California CAIR: Bring Blasphemy Laws to the U.S.

SACRAMENTO – Rashid Ahmad, northern California leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has been asked by his non-Muslim friends what he thinks of recent events in Libya.

“When I saw the demonstrations and learned of the ambassador’s death, I said, ‘Did these crazy people lose their minds? This guy [Ambassador Stevens] was trying to help the Libyans and they killed him,’” Ahmad told Steve Magagnini of the Sacramento Bee.

“But now the U.S. government says it might have been a planned attack by an al-Qaida affiliate, and the Libyan people were also victims. We are ashamed this happened and believe the reaction in the Muslim world is way out of line.”

Note the reference to the “ambassador’s death,” which he says “happened,” as though Chris Stevens, whom Ahmad calls “this guy,” had died of natural causes. The CAIR boss gives no hint that violence, killing, murder, terrorism or assassination had anything to do with the ambassador’s “death.”

Rashid Ahmad neither identifies nor condemns the “crazy people” responsible for the murder of Chris Stevens and three other Americans. And the killers were only “way out of line,” something one might say of a misbehaving child. The U.S. government says it “might” have been a planned attack by an al-Qaida affiliate, but Rashid Ahmad fails to say if he agrees. But he does hold forth on the “Innocence of Muslims” video.

“People feel extremely hurt and offended by the film,” Ahmad told the Bee. “But there’s a huge debate in Northern California over what should happen to the filmmaker.” Actually there isn’t.

Few here have seen the video and the default position is that it may be offensive but the U.S. government should take no action against the filmmaker. The huge debate here is over the push for even higher taxes in a state on the verge of bankruptcy.

“Some say there should absolutely not be any prohibition against free speech,” explained Ahmad, billed as someone who came to the United States from Pakistan in 1970 to study engineering at UC Davis.

“In France, Germany and other European nations, there are laws against hate speech,” Ahmad told the Bee. “Holocaust deniers and others who belittle Nazi crimes during World War II are subject to criminal penalties. Just like there are laws against hate crimes in the U.S., there should be laws against hate speech that leads to violence or criminal activities. Because of the film we’ve lost so many lives – the filmmaker has blood on his hands.”

So in the view of CAIR’s Rashid Ahmad, it is the filmmaker who has “blood on his hands,” not those crazy people who killed Chris Stevens and three other Americans, nor those perpetrating violence in wake of the video. Ahmad comes clean on those too.

“The poor and desperate will listen to any firebrand, especially if they feel their leaders are American puppets,” Ahmad explains. “If (Hosni) Mubarak – the Egyptian dictator propped up by the U.S. – was still in charge, you’d see more extreme protests. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – America’s unbalanced support of Israel over the question of an independent Palestine. . . America has to be seen as a fair superpower in dealing with Israeli-Palestinian relations.”

The implication is unmistakable. Unless America does what CAIR wants, abandoning a key ally, punishing a filmmaker,  and taking away the free-speech rights of Americans, more violence and presumably “death” is surely on the way.

Steve Magagnini describes CAIR as an organization that “defends the civil rights of 60,000 Muslims in the Sacramento region, and has often spoken out against terrorist acts linked to Muslim extremists.” The journalist provides no examples of the terrorist acts CAIR has “often” spoken out against, and note that these acts are only “linked” to Muslim extremists. But he does get around to that subject in his final question to Rashid Ahmad:

“CAIR’s been invited to White House dinners, but two of its former leaders have been the subject of congressional hearings linking them to groups funding Palestinian terrorists. What’s the truth?”  It’s a soft underhand lob down the middle of the plate and Ahmad is ready:

“Those accused of sending money to Palestinian terrorist groups were no longer with CAIR. And CAIR would never endorse that or any violent organizations.”

That’s where the journalist leaves it. No hard questions about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood or anything like that. But the interview did establish that endorsing violence such as the “death” of an ambassador would be “way out of line.”

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  • kafir4life

    I have a question for Rashid and the other terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting organization cair and the rest of its terror supporters. Rumor has it that the gutter cult of islam was invented by a mad man (mohamat) and later shat the contents of the terror guide the koran into the arabian sands following sex with then later a meal of his favorite pig, that he lovingly called "daddy". Do you follow that mohamat who has also been classified as a pedophile, as well as adhere to his gutter cult, islam? It's just a question Rasshy, so please don't go all splodeydope
    allahu snackbar!

