Open Mosque Day

On October 7, mosques in Southern California scheduled an Open Mosque Day where non-Muslims could tour the mosques and talk with Muslims who attended the mosque.  We assembled a team (that will remain anonymous for obvious reasons) to obtain first-hand reports at four mosques.  One of the objectives of the mosque visits was to confirm the conclusions of a 2011 survey of 100 mosques published in the Middle East Quarterly that 81 percent of U.S. mosques display moderately violent to highly violent literature and that their practices showed strong compliance with Sharia Law. The reports below, therefore, address the evidence of rigorous enforcement of Sharia Law as well as other observations of interest to those who have wondered what actually goes on inside the mosques.   What stands out is the stark contrast between the “look and feel” of a mosque as compared with an American church or synagogue.

Mosque: King Fahd Mosque, Culver City.

Sharia-compliant behavior:

* Segregation of women in prayer.
* Some men with beards.
* Most women in hijabs/scarves.
* Markers in carpet for prayer lines.
* Some attendees bearded with head covering and wearing traditional garb.

Militant literature on sale or in library:

* Arabic books outnumbered English books about 4 to 1.
* Authors included Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Ibn Taymiyah, Martin Lings, and Karen Armstrong.
* Most of English Qurans were post-1970 translations.

Foreign influence in the Mosque:

*Could not identify mosque leader. Guides said the mosque was run by a rotating committee and numerous prayer leaders.
* All inscriptions were in Arabic.
*Mosque funded by Saudi Arabia, and past imams have been on the payroll of the Saudi Arabian Consulate of Los Angeles.

Visitor Pamphlets:

*Free Qurans available, but no visitor pamphlets were on display.

 Gender Discrimination:

*Women separated from men for tours of mosque.
*Women prayed in separate balcony area.
*Most women wore hijabs or scarves.

Racial Discrimination:

*Worshipers were of all races and nationalities – no one race was predominant.

Sectarian Discrimination:

*Mosque website says it is a Sunni (traditional) mosque.


Male Team Member 1: The man who guided me around was from Afghanistan and had been in the U.S. for about 20 years.  He denied any knowledge of former terrorists attending the mosque, and said they don’t keep membership rolls. He was very congenial, and I was convinced that he was not involved in the Islamist agenda. He did not read Arabic, however, and when I asked tough questions about Islam, he handed me off to Shakeel Syed, Executive Director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California.

One issue discussed was the condemnation of Christians and Jews in Surah 1 of the Quran. Mr. Syed was clearly very proficient in takiyya, using the reference books in the mosque’s own library, and then he quickly cut off the conversation and said he would continue the conversation via email.

Female Team Member 2: We ladies were first warmly greeted by Najat, a Moroccan woman, and Billie, a Burmese woman whose brother was also heavily involved in the mosque. I decided to get right to the point and challenged Billie (by now it seemed too intense for Najat, so she left) on Surah 4:34 (commanding men to beat their women). She was quick to defend that domestic violence occurs in all religions, and that she runs a shelter for abused Muslim women.  I also challenged the segregated prayer areas and she pointed out that women prefer to pray their own way, and do not want to prostrate in front of men with their butts up.  We also got into a bit of the life of Mohammad, who she said was the perfect man to emulate, and I pointed out that I was not convinced of that, since he married his daughter-in-law, and a 6-year-old (Aisha). She dismissed that, as the son was adopted and Aisha was betrothed. She seemed uncomfortable and kept telling me that I should speak with her brother as he has good explanations about these issues.  I told her that it was obvious to me that she hadn’t read the Koran, and she said she can recite in Arabic, but doesn’t know the meaning.  I told her it was important to know the meaning, as she may find that her prophet may not be as pure as she was lead to believe.  We parted on friendly terms with her giving me her contact information.

Female Team Member 3: Welcoming atmosphere? Well, not really. We turned into the parking lot and waited while a young man took his time and strolled in front of the car with his face directed away from us. Forget about asking him where we should park. We were not worthy of his attention. No signage saying “visitors park here” or “stairway this way” or “welcome visitors. Please leave your shoes here.” We actually violated protocol accidentally by walking up the “no shoes” stairwell, not knowing any other way to get into the mosque.

No plates of cut up fruit or carafes of juice. There was some bottles of water, some coffee from Starbucks in cardboard dispensers, one meager plate of cookies or pastries. I didn’t want to eat from it in case that was all they had and the kids might go hungry. This was in complete contrast to church and synagogue open houses/hospitality hours and other events where if there isn’t homemade food, there is bakery food, and plenty of drinks on ice.

The ladies who greeted us were gracious and friendly. It was prayer time so we were hustled out to go upstairs with the women because the men had to begin their prayers. Upstairs in the women’s balcony it was hot and stuffy. The windows opening to the men’s main prayer room were mostly closed, but you could look down and observe. The windows toward the outside were frosted glass and were closed. The men got a fresh cool breeze from outside, upstairs we were sweltering. Not that anybody would pay attention to my opinion, but why not give the ladies the most appealing and comfortable spot and go upstairs like gentlemen?

