Inside the Typical Hollywood Leftist’s Mind

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Richard Kind is a funny, talented actor. I had the pleasure of working with him when I did a cameo on the show “Spin City,” where Kind co-starred. He was thoughtful and helpful on set, even though I was a dreaded non-lefty.

Fast forward to this year’s White House Correspondents’ dinner. Pleased to be invited, Kind gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter. After praising President Barack Obama as “the smartest man in the room,” Kind offered his opinion on what issue he “cares most about”: “The disparity between the ultra-rich and the next level is as disgraceful as anything that has gone on in our history. Now maybe some of them can control my life, my career, my employment, but I have to tell you something is wrong. I don’t know how it got wrong, but something is wrong.”

“The next level”? What does that even mean? “As disgraceful as anything that has gone on in our history?” Right up there with slavery, the World War II relocation camps for Americans of Japanese descent and the fact that the race-hustling Rev. Al Sharpton has a television show on MSNB-Hee Haw?

First, despite the primacy of Kind’s concern, most Americans do not care about the “wealth gap.” Only 15 percent of Americans, according to a Gallup poll, consider this an important issue. Far more Americans worry about economic growth and unemployment — as opposed to worrying about whether someone has more stuff than they do.

Besides, what exactly is the gap? Is it getting bigger or smaller? What is the appropriate gap? How does the United States compare to other countries?

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (a consortium of 34 economically developed countries): “In OECD countries today, the average income of the richest 10 percent of the population is about nine times that of the poorest 10 percent.” In the United States, the gap between the top 10 percent and the bottom 10 percent is 14 to one — about the same as the gap between the rich and the poor in Israel and Turkey. For countries like Mexico and Chile, the gap is 27 to one.

True, the wealth gap grew over the last 20 years, but the so-called “Great Recession” was less than kind to the rich. From 2007 to 2009, the top 1 percent’s share of the national income declined from 23.5 percent to 18.12 percent — a drop of 23 percent.

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  • Sage on the Stage

    Kind is a walking shill for government theft of the assets of private citizens. The not-so-subtle message of what he says is, "If the billionaires gave just a little more of their assets to the government, our debt problem will be solved." Anyone who thinks for themselves knows that this is nonsense; but the problem is that "a little more" is never enough; thus Kind and his comrades will always be demanding more. And when they finish soaking the billionaires(if there are any still living in the U.S.), they'll come after the rest of us. But what about solving the debt problem, a 16 trillion dollar debacle? Don't ask Kind about THAT–a real problem–he's not home.

    • Jim_C

      What about solving the debt problem, you ask?

      How about taxing those oh-so put upon billionaires at the rate they were taxed fifteen years ago?

      Not a bad idea!

      • Sage on the Stage

        Its a terrible idea; more government taking, more government control; and it won't reduce our national debt one bit. This is because the way to permanently reduce the debt is to cancell government programs that duplicate each other, and there are at least 47 of those.(Source: The Heritage Foundation) If you take from the billionaires, what incentive do the Feds have to reduce spending? NONE. Besides, my point was that Kind doesn't address REAL problems like debt reduction; and neither does Harry Reid(Where's his budget been for the last 3 and a half years?) Kind focuses on taking from the so-called rich–those evil capitalists–and giving it to those who don't deserve it. Can't think of anything more selfish and mean-spirited!

  • TG

    Funny how many rich people talk about “the rich” as if rich starts somewhere above their level of rich.

    • Jim_C

      Funny how most rich liberals openly acknowledge the fact that they are rich and that they don't mind being taxed more.

  • oldtimer

    And O's new ad, that business owners DID NOT work for what they have, government helped them. As a former business owner, I am totally insulted by this remark. I worked my butt off, seven days a week. All the goverment did was tax me on everything, even the furniture in the office.. And these actors/actresses should go back under the rock the crawled out of and stay out of our lives. They and pro atheletes do not deserve the outrageous payments they receive. Maybe O has exempted them (and himself) from taxes like he has done for his friends when it comes to his healthcare law, and again we, the people, the middle class, will suffer.

    • tagalog

      Government helped them with:

      1. Record-keeping requirements under Title VII;

      2. Record-keeping requirments under ERISA:

      3. Compliance with OSHA, including installing of government-mandated safety fixtures, together with the education requirements;

      4. The employer's sole responsibility to pay UIB insurance premiums;

      5. The employer's sole responsibility to pay Workers' Comp. premiums;

      6. The employer having to pay for recording his employee's withholding taxes, to do the bookkeeping and bank deposits;

      7. Negotiating the complexities of the Internal Revenue Code;

      8. Keeping wages to no lower than minimum wage;

      9. Not permitting workers to agree to work for more than 40 hours per week without paying overtime;

      10. Stacking the cards in favor of the unions in negotiating union contracts:

      11. Matching the employees' FICA taxes.

      Many, many, other government requirements, so many that one reliable source says that the average employer pays over $4,000 per year per employee for the costs of government regulation without even counting the taxes. If you're an employee, how'd you like to get a $4,000 a year raise in wages/salary? Do you wonder why your greedy SOB employer pays you so little? Now you have an inkling…

      • kasandra

        And don't forget, the government is right in there sharing the risk with you. Well, maybe if you're "too big to fail." As for everyone else in business, you're on your own.

        • tagalog

          I have yet to see a rep of the government sitting at the side of the debtor in a meeting of creditors in a business bankuptcy proceeding. In fact, the government mandates that tax debts can't be discharged in bankruptcy. I guess they're too small and insignificant for all that stimulus money.

