009), “President Obama achieved four things essential to any rapprochement. He abandoned regime change, as an American goal.  He shelved the so-called military option.  He buried a carrot-and-stick approach viewed with contempt by Iranian as fit only for donkeys. And he placed Iran’s nuclear program within the full range of issues before us.”

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  • No Dhimmi Idiot

    Well, this is depressing. From the title, I thought you were saying the evil Islamic Republic of Iran was toast.

    How refreshing that would be, for the Iranian people and for the whole world.

  • StephenD

    I think that Obama, being the political pragmatist that he is, may actually take action against Iran. Think about it. What would serve him best should he see that he is about to lose it all to Romney? Why, if he could show true leadership and convince the independent voters and the Jewish community to stick with him because he does have a middle road and he does have Israel's back (as much as this goes against his true beliefs), may get him the votes he needs to put him over the top. Frankly, if that's what it takes to prevent Israel from toppling, then so be it. We have much to recover from with the damage he has perpetrated upon us but that can still be overcome. Israel being wiped out cannot be tolerated…by any of us. I say…bombs away!

  • Omar Kahlid

    American's are such stupid cows. If it were not for God's grace towards the founding fathers New York would look like Cairo. We have traded corruption for no criticism. We traded a six pack and flat screen for a soon to come dictator. We traded obedience to God for 24 hour a day porn. Where do we get off telling the Iranians what they can or cannot do. BHO is a muzlim. He acts it, he talks it and he certainly walks it. Iran will get their nukes and we will help them as much as possible by stalling the world from doing anything against Iran.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama should be tried as a spy and lined up against the wall!!!

  • Asher

    We should never have elected Barack Obama…we can change other policies once hes out of office, but once our national security is comprimised it only takes one missile or even several to hit western shores.

  • Ziggy Zoggy

    Obama WANTS Iran to have nukes. This is the tool who bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, began his term with an apology tour to the islamopithecine world, and sent a fawning open letter to the puppet President Amadjihad rather than offend the mighty mullahs with pretensions of equality. Oh, and he hates Israel.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama is leading Iran to continue to view America as the land of loosers that deserve
    to become a foonote in the history of their evil world. It is easy to see Obama as and
    enabler of Iran, hater of Israel and from his Muslim roots a hater of Jews. Clear thinking
    Israelis understand time is about up, I would not be surprised to see Iran parade
    nuclear tiped ICBM's in an Obama appreciation day parade. If you are out of work might
    I suggest for a fast and furious startup business………'Bomb Shelters' reasonable prices
    and a good investment for hedging your bets…………………………..William

  • Ricky Michael

    Iran will have nukes. I have been saying this ever since he became pres. Nothing that Israel does now would surprise me. What would surprise me? The pres growing a pair and stopping the rising threat.