Mexican Federal Police Open Fire on U.S. Officials

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U.S. officials, meanwhile, have been busy reaffixing the “kick me” sign that Jeane Kirkpatrick removed from America’s back, as Peter Collier noted in Political Woman. For example, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blames the violence of Mexican criminal gangs on American guns, an argument that has not the slightest validity. Except of course for the “fast and furious” scandal in which Secretary Clinton is embroiled. The gun nonsense is further evidence that the Obama administration has trouble discerning its true friends and allies.

Under the PRI, Mexico was corrupt and authoritarian at home and relentlessly anti-American in the United Nations. Its tourist ads touted the “Amigo Country” but Mexico was not a U.S. ally in any recognizable sense. The PRI policy of encouraging illegal immigration, even as Mexico roughly deported penniless Guatemalans and Salvadorans, amounted to colonialism. That practice changed little under the PAN governments.

After Mexico nationalized the oil industry in the 1930s, Evelyn Waugh wrote Robbery Under Law, subtitled The Mexican Object-Lesson. All but the willfully blind should find another object lesson in the attack on U.S. officials by Mexican Federal Police.

The PRI may be back in power under Enrique Peña Nieto but the new president and his government can hardly claim to control the country. U.S. officials should tilt U.S. aid away from nations where federal police attack U.S. personnel, and toward reliable friends and allies.

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  • Chezwick

    Defeating the Narcos CAN be done. Remember Colombia in the late 80s/early 90s. The Medellin and Cali cartels were wreaking havoc, blowing up planes, indiscriminately bombing cities, and murdering presidential candidates, all under the banner of Los Extraditables. But with concerted effort and American help, they were dismantled and defeated.

    Mexico's cartels are not invincible. With a determined effort, they could eventually be consigned to the same fate as their Colombian counterparts in the early 90s. But first and foremost is conjuring the political WILL to do so….and it can only come from the very top of Mexico's political establishment. The President of the Republic MUST articulate an unambiguous message to all Mexicans…that this is not just about drug-trafficking, it's about the rule of law and the survival of democracy.

    • Spider

      How do you propose to do this when half of the local police, federalies and government officials either work for or will get their retirements from the cartels?? Mexico is now a failed narco-terror state with a murder rate on par with war torn Iraq and Afghanistan. Mexico will become our greatest security threat (if it isn't already) and it is just fantasy to think they can deal with this calamity on their own.

      • Chezwick

        The exact same thing was said about Colombia in the 90s.

    • Alex

      We shall not get involved in an another "nation building" scam. CLOSE THE BORDER, DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS. Only oil and goods should be allowed to flow to the USA. However, parasites and useless idiots (a.k.a. adherents of Democrat Party) would rather see our country go under!.

  • Schlomotion

    Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley, in his very late reporting of this event, not only gets Stan Dove Boss's name wrong, but neglects to mention that these "U.S. government employees" being carried under diplomatic plates are CIA extraordinary renditioners, i.e. kidnappers and torturers who were in Mexico to abduct people, but were found out.

    • Mike Villano

      Take another hit Schlo.
      You wouldn't have access to that info but pretending is so much fun.
      Building an entire world view on pretense is even more fun and stimulating for you.

      • Schlomotion

        You know best.

    • PaulRevereNow

      And why did Pancho Villa burn and loot Lincoln, New Mexico, in 1916?

      • cjk

        I'll give you the leftist answer to that: Because it was America's fault.
        Now if you want more details on that, you'll have to ask your local leftie who will surely come up with some up for you, however the above statement is the general rule which MUST be adhered to by the left regardless of reality.

        • PaulRevereNow

          I grant you that the left thinks this way; but if Villa's raid was America's fault, then illegal immigration from Mexico to the US is Mexico's fault. By leftist reasoning.

    • nightspore

      Let's unpack this posting. Suppose Boss and Garner actually were "kidnappers and torturers", then who were they after? Mexican police? Presumably if they were after anyone, it would be drug traffickers. In that case, wouldn't their being shot at by police strike one as a little strange? (Of course, no one from Mexico ever engages in kidnapping and torture, so maybe the Federal Police were just expressing their moral outrage, albeit in a ham-handed sort of way.)

      In short, this sounds to me like another drive-by shooting-his-mouth-off posting by FPM's favorite troll.

      • Schlomotion

        "wouldn't their being shot at by police strike one as a little strange?"

        It would be strange in a fantasy world where police and CIA members never deal drugs, but not on a planet such as Earth.

        • Abdel

          If the CIA was dealing drugs like you said, it would be easy to disappear someone blowing their cover like you.

          Seeing as you are so persistently & rabidly Anti-Amerrcan and seeing as how the CIA could trace you, if what you said is true, you should be scared ''wee wittle' one.

    • ferengi

      Not a shred of evidence for this ridiculous rant – typical liberal/demo-marxist.

    • Ghostwriter

      Boy,you're going for an all time record here,Schlomind. Most idiotic statements in a single day. You'd probably celebrate that as an achievement.

    • Stephen_Brady

      And you know this because of your extensive connections to the CIA?

      • WilliamJamesWard

        More likely extensive connections to Marvel Comics…………….William

  • Indioviejo

    Through Centuries the majority of Mexicans dislike us and this animus will not change anytime soon. The migration they keep sending this way is toxic, and has created off-springs such as "La Raza" and "L.U.L.A.C." which bring the far left and racist agenda they have learned in Mexico, into our politics with consequent damage. Unfortunately, we are now dealing with Islam the same way we have faced the Mexican problem, and problems they are albeit of a different magnitude. We need Obama out of office before addressing the problem. This nation needs to have a national dialogue on all of these issues.

