Comrade Borge Departs

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Statements of that kind flow from “liberation theology,” Marxism-Leninism tarted up with religious vocabulary. This theology, popular in the early 1980s, saw the FSLN comandantes as the second coming of biblical prophets, ushering in a reign of peace and social justice. The FSLN national anthem referred to the “Yankee enemy of mankind,” but the left was also against the United States and its allies, so the relationship worked well.

The FSLN supported the USSR, proclaiming three days of national mourning when Konstantin Chernenko died in 1985. Fidel Castro was a key ally. At home the FSLN shut down the free press, jailed dissenters, tortured prisoners, and oppressed churches that were less than worshipful of the FSLN. The American left denied or defended it all, and that did not endear such “sandalistas” to the Nicaraguan people.

In the free elections of 1990 they booted out the FSLN, which proceeded to loot the country in the infamous piñata campaign. Tomas Borge took part in that too, but the campaign did not prompt the American left to review its support for the FSLN.

Any repressive regime can still count on that support, as long as they oppose the United States and its allies. Witness the relative silence on Iran’s human rights violations, and opposition to efforts to keep a militant theocracy from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Ecuador, and Rafael Correa of Ecuador praised Borge as a revolutionary hero. He should be remembered as a persecutor of indigenous people, a torturer, criminal and anti-Semite. Borge may be gone but a former FSLN comandante Daniel Ortega still rules the roost. That may explain why the nation remains troubled and why so few Jews, perhaps 60, have returned to Nicaragua.

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  • marios

    what is difference between leftists, named themselves as liberals, progressists, Democrats, etc and communists, Islamists, maoists, sandinists? Some different rethoric but the same essence, the same goal, the same tactic of opponents intimidation, indoctrination starting in kindergarden, MSM working only for them, double standard, lie, facts distortion, dictatorship, etc. Even in our country "Do as I said, not as I do" is our WH administration/BHO style.

    • Looking4Sanity

      The difference lies in their varying visions of utopia…each group envisioning themselves as the eventual masterminds and overlords. That also includes the Fabian Soc-ialists / New World Order crowd.

      Your observation about their essence is spot on.

      All of these people view the Creator as either mythological or an absentee landlord. That belief gives them license to play god with other people's lives…or so they think.

  • Looking4Sanity

    "the religious Left"

    ROFLMFAO! Now THERE'S an oxymoron if ever there was one!

    Leftists are zealots, to be sure…but religious? Perhaps in the way a Pharisee considers himself religious, but not in any sense that most Christians would recognize.

  • Schlomotion

    Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley does not include in his article that the pogrom against the Jews of Nicaragua, was because they were selling Israeli weapons (Uzis, Galils, STOIs) to the Somoza regime, in short, acting as courtiers to a hereditary dictatorship. He also left out that now a Jew, Israel Lewites is a top leader in the Sandinista Renovation Movement, the heir to the FSLN.….

    And you didn't say anything at all about Israel's role in Iran Contra. Did you think nobody would notice that you left most of the story out?

    • Al Redwood

      I was there, and saw the Galil weapons and the Arava transporters which were sold to all latin nations due tot heir versatility, quick landing and take off. Israel obtained huge amounts of useless weapons , cleaning up Lebanon from Russian weaponry provided to the PLO. It could not be used by the IDF. When the Reagan administration approached the Israelis for a supply line that will not finger the U.S, Israel could perform the favor with Iranians providing cash through intemediaries to Israelis for spare parts for American equipment, legacy of the 70's purchases, and through murky channels deliveries of small arms were made to Honduras. It was an ugly war, and sadly, the CIA grip on the Contras was so bad, the leadership, so sleazy, they never had a hope in hell, much like the Bay of Pigs.

    • Ghostwriter

      What a surprise! Another rancid,Jew-hating,Israel-bashing post from Shlockmotion. I never would have expected such a thing.

    • Indioviejo

      The lefties excused Stalin,s genocide in the Ukraine, they applauded it just as they do Fidel Castro murderous regime, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez and the Sandinistas. Tomas Borge Martinez was not the only torturer and murderer in the Revolution. Most Sandinistas are. Israel Lewites may be related to Herty Lewites and regardless of whether they are Jewish or not, the are certainly Communist. So much for Nicaraguan freedom and Democracy. The Sandinista Renovation Movement is composed by the outs in the piñata. Finally, every country has the government it deserves, and that is why we got OBAMA.

  • Al Redwood

    he was a professional freeloading gangster, a terrorist and a torturer! He ordered a person I knew, a real none political Latin refugee held in the basement of the sinister H.Q of "internal security" building (formerly-Bank of America), where he was held for months and was severely abused. Before liberation I saw this monster in Leon , he did sleazy and low class but at that time, I thought that this is what Comandante Gurrillero look like only to hear years later of what happened to my companion. Few will regret his late departure.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm amazed that Schlomotion didn't praise Borge. This guy hated Jews as much as Schlockmotion does.