Heart of Hollywood Darkness — on The Brewster Gang

In this special episode of The Glazov Gang, host Josh Brewster conducts a one-on-one exclusive interview with Actor Dwight Schultz (dwightschultzfansite.nl) about Heart of Hollywood Darkness. Dwight opens up about his life and intellectual journey, about surviving as a conservative in Hollywood, and much, much more. One of the main themes Dwight focuses on is why some conservatives open their mouths — and many don’t — in an unforgiving industry. See both parts of the two part series below.

Part I:

Part II:

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  • Paul

    A great interview of a smart, knowledgeable,and impressive man. Dwight has my vote as leader of the Conservative Revolution.My dials are are on 10. He's great on the radio.

    • dmw

      Yes, I was very pleased when I heard Dwight as a substitute on the Michael Savage show a couple of years ago. (As I understand it, Savage is back on two flagship stations — one is WABC 770 out of New York — and I guess he's going to get into syndication soon so he can get back on hundreds of stations again.)

  • Michael hughes

    Brilliant interview and to think his an actor with (brains) and he deserves the one on one good one keep it up.

  • dmw

    Hmmmm. I'm kind of glad that Ronald Reagan really did not become an "A-Lister".

  • Ahmet Arisan

    Keep up the good work guys. Truth will prevail (even if we may not see it). Thanks.

  • Thomas Wells


  • carrie

    Interesting interview.
    It's no big secret Hollywood is so biased they black ball non – liberals,progressives and democrats. It is so virulent it is comparable to old southern racism.
    They will hire pedophiles ,drug addicts ,communists and terrorists before they employ an American political conservative .
    But things like equal opportunity employment only count by skin color in hollyweird.

  • Connister

    What a pleasure to hear Dwight Shultz give big voice to things we conservatives cherish!

  • Chezwick

    Schultz references Whitaker Chambers' "Witness"….and mentions "the screams in the night" and the need to "cover it up". Today's screams in the night are heard in the Coptic quarters of Egyptian cities, where expressions of Christian faith are met with the menace of the Muslim mob; among the Bahais of Iran, where persecution is systematic and ruthless; among the Christians and Hindus of Pakistan, where any young woman can be kidnapped, "converted" and "married" by a Muslim neighbor or stranger at a moment's notice.

    But it's not just in Darul Islam where those screams in the night are heard (and covered up). It's in the heart of Europe and America, where the gay couple in Amsterdam are strolling down the street hand-in-hand and find themselves set upon and pummeled by Muslim youth; where the native Swedish woman is being gang-raped by Muslim youth in Malmo; where the honor-killing victim is said to have "committed suicide" by local law-enforcement in Florida.

    In discussions about Islam, friends and acquaintances ask the same recurring question, "what can we do about it"?…

    I always say something to the effect…

    "I'm no guru, I don't have a ready-made answer to perhaps the most vexing sociological and security problem of our time. But I know one thing: insisting that Islam is a "religion of peace" in spite of all theological and historical evidence to the contrary is NOT the answer. Let's just have an HONEST discussion about Islam in our academic and political discourse. And the discussion need not be excessively vitriolic, nor excessively esoteric. It should boil down to one thing, really: Jihad, dhimmitude, religious and gender supremacism/segregation, amputations, stonings and the death penalty for apostasy,…are these all part of Islamic law and theology or are they not?

    "If so, this makes Islam antithetical to everything we in the West are supposed to believe in…and we better start holding our policy-makers accountable regarding how they navigate the issue of the ever-expanding space for the expression of political Islam in the West. And let's remember, there is nary a SINGLE personality on the political Left that has spoken out honestly and emphatically about Islam….NOT ONE! It is an issue that shines the light of day on the hypocrisy and intellectual bankruptcy of liberalism."