U.S. Navy Sails the Ocean Green

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A Navy whose fuel costs are seven times more expensive than necessary is a Navy that will be more reluctantly deployed. Sometimes that may be a good thing but other times definitely not. The purpose of the U.S. Navy and the entire military establishment is to fight wars and protect the security of the United States and its allies. Unfortunately, the military has become a target-rich environment for environmental orthodoxy and political correctness. If national leaders truly want to enhance security, they should consider other measures.

Obtain fuel at lower prices by enabling oil production in the United States. That will enhance the strategic reserve and maintain readiness. But fuel concerns are secondary to the way ships are deployed. For example, leaders should avoid docking warships such as the USS Cole in dangerous ports such as Aden, in Yemen, one of the worst havens for terrorists.

If  a U.S. warship happens to dock there, do not essentially disarm the guards and tell them not to deal with any potential threat, such as suspicious boats, until actually attacked. Instead, give them sufficient arms, ammunition and orders to blow such threats out of the water at a distance, before they can explode bombs that kill 17 Americans, cause $250 million in damage, and hand terrorists a huge victory.

National leaders might also want to shore up longstanding alliances and take measures against terrorist regimes before, not after, they obtain nuclear weapons.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/rfeeley2 Robert Feeley

    The activist group BLAME (Bothersome Liberals Against Most Everything) is demanding the military use "green" bullets. SHOCKING: http://www.spnheadlines.com/2010/10/activists-gre

    • dmw

      Hmmmm. Looks like "dumb-dumb" bullet.

      • dmw

        Mkae that "dumb-dumb-dumb-…………………………dumb".

  • pyeatte

    This is another stupid item President Romney can bring to an immediate screeching halt. This should be a lesson to everyone that the left is completely nuts. They got control of the government and it's like a bunch of children are off in their own little Peter Pan fantasy world where mommy will come and change their diapers. What would the people running things during WWII think about the dimwits in charge today.

  • Reacher

    Obama and the marxists only get away with this corrupt nonsense, b/c we have a disgraceful, in the tank main stream media that runs cover for democrat waste, fraud, cronyism, and obvious wussification..

    I was under the impression most warships ran on nuclear power.
    Has Obama done away with that "green" source?

    • Rich

      Our Nimitz class aircraft carriers are nuclear powered. As are our submarine force. All other ships in the fleet run on diesel.

  • Pat in Colorado

    I'm curious to know if this applies to the Coast Guard as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joechenson Joseph C. Henson

    What a surprise !!! More "Crony Capitalism." This isn't just a "Dem" phenomenon, Repubs got their greedy hands in on the action, too. Big Korp Amerika, big money to our "representatives" through the Korp lobbyists.