    • flowerknife_us

      The American People already informed our Masters that we wanted the Border CLOSED!!!! We have had enough Dialogue already. Dialogue is where 2 parties agree to differ with one another as politely and politically correctly as possible. When they would really rather strangle the "other". It is one of those pretty words the Left loves to bandy about every time they don't get their way. It is the key to keeping their Foot in the door of every thing they wish to make a mess of. Which in itself IS everything. Talk is cheap except Leftists manage to make it the most expensive commodity on the Planet.

    • randycrow

      Would be curious how many times you have visited Mexico. I'm 66 and grew up in Texas, went to summer school in Monterrey, and have traveled across the border and to other parts of Mexico possibly 100 times in my life. For many years Mexico was a fantastic country and I felt very few Mexicans disliked me. Things have changed and possible many hate us now. But for years this was not the case. Great people. Great country.

  • Ar'nun

    Obama agrees with the concept of Martyrdom. No one on the Left values life. So as long as the Left is in power in the US, Mexican officials can continue to wage war on US employees and civilians.

  • flowerknife_us

    Mexico is melting once again. So it seems that the current Administration expanded upon a program already proven to be a total failure on a smaller scale. For what purpose? Increase the rate of meltdown while disarming the American People?

    Gun sales are reported to have gone through the roof, as well as ammo, over the last several years.

    On the other hand, the Government has placed HUGE Ammunition orders as of late. It appears to be primarily for every Federal Agency who can carry a weapon. Especially 40 cal. hollow point Pistol Ammunition.

    Didn't the Police in NYC just gun down 9 American Citizens in their efforts to kill one armed man???

    At the very least, ammunition is necessary, but one would think a basic target round would be the order of the day. One usually doesn't practice with a hollow point.

    Really, if these agency"s are being issued with Ammunition that is specifically made to kill you with one round within the effective range of the weapon it is used in. Then we, as Citizens, have every right to expect the users can SHOOT STRAIGHT!

    Thinking of the broader implications of issuing this type of Ammunition might just keep you on the Toilet for a spell.

    • Stephen_Brady

      HP ammunition has only a very limited military use. it is generally inaccurate, and standard rounds are far more appropriate for the accurate placement of rounds. HP's only use is close-in combat against soft targets, like We, the People.

      You practice with ball ammo on the range. You kill with hollowpoints …

  • Marvin E. Fox

    I find it very strange that during the Obama Administration the bold Mexican attacks on Americans in Mexico and in the United States have alarmingly increased. Mexican Drugs and its accompanying criminal activities have proliferated along our border in Arizona and other border States. Obama has an unworkable cure for every lawless situation. Obama’s weakness as an American president is apparently the signal needed for drug cartels to invade our Republic. We need to be rid of this president as soon as possible; November seems so far away some times.
    Marvin Fox

  • PAthena

    Mexico is afflicted with criminal gangs that sell drugs to the North American market. A simple solution would be to legalize the selling and using of recreational drugs. Why should it be illegal to sell or use them? This is a replay of Prohibition, the attempt to prevent the selling and use of alcohol, which only led to criminal gangs selling alcohol. That drugs like heroin and cocaine are bad for health is no argument for trying to ban them – there are many substances which are pleasant and bad for health, like tobacco and sweets.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Get a grip. It's bad enough for kids to have access to booze and spraypaint. Now, you want them to shoot up with heroin. This lunatic idea is why libertarians always lose …

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Could be mind destroying efforts from the dark side are expanding with distance
        of man from moral and spiritual light, the darker the more horrendous the agency
        of destruction and perfidious agents……………………..William

    • freetoairphoenix

      Remember when GW Bush said "if you buy drugs, you are supporting the terrorists" he spake the truth. WE are the "terrorists". WE promote the drugs. WE DO. Don't you recall the Iran/Contra scandal? Our Army is being used to traffic the drugs. If we wanted to end the drug war, we could in one SECOND. We can do anything! You hear on our controlled media how crappy Mexico is and that they aren't doing enough to stop the drugs. They can't- not when they have to go up against the US military might. The Mexican Army was shooting at drug smugglers. Oops- heh, looks like we got caught. Time for damage control. Let's make it look like they made some "mistake". Don't you think if a foreign nation opened fire on our military for any other reason- we'd OBLITERATE THEM. But we were in the wrong. That's why the Mex. Army wasn't fire bombed. Look, use your sense of suspicion, your 6th sense as it were. Notice something "fishy" about this whole thing??

  • WilliamJamesWard

    So Obama isn't going to have a motorcade down via grande in Mexico City? Mexico is a lost
    Nation as is almost all of South America and the only hope they have is to emulate the
    American people in throwing off the yoke of criminal dictatorship. The ruling class must be
    the legal citizens who pay the bills and give the Nation it's backbone………….not a bone head.

  • freetoairphoenix

    BALONEY. Mexico HATES the drug smuggling that our US gov is doing- yes, the Mexican Army was fighting the drug war, NOT the other way around. Our US Army is being used to smuggle drugs, just as they are being used to protect the opium poppies in Afghanistan. This "Mexico is fueling the drug war" is an out right lie. Unfortunately- WHO controls the media? The CIA. WHO is running drugs? The CIA. Black is white, white is black- up is down, wrong is right, bad is good. The day the drug war stops is when our US military stops running drugs. Check out jim stone freelance for more info, he has a great write up on this very subject. Don't fall for the CIA lies- don't believe it one bit. If something doesn't' add up, it's not true.