Green Evangelicals ‘Masquerade’ New EPA Rule as ‘Pro-Life’

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The organizer of the pro-life letter was the Cornwall Alliance, which itself disputes the dire claims of the mercury scare campaign, which asserts that 1 in 6 U.S. babies is over exposed to mercury.  Cornwall counters that actually only 1 in 1000 babies is exposed to a level above the EPA’s “reference dose.”  And no harm has been detected at a level below even 14 times that reference dose.  Even at that higher level, the harm in delayed neurological development is overshadowed by normal variation.  Cornwall also points out that most mercury in babies comes from natural sources. And it notes that even EPA admits that its new limits would be “unlikely to substantially affect total risk.”  Cornwall reports that EPA’s target demographic is a tiny sliver of American pregnant women who “consume over 300 pounds of self-caught fish per year—and all those fish have to come from the very highest mercury-content freshwater sources in the country.”  Cornwall forecasts that EPA’s proposed regulation would cost the U.S. economy over $40 billion and result in several thousand additional deaths from diminished wealth.

Critics might compare the mercury scare campaign to a smaller version of apocalyptic Global Warming claims.  Both demand expenditure of vast sums without evidence of guaranteed outcomes or consideration of unintended harmful consequences from their policies.  And of course both depend on animosity not just towards fossil fuels but to development and economic growth.

Persuading evangelicals that “pro-life” conviction demands embracing the latest EPA regulations is a clever marketing gimmick.  But most discerning pro-lifers will resist the attempted manipulation of their cause.

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  • Guest

    Neither pro-life, nor evangelical.

  • StephenD

    Another term being hi-jacked.
    First, they call themselves "Liberal" while there is absolutely nothing Liberal about a Totalitarian system of Governing which is the ultimate end to following their protocols.
    Then they call themselves "Progressives" when they are regressive to Socialism and Communism that ALWAYS ends in the subjugation of its adherents with untold numbers of death and destruction.
    They call themselves "Pro-Choice" but give no choice to the person in the womb.
    They say they want the power with "the people" when in fact; they want a select few elites dictating to the balance of society.
    They say they want equality when they really want to do away with the Constitution – the only thing that ensures equality under the law; The only thing that would keep mob rule in check.

    They can continue to hi-jack the terminology but the ideas are as old as their source which is straight from "The Father of Lies."

  • Priscilla King

    The question is whether Old Left "anti-poverty" efforts really relieve poverty (hasn't worked yet for any country that's tried it)…and whether New Left "environmentalist" ploys really reduce damage to the environment! Christians are called to relieve poverty and protect the environment, but we need to beware of subversion by a basically antichristian, let's say "statist" rather than Communist/Fascist/Socialist/etc., political movement.

  • topeka

    … and not environmental either.

    To believe one can squander literally mountains of resources to remove mercury (at levels so low, one will never know if its there in most cases…) is not stupid, not ignorant, and not insane:

    it is deliberate malicious evil.

    Especially when these are the same people hyperventilating over the french fry bulbs: In twenty years they will discover their errors have created more diseases.

    For example, the pot babies and pot heads will be suffering from more pot related diseases – now since we can't hold pot accountable for the epidemiology we already know, rather than adding more fuel to the fire, the Left will blame the french fry bulbs (which also waste energy).

    And no doubt that will be our fault too…

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