Archbishop Tutu Shuns Tony Blair

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Further pondering 9/11, Tutu regretted:  “When we looked at the terrorists we did not see ourselves, we did not consider how our actions and posturing in the world may have contributed to the crime. No. We saw ‘others,’ and we demonized them.”

Tutu serves in a group called “The Elders,” comprised largely of left-leaning retired statesmen and activists who advocate international peace and human rights. Among them is former President Jimmy Carter, whose comparisons of Israel to Apartheid South Africa echo Tutu’s own views.  Another “elder” is Graca Machel, now wife to Nelson Mandela, and formerly wife to the late Mozambican Marxist dictator Samora Machel, for whom she served as Minister of Education and Culture during their FRELIMO regime’s bloodiest and most repressive years.   Evidently Tutu has had sufficient time to overlook the crimes and repressions with which she was complicit but is not able to forgive Tony Blair for helping to liberate Iraq from Saddam.

In 2004, Tutu declared God’s “shocking” and “radical”  love, saying:  “People are shocked when I say that George Bush and Saddam Hussein are brothers, that Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon are brothers, but God says,  ‘All are my children.’”  In 2008, Tutu proclaimed:  “No one is an outsider in God’s family.” After all, “We are all interconnected – and that includes, black, white, red, yellow, gay, lesbian, the so-called straight, Bush and Bin Laden. We cannot be human in insolation.”  After bin Laden was killed, Tutu noted he was a “child of God.” But is Tony Blair excluded from Tutu’s circle of divine love?

A spokesman for Blair responded to Tutu’s shunning:  “As far as Iraq is concerned they have always disagreed about removing Saddam by force – such disagreement is part of a healthy democracy.”  Noting “these decisions are never easy morally and politically,” the spokesman added:  “As for the morality of that decision we have recently had both the memorial of the Halabja massacre where thousands of people were murdered in one day by Saddam’s use of chemical weapons; and that of the Iran-Iraq war where casualties numbered up to a million including many killed by chemical weapons.”

In Tutu’s grey world, all are equally God’s children, although seemingly homicidal terrorists and mass murdering dictators are the recipients of more grace than the lawful presidents and prime ministers who try to neutralize their evil.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    He is a Racist! Sadly, what's new? Same old refrain – everything white is bad.

  • C.R.

    Tony Blair is a Marxist globalist–an evil man!

    Who cares what Tutu thinks–Tutu himself is a Marxist globalist–an evil man!

    • Lillith

      Yes it's very much a case of Pot Kettle Black.

  • Diann

    and… there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Hussain had already used them to kill millions of Kurds – the envoys just didn't find the remaining stash – which would have been used to kill millions more. That's not to say I agree with having thousands of our soldiers killed on behalf of a country that will never have peace or safety because the sectarian violence is part of the requirements of Islam. No Islamic country will ever be safe, peaceful or democratic (our definition..). That would violate the requirement of the caliphate.

    • Stern

      The "remaining stash" couldn't be found in Iraq because it was moved to Syria.

  • Jerry

    I am so tired of people saying that God loves everyone, he doesn't! One example is Esau, him he hated. Tutu is just a foolish man with dangerous ideals.

    • Chiggles

      Same reasonig the Phelpses use to proclaim "God hates f@gs". Are you with them?


        God hates Moh@mmed.

  • Schlomotion

    What's this? Mark Tooley, aka the CIA, is defending Third Way Soc.ialist, Tony Blair? What's going on here? Likely in the 1980's Mr. Tooley supported the Afrikaner Nazi Party. But this is of note: his organization embraces Tony Blair who is a soci.alist because in some settings soci.alists go along with the oil lobby and its ambitions to knock over governments. Mr. Tooley's religion is really BP. How else can you explain the massive flip-flop where in one moment this man rails and rails in favor the Bible's purported endorsement of gun-running, of killing, and of coups and in the next moment defend New Labour and business soci.alism? Strange.

  • BS77

    TUTU squeaks out leftist propaganda like a manic gerbil….what an embarrassment. A "religious leader"?

  • Bartimaeus

    The religious left and the political left are two sides of the same coin and often find common ground. It all comes down to a lack of real discernment between good and evil, what is the nature of sin, and what is the true nature of redemption.

    • Bortolam

      sure, yes.