I did notice while observing my team members challenge the hosts and hostess, that when they quoted passages from the Quran the immediate response was that it wasn’t true; that the interpretation was incorrect. The yellow-shirted man in the library (Shakeel Syed) wanted to stop team member 1 from talking then and there and put him off until a later time. Young boys were watching avidly as team member 1 pressed his points. It was a case of we want to educate and indoctrinate you, but you may not ask any questions because we don’t have the answers or we don’t like the answers and we don’t want to admit it in any case. Their host’s and hostess’s voices raised, all the while addressing us as “Brother” and “Sister” and being very sincere, in the case of the woman, offering to bring in her brother-in-law the imam to explain because she really didn’t know the Koran very well and the man because he would explain later. She really was sweating it. His voice got very tight.  Both team members were asking pointed questions. My rabbi could have handled such challenges so much better than the Imam and the Muslima lady. In fact, so could his 14-year-old daughter.

Shakeel Syed assumed that I was team member 1’s wife. How odd, that there can be no single woman not connected to a male owner. Like, who is controlling the woman who is in the same room with you?

THE LIBRARY: Where are the tables and chairs for students to sit and read the books? A Muslima carried in some chairs for a group of elderly white ladies she was escorting around and lecturing to, and there were a few chairs and two desks in the back where a pair of bored teenage boys sat minding a couple of computer screens.

One of the male guides tried to distract me from recording the names and authors of the books by talking about the library. He pointed to all the collections on the opposite wall, how they were so beautiful. I had seen them earlier, of course. There was shelf after shelf of antiquated sets of volumes with matching bindings and gold script on the spines, but since all of them were in Arabic, I hadn’t explored them further. They were of all colors, which reminded me of encyclopedia sets. He told me that they got all their books from donors. What did it matter the beauty of the collections, if none of it compelled anyone to pick them up and enjoy them? And how could one read if there were no chairs to sit in and read?  How many members of the mosque actually read Arabic?

SECURITY SYSTEM AND CAMERAS: I looked around the garage for security cameras when we parked and also looked around the ceilings while we walked around  the mosque. I didn’t notice any. But later I spotted a big screen TV divided into about 20 squares showing all kinds of angles viewing inside the mosque. Such a lot of money on security for a building that is unlikely to be breached or damaged or vandalized, yet nothing in the library to encourage reading or study the way most libraries are outfitted.

Important Fact: Two of the 9/11 hijackers (Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar) and the soldier who killed fellow soldiers in Kuwait with hand grenades in March 2003 (Sgt. Hasan Karim Akbar) attended the King Fahd Mosque before their acts of terrorism.  The mosque’s Imam Fahad al Thumairy, an employee of the Saudi Arabian Consulate, was deported in May 2003, for supporting terrorism.  The mosque is supported by The Islamic Foundation of Shaikh ibn Taymiyyah (who died in prison in 1328), whose book “Answering Those Who Altered the Religion of Jesus Christ” is considered one of the most important Islamic books published in the United States.

Mosque: Islamic Center of Southern California, 434 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles.

Observations from Team Member 4:

Sharia-compliant behavior:

A majority of the women I saw were wearing colorful hijabs.  The men were in regular “American” street wear.  I did not see any “shaggy beard” types.  The men I saw were “clean cut.”

Militant literature on sale or in library:

The bookstore was closed but, when I asked what books I should read they did bring me in.  There were so many books and they did not leave me to browse on my own.  It is open during the week and I will try to get by there again and see specifics.  I did notice some by Hathout. There were many Korans with translation (he showed me them specifically).

Foreign influence in the Mosque:

I was introduced to Dr. Maher Hathout.  He was giving the “Sunday School” talk at the Institute for Islamic Knowledge which is in the building (same room as the woman’s prayers.  I asked if these talks were open to the public and he said they were for registered members, but guests were welcome.  He was from Egypt, but has been in the U.S. for a long time.  He is a retired physician.

Visitor Pamphlets:

The typed handout was very basic.  It explained “what is a mosque,” who is welcome, about the prayer area, prayers and rules.  I did note that it used the term “In North America” many times.  On my personal tour, the tour guide mentioned many times about their good works in the community (only specific was a food bank). He also talked over and over about how they work with other faiths in the area.  Also he runs a young professionals group and they have things at temples and other churches.

Gender Discrimination:

The guide brought me into the prayer room.  The carpet did have the outlines to pray.  He said the women pray off to the side, but not because they have to pray separately, but because they don’t want distractions.  He also said that since it is so crowded on Friday the women pray in a separate room (behind glass on the other side of the hall from the regular praying room).

Racial Discrimination:

I did not see any African-Americans there.  They seemed to be mostly Middle Eastern men and Middle Eastern and “white” converted woman.  When I asked this question, my tour guide told me that had a wide range of nationalities that worshiped there.  He said it was not as busy as usual for a Sunday possibly due to the road closure situation.

Other Observations: 

My guide asked me what I knew about Islam and if I had a faith.  I told him and he assured me that Islam was just like mine, an Abrahamic faith. All the “normal” dawa.  After the tour I asked for suggestions of what I should read to learn more.  He brought Noor-Malika to meet me.  She was a former Methodist; now convert who told me to read Martin Lings’ “Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources.”  Also anything by Karen Armstrong (she told me what a great scholar she was and a little about her life and conversion).  She also recommended “The Road to Mecca.”  She took my email address as well, as she is very involved with interfaith here in LA.  She said she moved from Ojai to LA just so she could attend the ICSC because their interfaith program was so strong.  She is also involved with the Guibord Center. She said she would send me information.

My tour guide introduced me to Maher Hathout.  After all that I was back with the tour guide.  He suggested that I come back on Fridays and listen to the sermons.  (Editor’s note:  Martin Lings’ biography of Muhammad was written for children and is not a scholarly work.  Many of the darker aspects of Muhammad’s life are omitted from the narrative.)