    • MaryS, CA

      CAIR along with ISNA and other Muslim groups here in America along with the Muslim Brotherhood are nothing but fronts for Islamic terror groups and they along with those terror groups and that they have one thing in common shut down the United States of America. Mr. Rashid thinks that the America People do not know that CAIR and others were listed as unindicted co-conspirators in the Homeland Foundation trial on terrorism in the United States. We are onto you Mr. Rashidy, we are on to the Muslim Brotherhood, and you are not going to change our Constitution and the first amendment, it will be over our dead bodies but we won't be alone I can guarantee you that. I am sick of CAIR and ISNA and about 100 other Muslim Organizations trying to do away with us and our way of life. If you don't like the way our Government is, you don't like our Constitution and free speech then I suggest you get the hell out of here and go back to where you came from . YOu have ruined Europe and it will never be the same again, but you are not going to get your way. We are educating the America people as to what you are up to, and when we have a change in the Presidency then all those like Mr. Nordstrom said in the hearing last week, the "Talliban that is in the building" will no longer be in the building. MaryS, CA

  • Tanstaafl jw

    CAIR has enough blood on its hands.

  • Mach1Duck

    Mr. Rashid Ahmad:
    Respect is earned, not demanded. Support comes from respect. None of which the religion of the Middle East deserve.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Respect is earned, not demanded. Support comes from respect.

      Hopefully that will become true again for lying Muslims after the Muslim-in-chief is ousted. They get support through threats and manipulation.

      "None of which the religion of the Middle East deserve."

      That's always been true. There is no way to respect Islam.

      • Kufar Dawg

        There is a way to "respect Islam" it's called oppression and persecution and it's SOP in all islamofascist states.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Thats where the journalist leaves it. No hard questions about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood or anything like that.""That’s where the journalist leaves it. No hard questions about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood or anything like that."

    Islamophobia is unacceptable.

    "But the interview did establish that endorsing violence such as the “death” of an ambassador would be “way out of line.”"

    CAIR is all about the stealth jihad. They truly aren't all that stealthy, but throwing chaff by screaming "Islamophobia" constantly will more than cover for their poor job of deception.

  • RoguePatriot6

    “But there’s a huge debate in Northern California over what should happen to the filmmaker.”

    I'll give you the right answer of what should happen, "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING". He broke no laws.

    The fact that there is a debate over this is a clear cut indicator of how far down the slippery slope we've wandered. This is a Consititutional Republic, period, not a Islamic Republic. You see, if we were in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan, yea, certainly this would be a debate however WE ARE NOT. I think certain people, not to mention any names, BARRACK OBAMA!!!!!, had better get that straight. They burn bibles, burn flags and have a crucifix dipped in urine displayed as art for crying out loud, yet they detain this private citizen for making a film that made some people outside of the United States, upset. Really?

    People really need to step back and look at the direction we're swinging on individual rights. It seems that everyone who have sworn to "uphold and defend" are selling them out. Let's pay them the same treatment come November 6th.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The fact that there is a debate over this is a clear cut indicator of how far down the slippery slope we've wandered."

      It (the debate) has been useful in clearing identifying enemies of the state, including the POTUS. We're off the slope here and in the pit of hell with some of these positions I hear, including the president's.

    • For My Liberty

      IF they want a country LIKE the one they came from….They need to be TOLD it WILL NEVER HAPPEN, and if they are UNHAPPY about that, it should STRONGLY be suggested they go BACK to their OWN COUNTRY. Americans that go to the MIDDLE EAST are EXPECTED to follow THEIR laws…and OUR LAWS should be ENFORCED with Muslims!

  • RoguePatriot6

    Oh no, but Islam or it's followers can never be held accountable for it's own actions. It just can't, that would be just….just….rude and un-PC. After all, we might do something else in the process of seeking TRUE AND FAIR JUSTICE, that might upset them even more. I'm so sick of this administration and watching them super glue their lips to the backsides of these goons through appeasement and apologies. Apologies for what, by the way?
    "Ohhhh…I'm soooooo sorry that we upset you by exposing the truth or saying something out of line." How shamefully pathetic!!!! It's like watching a battered wife or girlfriend apoligize to the animal that beat her, out of submission to him.

