Leftist Bishop Rejects Anti-Israel Divestment

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“Palestinian Christians and Muslims have been living together in harmony for centuries in what we call the Holy Land,” the Rev. Wagner boasted, in his own sugar-coated and truncated version of Islamic domination in Middle East history.  “They also face the same brutal treatment at the hands of the Israeli occupiers, die from the same bullets, see their homes bulldozed and their lands confiscated and turned into illegal Jewish (only) settlements.”  The Sabeel and typical Religious Left narrative is that only Israel can be faulted for any regional upheaval. “They live behind a 24-foot wall that chokes their towns and villages and cuts off farmers from tilling their lands, whether they are Christians or Muslims,” Wagner said of Palestinian Christians.  “The Israeli occupation is an equal abuser of Palestinian Christians and Muslims.”

Wagner rehashed the narrative that Palestinian Christians are leaving the region exclusively because of Israel.  This narrative almost never explains why the Palestinian Muslim population continues to grow, despite all the Israeli oppression.  Wagner recalled that 13 percent of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip population was Christian prior to Israeli occupation in 1967 after its victorious war against attacking Arab armies. He notes today the Palestinian Christian population is perhaps not more than 1 percent.  Of course, he omits the exodus of Christians from other Middle East countries, an exodus compounded by low birth rates.

“Some church leaders fear that at this rate there will be no Christians left in these parts of the Holy Land within a generation, unless something dramatic causes Israel to change its intransigence,” Wagner warns.  But if Israel completely withdrew behind pre-1967 borders, would Palestinian Christians suddenly begin to thrive under full Palestinian nationalist or Islamist rule?  Everywhere throughout the Middle East, Christian populations have been draining for the last century or more.  That exodus is accelerating, as secular dictatorships that partly protected Christians are surrendering to Islamist movements.

Wagner excitedly pointed at the upcoming United Methodist and Presbyterian conventions, which he hopes will approve anti-Israel divestment, though both churches have rejected it in the past.   He explains:  “The churches are applying the same ethical principles for morally responsible investment as they have applied in previous cases such as Apartheid in South Africa, Sudan ethnic cleansing in Darfur, and divesting from corporations producing weapons or instruments that destroy lives or the livelihood of civilians.”  How ironic that he morally compares Israel to Sudan’s notorious Islamist regime.  “These sisters and brothers [among the Palestinians] are hoping and praying that the global church will not let them down in their hour of need and will begin to embody prophetic consciousness,” Wagner concluded.

Well, perhaps.  Or just as likely, the remnant of Palestinian Christians is saying what they have to say in a struggle to survive as a tiny minority among Muslim nationalists and zealots.  Compared to Wagner’s FOSNA and the angry March on Jerusalem, Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori almost sounds coolly reassuring when she told her Los Angeles audience:  “I would urge you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, to pray and work together for a society of peace with justice for that vision that is shared by all Abrahamic faiths. Salaam, shalom, peace.”

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  • mark

    leftist bishop ? try something new to demonize and hide the israeli opression

    • stern

      I'm a little confused. There's something new about "leftist bishop"? And who's hiding oppression of Israel? Seems to me it's fairly blatant in most of the world's media and all across the Middle East.

    • Zionista

      dummy – do you know where gay palestinians flee to when they're brutally oppressed in the cesspools of gaza and west bank?? they go to Israel where they can live freely as gay men and women without fear of being killed.

    • Snorbak

      Israeli oppression……would you care to expand on just how Israel oppresses people?
      In your answer please use Hamas controlled Gaza & the PA controlled West Bank along with countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria & Yemen as points of reference so we can have a clear benchmark to just how oppressive Israel is.
      Any reference to the rights of Christians, non-Muslims, homosexuals, women &- children will also be useful.


    • Looking4Sanity

      I believe you misspelled your name there buddy. That "k" should be an "X" as in "Marx".

  • mark the moron

    I hate all dem joos because I have such a tiny pecker

  • Dispozadaburka

    Christians forget that Jesus was a very orthodox Jew and a Master Kabbalist in Healing.