Mosque:  Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, CA.

Observations by Team Member 5:

Sharia-compliant behavior:

* Segregation of women in prayer.
* Men with beards and neatly-trimmed mustaches.
* Markers in carpet for prayer lines.
*Prayer leader bearded with head covering and wearing traditional garb.

Militant literature on sale or in library:

*Books available by Yousef Al-Qaradawi and Dr. Jamal Badawi.

*One book by Yusuf al Qaradawi was “The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam.” Qaradawi is the spiritual mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is known for his virulent anti-Semitic statements and his expressed desire to die in battle against “the Infidels.” Qaradawi is not the only hateful Islamic writer whose works were seen in the book store.

Visitor Pamphlets:

*There were many different pamphlets available for free or for purchase. They also gave away free Qurans.  One pamphlet was titled “Submission Faith and Beauty – The Religion of Islam,” by Joseph Lumbard.

*An English-language translation of the Koran was available to visitors for free. The translation was by Syed Vickar Ahamed.  [Editor’s note:  This 1999 translation is described as a “simplified translation for young people” and it is distributed in mosques and hotels. It is a complete white-wash of the Arabic text of the Quran.  In Surah 4:34, “beat your women” is translated “percuss them.”  Surah 9:29 is a complete distortion: “Fight (O Prophet) those (in the vicinity of Makkah) who do not believe in Allah . . .even if they are of the People of the Book, until they pay jizya (security tax) by hand in humble expression.”  Likewise, Surah 9:123 about fighting unbelievers is limited to only those who broke treaties. Surah 47:4 about beheading captives says, “Therefore, when you meet the believers (in battle), strike hard at their necks.”]

Gender Discrimination:

*Women separated from men in prayers.

Sectarian Discrimination:

*One of the tour group leaders said that it was a predominantly Sunni mosque.

*We were told that most Muslims give up their association with particular sects when they come to the U.S.  But at the same time, we were told that it is a primarily Sunni mosque with the majority of worshipers coming from Pakistan.

Other Observations: 

Visitors were broken up into groups of 15 and then given a tour of the campus.  This Islamic center has a mosque, a meeting hall, a mortuary, a food pantry for the hungry,  and a school for K-8. The cost of attending the school is $5,000 per year.  There are between 300 and 600 students enrolled.  The enrollment is all Muslim, but in the past they have had non-Muslim students.

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi was out of town, so Imam Suhail Mulla briefly answered questions in the mosque.  When he told everyone that Muslims over history have co-existed with every other religion, I asked: “Then why are the Coptic Christians in Egypt being murdered and their churches being burned now that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken power?” His response was that I had my facts wrong, that is not happening there.  He then went onto someone else instead of engaging with me about that.  When I asked him about the opening statement read, Shura 1, he said there is nothing there about nonbelievers or the unbeliever, and asked for the next question.

So overall, there were many lies and most people were not knowledgeable enough to question them.

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi’s son is the president of the mosque now.  His name is Hasan Saddiqi.  And he is married to Amana Siddiqi who works for CAIR.

After initial greetings, visitors were broken up into groups and taken around the mosque compound by assigned tour guides. We eventually were taken into the mosque itself, where prayers and sermons are held. We listened to the call to prayer, followed by a recitation in English of Surah 1 of the Koran, after which, our guide and Imam Suhail Mulla, took some questions.  [Editor’s note: Surah 1 is a supplication to Allah to keep Muslims from the paths of either Jews (“those who have incurred Your wrath”) or Christians (“those who have gone astray”).]

I asked about the recent unrest in the Middle East and the controversy over the now-infamous video (“The Innocence of Muslims”). I referred to Imam Siddiqi’s sermon of September 14, when he advised his congregation to exercise patience and not resort to violence. I mentioned that Siddiqi had used the words, “mockery” and ridicule” to describe the nature of the video. My question was whether they considered the video to be blasphemous, and if so, how that would be punished in a country such as Egypt (since the producer of the video was a Coptic Christian  immigrant from Egypt.)

Imam Suhail answered that he didn’t care to get engaged in terms like “ridicule,” “mockery” or such, but that the video was offensive to what Muslims hold dear, and that he was against anything that attacked any religion. As for punishment, it was up to individual nations to decide that issue.

Another questioner asked about persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Imam Suhail responded that he had spent several years in Egypt and studied there. In his experience, Christians and Muslims lived together very well, and that throughout history, Muslims had lived in peace with non-Muslims. He brought up the example of Muslim Spain, where Muslims, Christians and Jews had lived together in peace and harmony. Suhail told the questioner that he (Suhail) didn’t know where he (questioner) got his information about Copts in Egypt being murdered or their churches burned. Not true. (Really?  New Year’s Eve 2010-2011, Alexandria, Egypt, 21 dead.)

A few minutes later, I privately asked our tour guide, a young man who is an American-born son of Pakistani immigrants, about how Islam views apostates-especially those who publicly criticize Islam. He said that different people around the world had different opinions about this question, but that at this mosque, they didn’t get involved in those issues.

What we got was a happy face presentation on Islam accompanied by statements that defy reality as noted above.

Mosque: Chino Valley Islamic Center, 5565 Daniels St., Chino.

Observations of Team Member 6:

Sharia-compliant behavior:

*Most women, even young girls were in hijab.
*Men wore Western dress, except for some boys in brown Middle Eastern grab.
*Men were in prayer when I arrived.
*Women were not praying with the men.

