Killing by the Dock of the Bay

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, is taking the lead in blaming weaponry instead of evil, criminality and insanity. Feinstein plans to reinstate a ban on “assault weapons,” which escape easy definition, and president Obama supports her action. That invites a look at Feinstein’s experience during the 1970s when San Francisco Bay Area was a center of radicalism so violent it was dubbed “the Belfast of North America.”

As San Francisco Chronicle editor Jerry Roberts noted in Never Let Them See You Cry, his 1994 biography of Feinstein, the violent period began in the early 1970s with the “Zebra killings,” named after a police radio code. But “a gang of murderous black Muslims,” Roberts wrote, was responsible for the “spree of random killings and shootings” that claimed 15 victims.

During the mid-70s the Symbionese Liberation Army assassinated Marcus Foster, a black school superintendent in Oakland, and kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst. Another group, The New World Liberation Front, was connected to at least 70 bombings in northern California. The NWLF wanted more money spent on jails and put out a death warrant on Feinstein, then a San Francisco supervisor.

“Dianne, as you fear what will happen to you and your family, so do poor people fear for our families,” said one NWLF communiqué. “Just what sort of understanding and compassion to you expect us to show you buzzards? We are giving you ten times more justice than we have ever received from the rich and their lackeys. If we deal out justice as it’s dealt us, we would have shot you long ago for your horrible crimes against the people.”

The NWLF were right about the “rich” part. Feinstein spent lavishly on her political campaigns and claimed a net loss of more than $100,000 after buying a home for $1.65 million. She and her husband took deductions for Mercedes and BMW automobiles. Feinstein was also a champion of high taxes and onerous regulations, but that cut no ice with the NWLF.

The Front planted a bomb at Feinstein’s San Francisco home, outside her daughter’s window. The device failed to detonate. Then the NWLF shot out a window at Feinstein’s vacation home on Monterey Bay. She responded by getting a pistol permit, learning to shoot at the police academy, and then packing a .38 in her purse.

After three tries, Feinstein was elected mayor of San Francisco in 1979. She failed to appoint a homosexual police commissioner, leading gays to call her “Ayatollah Feinstein.” Dick Pabich, an aide and friend of assassinated gay supervisor Harvey Milk, told Jerry Roberts that Feinstein was “pro-gay in some sense but homophobic in another.”

As mayor Feinstein launched an anti-crime crusade and backed a measure to ban ownership of handguns in San Francisco. She made a great show of giving up her own .38, and presented the Pope with a cross made of melted-down handguns. Her measure would have denied others the protection the gun gave her when the New World Liberation Front was out to kill her and her family.

The handgun ban was overturned but Feinstein’s zeal to ban weapons continued to exceed her zeal against crime and violent criminals. When she ran for governor of California she talked tough and attacked attorney general John Van de Camp for his handling of the “Hillside Strangler” murders. But as a prison board member she voted to release 21 murderers including some, as biographer Roberts notes, “who had committed crimes of a most gruesome nature.”

Dianne Feinstein voted to parole Violet Berling, who had tortured and murdered a ten-year-old girl in her legal custody. The killer claimed the child had occult powers. Violet Berling was obviously bent and so was Adam Lanza. But Dianne Feinstein remains more concerned with weaponry than demented murderers themselves.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Feintstein keeps betraying the nation, but the nation fortunately responds with buying more guns. Good!!!

    Hopefully, Americans buy guns not in order to concede them (like it happened during Katrina). The more of us are determined to stay our ground no matter what at least at home, the safer are all. In the times like this it is better even to get shot resisting the arrest than to take chances as to how nice it will be afterwards… (Afterwards you may regret that you had not been shot).

    The "invisible" and unaccounted healthy core of conservative America suddenly got visible and accounted via gun sale statistics. This is the last hope for America.

    The Obsama/Soetoro/Soberkach's henchmen must expect a shooting fight at each and every home which they will dare to approach for confiscating weapons. Each home must become a battle ground, a front line! Then and only then America may withstand this plague.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Old leather face is just mad because Barbara Boxer gets way more death threats than she does.