    Whatever happened to treating our enemies like enemies and our allies like they were our allies?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Oh no, but Islam or it's followers can never be held accountable for it's own actions. It just can't, that would be just….just….rude and un-PC"

      Did you forget they are victims of colonialism and the crusades? I think you need another course on cross-civilization sensitivity. Surely you can't suggest that there is some universal standard for morality where you can judge these poor sad people?

      (Liberals are allowed to use condescending language about their class victims)

    • Jordy

      thank you for the laugh while pointing out the obvious
      I at times think I live in the Matrix and am insane and lone
      How could so many be so obviously wrong?.
      I see nothing but double standards, greed, corruption and just general inhumaneness by our species.
      We are but one species, just with different camoflauge.

  • RoguePatriot6

    “People feel extremely hurt and offended by the film,”

    Wow, "extremely hurt". That's interesting. I "feel extremely" hurt that someone like CAIR or the appeasers and apoligists get to decide to sell the 1st Amendment down the river. I feel "extremely hurt" that a fellow citizen was detained for the crime of exercising his 1st Amendment rights, not to mention "extremely" concerned for the future of this nation. I feel "extremely hurt" that knucklehead liberal blowhards get to rag on Jews and Christians by mocking God and off color jokes about Christ's crucifixion on a daily basis. Do I get to murder them and blame their comments and jokes for my actions? According to the stance that this administration has taken, I could. Ooops…I forgot, Islam is just soooooo special, how silly of me. After all, they throw the biggest fits that all should tremble and fear. THEY MIGHT KILL PEOPLE!!!!

    • Kufar Dawg

      "THEY MIGHT KILL PEOPLE" should be they do kill people.

      • RoguePatriot6

        Yea, my bad.

  • RoguePatriot6

    I feel "extremely hurt" that after all of those who have bled, suffered and died to create a free nation, this administration has the audacity to spit on their graves by selling the constitution down the river. I feel "extremely hurt" when Islamic extremists refer to me as "infidel, dogs or apostates" while they murder children, throw acid in the faces of little girls who dare get an education, subjugate women, indulge in pedophilia and bestiality (I personly witnessed this from a UAV feed).

    I guess we all can find things to feel "extremely hurt" over, can we?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I feel "extremely hurt"

      It's so obvious when CAIR and political Muslims try to appeal to the leftist morons. You feel what? That's your problem. Nobody sane cares about feelings in political discourse.

      • RoguePatriot6

        My point was, before we get all concerned about who feels "extremely hurt" or "offended" we need to first look at the offensive actions and comments made and done by Islamists. We need to do that before we to what leftist media typically does, villify Americans as the cause of the problem.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "My point was…"

          I know. I was speaking rhetorically and not about you literally. Sorry about the ambiguity. Like I said, "Nobody sane cares about feelings in political discourse."

  • Kufar Dawg

    I think we're seeing an attempt by members of the MSM and CAIR to normalize the concept of criminalising criticism of islam under the guise of hate speech.

    • RoguePatriot6

      What's new? The same thing happened in Europe and is happening the U.K. and Canada.

  • kafir4life

    Penn and Teller said they don't make fun of islam because they have families. The terrorist supporters at cair are fine with that reasoning, so long as you don't say that islam is a violent gutter cult invented by a pedophilic madman named mohamat, which is what it is from what I've been told, and from what I've observed.

    • Kufar Dawg

      At least Bill Maher exhibits some courage, he has mildly criticised islam, while Penn and Teller reserve their cheap shot criticism for the easier targets: Christianity and Judaism.

  • drivesguy

    Hey Rashid Ahmad. I am offended when you bozo's call me an infidel.

    • johnnywoods

      Not me, I am proud to becalled an infidel by those swine.

  • Schlomotion

    What is funny is that if you look up Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley on IMDB, he has no career. No long and illustrious list of films and TV shows, (but he is a Hollywood Expert). Just an unreleased documentary this year. He has seven books on Amazon selling for $0.01 cents, mostly from the late 80s, themed as Christianity vs. Marxism. The niche market collapsed along with the USSR. The real thing Mr. Billingsley does is act as Editorial Director for the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco. PRI is linked to the corporate bill mill ALEC which circumvents representative government by passing pre-prepared bills to Congress from private companies for rubber stamping. Lloyd Billingsley's connection is Sally Pipes and Dennis Prager. The types of books that issue from these organizations are financed by think tank monies and are ghostwritten by Public Relation firms.