Visitor Pamphlets:

*Lots of pamphlets, free Qurans, plus the glossy 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World, Foundation for Science Technology and Civilization.  They were giving away a book that must cost $100.

Racial Discrimination:

*A very eclectic crowd.

*Palestinian Imam, Pakistanis, Indians, African-Americans.

Other Observations: 

Chino Valley is a small but growing mosque/Islamic center. I chose Chino Valley because the Imam, Dr. Ahmed Sobah, president of the mosque, was on an interfaith panel at my former church, Eastside Christian Church, about three years ago.  Dr. Sobah was very well received by many in the Eastside community.  When he talked about growing up in Bethlehem and walking in the steps of Jesus, one Eastsider said, “We’ve got to stop all this hate.”  New members were particularly impressed.  At the time, I was speaking to Eastside’s older generation in Bible classes about political Islam.  I was always asked, tensely, what I thought about this interfaith panel.  I tried to be diplomatic, but the information I presented offered a very different picture of Islam.   They saw this.

Today, attendance was light, with only eight outsiders maximum.  Two were candidates for school board and city council who were being courted with lunch invites and precinct walking promises.  (I have their names.)  One was a student collecting info for an assignment.  One was an exercise instructor invited by her students.  One was a prospective convert.  (She became defensive when I asked, privately, why…  I urged her to read the Qur’an.) Finally, there were two of “us.” I identified myself as an Eastside member, so Ahmed called me by my name and spoke of his “beautiful experience” at Eastside, five services with thousands attending.  (Yes, I do remember.)

I always look for new thematic statements to emerge.  I’m eager to see if others heard this theme:  The recent emotional (subtext: violent) reaction by Muslims in the Middle East is an inherent part of Arab culture. Arab Christians react in the SAME WAY when Jesus is attacked.  It’s an inherent part of Arab culture.  This thematic statement was repeated throughout Dr. Sobah’s presentation.

Here are some of Dr. Sobah’s main points:

  • Mistreatment of woman in Islam?  “Simply not true.”  Add that Muhammad came and established greater rights for women than any other culture.  Evidence?  Benazir Butto (Pakistan) and Ingred Mattson, president of ISNA.
  • Violence in Islam? “A complete misconception.”  Violence is a part of ALL religions.  Every religion has terrorists.  (During Q & A, I spoke to both examples of Christian terrorists:  Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik, using the same label, “A complete misconception.”)
  • The U.S. Constitution is closest to Sharia!  (Sobah dismissed my question,  “Is ‘Reliance of the Traveler’ a codification of Sharia law?”  No, Sharia is everywhere…etc.)
  • Laws prohibiting hate speech?  No!  We love America.  But, if speech causes people to die, then we must do something.  So, I said, if the video caused the deaths of people, do we outlaw it?  “Well, maybe we should discuss this,” he replied.
  • Those (like Pamela Geller) who speak out against Islam are just in it for the money. In a private conversation with one of the members of the mosque, a rather articulate attorney, I attempted to posit the idea that if offensive speech was based on fact, it should be protected at all cost.  Our discussion was quite calm.  But, in the end, his position was that all facts could be spun.  I could see where he was going.  Considering the atmosphere of this election season, what could I say?

Freedom Center pamphlets now available on Kindle: Click here.  

  • Skeptic

    Er… the essence of this post is "shocking discovery — Sharia is practiced in a mosque". You don't say. One might as well write an expose: "shocking — lots of sick people found in local hospital". Just what did you expect in a Muslim religious center except for religious Muslims practicing the Muslim religion?

    • zalukas

      I'm shocked, shocked , that sharia is practiced in this establishment !

      It's like being shocked that most American Jews in love with Socialism.


        Most Euros are in love with Socialism. That's why Eurabia is failing.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Considering the MSM and many, corrupt, amoral US politicians endlessly whine about pisslam being a religion of peace and tolerance and love etc., yeah it is surprising.

  • RazorsEdge

    I think the point is not that Sharia is practiced in a mosque but that Mosques and Sharia are fundamentally inimical to many if not most of the values and cultural standards that we practice.

  • Craig Read

    Should have taken your Koran highlighted the 1600 verses of Jihad, violence racism and supremacism, and asked these cult – cave dwellers to explain it all.

    • RobinClay

      Just curious – do you read and understand Arabic? The Q'ran specifies that it must NEVER be "translated" nor "interpreted" – it must only be read in the original Arabic – and the reader must make his own interpretation – despite what the Imams and Ayatollahs say ;-)

      • Radegunda

        And so the fact that many Muslims cite Qur'anic passages in English (or French, etc.) is of no consequence? We should ignore the fact that many, many Muslims behave toward Infidels in the hateful and violent ways prescribed by those Qur'anic passages as translated (or "interpreted") in English (or other non-Arabic languages) — because they're not supposed to translate the Qur'an?

        And how, by the way, is a reader supposed to "make his own interpretation" if the Qur'an must NEVER be "interpreted"? What about all the Muslims who don't read or understand Arabic? I guess they can't really be Muslims if they can't read or understand the Qur'an in Arabic.

        Despite your airy apologetics, the fact is that plenty of non-Arab Muslims (as well as Arab Muslims) somehow know that the Qur'an enjoins them to hate the infidel and bring them into submission by any means necessary, including terror. Somehow, that message has been transmitted into many languages and translated into many violent acts.

