Major Hasan’s Killer Emails

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“On November 5, 2009, [Major Nidal] Hasan entered the Fort Hood deployment center. He carried two pistols. He jumped on a desk and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’ – Arabic for ‘God is great!’ Then he opened fire, killing twelve U.S. soldiers and one DoD employee, and injuring forty-two others.”

That narrative is from the recently released William Webster report on the Fort Hood massacre. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was tracking Hasan but failed to prevent his murderous rampage. The report gives some clues for that failure, such as the diagnosis of the problem:

“The Fort Hood shootings are a grim reminder that violent radicalization is a persistent threat to the United States and its citizens and residents. Radicalization – whether based on religious, political, social, or other causes – challenges the capability and capacity of the FBI and other members of the U.S. Intelligence Community to identify, collect, analyze, and act on accurate intelligence in time to detect and deter those who would commit violence.”

So the problem is not anti-American hatred, jihad, terrorism or political murder. The problem is “violent radicalization.” The report adds:

“Although highly publicized terrorist plots and acts – and the Fort Hood shootings – have referenced Islam, violent radicalization transcends any one religion – and, indeed, religion – and can find causes in political, social, environmental, and other contexts. The FBI’s report on terrorist acts in the U.S. between 1980 and 2005 identified 318 events (including bombings, arson and malicious destruction, and shootings); only 7% of those events were attributed to Islamic extremists.”

That declaration deserves a spot-weld. An official report on a mass murder by an Islamic extremist, who praised Allah as he killed American troops, goes out of its way to downplay the role of militant Islam in violence. The report is freighted with bureaucratic filler and blacked out in parts, but it does provide emails that Major Hasan sent to Anwar al-Awliki, a noted jihadist killed last year in a drone strike. In these emails, here quoted as he wrote them, Hasan comes across as eager to kill Americans but in need of religious justification for such action.

“There are many soldiers in the us armed forces that have converted to Islam while in the service,” Hasan wrote.

“There are also many Muslims who join the armed forces for a myriad of different reasons. Some appear to have internal conflicts and have even killed or tried to kill other us soldiers in the name of Islam i.e. Hasan Akbar, etc. Others feel that there is no conflict. Previous Fatwas seem vague and not very definitive. Can you make some general comments about Muslims in the u.s. military. Would you consider someone like Hasan Akbar or other soldiers that have committed such acts with the goal of helping Muslims/Islam (Lets just assume this for now) fighting Jihad and if they did die would you consider them shaheeds. I realize that these are difficult questions but you seem to be one of the only ones that has lived in the u.s. has a good understanding of the the Qur’an and Sunna and is not afraid of being direct.”

In another email, Hasan said:

“If the Qur’an it states to fight your enemies as they fight you but don’t transgress. So, I would assume that suicide bomber whose aim is to kill enemy soldiers or their helpers but also kill innocents in the process is acceptable. Furthermore, if enemy soldiers are using other tactics that are unethical/unconscionable than those same tactics may be used.”

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  • Thomas

    Of course ‘only 7% of those events were “attributed” to Islamic extremism’! It serves their ideological standpoint to avoid attributing anything to very real Islamic extremism. They’re using their own flawed standard of what is Islamic extremism or not to support their claim that Islamic extremism is insignificant and, basically, nothing to worry about. Unbelievable.

  • oldtimer

    Put a pig in his cell and wipe down his computer with bacon grease. He is a muslim, terrorist scum, murder and stick the political correctness and send him to his allah……

    • jacob

      Rest assured OBAMA will see to it that he is rather decorated for contributing to help somehow in solving
      the overpopulation problem of the United States,as there is no other explanation for delaying his day in
      court for almost TWO YEARS, unless the brass is inventing ways to punish him within "POLITICAL
      CORRECTNESS" stipulation not offensive to Islam and Muslims…
      As to the effectiveness of the FBI, well…..if the flight instructor of the Muslims of the 9/11 horror comments
      to that FBI agent about the unusual type of training they requested and the agents report ordered shelved
      by her superiors, SPEAKS VOLUMES about the FBI's effectiveness, restrained as it is by not offending
      Muslims in any way and watching its paychecks, what is there to expect….????
      Just the asinine showing of FBI's methods to Muslims….
      POLLARD, whose "unforgivable" crime was to expose good old USA's forked tongue to its "ally" Israel,
      was given life in prison same as the CIA man who sold the American agents to the KGB and had them

      • mlcblog

        OMG!! see that he is decorated for what he did.

        Oy yoy yoy!!

        The way things are going, I wish this were a bad joke.

  • marios

    BHO, his administration and Dem's party (actually party of American socialists) establishment are betraying our country. Muslims from all the world contributed money for BHO 2008 campaign. Egyptian Minister said that Obama confessed that he is Muslim. In case of that murderer major Hasan probably Eric Holder and WH afraid that court over him can reveal some shocked and undesirable evidence of penetration and infiltration of Islamic radicals in the top of Power (particularly in WH). BHO as true Muslim says one things for domestic use, for gullible people and does absolutely opposite things which promote Islam. To transform our great country and Islamize it he needs one more terms. He said to Russian ex-pres. Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after reelection. We should be proactive to make him one term pres. (it's already disaster for country)

  • Amused

    The FBI -CIA and NSA are responsible for the succrss of the 9/11 attacks . Agencies whose job is to protect the US and it's citizens fell flat on their faces ….didn't talk to one another due to "office politics " . A monumental display of arrogance and incompetence on the part of the FBI , which went unpunished .Both Louie Free and Mueller should have been canned for derelection of duty. And any leakers should be outed and prosecuted .

  • Ghostwriter

    I agree with the statement in the above article. It wasn't Buddhists,Christians or adherents of other religions who have been strapping bombs to themselves or flying planes in to buildings and they certainly haven't been screaming for the deaths of Americans. But the adherents of one religion has,Islam and until these sort of acts are condemned by Muslims,many Americans will continue to look upon Islam with distrust.

    • PRCS

      Condemnation of such acts serves only to obfuscate what Islam actually teaches; to pretend that "their" personal Islam is an Islam of peace.

      The reason that most Muslims in the West–Choudhary being an exception–generally don't public admit what Islam really teaches, and don't acknowledge that even its most barbaric teachings are applicable not just to so-called "extremists" and "radicals, but rather to every Muslim, everywhere, for all time, is because they don't want us to know that and because they know that so many of us have for so long now been fooled into accepting their phony condemnations as suitable substitutes for the admissions that they should be making.

    • Kufar Dawg

      If muslimes were to condemn the attacks (and some have) who cares? Talk is cheap. All the muslime talk about their peaceful, tolerant faith hasn't done anything for the people who are being slaughtered, raped, persecuted, kidnapped and forcibly converted to islam in muslime states all over the world.

  • mlcblog

    Karl Rove doesn't want to make anyone feel bad about being a Muslim.

  • guest

    islam IS the problem!! It is of the devil and I wont sumbit for a second!!