Who Is Behind The Occupy Movement? — on The Brewster Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Josh Brewster filled in for Jamie Glazov as host and was joined by Gang members Ben Shapiro, Shari Goodman and Rob Nelson. All three segments of this three part series are below. Part I  deals with Egypt’s Election and Rising Islamists, Part II focuses on Getting Tough on Illegal Immigration, and Part III entails a debate over Who Is Behind The Occupy Movement?

[For the whole story behind Occupy Wall Street and how this movement marks a new phase in the rebirth of the communist Left, read the broadside by David Horowitz and John Perazzo, Occupy Wall Street: The Communist Movement Reborn. This essential pamphlet exposes the roots, leaders and hidden agendas of the radical movement and its war on capitalism and free societies.]


Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • patriot077

    Great discussions but Rob Nelson is too full of himself and shows no respect for the others on the panel. Passion is one thing, rudeness is quite another.____I would have liked to hear more from both Goodman and Shapiro, whom I found to be far more interesting.

  • Paula Schmidt

    Rob Nelson is indeed very annoying. Keeps bringing up what he did in the past, which is embarrassing for many reasons.