  • Sunbeam

    Some of the writings here can't be true, especially the points given by Dr Shobah. It is in total contrast from the Koran itself and from what we actually see in reality. Their Koran commands men to beat their wives if they're not submissive to them. Wives are very much lower than their husbands. Point 2. I disagree that violence is part of all religions. Christianity never advocates violence. In fact it teaches to forgive and love thy enemies. How very much different from this stand point. As for other religions I never come across such as this who advocates killing of the infidels or striking terror in the hearts of unbelief or behead those who insult or criticize and more. Where in the world are all this the same? Where in the world can we find a religion who apostates gets a death sentence? All these are fabricated lies meant to beguiled those who are ignorant or rather chose to be ignorant. I stand on the principal of truth, and I refuse myself to be beguiled.

  • Schlomotion

    This was an interesting article. I noted:

    "We assembled a team (that will remain anonymous for obvious reasons)"
    Yes. Because the team was casing mosques for security, asking belligerent questions, and taking down the names of prominent figures who might have attended the open house, in short, espionage.

    "[We discovered] segregation of women in prayer."
    I discovered the same in orthodox synagogues and in Hillel House where women and men have separate doors.

    "[We discovered] men with beards."
    A sure sign of malicious intent. Jesus had a beard. Moses had a beard. Clearly terrorists.

    "[We discovered] Books."
    Scary. Books! Even books filled with restrictive substandard ideas in a religious institution no less!

    "[We discovered] some people know the liturgy but not the meaning of the words."
    Unlike in Catholicism or Judaism where every parishioner knows everything and is a polyglot.

    [We discovered] people eager to talk to us but not wanting to be contentious.
    In an open house? Really? No one wanted to haggle and fight? Strange. Alien.

    "[We discovered] men who would talk to us privately in email about our more contentious questions."
    The nerve of not wanting to debate, argue, and brawl right in the mosque!

    "[We discovered] carpets with outlines for prayer."
    Shocking! Most unlike pews and kneelers. Surely a sign of indoctrination and subservience. Genuflection in religious institutions is most unexpected.

    There were not enough snacks, no valet parking, we expected things to be in English.
    Ha! Oh my goodness. Espionage by overprivileged field-trip. Birthright Chrisrael!

    "We didn't eat any cookies because we didn't want to deprive the starving children. Our church is better."
    You didn't eat any cookies because you were there with hostile intent and paranoid that they knew already and were going to poison you.

    "school board and city council who were being courted with lunch invites and precinct walking promises. (I have their names.)"
    I bet you do.

    • Ghostwriter

      It's not hard to know what you are,Schlockmotion. You're a creep.

    • Vlad the Impaler

      America should allow as many mosques in this country as Saudi Arabia allows in theirs. Ask the Muslims why, if the Quran is “the perfect word of god” as they claim, does it say that the Earth is flat and held down by the mountains like tent stakes, why it says the Sun sets in a muddy pool, or why all Islamic countries are third world nations despite enormoys wealth, why there are so few Muslim Nobel Prize winners, or why Muslims have contributed nothing to modern society?

      • RUI

        Don't stop there Vlad. When you ask what have they contributed to modern society, one would think that they have actually contributed to ANY society throughout History. But no, unless piling a mountain of corpses, spilling an ocean of blood and destroying the hard earned knowledge of ancient civilizations counts as a contribution.
        This is Hell on Earth writ large, it's the Zombie Apocalypse come true! How do our "leaders" allow a militarily puny enemy, that can't even make its own weapons, to take the better of us? They should be coughed back to the Stone-Age. Then again they barely left it, so it would be no herculean effort for us to put them back where they belong.

      • FPF

        That's right, Saudi Arabia should allow as many mega churches to be build in Saudi like mega mosques are build here. Then they will know Quran is not the perfect word. When they have knowledge besides Quran, maybe they will have more Nobel Prize winners, but who cares? Or average Muslims can actually make some money instead of getting entitlement from the Royals or government to keep them quite.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I'd like to see Soddy Barbaria allow Jews into their holey kingdom as well, instead of prohibiting them for being, well, Jewish.

    • FPF

      1, Just like CAIR is espionage in the White House and government, patriot citizens need to be vigilant.
      2. So you are doing espionage yourself in those places.
      3. Beard by itself means nothing, beard on a Muslim man means he is extreme.
      4. If you read their books in Arabic, you probably will change your mind, or can you?
      5. It means they are brain washed.
      6. If they really believe what they believe is true. They need to stand firm on their believe. And their explanation don't have to be contentious.
      7. So no other can find out what they are going to say.
      8. You may need to do some espionage on some mosques and see the line are more for gender separation and not genuflection.
      9. It's good for the host that you expect nothing in an open-house.
      10. And you think other people's concern for the children are with ill intent?
      11. It's good to know which elected official is dhimmi and willing to submit. Or you are willing to submit too?


        ESPECIALLY a beard dyed orange and a dark spot on the forehead from all the head banging on the floor.

        The bigger the forehead contusion, the more devout and literally dangerous.

    • Jim Horn


      Mosques are in actual fact outposts in Islam's efforts to colonize America. We Americans have every right to "case" these establishments, to locate their rabats and do whatever we can or want to do to thwart the jihad.

      • Schlomotion

        One could say the same of embassies or Kehillaths.

    • Kufar Dawg

      How do you know Yeshua and Moses had beards? Did you meet them? Maybe after a long, hard night of drinking too much fermented camel urine?