    Here is a example of the financing method:

    Here is an example of the kind of corruption that keeps a Lloyd Billingsley going:

    • Drakken

      You can go pound sand jihadist appeaser and supporter. Keep siding with the enemy and you will be rightfully called a traitor and dealt with accordingly.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I'd suggest he isn't an appeaser, but a card carrying member of the RoP.

      • Schlomotion

        I will bare my chest on the big day. Just call first.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Will that be when the 12th imam crawls out of his well in Iranistan? Or when your hero, Assminijihad, nukes Israel (by proxy or directly)?

        • Drakken

          You would run like a scared little girl, puzzy.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      So your diatribe is reason to ignore this writing? I think not, SchloMo.

      It is interesting to see what you support and denigrate, and that makes you a dhimmi appeaser of IslamoFascism..

    • Ghostwriter

      And,what is funny about you,Schlomotion,is that you continue to write your inane twaddle here. You don't have anything intelligent to say,just vile Jew hatred and a sneering hatred of human decency. I don't know why you continue to comment here. It's obvious,your contributions are virtually meaningless and have no real value at all.

      • HoR_Emperor

        He is, by his own confession, PAID to post here.

  • LindaRivera

    End the Arab Muslim occupation of our beloved Israel !
    Not one more dollar, British pound or euro to Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist Occupation Forces!

  • JustSayin

    By wanting to outlaw the voiced opinions of others, are they not themselves the oppressors and critics of others? THEY should be outlawed for doing the very thing they are trying to outlawing others from doing. Sounds like some pretty liberal thinking to me…to do exactly what you condemn in another. More enlightened and evolved thinking. Intolerance in the name of tolerance!

    • Questions

      You are describing radicalism, not liberalism. The two are different, if fitfully overlapping.

      • JustSayin

        RE: Questions – For many years my family was 'steamrolled' by a family member who believed themselves much enlightened, progressive, and evolved. Having lived it, I can and have described it very well! We were imprisoned by their expectations of "what we ought to be". – LIKE THEM! They always hounded on how much liberation and tolerance they contribute to our wonderfully diverse society; as opposed to how narrow and bigoted others (- UNLIKE THEM), still remain. They were extremely tolerant, as long as we were a potentially promising of their reform;…their living work in progress. Yes, I guess they were quite radical, but it came to surprise me just how much the two worlds shared in common. … "fitfully overlapping" Hey, thanks for the input!

    • Jordy

      Run for government!

  • LindaRivera

    California CAIR: Bring Blasphemy Laws to the U.S.

    Muslims come to America to DESTROY our most cherished freedoms. To utterly destroy America. Why are Muslims allowed in? They are a Fifth Column who plot our conquest with their friends in high places in the U.S. government.

    • Kufar Dawg

      They might be less "friends" and more like paid lackeys.

  • pyeatte

    Before CAIR advocates prohibition of anti-Jihad literature and videos, they might read-up on the real Prohibition from the 1920s. You implement a new Prohibition, and you will be inundated with anti-Muslim and anti-Jihad literature and videos. If you want more of something, make it illegal.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      That's the only thing that cheers me up: We can't lose in the end.

      • Kufar Dawg

        The Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's was passed and enforced by a liberal democracy for the supposed good of society. Draconian islamofascist blasphemy laws are passed and enforced by totalitarian theocracies to protect not society, but islamofascism from criticism and where the death sentence is a valid punishment for such crimes.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Draconian islamofascist blasphemy laws are passed and enforced by totalitarian theocracies to protect not society, but islamofascism from criticism and where the death sentence is a valid punishment for such crimes."

          It's called Sharia. They want to protect "Islamic society," which is based on collectivism, which is by definition (collectivism that is) biased against individual liberties in favor of theoretical "collective good." Guess who gets to define what the collective good is?

          Sharia is evil because Islam is evil. Moderation just allows the lies to live on and destroy more people. Destroy destructive ideas instead. Destroy Islam as an ideology to be taken seriously as anything other than tragic history.

