Global Warming Faithful Preach the Climate Apocalypse

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Last month’s United Nations’ climate change summit in Durban, South Africa generated plenty of its own hot air. But it mercifully failed to commit to any meaningful successor to the already failed Kyoto Treaty.

Of course, UN bureaucrats still proclaimed success. After all, one more international conference had generated reams of paperwork, likely cost millions of dollars, and provided another sumptuous setting and continued deep purpose for professional diplomatic busybodies.

But global warming activists, including the Religious Left, discerned the disappointing reality. Their crusade to stymie global economic growth through apocalyptic warnings of a climate catastrophe has lost steam and credibility.

“The global family is now in a perilous race against the clock on climate change,” complained a worried Church World Service, the $83 million dollar relief arm of the National Council of Churches that gets nearly half its funding from the U.S. government. “The lack of necessary action is mortgaging the lives of millions of people in developing nations,” it claimed, sternly warning this failure “threatens the future of the earth.”

Actually, the cooling of the global warming crusade is a great deliverance for “people in developing nations” whom the Religious Left claims to champion.  Climate change inspired restrictions, intending to prevent any expansion of carbon producing industry, would effectively keep poor nations poor.  Environmental extremists, motivated by apocalyptic scare scenarios, always believe the planet is facing disaster absent vast reductions of human activity.  For them, animals and inanimate objects always are more important than improving standards of living for people.

Church World Service accurately and with frustration observed that the Durban summit “once again dangerously postpones meaningful action.” Durban paid lip service to continuing still unfulfilled Kyoto goals. And countless billions were theoretically pledged in international transfer payments without any specific means for their collection. Durban’s homage to global warming was as ethereal and gaseous as the atmosphere itself.

Usually having boundless faith in the UN and international diplomatic forums, the Religious Left perceptively realized the Durban summit was a flop.  Supposedly a new climate agreement will be attained by 2015 and enacted by 2020. But the deadline may as well be 2120. “Church World Service is concerned that the negotiators have pushed decisive action many years ahead,” the federally funded relief activists bewailed. “In view of the history of negotiations and current practice, it is not at all certain that even this longer term process will be successful.” Right.

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  • some internet dude

    Nothing more than a normal cooling and warming cycle that happens every 3,000 years or so.

    • BS77

      Yes….funny how some 15-20,000 years ago there was ice two MILES thick sitting on top of what is now Chicago, Indiana etc etc…and it all melted away…..there was not one SUV, one coal fired plant, one jet, train or ship….and likely in time there will be another Ice Age…..the main controller of this process is the Solar Output. The main problem is the huge population explosion of the past 100 years…this is a real threat to the planet.

      • pat

        I guess the dinosaurs farted too much in those days too, melting away the ice covering Chicago!

  • Atlas

    Science is now showing us the future and human activity has thrust the world into an unprecedented rate of climate change by a magnitude of thousands of times faster than it probably ever changed before in the 4 plus billion years this planet has been here, maybe besides forming or huge geological event, like colliding with massive asteroid. More than 97% of climate scientists believe it is a problem, and they've been studying it all their lives. If we don't act now to reduce carbon future generations will pay dearly.

    • Western Canadian

      No, you poor hysterical loon, lying con-artists have shown us the drivel you are wetting your pants over…. Legitimate scientists do NOT agree with the ignorance based swill you have offerexd up, and the 97% figure is a contrived fraud, accomplished by picking out dozens of responses to a survey, and ignoring the rest. Which is typical for the climate cons.

      • scum

        That's true, the propaganda machine at Exxon disagrees with Global Warming. And that machine is quite large.

        • gregg

          I would think exxon benefits from rising restriction, regulation, bureaucracy and fees related to the great hoax

    • tarleton

      those twits cannot predict the weather in 3 weeks , nor the ''climate '' in 5 years AND YET they can predict the climate in 20 years ?….UTTER RUBBISH

  • Atlas
  • moses moxile

    i think dis own thing must av cost all scientist who has contributed immensly time in finding solution to it; but i think d shifting of d earth surface- is just abt d END OF WORLD pls admit it, i know of dis b4. Tanks

  • Jim

    Church World Service, the $83 million dollar relief arm of the National Council of Churches that gets nearly half its funding from the U.S. government.

    What separation of Church and state? Call the ACLU ambulance

  • scum

    "A crusade to stymie global economic growth." Biased poppycock, Mark.

    • Stephen_Brady

      " Biased poppycock, Mark.", from Scum, who knows a little about bias …

  • NotaBene

    Actually poor countries suffer acutely from the prolonged droughts and floods which are provoked by global warming.

  • Rob

    Freaken morons! All you doubters go to this link, find your argument, then read the scientific explanation as to why it is flawed. READ FOOLS!!!

    • tarleton

      yaaawn …another ''true believing dunce ''

  • Indioviejo

    It is a natural phenomenon, its evolutionary, and some species will disappear sooner than others, so if Global Warming threatens you, just embrace your extinction as part of an evolutionary process, be happy and quit pestering the rest of us If your purpose is to pester us, then prepare to die at our hands in the coming global street fight. Terrorism will bring civil war, and it just may be a free for all breakdown of law and order globally. When exhaustion sets in after 100 million dead, then survivors will pray for a strong leader who will not hesitate to execute without trial the maggots who initiated the coming bloodbath. It's just a thought.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    But the science is done on this there is no argument, nothing to conclude but
    invest in Al Gore's carbon credits, my Brooklyn Bridge securities and of course
    do not forget to tip…..LOL……….Which would you like to live on, payroll that
    you can spend or carbon credits you can stick where the sun don't shine.

  • greg

    Stupid global harming nonsense pouted by the ignorant zombie will be hoof on after 50 years like it has been going on for centuries and we’ll look back and remember the trash these alarmist tried to shove down our throat. By then, theywill have concocted a new alarmist rubbish like moon cracking : continued colonization of moon will break it into chunks that will crash into earth

    70s: global cooling
    80s/90s: global warming
    2000s: climate change

    Yeah, life goes on with or without your tree hugging nonsense

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