Confronting CBS over Anti-Israel Libels

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It does not take sixty minutes but a mere few moments to level a smear against an entire nation. The recent CBS 60 Minutes program on Israel’s alleged mistreatment of Christians was nothing less than a version of a modern day blood libel against the Jewish State. Program host Bob Simon even described Israel’s security fence as “completely surrounding” Bethlehem, which is simply false.

The program ignored the real facts and the realities, as well as the many testimonies of Muslim persecution against Christians in the PA territories. A letter by CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) director Andrea Levin to Jeffrey B. Fager, chairman of CBS News, quoted one such testimony by Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the guardian of the Roman Catholic Church’s property in the Holy Land, which appeared in the New York Sun in 2005: “Almost every day — I repeat, almost every day — our communities are harassed by the Islamic extremists in these regions. And if it’s not the members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, there are clashes with…the Palestinian Authority.”

It is truly unfortunate in light of the tragic persecution of Christians in so many Islamic nations that 60 Minutes conjured up a spurious account in order to malign Israel, while disregarding those whose stories truly need to be told.

One must appreciate the efforts of the organization CAMERA and others like it that refuted the tendentious reporting by Simon.

On May 24, at a CBS shareholders meeting board members of CAMERA were in attendance to respond to the charges leveled in the program. A letter by Andrea Levin, which was distributed just prior to the meeting, expressed the organization’s goals: “Although we have attempted through Mr. Radcliffe to elicit corrections for a number of material errors and omissions, our efforts have been unsuccessful. These factual shortcomings do need to be rectified and we are writing once more to urge that CBS adhere to the fundamental tenets of journalism that require news reporting to be accurate and fair and that instances of false reporting be fully and forthrightly corrected-on the air.”

When CBS called for a vote on the new directors, CAMERA board member Carol Greenwald arose and asked if CBS had a policy in line with standards of professional journalism which requires prompt corrections of factual issues. Another CAMERA board member, Richard Allen, then asked if CBS had taken into account the impact on earnings if CBS News lost the confidence of the public as an institution devoted to accurate and balanced reporting.

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  • Sage on the Stage

    Bob Simon and his supervisors are bums, and worse. On the show in question, Simon showed ONE Muslim family that was inconvienced by the security fence; and represented the entire situation through the eyes of that one family. Didn't make ANY mention of the terror attacks prevented, and lives saved, by the fence. Any Jew or Christian who owns CBS stock should sell it right away; and viewers of CBS news should not watch it anymore. Boycott CBS.

  • Jimi Belton

    Who in their right mind would watch that trash anyway…..I go to Fox and This site, and PJM for all my news…..

  • RonaldCarnine

    One of the reasons that our forefathers put the "freedom of the press" in our brand new constitution was that the news media could safeguard our freedoms. However, they didn't foresee that the news media would be part of the problem instead of part of the solution. The liberal media has been lying to the people for several decades. Its time we woke up and threw those rascals out of our ship and find other sources for news that we can trust. The liberal media has failed in its constitutional mandate. Only when it loses it money will we ever have a chance to straighten out what is broken. What is broken you might ask? The public's trust.


    CBS News has had no credibility since at least the "Fake but true" memos they used in an attempt to throw the 2004 election to John Kerry. "60 Minutes" is coasting on its reputation; if enough of us refuse to watch it, maybe CBS will abandon its news division entirely.

  • SoCalMike

    The Left never misses a chance to lie about the people they hate and serve the totalitarian thugs they love.
    The real oppression against Christians comes from Muslims in that part of the world but it's easier and more natural for CBS to lie in the service of oppression and murder than to correctly point out where it's coming from and who is doing it.
    CBS is part of the perverse Red-Green Alliance between the Left and the JIhadi supremacist portion of the Muslim world.
    Save a whale, harpoon Bob Simon and the rest of the loathsome dirt bags at CBS.
    If that's too much, just spit in their faces if you should happen to run across them.

  • StarTripper

    Everytime I read one of these stories about "60 Minutes" my first reaction is, "That's still on?" Isn't it like the Lawrence Welk of news shows? Slightly nostalgic for the seniors who watch but not relevant to anyone else.

  • Choi

    If CBS didn't realize ,at a most personal level,the THREAT of Islamist Jihadis,after what happened to Lara Logan in Egypt,they DON'T WANT TO.
    One can certainly understand Logan wanting to put it behind her,but CBS should NOT put it behind them.
    And Simon ,who was actually held captive by Muslims,also should KNOW BETTER.

    • Zionista

      it's Stockholm syndrome on steroids. maybe they overlook Logan's gang rape because the crowd of knuckle dragging savages thought she was a Jew. After all, they kept screaming it as they surrounded and raped her, so that makes the whole horrid event acceptable to cbs..


      "CBS 60 Minutes' Bob Simon was held captive during the Gulf War and freed after 40 days in Iraqi prisons.

      "Your head is in a million places and none of them are good and you shouldn't get back to real life right away because you have no idea what's going on with you."

      "Bob Simon's hour-long report from the Middle East might come as a cold splash of water at the end of a Fourth of July heated to feverish levels by the welcome home of Desert Storm troops.

      Simon, you might recall, is the CBS newsman who was, along with his camera crew, captured by Iraqi troops, imprisoned, questioned and beaten during 40 days of captivity in Baghdad.""

      Bob Simon is still suffering from PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome.

      Bob Simon is too psychologically damaged to perform his duties fairly at CBS.

    • Rafael Torres

      Yeah I agree with you. Even Lara Logan's 60 Minutes interview was politically correct; not a single word about radical Islam or anything about Islamic misogyny was mentioned. Time to demand CBS that they TELL THE TRUTH about the real story and why are they being politically correct about it!

  • cheese_burger

    CBS knows exactly what it is doing. CBS is infiltrated with Islamic terrorists from top to bottom. Muslims are throwing money at CBS on a daily basis. CBS has embraced Islamic Evil… sold its soul to Satan. Oops! I meant Muhammad, or Allah, which is just another nickname for Satan.

    The CBS executives pray five times a day in their secret Islamic Prayer Room. Mostly they pray (or should I say prey) for more innocent little six year old virgins to rape, in the name of Allah.

    Yep, good old CBS, the Al Jazeera Affiliate.

    Of course, CBS mixes in a little truth along with the Islamic Taqiyya …War Is Deceit.

    Just ask any Muslim.

  • bearone7777

    CBS—NEWS, you should be ashamed of yourself. But you will not. WHY?? you are a full bore supporter of the "TERRORIST" org. Hamas, and you are in bed with the so-called President we have here. That does not understand anything about Israel, or the Middle East.

  • Ronald Johnston

    I quit watching programs on cbs,nbc and abc many years ago. They wonder why their ratings are down, they must be deaf and dumb!!! Notice I did not capitalize. They do not deserve it!!!