      • Schlomotion

        If you are an atheist, how come you still refer to Jesus using Maronite nomenclature? You are as devious as your mentor, Brigitte Gabriel.

  • Sunbeam

    Knowing so clear that their ultimate goal was to have the whole world to rule under its iron grip, and we without doing much to prevent it, is the most stupidest thing that could ever be. I hope this does not come through, and I do not wish to see it come through. Once they get to finish America, it will be their world. America is the only nation that is standing in their way, knowing full well of its strength and power, it seems quite a task to get their job done. But they ain't giving up. They are as ever persistent in their quest and deceiving as ever as a serpent. Unless everyone wakes up and sees this as a war, we'll not get far. We're in the broad daylight, while they're in the dark, do remember this. It's not plain easy to deal with them as they're masked in many faces. We can't read their hearts, but at least we can study them, their movements, their callings (for whose benefits?) No matter what it is, they ain't going to give their loyalty to you because they sees in us a rift, a partition in which they were indoctrinated. This is what is disparaging different. The fault is with them, the so called dogma or indoctrination.

  • BS77

    We have admitted the Trojan Horse into our country……..and one day will moan in despair.


      In order to defeat jihad, we must defeat socialism.

  • amused

    I hate to say this to all you "under-cover anonymous warriors " who braved that bold entry into a mosque /on a Sunday / on an "open mosque day " / where you couldn't find out shiit about what is being preached in there . / Go visit a Mormon Church and see if anyone tells you that they believe upon their death the men will be given a whole planet full of women for them screw around with until they are elevated to litt;e"godhood " .
    Sorry fellas but this is just fluff and imagination , and says NOTHING . Don't get me wrong , I'm in full agreement with you regarding islam and it's intentions , and have NO DOUBTS that jihadi inspiration goes on in ALL of them to varying degrees . But if you're going to do an "expose " someone's gonna have to join and participate in normal worship services on a Friday night .Hidden video-cam and recorder in hand .

    • Kufar Dawg

      Any proof for your statement about the Church of Latter Day Saints?

      BTW, you're utilizing the Tu Quoque fallacy of argumentation in your attempt to defend
      islamofascism. But fallacies of argumentation are about all you've got when defending
      islamofascism eh Jihad Joe?

      • amused

        Dawggy , you really are one big schmuck , the point is , on "Mosque Day " – did you think anything regarding the contents of what is taught in that mosque would be voluntarily divulged ? As a comparison , no Mormon will divulge the "mormon only secrets " which are not made openly public , like the belief I mentioned , in additioon that Jesus is a brother of Satan . So before you go looking up big words like Tu Quoque etc . I suggest pick up a book on mormon dogma . BTW , bringing up the "get your own planet " thing , will getthose pesky Mormon door to door missionaries of your property quicker than pepper spray . You want proof ? Get up off your ass and find it . But you may be too stupid to do that , since you concluded by my remarks that I was "defending islamo-facism " ….man what dunce you are DAWGGY .

    • FPF

      Actually NYPD is doing that via people who actually worship in a mosque. But guess who is suing them?

      • amused

        You're correct FPF , however , there's nothing stopping an average citizen from joining a service and video taping . And I don't mean like the laughable attempt this article talks about .

  • Moishe Pupick

    F., 10/19/12 common era

    The Moslem Brotherhood is playing Uncle Sam for a sucker. Lots of taquiva (lying) going on in these]
    mosques. The fact that 81% of U.S. mosques are funded by the Saudis should by itself raise very strong suspicions that violent hatred is being taught in Arabic and other non-English languages.

    The tone is set in the oval office. Barry Soetero, former Chicago community organizer, is kissing up to the Moslem Brotherhood, a group founded in 1928 and later an ally of Nazi Germany during World War 2.

    Non-Moslems– don't be fooled by the p.r. campaign. Global jihad is the Moslem Brotherhood's stated goal, no less.

  • amused

    And BS77 , I hate to put a damper on your deep and dark pessimism , but if anyone will be " moaning in despair " in this country , it will be the muslims should they attempt anything even close to what they're doing in Europe . There are 90 million + gun owners in this country , many owning multipe guns , making it feasible to arm almost half the population . You wanna lose sleep over it go ahead .It only takes a sec for me to be locked and loaded , as is the case with the rest of my fellow gun owners . And the right to remain armed has not nor will not be restricted .

    • Mahdi

      And England, Canada and Australia were all gun-owing countries until they passed laws banning the ownership of guns and giving everybody a grace period of a few years to turn in your weapons to the local authorities without facing criminal charges. In one fell swoop, they disarmed an entire nation. Its an automatic 5 years in the slammer if you're caught with a gun after the grace period is over.

      Don't think it can't happen in the USA, despite what the Constitution says. The Left doesn't believe in the Constution anyway and it only takes a majority of judges on the Supreme Court to change the "meaning" of the 2nd amendment such that it doesn't apply to YOU.

      The Left has 4 of the 9 judges ALREADY on their team. They only need 1 more and you can kiss your guns goodbye or face hard time. Just saying…

      • amused

        You're talking about handguns mahdi , shotguns and rifles are allowed in those countries you mentioned . And you're wrong about the Supreme Court , to repeal the Second Amendment , I'm preety sure that would take around 70% of the States to agree . That just aint gonna happen . States can ban hanguns such as Ma. & Ny except by permit , and the Federal Govt can ban fully automatic rifles.

      • KarshiKhanabad

        Only guns that are registered can be targeted for confiscation. Filling out form 4473 at point of purchase does not register that firearm as there is no requirement to report its subsequent resale.

