Egypt’s Election and Rising Monsters — on The Brewster Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Josh Brewster filled in for Jamie Glazov as host and was joined by Gang members Ben Shapiro, Shari Goodman and Rob Nelson. In this first segment of a three part series, Brewster, the host of “Duck Calls,” the Anaheim Ducks’ postgame radio show on AM830 LA/Orange, CA., nurtured an animated debate between the guests on the Egyptian elections and the problem of the West’s Left cheering on the Islamist Winter known as the “Arab Spring.” We will run Part II in tomorrow’s edition.

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  • zipory

    Calling the process in Egypt 'democracy' is a fallacy cos the only democratic act there are the elections. Not the platforms of the winners so far in these elections cos they've already stated that their objective is shariah law and ultimately a universal caliphate.

    I doubt any of you would call Iran a democratic country yet they have so called democratic elections. The world knoes the election results were rigged in Iran and the subjugation continues and there is no democracy. The same is happening in Egypt and these elections are the first and last you'll ever hear of democracy in that country unless the military intervenes and the whole so called arab spring will be seen as the farce it really is.

    Much blame for the outcome n Egypt can be placed on B Hussein's and his islamic agenda. It started with his ingamous Cairo speech and we saw then how he empowered the muslim brotherhood.

    Forget democracy in Egypt cos it'll never happen and freedom will not be a question under shariah law and the fanatical jihadi muslim brotherhood leadership.

    • timeklek

      Very Encouraging zipory; I too have called' this scenario from day one; Thank Ye!