The Four Lies About the Economy That Obama Needs Voters to Believe

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3) Obama surrogate Steve Rattner recently said that Obama’s stimulus worked — as confirmed by “bipartisan” economists. As proof, Rattner offered the findings of “bipartisan economists Mark Zandi and Alan Blinder,” who “agree that … we would have had unemployment substantially higher than what we’ve had over the last two years.”


Blinder, a Democrat, served as a member of the Clinton administration and later advised presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry. As for Zandi, he did serve as a presidential campaign advisor to John McCain. Like Blinder, Zandi is a self-described Democrat.

Zandi likes “maverick” McCain, a Republican who voted against the first George W. Bush tax cuts using the same left-wing argument about the cuts benefiting the rich. Zandi’s man, summoning his inner Dennis Kucinich, once said, “I cannot support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief.”

As to the alleged unanimous expert opinion on the effectiveness of Obama’s stimulus, Stanford economist John Taylor debated this on NPR with Zandi. Taylor’s analysis, shared by many other economists: “I just don’t think there’s any evidence. When you look at the numbers, when you see what happened, when people reacted to the stimulus, it did very little good.”

4) Democrats never tire of trotting out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who said his “single most important political goal” was to make Obama “a one-term president.” Horrors! Why, doesn’t this just make McConnell the very personification of sinister! Republican opposition for the sole purpose of bringing down Obama, the first black president, yada, blah, etc.

Apparently, it is outside the brain capacity of people like Morgan Freeman to understand something: One way to defeat bad, leftist Democrats’ policies is to defeat bad, leftist Democrats, who seek to implement those bad, leftist policies. It’s not complicated.

Nothing personal.

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  • kong.ming

    Myth: "Obama inherited a “Great Recession”

    Fact: The roots of the Great Recession start in the early 90s with fraud of Govt. Sponsored Entities who reported lower exposure to subprime credit mortgages, mainly due to Senate Democrats who put their lovers in executive positions like Barney Frank and Herb Moses, or received favorable treatment from mortgage companies like Chris Dodd and Angelo Mozillo.

    Fact: Obama voted present on the Republican bill to reform government sponsored entities in 2005. He gets a pass from the media for writing a letter advocating more ACORN funding for lending regulation which is interpreted by the press as great foresight.

    Fact: Since 2004 Obama was a US Senate Democrat, the people for years attacked anyone trying to reform Fannie Mae as racists trying to kick poor people out of their homes.

    Fact: As president Obama has shown absolutely no awareness concerning insolvency which drives the recession. He has repeatedly submitted jokes of a budget to Congress advocating more debt, more taxes, more money printing and more inflation.

    Fact: Obama's stimulus ended up as a debt changing scheme between local, state and federal governments except for his cronies who grafted the spending which were losses and failures.

    • dennis x

      bush inherited a surplus but by the end of his term the monthly job loss was over 700,000 per month. Now the private sector is adding ax. 69,000 jobs a month. Job loss now is in the public sector due to government cut backs. Why is it that big business is making historical profits ( ie exxon etc.) but not hiring?

      • dos

        1. Bush didn't inherit a surplus, Clinton had a blue in his budget (apparently Clinton had more economy common sense instead of ideology than Obama has) but the overall debt is still in the trillions.
        2. If Obama were so good in your opinion, he for sure will revive the economy the first year he was president when both congress and house were controlled by Democrats ( I was going to say his party, but apparently his party is the New Party, not the Democrat Party )
        3. Lying is permitted and encouraged in the Quran in order to accomplish whatever Allah's goal is? Islam world domination? 7th century economy? Sharia law enforcement?

      • kong.ming

        The 2008 job loss was due solely to the rampant fraud in the GSE's for over 20 years. Democrats supported this houses for votes scheme and attacked anyone who tried to expose the fraud as racists. Obama had a chance for real leadership to stop the crisis but voted present. In many ways Obama inherited the fruits of his 2004 Senate term and 2006 Democratic majority.

        Natural gas and energy companies, who Obama wants to crucify, are much more responsible for the current job growth, that and the boom in logistic infrastructure due to high inflation.

        If the big government lobby really wanted jobs, they would first pass tort reform, even before medicare billing reform or tax code simplification. They won't because they are the front men in Congress for the lawyers who re-enact in front of juries babies being delivered in the womb so they can rack up millions of dollars in fees and build 26,000 square foot homes in North Carolina while cheating on their dying wives.

  • deanakim

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  • Dennis Metz

    here is the problem with race relations , blacks blame everything on race, as a huge college basketball fan I have seen the same issues, my school hired a black coach, he sucked bad and did not win despite having good recruits. people started to complain and it got louder every year. supporters of the coach claimed we wanted a new coach and this one out simply because he was black, nothing to do with his losing(not winning) teams and lack of player development. point here is when you hire a black even if they do not work out like obummer then you are stuck with them because if you dont like them it is because you are a racist