    • Capt_Z1

      Thanks for clearing it up that she is"Old leather face". All this tme I thought her face cautht on fire and someone put it out with an icepick.

      • Bimbam

        If you knew her you would realize being ugly is her good points!

  • brianrichardallen

    …. Violet Berling and Adam Lanza were murderously insane. But Dianne Feinswein remains less concerned about the tens of thousands of ACLU-protected potential demented murderers in our midst, than about the "weapons" that have long had her wetting herself ….

    And that despite she's twenty deep in heavily-armed jack-booted feral-gummint security!

  • Caryn Lipson

    Did you know that most school shootings and many other homicides are committed by people on antidepressants. Antidepressants have black box suicide warnings for teens and young adults and should be extended to adults and homicide. 200,000 people in the U.S. annually are hospitalized due to antidepressant associated mania and psychosis. Maybe that's the first place to look.

  • RedWhiteAndJew

    Isn't it interesting, that the violence which prompted the hypocrite to pack heat, emanated largely from the left and from muslims?

    The more things change, huh?

    There are plenty more hypocrites where that came from, too. Schumer, for example. Remember the anti-gun columnist Carl Rowen.

    Yep, had a gun…illegally…in Washington, DC.

  • Shortall

    Like I heard on Youtube ( it was either from HossUSMC or Iraqveteran888 ), to paraphrase :" I saw a hundred cops at the school very well armed, but at the earliest they were at least ten minutes too late." Gun laws only work for criminals . By the time that kid( 20 yr old ) shot his way through the school window if somebody had been armed they could have taken him out.

  • reader

    I read that in Israel – a country you would think is awash in privately owned guns- only 2.5% of the civilian population own/carry guns legally. In the US, this is assessed at over 40%. In Israel the bar is allegedly set very high for acquiring the guns. Israel does not have a Constitution. Civilians carry weapons as a privilege, not a right, with much checking, testing, training and regular updating. _

    Teachers and civilians in risky areas have strong reasons to carry guns, and they are allowed. __People practically don't hunt in Israel. They'll rather let the poor animals live, I guess. Surely there are lots of protected fauna. Just think of all those Biblical creatures.__

    That means that there are very few civilians with guns, but those who have them use them very effectively, preventing many civilian deaths. Also, soldiers in active duty are just about everywhere, as service in the military is compulsory. The attitude is of a very high alertness because of the constant threats.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Faulty reasoning on several counts.

      1) In 2000, the rate of legal firearms ownership in Israel was 6.2%, and the rate of illegal ownership was 2.8%, for a total ownership rate of 9%. After 2000, when more burdensome laws regarding firearms ownership were passed, the legal rate is now 2.3%, and the illegal ownership rate is 5%, for a rate of 7.3%. That drop in total rate is due almost exclusively to an increase in population.

      That's what anti-human rights laws, with regards to access to the means of self-defense do: they turn law-abiding, contributing members of society, into law-breakers. And it is virtually axiomatic, that a gun possessed illegally, is more likely to be used in the commission of a crime.

      2) The right to keep and bear arms may not be acknowledged as such by most governments, but that makes it no less a right. Would you argue that the being able to testify in court, and have your testimony be given equal weight as others, is a right, or a privilege? In countries rules by sharia, a woman's testimony is a fraction of a man's. Are her human rights being violated? Were blacks' human rights violated when they were legally enslaved?

      3) There is hunting allowed in Israel, but it is not commonplace. Being a majority nation of Jews, and hunting being largely anathema to Judaism, this should come as little surprise. Plenty of livestock is raised and slaughtered in a kosher fashion, however, so your little attempt at associating gun ownership with a disregard for animal life, and by extension, life in general, is based is based not only of flawed logic, but cultural ignorance.