  • Drakken

    Guess what CAIR? You are a muslim terrorist organization. Your attempt to silence our infidel voices will sooner or later bring about our collective wrath. Your clogging our courts with lawfare lawsuits will enventually lead us infidels to return the favor by bringing you warfare. Our 1st Amendment rights are non negociable period! We with enforce it with our 2nd Amendment. Like good muslims, you will continue to push us untill that backlash you fear becomes a reality.

    • Schlomotion

      Note to self: In between anonymously issuing death threats to other commentators, Drakken advocates a "collective wrath." He is always claiming to be on the brink, about to be pushed just one more step too far before *somebody* commits acts of murder and violence. Always vague about whom, always vague about how, always vague about when.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Note to the world: "Scholomotion" is a self-confessed paid troll, and a raving anti-Semite.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Gee, what other religious group is not merely "always on the brink" of committing violence, but actually committing "acts of murder and violence" on practically a daily basis Abdullah Al Taqiyya?
        I'm sure even your room temperature I.Q. can figure that one out.

      • Drakken

        I never said any such thing, what I said was and I believe that sooner or later war will come to us and we westerners will fight back and pay the muslims in their own bloody coin, and I stand by that, unlike you who is too much of a puzzy and contribute nothing and take everything, and openly side with our enemy, islam. In case it has escaped your notice, your going to find yourself on the wrong side of history.

  • Questions

    So Muslims are "offended" by a trailer for a nonexistent movie? Too bad. The last time I checked, being offended is not a license to murder a U.S. diplomat.

    • RoguePatriot6

      My point exactly. In fact, last time I checked being "offended" was not a license to murder anyone in the United States. Isn't the embassy considered internationally as, US SOIL? Just sayin. Apparently, some people hold Shariah at a higher status than the Constitution of The United States.

  • Ghostwriter

    I have something to say to those like CAIR. We have a First Amendment which protects what we say from government interference. You don't seem to like it all that much and want it to disappear. That's not going to happen. Not now,not ever.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I actually think that if things develop further along these lines, some savvy lawyers will draft some petitions to outlaw Islamic texts, which are easily revealed to be far more offensive than anything these twits have ever heard from a non-Muslim.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Monday,10;/15/12 common era

    "Islam Uber Alles" ought to be the true battle cry of CAIR and its allied groups. The tone has been set in the oval office for the past 4 years. If many Moslems aren't terrorists (thank Heaven), then it's in spite of the Koran's theology, not because of it. I don't recall ever reading that there is an ACLU office in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Welcome to Obamanation, Land of the D'Himmis

  • hammar

    Who are the people who feel offended? What was the film about? And who is asking these questions?
    1) muslims, no. We the people are offended that these muslims are even given any stage here to cry foul when they backed the film and the whole issue to create the whole scene.
    2) the film was about the phony prophet and the phony god of islam.
    3)CAIR and all muslim people, are phony backers of hate and domination against Israel. Which brings us right back to the phony United Nations who want to over run the United States and Israel.

  • wyx wyzinski

    good news for rashid ahmed. i have so much respect for the sensitive feelings for our good muslim guests in our country that i propose that we shield their sensitive feelings from any further insult. i suggest that we send all our good muslims to some country that already has blasphemy laws, already executes anyone that doesnt properly respect allah, the merciful, or who does not give proper obeisance to the prophet (peace be upon him). in one of those ready-made edens upon the earth, and thank allah, there are 57 of them, our good muslims should be perfectly happy. which muslim paradise on earth do you prefer, rashid? i suggest somolia. a wonderful country, perfectly in the control of allah, the meciful, and his perfect prophet, pbuh.

  • infideltaskforce

    Its not going to happen…the OIC has decided to give up on the blasphemy laws.
    Read this article on our site:
    West's free speech stand bars blasphemy ban – OIC

    • Kufar Dawg

      Do you *really* believe the OIC has done so? What would lead you to believe anything the OIC publishes or pronounces considering the ideology it represents?

  • Betty

    sir if you don't like free speech please leave the USA. go back to your home country. our founders fought and died for us to have free speech.. no person from another country should come to AMERICA and try to push there way of life on please leave and stop making trouble for AMERICANS. and take cair and their goof ball with you. thank you very much

  • Betty

    oh and don't forget to take that stupid Qur'an with you don't leave them in this country.

