Mark Thompson: From Pedophile Cover-Up to the New York Times

As Detective Peter Fox was speaking truth-to-power about wide-spread cover-up of child sex abuse in Australia, Britain’s Mark Thompson, former BBC Director, arrived on the skirts of New York’s Old Gray Lady to assume his position as Chief Executive of the New York Times. Before Thompson even entered the building he blundered.

Reporters had camped out on the street, as reporters will, and questioned Thompson about BBC’s Jimmy Savile scandal. Thompson’s priceless response: “it will in no way affect my new job.” “It” is the BBC cover for the late Savile’s decades-long rape and rampage of children’s lives. That a massive cover-up of BBC pedophilia would “in no way” affect Thompson’s new job is concerning.

According to Jeff Bercovici of Forbes, the Times newsroom is concerned. They should be. The BBC Savile cover-up should affect every single aspect of how Thompson performs at the Times or anyplace else. Matter of fact, “it” should affect every aspect of his life.

The response I was hoping for went something like: “Of course the Savile Scandal affects me; who I am as a man and a journalist. As the Times’ new director I will ensure we never ignore reports of pedophile rings let alone glorify and protect child rapists. Never again means something more to me. Now it is personal.”

Sadly, Thompson said nothing of the sort. He did, however, give an honest answer. He will do at the New York Times exactly as he did at the BBC; sip his cocktail and slip into the shadows claiming he knew nothing.  Speculation that Times editors like Andy Rosenthal and journalists like Nick Kristof are concerned makes good sense. They should be. Thompson’s learning curve is flat.

As Great Britain is engulfed with “paedogeddon” did England, perhaps, just export a modern Mad King George to the American Colonies?  Is it hoped that Americans, slammed by Sandy, enamored by the British accent, may embrace a man who participated in the media cover-up of a serial child rapist, as a legal letter sent to Thompson ten days before he left BBC may suggest?

On the same day Thompson landed on New York’s shores, Australia’s Prime Minister announced a nation-wide inquiry into the systematic child sex abuse by children charities, police, churches, and child protective services. This was prompted by aforementioned Det. Peter Fox.

Paedogeddon is real. Not just in England or Australia but in America as well where high-powered political pedophile rings are destroying our children. As Suzanne Moore of The Guardian writes “children have been screaming into a void” for far too long.

Courage is required to speak truth-to-power about child sex trafficking as British MP Tom Watson and Australian Det. Peter Fox have done.  Gutsy editors and journalists are needed to work with whistle-blowing police and politicians.

As long as Mark Thompson holds the Old Gray Lady’s reins all the news that’s fit to print may not include exposing elite pedophile rings. It didn’t at BBC under Thompson’s leadership and there is no reason to believe this has changed.

Yet, all may not be lost. Remember, after all, what happened to King George when he tried to control America.

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  • Stephan

    We all know that since the Guardian article "Public Figures Named in Paedophile Ring" from 1997 everyone in the media knows the names of the culprits, so why instead of playing circus here too not publish them?

  • donro

    Very interesting that the "administrator" of this site is also protecting the same paedophile that the NYTimes protects.

  • donro

    UPS has a similar love for the paedophile as the NY Times as UPS has stopped making donations to the Boy Scouts of America because that organization fights to protect the boys from the paedophile. I have canceled two orders already this week because the retailer indicated it would be shipping via UPS.

  • EthanP

    I guess only us right wing conservatives are supposed to have morals.

  • Diane Wilson

    The fact that the NT Times will not publicize crimes and abuse against children is why it continues. They are not interested in the kidnapping and incarceration of the elderly against their will either. When Mary Giordano, Franchina and Giordano in Garden City, NY kidnapped my Mom, I notified everyone and begged for help. I appealed directly to the NY Times for help. I provided details and documentation but no one cared. It is only money that drives these criminals and the fact that it is so deeply enmeshed in our society at the very highest levels of the wealthy and powerful explains why they don't publicize it…these people own the media.

  • Ghostwriter

    Why is this Mark Thompson character even IN this country in the first place? WHY?! This guy may have helped destroy the BBC's credibility so now he's going to be in charge of the "New York Times?" And to be honest,this Jimmy Savile's lucky to be dead. The only way we'll ever find out from him is through a oujia board. If he were still alive when this scandal came out,there would be a lot of people screaming for his head and justifiably so.
    Is the "New York Times" so desperate for leadership,that they'd go to someone who covered up sexual abuse by one of his employees?

    • Jacobite

      Not his head! Thomas Jefferson proposed an experiment to see if simply castrating rapists might serve as well as the common punishment of his time — hanging.

  • astromachia

    USA isn’t immune. I guess Mark Thompson & NYT won’t be covering these 5200 kiddie porn downloads & purchases by the Pentagon Pedos much eh?

  • eralyn

    The author of the article has written a very informative piece. It's well written and worth reading. Pointing out facts about Mark Thompson surely should not bother any child advocate. Fathers and families,,,,,??? Aren't they one of the federally funded organizations I pay for with my tax dollars when our country is broke to teach men to behave and learn to be fathers who don't have that natural knack? No men I know have needed to be taught how to be fathers or what a family is. So what is all that about anyway? Is there a mothers and families??? Oh never mind.

    If the author has an agenda, it is at least an agenda I agree with. I am all for exposing those who allow children to be sexually abused while looking the other way when their position could be used to help those children. This man has chosen to ignore human lives being destroyed. Is that something you agree with, Sarah?

  • @anonbella

    M.M = Handrahan's daughter.

    107. As a direct result of Handrahan’s actions and false representations, M.M. has suffered
    physical and emotional harm.

    108. In March 2012, Maine DDHS concluded that Handrahan’s actions on January 27, 2012
    inflicted “high severity emotional abuse” on M.M. See Pl. Exs. 8a & 18.

  • Finn

    He has made a career move , like Jane standley did after her runaway mouth dropped her in it pfffft .