        "To have a registration law requires a deregistration law". That's the case in Commonwealth countries. The government always knows where a firearm is under those circumstances.

        Not the case in America. Nor in America do you have "parliamentary government" where the ruling party takes over all the branches of government and levers of power. Government in UK has been described as "dictatorship interrupted by elections". Not in America, not for now, anyway

    • FPF

      Trojan horse is a determined small group that did havoc to a much larger group without the latter's knowledge until it's too late. The condition in the US now clearly shows that situation with the Administration's self-deceiving policy. Without an organized force, the larger group can actually be destroyed by the determined and organized smaller one.

      • Amused

        Not really FPF , the fact we are talking about it disproves and precludes any notion that islamists in this country are anythng but a “trojan horse ” . The population in General as well as numerous Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies are well aware of the aims of islam . The problem lies in that a free society such as ours, Govt. must not violate Constitutional rights , or the rules of Habeous Corpus . Now if an event should occur which inturn requires a State of Emergency or State of War , these rights and rules can be suspended , just as Lincoln did during the Civil War . [which btw has been the object of phony partisan whining and complaint ]

  • Hinnhibbnr

    There are mosques in America practicing sharia and there aren't more synagogue and church burnings. Incredible.



      And factor in the Times Square SUV bomber, Beltway sniper, murder of Meir Kahane followed by truck bombing of WTC in 1993, Fort Hood massacre.

      I CURSE the false prophet mohammed. How about you?

      • Sunbeam

        I CURSE the false prophet Moham-mad. How about you?

        No one can stand him.

  • leigh

    So books by Karen Armstrong!- maybe the Sirat would be rather embarrassing to the mosque – so its regulars are raised in ignorance and kept in ignorance.


    Almost everyone who visits this website are knowledgeable in the darkside of both The Prophet Mohammad and Islam. Some are here only to ridicule others who post (like me in this post). Suffice it to say that the New Testament has no, none, zero, zilch encouragement to kill, strike at the neck, make slaves of, make pay a special tax in a humiliating manner or otherwise hurt or damage the person or reputation of any person for any reason. The old testament has some of this but it is limited to a time and place more than two thousand years past. Islam practices all these things today. People are dying TODAY. Churches are being burned down TODAY. Christians and Jews are being MURDERED TODAY.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I believe Yeshua himself stopped Matthew from drawing a sword on his behalf.

  • Ihsan

    This is actually hilarious, it shows the ignorance and lack of knowledge some people have about Islam. The most hilarious was when it said some men wear beards and some woman wore hijab. You walked into a mosque, what did you think your going to see. LOL. Well at least we got a good laugh even though the level of ignorance is sad

    • Kufar Dawg

      What does the holey koran and hadeeths say about Jews again Ihsan? Can you say rabid Jew hatred?
      I knew you could. Yours are the laughs of the psychopath, the smile of the mass murderer, the giggle of the tyrant because that's what the ideology of pisslam is allah about.

      • Ihsan


        • Lan Astaslem

          ihsababadabadoo – it's too late pal – most Americans are islamosavvy – we learned all we need to about you 7th century inbred knuckle dragging savages on 9/11 – put that in your hookah and smoke it

          • amused

            Ihshan , muslims themselves have provided ALL THE INFORMATION NECESSARRY , to come to an objective conclusion regarding islam . Perhaps you dismiss the FACT that behavior of muslims , their goals and their ideology are Islam will not prevail displayed on the World Stage EVERY day . Islam will not prevail , not here in the US , not even in Europe , for there is a tipping point that eventually be reached , and muslims will feel a terrible backlash . You will eventually be confined only in those plces where yours is the prevelant ideology , until then count your blessings that you are existing in the West on borrowed time .

  • pinnie99

    Once again it would please me to no end…to have Mosques *bugged from ceiling to floor! every nook and cranny.

  • amused

    That can be done , and in some cases probaly has already .

  • Mohamed Noor

    I cant believe any reader, much less Americans, can actually read this so called "report" and not laugh their heads off. What a joke, this author got to be a deranged bigot!

    • Kufar Dawg

      What do you call the rabid Jew hatred in your holey koran and hadeeths mohaMAD? Love?


      Dear MOhamed Noor,

      May your false pedophile prophet mohammed continue to burn in HELL for eternity.

    • Drakken

      Keep pushing us infidels muslim, the day you think you have us at your feet is the day of reckoning for your cult of death.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Was Schlo there exercising his zabiba?

  • Kufar Dawg

    Did the scuzzlum mention Benazir Butto (PM of Pakistain) was assassinated? Nah, course not.


      Or her father Ali?

  • jack

    All Americans should be able to attend regular attendance no matter what religion they are and if not then that is racialism and sounds like a law suit just waiting to happen ??????????

  • Lady_Dr.

    I think this was a great idea – 1) but seriously flawed, and 2)the article needed some good editing.
    -what you needed in these groups were scholars, or at least students of Arabic, Islam, etc. (how were these people chosen? the article doesn't say. This is crucial. If you just have a lot of nice, ignorant or semi-informed, or semi-trained non-Muslims, no matter how dedicated it isn't enough.)
    -hidden cameras to photograph the books and other literature in the libraries and bookshops
    2) it is pretty meaningless to say that it is segregated by sex – all Orthodox synagogues do this – BUT only some also segregate during social hours as well. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as men are distracted by the appearance of a woman (furthermore women in a balcony can keep an eye on the men, as well as go in and out more easily with small children and babies). BUT the balcony or separate area for women should be as comfortable as the men's area.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Um, some mosques don't allow women and men in the mosque simultaneously at all, ever.