    • kafir4life

      They actually make a nice substitute for low quality TP. They come in handy in the woods, they're compact, you can guage your "output" by suras, and when covered with feces, they look like the koran. cair sends them out for free. That's where we got ours. We keep them with our camping supplies, along side of the little shovels used for digging potty tenches.

      • Kufar Dawg

        How do they work for kindling?

        • kafir4life

          Don't use it as kindling and TP at the same time, or you could burn your rear. And I'd avoid using it as kindling AFTER using it as TP. If you follow those instructions, they work fine as kindling. If you're preparing a pork loin on a grill, a koran is EXCELLENT for giving the meat that prophetty flavor.

          • Kufar Dawg

            LOL, "prophetty flavor". Good one.

  • guest

    The attack? CAIR pushing blasphemy laws. How did it happen?

    Of course, Sept 11 1632 is the real date. The rest, like the USS Cole attack on Sept 11 are anniversary dates. Anyone thinking different is lying or uneducated about Islam.

    The crappy film, renamed 6 times, was kept under wraps by the O regime until it was needed. Its been around a LONG time. Now they needed it. So out it comes. They told us that was why we were attacked.
    We need Sharia laws. Shut us up as they take us over.

    That helped O push his anti colonial agendas on America he is so in support of, destroy constitutional laws and shred the constitution to nothing. That will teach us! He sent the bust of Churchill back because Churchill was pushing colony rule on places like Kenya.

    Islam attacked because it was the Sept 11 anniversary, and we now appear really hope and change weak, and do not respond. In fact Hillary sent them 2 billion we borrowed from China as a token of her gratitude. . No strings. That will teach them. Money for arms, weapons, and other things to burn churches and kill Christians with.

    Expect the attacks to escalate, since it appears we are weak, and nearly beaten. Thanks for that Obama. The apology was a classic. May be no teleprompter on that one.

    It is known that Muslim brotherhood sets our foreign policy. Homeland security senior positions are full of them. They knew the attack was coming from the intel reports. But muslims may have been hurt and a US death is now only an apology. I wonder if his family got a form letter like the dead us soldier families get? Oh well, he is busy "helping America" down, isn't he?

    The president is an anti-colonial, and supports anyone trying to overthrow their govt. He considers every American in the 1% and strives to equalize us with Bangladesh.

    The 5000 nuclear missiles will be reduced to 300, then less than the muslim countries have, and the military downsized. As violent muslims take more countries. See where this is going? That will make us safer once we get gun control I suppose. Watch Obama : 2016 That will scare the crap out of you.
    Contact George Soros for the business plan. He stands to gain billions from this.

  • Tom

    Considering what the Koran says about other religions, could it not itself be considered “hate speech that leads to violence or criminal activities”?

    • kafir4life

      Yes. The terror guide, the koran, is hate speech.

      • Kufar Dawg

        It is ironic isn't it. The islamofascists want to pass blasphemy laws when their own holey books of hate are full of blasphemous comments about Christianity and Judaism.

  • Grouchy Old Man

    I say, let blasphemy laws come to the US. And the very first swinging richard who says "Godd _ _ _ it!" or "Jesus H. _ _ _ _ _ _ " is MINE! I'm sick and tired of people especially in media, who think it"s cute to blaspheme the Judeo-Christian God while giving deference to the Mohammad's dreamt up deity.

  • Wendy Nailart

    I you don't approve of everything gay you are homophobic, if you don't approve of everything Muslim you are Islamophobic… I'm becoming phobophobic…. We have special interest groups that stir up hate toward other groups all the time, as long as it meets approval of the media you wouldn't dare point out how hateful it is. It is OK to hate Christians or successful people…. the targets change to meet the popular depiction of "who is the cause of all problems".
    Imagine letting one group of people determine what "free speech" is for the world.
    It is the worst kind of enabling. Giving more power to an already abusive system….
    And helping them hide the truth of the abuses… in Byron, California, is their Islamic education class teaching them to stone a young thief? Use honor killing to kill a teen who embarrasses her family in a short skirt or is raped by a relative? Execute a homosexual?
    Who determines what is hate speech and what is fact?
    And I am curious, why do so many leave their home lands and come here, and then want to change us to be like the homeland they left? And why do so many here encourage that?

