The Olympic Spirit of Appeasement

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In 1936, world athletes went to Berlin to compete in the Olympics while the Nazis used the games as window dressing to hide the persecutions already taking place in Nazi Germany since its rise in 1933. All the reasons given at the time in favor of participation in the Olympics played into the hands of the Nazi propaganda machine. The greatest motivation for participation was wishful thinking; feigning global unity while Nazi Germany was already a house of horrors. Ultimately, the world’s unwillingness to stand up to Nazi Germany during the 1930’s had enormous costs.

The unwillingness to pay homage to the victims of the Munich massacre says much; that the lessons from the past are being forgotten by many. It is symptomatic of the times in which we are living. Silence in the face of hate.

Jews in France today are living in daily fear of physical assault from Islamists. In Norway and Sweden, anti-Israel activities proliferate. Great Britain has also become a hot bed of Islamic activity. Recent radical Islamic revolutions in the wake of the “Arab Spring” threaten the stability of the Middle East where nations are now under radical Islamist rule. Egypt’s new leader rails against Israel before jeering crowds. Leaders of the Iranian regime level the most outrageous accusations against the Jews. Missiles rain upon Israeli cities from Gaza by Palestinian terrorists from the very territory which Israel withdrew seven years ago.

The opposing voices in Europe are too few.

In the aftermath of the Olympic tragedy of 1972 world leaders and the press expressed outrage. Forty years later the silence is deafening. Jew hatred in Europe is steadily on the rise and much of the world is silent as it had been in the 1930s. At the Olympic Games there is fear of offending the very perpetrators of hate. There is a spirit of appeasement in the air.

In 1936, the nations of the world sent their athletes to Berlin with the hope that there was still some unity or room for reconciliation, while Hitler was busy plotting and planning against his guests’ host nations. In 1972, the Olympic Games returned to Germany, this time Munich, where Arab enemies of the Jews murdered eleven Israeli athletes. In 2012, let’s hope the IOC reverses its decision and sends a clear message to the world.

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  • Ilya Meyer

    An excellent – and sad – article. One sentence at the very end captures it all: “At the Olympic Games there is fear of offending the very perpetrators of hate.” Appeasement is a social malaise often known by its other name – Political Correctness.

    On its official Olympic Games website, Britain’s publicly funded BBC lists “East Jerusalem” as the “Capital City of Palestine”, but gives no city at all as the capital of Israel. That’s political correctness gone mad.

    The West does indeed fear offending the perpetrators of hate, while defaming the victims of hate. Yesterday’s bombing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria puts this into sharp focus. The politically correct West is merely deferring the date of its own demise.

    • akreynin

      Recently, per demands of the Israeli government, BBC made some changes to its list. For Israel, it now states that its seat of government is "Jerusalem, but most of the embassies are in Tel Aviv." As for Palestine, it states that its intended seat of government is "East Jerusalem, but the current capital is in Ramallah." Also, it acknowledges that while Palestine is recognized by the IOC, it is not an officially recognized state. This certainly is progress. Hopefully, in the future, the BBC will take a further step and will last Jerusalem as merely an Israeli capital and Ramallah as the Palestinian capital. Let's hope that this will happen.

  • annem040359

    Not surprised, as the saying goes "money talks" and it has to be remembered that Arab oil money "talks". So expect even the London 2012 summer olympics to "cave."

    • akreynin

      It's certainly hard to make a choice between the voice of fairness and the voice of oil.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Domnitch's article is a simply schoolyard taunt. The Olympic Committee is a weakling because it won't stand up to Muslims. What is this? Fourth grade? The amusing terminology in the article though is when the author refers to Diaspora Jews as an "international campaign" and denudes it of its Israeli PR identifier, trying to make it look like it's everybody in the world. The other laughably ridiculous phrase is "The unwillingness to pay homage to the victims." Mr. Domnitch wants the Olympic Committee to kiss the Israeli Blutfahne.

    Mr. Domnitch has a very tiny Wikipedia page under some kind of special obligation by Yeshiva seminary students to bomb Wikipedia with no fewer than six entries on obscure Jews.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,why don't you go back to school,Schlobrain? You make yourself sound stupid with every anti-semitic post you put up here. And while you're at it,why don't you get a heart? It's obvious you don't have one.

    • akreynin

      You, Schlomotion, are a jerk and an antisemite.

  • BarbaraJoanne

    Many thanks to the author for this. It is truly depressing to know that, once again, the request for a moment of silence has been denied. These were the only sportsmen to ever be murdered at the Olympics. Surely it is more than time enough to honour them and also to recall, and I'd do it every Olympics, a dark day in the history of the games as well as in the history of man.

  • Poupic

    Everybody has it wrong on the subject. Consider first the UN. The biggest block of votes at the UN is the Arab states and Islamic state while there is only one Jewish state, Israel, a tiny speck on the world Map on the edge of the continent size Arab and Muslim states. The IOC is exactly in the same situation. Add to this that this time the games are in London, a capital not particularly friendly to either the Jews in general or the Jewish state and Israel in particular. It is no surprise to me that the IOC refuse to do the moral thing and hold a minute of silence for the Israeli athletes slaughtered in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Israeli athletes should walk in with lowered flags adorn with black ribbons reminding us of the horror committed at the games and not acknowledged appropriately by the IOC. They should walk in place and not move forward for exactly one minute forcing this one minute owed to the dead Israeli athletes killed at the Olympics. If it was any other country's athletes that had been slaughtered already the next year there would have been a minute of silence and more. Jewish athletes and Israeli at that is too much to acknowledge by the IOC controlled by the majority of it's Arab/ Muslim membership.

  • David, Thailand

    The IOC should be open and honest, by changing its acronym to OIC.