  • BS77

    Yeah, when I grow up I want to dress like the ice cream man, with a big white shroud, and have a big beard and a funny little white cap on my brainwashed head….oh yeah….

  • LindaRivera

    Protect Innocents! Stop the Muslim military invasion of America, Britain, Europe and the Free World!

    MUSLIMS CALL THEIR MILITARY COMMAND CENTERS, MOSQUES: 40,000 Iran agents in Western Hemisphere Now hidden in Latin America, awaiting ‘operations’ against U.S.
    “We must get ready for global operation. … Our fellow fighters are present in all five continents of the world. … An international jihad must be provoked; we must fear no one.”

    The Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence division runs operations out of mosques.

    Those operations include recruitment, reconnaissance and transfer of arms and cash.

    This source also verified then that all Imam Ali Mosques are controlled by regime intelligence operatives and that the cells are well placed in Europe and America for terrorist acts…

  • LindaRivera

    Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, explained the function of mosques. Erdogan: The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    The Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims and conquer all nations. In a dreadful act of treason many millions of Muslims have been imported into our countries by our leaders, in order to facilitate jihad and Islamic conquest of our nations. It is the greatest betrayal by nations’ leaders in all of human history.

    “The whole of Europe will become Islamic. Like the army of the sultan we will conquer Rome.”
    − Former Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, June 2002

  • gary fouse

    Two of the men mentioned in the article, Siddiqi and Hathout, were recipients of the Freedom Pledge, a letter sent out in 2009 and again this year by Former Muslims United to 100 Muslim leaders across America asking them to sign a pledge that no apostates in the US should be harmed. Only 2 have signed. Both Siddiqi and Hathout have denied receiving it. In June, I personally handed Hathout a copy of his letter when he made his denial. These are men who have convinced the gullible public they are moderates
    notwithstanding their known connections with Muslim Brotherhood and various radical organizations and individuals. Also keep in mind that it was the Islamic Center of OC that spawned Adam Gadahn.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I didn't know that last fact. I'm so happy to be reading that islamofascism is alive and well in Southern California.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Sa., 10/20/12 common era

    The Moslem Brotherhood has White House access and is playing Uncle Sam for a sucker. U.S. journalists should determine which U.S. mosques are directly or indirectly funded by the Saudis.
    The Islamists are exploiting American pluralism and tolerance in order to continue their jihad
    to form, G-d forbid, a worldwide caliphate– Islam Uber Alles. Moslem Imams should be publicly confronted with cited verses from their Koran, e.g. praising the future murders of Christians and Jews.
    This isn't "Islamophobia." It's defense of our blessed democratic republic.

    The upcoming presidential election is SO crucial for the survival of western civilization. Don't underestimate the likely plans of C(r)ook County, Illinois politicians and "activists" to engage in
    criminal acts, e.g. dead people voting, sometimes more than once. May G-d bless and protect both America and Israel.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'd hope and pray that G-d would protect all the innocent people of the world from muslo-fascist predation.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When they have enough followers to take to the streets they will disrupt local life and
    move from being a terribe nusiance to gang rapists, this is the European experience.
    Energy independence, freedom from monies plied into our political systems by
    Islamist States and rebirth of the American life may be a good start to prevent future
    chaos and destruction……………………………………………William

  • sheik Yer Bhouti

    Interesting point that when pressed there were never proper answers received. Always referred to someone else.
    Bottom line is that these mosques are the best possible case, on a day when they've hidden their extremist members. they hide the truth, offer violence promoting literature and deny they have anything to do with spreading Islam's real agenda.
    So this is a good article. It shows how ridiculous and obvious the tactics of these Islamic apologists really are.

  • riverboatbill

    Did anyone get into the basement where they assemble explosives and prepare chemical and biological weapons for terrorist activities?

  • wlil

    Those moslems or pro-moslems who are promoting islam are in it for the money or power and also to terrorise and intimidate any of us nonbelievers who dare to be openly anti-islamic.

  • Shazia

    Obviously, the contributors to his article went in with a specific agenda and only looked to justify their opinions in whatever manner available (the fact that there was only one plate for food!). And obviously, questioning volunteer tour guides on deep Islamic interpretation only further justifies their agenda. People like you should stay home and learn about Islam from Fox News as you have all along. Your minds will never be open enough to want to understand Islam for what it truly is, but rather justify your opinions.

  • Sara

    I am only appreciative of the writer of this article admitting her “Rabbi and his 14-year old daughter” could make better responses on Quranic verses. Hence, I agree with Shazia, the objective was to harass the Muslims, to make them uncomfortable, to make them angry – there was no sincere attempt to understand and educate shown in any of this article. Additionally all of it seems like an interrogation; I wonder what the Rabbi and his 14-year old daughter would say about the Mel Gibson movie in which is clearly documented history that the Jews viciously planned and endorsed the events that led to Jesus being nailed to a cross; it is very apparent that the Jews cannot handle even the slightest criticism but yet walked in to this mosque with such intention to degrade these people. The Torah does not suggest such actions to be of those consistent with good or true believers in God nor Prophet Moses. I think the writer and her puppet interrogators should go seek major forgiveness or confess or whatever you people do by going to a Rabbi who if actually religious would never smile, laugh or applaud after reading this pathetic article.