    • RoguePatriot6

      I feel ya!!!
      I often ask those questions myself, particularly the last one because it clearly calls them out on their agendas.
      "And I am curious, why do so many leave their home lands and come here, and then want to change us to be like the homeland they left? And why do so many here encourage that? "

      I've often pointed out it's funny how not a single one in the crowd that's pushing for Sharia law to be imposed, want to live or return to the countries that are governed by it.

      • curmudgeon

        if i had any say so, returning to their islamic edens would not be optional. it would be mandatory, and immediate. as to those islamic scum who were born here, or converted———a permanent visit to some already existing islamic hellhole would be enlightening for them, and life saving for those among us who have not surrendered to evil.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Exactly, because living in any islamofascist hellhole is a punishment that lasts a lifetime.

  • tramky

    Oh, I'm sure CAIR wants a lot of things. Let 'em pound dust. We don't care about CAIR or the phony Islamic religion, which is really nothing more than a personality cult and a safe harbor for the vast majority of the world's bloodthirsty thugs.

    Blasphemy is part of life in the West, including most particularly the United States. We'll have blasphemy laws in the U.S. on the very same day as Muslims–and the Koran–are reformed to stop referring to ME and to Westerners and Jews as 'infidels'. We'll have blasphemy laws on the same day the leading Islamic imams, if there is such a thing, proclaim on global television that Israel has a right to exist and that the United States has done more to help provide freedom to Muslims around the world than any nation on earth, in history.

    And not until that day.


  • Guest

    “Jihad deniers and others who belittle Muhammad's crimes should be subject to criminal penalties. Just like there are laws against hate crimes in the U.S., there should be laws against hate speech that denies and justifies violence and crimes against humanity. Because of our Psychopath Muhammad we’ve lost so many lives (270 millions and counting; 19676 lethal attacks since 9/11/01) – people like me (ahmad) and my mates at CAIR, we have blood on our hands.”

  • craig wortham

    This OBAMANATION we have in our AMERICA needs to go as fast as we can get his sunimuslim ass gone,,,,OUT of office and out of this nation with all of his muslim friends that we are allowing in this country by the droves…What the hell is wrong with us…we have allowed over the last 4 years to be lulled to sleep by a FALSE PRESIDENT,,WITH A HIDDEN MOTIVE,,he is dangerous to our nation,,,pure poison,,need proof…WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD PUKE ON ISREAL…only a muslim president who wants to plot and disrespect and distance the USA from our closest allys….LOOK OUT AND WAKE UP

  • Andrew Whitehead

    CAIR, regardless of the spokesperson, always defaults to the position of "Islam is the victim"; we can see that here. There is nothing that a Muslim terrorist can do that will elicit a firm condemnation from CAIR; it is always a case of the victim being partially at fault or that the victim is a "known islamophobe".

    CAIR is positively connected to Islamic terrorism and terrorist groups. CAIR has had, and has, Islamic terrorists on staff. CAIR is working to destroy our country from within, using our own laws and Constitution against us. CAIR is, plain and simple, a threat to our way of life and is working to install an Islamist government in the North America.

    If I am wrong, CAIR will sue me for these statements. As I am correct, they will not.

    CAIR cannot survive discovery and must live under a rock to carry out its stealth JIhad against the American people.

    Andrew Whitehead
    Founder, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anti-CAIR)

    • Kufar Dawg

      Mr. Whitehead, I just want to thank you for your website. It was an eye-opener that I'll never forget. You weathered quite a storm of lawfare at as well. I'm glad you won.

  • dontdoitagain

    I realize this is an old article, but I had it in my favorites because it clearly outlines how the muslims think. First of all, the countries that Rashid refers to don’t have a constitution that codifies free speech. We have free speech, even though inroads are being made. We have every right to ridicule, complain about, be dismissive of , or otherwise denigrate any religion we want to WITHOUT FEAR OF REPRISAL. Rashid wants to live here and b***h, moan and complain about our freedom with free speech… My suggestion is that he move to another country, a severely repressive one, that has laws about what can be said.

    I for one, am sick and tired of being blamed for the violence of others, especially in light of the muslim propensity for killing innocent people and demanding respect which not only have they not earned, but don’t give themselves. Things have gotten worse since then. To blame others for “inciting” muslims to violence is ludicrous. Time for a reality check. Pakistani muslims are some of the most violent people on the planet as we have seen since. There is no way to stop their violence whether we suck up to them or not.