  • Ron Karsh

    Round 3 of the series "All South Africans are anti-semitic Nazi scum", after the SA government dared to call a spade a spade (cf. labeling controversy). Is there anything South African left to demonize and destroy? Maybe the Soccer World Cup is next, because Israel failed to qualify…obviously because of FIFA being anti-semitic. If nothing else, round 5 may actually be informative.

  • Guest

    Tutu is a big a fraud as Obama.


      tutu is a "mini-me" fraud.

  • Cynic

    ” that Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon are brothers, but God says, ‘All are my children.’” In 2008, Tutu proclaimed: “No one is an outsider in God’s family.” ”

    But that didn’t stop him in his anti-semitic comments about Jews and replacement theology from the 1960s as bishop of Johannesburg through to his touring the US as part of the Sabeel group along with his antisemitic partner Naim Ateek.
    It didn’t stop him blaming the Jews for the plight of Christian Arabs in the West Bank as Arafat’s thugs made their lives unbearable.

  • tagalog

    So, let me see if I've got this right:

    1. Saddam Hussein was "God's child;"

    2. Morality and leadership are indivisible.

    3. Tony Blair joined the coalition formed by George W. Bush to overthrow God's child in Iraq.

    4. When the coalition invaded Iraq and overthrew God's child, God's child should have been tried in The Hague for whatever Desmond Tutu thinks he could be accused of. Tutu surely thinks he could be accused of SOMETHING, since he says he should have been tried;

    5. It was morally indefensible for God's child to be tried by his own people;

    6. Therefore, Desmond Tutu finds it morally impossible to occupy the same stage as Tony Blair.

    I'm having a bit of trouble making the necessary connections in this chain of reasoning. A while back, when South Africa was in the process of bringing Nelson Mandela to the political forefront, Desmond Tutu also arose. That was a long time ago. Time, it appears, has not been kind to Desmond Tutu.

  • Michael

    Tutu looks as an idiot,talks as an idiot,walk as an idiot…so who is he,besides a racist?

  • Drakken

    Someone should have gotten rid of that troublesome commi priest years ago!

  • Ghostwriter

    It's a little sad when someone of Archbishop Tutu's standing demonstrates an immense moral blindness. He may have been right while attacking apartheid but he's not right in this instance. Saddam Hussein was a murderous monster. He deserved to be overthrown. It's a shame that someone like Archbishop Tutu can't see that. He had made himself look like a complete idiot. There are South Africans,both black and white,who live in America and elsewhere and are probably saying to themselves,"What's wrong with this guy?" He may have been right when he was fighting apartheid,but wrong here. He has proven himself to blind morally and extremely foolish. It's a shame. And sad. He should know better.

  • Charles Frith

    Tony Blair is a war criminal and we will not cease till he is tried. Period.

  • kevinh

    Some lepers are fashionable (Saddam) and some are not (Blair), it really depends upon who you see in the street as you walk along in your parade of self-significance. Unfortunately, everyone struggles with this at one time or another.

  • Theo Prinse

    The recently to Catholicism converted Tony Blair is used by Emeritus arch bishop of the Anglican Church Desmond Tutu regarding the recent developments intervention in Syria and Iran and Western pressure on the ANC government, China and Russia to end support for Iran and Syria …
    … used for his doctrine (Tutu) of Zionist Apartheid as moral superiority to just have continue his (Tutu) support for the murderous regimes in Syria and Iran.
    But while Tutu merely uses Blair as an instrument .. Tutu will lose this silly game because Barack Obama-Davis for the Muslim Brotherhood insurgents where Tutu is opposed to …
    Furthermore Tutu indeed recently spoke out against the ANC Zuma corruption but essentially concurs with the equally hypocritical calls from SACP hardened cadres against this ANC corruption …
    Tutu therefore merely collaborates with a further escalation in South Africa on ownership and economics as insinuated by the US State Department secretary Hillary Clinton in relation to the CIA provoked outburst of violence on the Lonmin Marikana mine site

  • Lady_Dr

    Years ago a friend from Ghana told me that she could tell me (because I'm a white American and she could not tell blacks including other Africans) that Ghana was better off under the British. I think if the British had stayed another 50-100 years South Africa would have been better off.

    Tutu is a dangerous idiot, with a limited grasp of Christianity.