      That means that there are very few civilians with guns, but those who have them use them very effectively…

      You just described most of the United States. In all but a small handful of states, people are licensed to carry a concealed gun (and in Vermont, not license is even required). Unlicensed open carry is allowed in many states, as well. The rate of carry overall in the US, is probably lower than that in Israel. That's something we need to work on. As has been proven by Lott and others, as legal firearms ownership increases, violent crime goes down.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      BTW, why did you feel the need to change your account name, guela?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Not only did she pack a pistol, she got a permit to carry concealed back when NOBODY else was allowed to. She used her position as US Senator to get an exemption from the very same laws that she championed… kind of like she did with Obamacare.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Let them eat cake…provided Moochelle isn't watching.

  • richard ahern

    Senator Feinstein is like most politicians they play the game of cat and mouse. President Obama is a Social Progressive Liberal like John Soros, those who want to control everything in yourf lives, regardless what the Constitution says. Washington Establishment is out of control, we are already over the cliff
    Richard Ahern is the name born in San Francisco, and guess waht my Uncle Frank Ahern was Chief of Police of San Francisco when it was a town of law and order–WASTE-FRAUD-MISMANAGEME...

  • Alex Kovnat

    Here's a link I'd like to share:

  • Alex Kovnat
  • JacksonPearson

    Dianne Feinstein has been packing ever since the Harvey Milk killing in San Francisco. Fact is, she rode that incident into a U.S. senate seat, and a small financial fortune to boot. But, she's always insisted that everyone else in America disarm and become sheep.

    • Mary Sue

      she's a hypocrite. Hard to say where she went screwy in the head though, her experiences don't bear out the kind of stupidity she advocates. There is a serious disconnect there.

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember hearing in an episode on the show "Biography" that was about the "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez. Diane Feinsten,when she was mayor of San Francisco,held a press conference in effect,detailing some evidence that the police was keeping secret in the case. Ramirez later said when he heard about the evidence,like the shoes and the gun he had,he simply threw them off the Golden Gate Bridge. If I remember correctly,the police in Los Angeles were absolutely livid about what Mayor Feinstein did. It took them a lot longer to catch Ramirez and it was due to Diane Feinstein's foolish press conference.

  • Ghostwriter

    I didn't even KNOW that Senator Feinstein even CARRIED a gun!

    • Mary Sue

      i heard about it a long time ago. This just means she's an elitist. She, being a POLITICIAN, is exempt from the rules or some nonsense.

  • Christopher Cole

    In line with the link Alex Kovnat posted here, here is another link that is worth sharing:
    Warning: The video is almost an hour long, it does deal with over 170 million deaths during the 20th Century around the world. In case the link does not work, the title is “Innocents Betrayed” and it does bring some interesting facts to the discussion.

  • Mary Sue

    Good lord, what turned DiFi into a retard? The Symbionese stuff should have woken her up!

  • Reis Kash

    Diann doesn't need a gun. One glare from that ugly puss would drive off any possible assailant.

    • brianrichardallen

      And/or as she's already confident of being comfortably-if-corruptly-cared for behind countless Billions of looted Dollars and twenty-deep, heavily-armed, jack-booted feral-fascist-state-security.

  • FPF

    Why risk your own life when you have tax payer funded armed security guards? But hey, since the resource (tax) is limited, you law abiding citizens have to turn in your guns for your own protection so you won't hurt yourselves! What about criminals? Oh, since they can get guns outside the law, it's nothing we can do! ~ Dianne Feinstein
    Disclaimer – this is a pure fiction.

  • Anamah

    It would be nice if she shows some rationality and less hypocrisy.

    • brianrichardallen

      Probably a little hard to stay focused when what's Left of whatever a Leftard looter ever felt with in the first place is distracted by the desire to ditch and/or otherwise be done with one's damp and/or dirtied diaper!

  • popseal

    Feinstein is the same monumental hypocrite that ratted out the Predator Drone missions ('08, CNN) being launched from inside Pakistan. The threat level went up, tactics had to be changed, and visas became harder to acqire, all endangering American lives. Now she whines about security leaks and cries foul against us that would defend ourselves while she has no intention of surrendering her personal protection detail armed with MP5s and Glocks, all with high cap' mags'……..