          If instead you pay your debts off out of what you've been able to save for your retirement, and negotiate a settlement for less than the amount due, the creditor has to report that to the IRS, and you wind up paying taxes on the amount forgiven, since the government says that's income to you. Yep, sharing the risk of failure; thanks, Barack, that's so comforting.

    • Jim_C

      oldtimer, you don't want to get into a discussion about what people "deserve" to get paid. Pro athletes and actors sell tickets–they "produce" wealth. Some of them actually work hard.

      Compare to a Wall Street trader. You get courted by a company to buy their stock. They take you out, get you drunk, maybe more. You wake up, look at their projections, decide, sure, I'll acquire some stock. Surprise! You've brought a windfall to your firm! You are now "talent," too. Big Xmas bonus for you!

      Not picking on traders. Some of them work hard, do have expertise. And some just had the right dad and the right fraternity in college.

      So let's not talk "deserve."

  • Jaladhi

    A typical leftist from Hollywood or from anywhere else doesn't have any brain that we talk about "inside his mind"!! He is brain dead!! He can't think for himself and he has to follow all those other brain dead who masquerade as his leaders!!

  • tagalog

    I have a solution: make it a law that actors who make more than, say, $250,000 per performance currently will have their compensation cut back to the average salary of, say, the typical middle manager in sales in corporations that show a profit of more than, say, $5 million a year, for the same period of work.

    Example: Sales Manager Joe makes $250,000 a year as a middle manager of the sales department of Intel. It takes Clare Actress 6 weeks to put in her time in the movie she's currently making. She's a popular actress, so she can make at least $250,000 for doing her job. Instead of making a flat $250,000, now she makes 6/52 of $250,000, or 12% x $250,000 = $28,846.15, before deductions and withholding are taken out. Right on! Power to the People! Better hurry up and make another movie, Clare! Almost $29 thousand for six weeks of work, pretty nice for her, right?

    That will be a demonstration of the sincerity of the acting community on this issue. I'm sure Mr. Kind will support such a measure wholeheartedly. It seems so, I don't know, fair…

    • Sage on the Stage

      Better watch out…the Hollyweird Left will brand you as a "McCarthyite."

  • tagalog

    Of course, Obama is claiming that government built the infrastructure and since business people benefit from it, their efforts in building their businesses count for nothing and they owe something to the collective. Never mind that their taxes financed that building, just consider the implications of what Obama is saying: people owe something to the government because the government built all that stuff. Never mind that the states did a lot of the building; my issue is, what does Barack Obama think about compensation to the people who did the actual work, including the descendants of slaves? Is he a proponent of reparations?

    Do I get any compensation for the many crappy jokes that were made about what I do for a living, small businessmen, profiting off other people, and so on, and so on, and the deliberate demeaning of people who are entrepreneurs? How about for Hillary Clinton's snide remark about undercapitalized businesses? I'm sure not…

    P.S. I am still running the 35-year-old business that I built up from nothing, creating several jobs over the years, and I think that the view that business people profited from the infrastructure is a load of nonsense. The infrastructure wasn't built for the business people – it was built for everyone. If I had gone to government, saying "Will you, the government, make my business happen?" they'd have looked at me like I was crazy, which I would have been if I had actually done that. I'm the one who made my business happen, and government got to skim a lot of the cream off the top.

  • sedoanman

    Here I thought discriminating was the worst sin America ever committed [and continues to commit]. You learn something new every day.

  • Harold J. Harris

    IIt strikes me that Kind is a prime example of what some have designated a "pignoramus," meaning an individual who pretends to be ignorant of what every reasonably educated and half-way intelligent knows to be true.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    Using Kind's solialist mindset, I think we can reform the Summer Olympics coming up the end of this week. Take the fastest and strongest and make them wear weights so the slower and weaker athletes will have a better chance of winning. It's only fair.


      Yeah, Give EVERYONE at the Olympics a Gold Medal else it would be "unfair".

  • marios

    I am, being originally from one of socialistic country, greatly appreciate self-earned by talent and hard work rich people. The more are rich people, the richest country itself and only in prosper, rich country can exist welfare programs for not-talented or more lazy …. for really who are in need: disabled, elderly, poor kids. There are no such program in poor countries. Those blamed "rich" create work places but I don't know even one poor who did it. But it is understandable why Democrats and their protégé BHO use class card: Bolsheviks in the first socialists country used it to divide people and the same card used communists in all countries. The result: socialism failed everywhere but before it toils millions human lives. In Russia Stalin's regime killed up to 40ML civil citizens, in China were killed more than 70MLN, etc. Look at Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Miserable life.
    Leftists don't understand what they are doing supporting WH establishment, appeasing them. They chop up the branch they are sitting now. They are gullible, softly say, cowards trying to coax those whom they are afraid off.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Americans are led to believe that all men are born equal. This is untrue. Some are born, the offspring of wealthy parents, with silver spoons in their mouths and some have, by the gene pool, been rewarded with much higher IQs and thus have been allocated a greater get ahead advantage, than others. The poor individual whose IQ is only say 95 is at an economic disadvantage as compared to those with IQs above say 120. I can see no objection to those fortunately born into wealth and those fortuitously endowed with a high IQ having some portion of their income taken from them to assist the genuinely less advantaged. I Hate to say it to Americans but this desire, by some, for a degree of income redistribution is known as SOCIALISM. Oops sorry I have said the dirty word haven’t I. I can hear you all calling for my crucifixion….. or would you prefer to stone me to death ?

  • Jim_C

    I agree, these Hollywood types need to shut it! Jon Lovitz just came out with some moronic drivel a couple months ago. I mean, what does a guy who got by on two jokes on SNL know?