    The real power over Islam is through prayer. As simple as it seems, that is the key. (Ahava, love is the bridge)

    Just as they "prayed for the soul of America" on Muslim Day of Prayer in DC in September 2009.

    All people of all denominations must "pray for the soul of Islam." The reason why they have to pray 5 times a

    day is because their "god, Allah" is the god "Ba al". ( Remember they are not allowed to be interrupted, during

    their prayers.) Our prayers are much more powerful because they connect with "The Lord G-d of Israel."

    We are much more powerful spiritually than they are and they are very afraid of us. Good always conquers evil.

    • John

      you told truth .May God bless you

  • Looking4Sanity

    Personally, I find the phrase "the religious Left" to be paradoxical, blasphemous, and offensive…but that's just me.

    • johnnywoods

      The" religious left" is like "grapenuts", It ain`t grape and it ain`t nuts.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Indeed. I almost used the adjective “oxymoronic” instead of “paradoxical”, until I realized that they do follow a religious paradigm. It just bears no resemblance to my own faith. They worship group-think and collectivism. The Almighty is an amorphous construct in their minds. That is all totally alien to me.

  • Dispozadaburka

    In the darkest of times man turns to prayer.
    When all the chaos and strife in the world appears to be more than mankind can bear.
    Or when all seems lost we,… pray.
    We surrender our physical to the spiritual.
    Just as Moses parted the sea, with the "certainty" that G-d would produce miracles for his people,
    we must have certainty that each of us has the capacity to overcome "doubt." We are "spiritual" beings.
    We are outposts for the "divine." With the darkness of the conciousness of Islam spreading throughout the world, have no "doubt" that our prayers will be answered. For Christians and Jews "The Lord G-d of Israel is King, his majesty rules over all." This we must remember. Echad.

    • Snorbak

      Well said my friend, but all too often pushed aside, including by myself.
      However, I am comfortable in the knowledge that the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob is in control.

    • mjazz

      I believe that God will not allow Israel to be destroyed.

  • Faith

    The LORD of Hosts is with us, the G-D of Jacob is our stronghold…Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea

  • Rob Harris

    How many Jews in Arab parliaments?
    How many non-Arab states have Arabic as an official language?
    How many Arab states allow Jews to take up citizenship and retain their Jewishness?
    How many Arab states allow displaced Palestinians to take up citizenship – even if 2nd Generation?
    How many Israelis fled Israel seeking asylum in the West?
    How many Israelis commuted into neighboring Arab states to work each day?
    'Existing' is one thing Arabs don't like about Israel but being 'successful' is something Arabs abhor.

  • Schlomotion

    A lot of people don't realize that the Institute on Religion and Democracy, a virulently homophobic institution is coldly and calculatingly trying to decide which Protestant Christian denominations should be allowed to exist in the United States and Africa and which ones should be destroyed. This clandestine operation is trying to destroy the Methodist and Presbyterian churches while endorsing, for now, the Episcopal Church. Oddly, despite this article, IRD's Jeff Walton is usually bashing the Episcopal Church for having gay and lesbian bishops (as if this is unique to Protestants). IRD is a throwback to religious colonial missionaries.

  • DogsHateRomney

    Parsing Leftist "Christian" Religionists 101:

    NOTE: Biblical Christianity & Constitutional Originalism, Constructivism ……

    Each share a consistent core philosophy based on original text, eg:
    ~ The Bible, or, U.S. Constitution.

    The World Council of Churches (WCC) and The National Council of Churches (NCC), their activities and publications lean toward the political far Left.

    They notoriously sponsor Marxist / Liberalism that undermine the non-humanistic, Biblical Christian.

    Conservative Christians emphasize that their theology rests upon solid biblical exegesis.

    Conservative Voters' idology is firmly based on sound U.S. Constitutional exegesis..

    NOTE: Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori of the Episcopalian Church USA, has described the Christian doctrine of personal salvation as "the great Western heresy".

    I am uncomfortable with those who elevate heretics

    I do not elevate eisegetical, NON-Biblical ecumenicalists who concentrate on expounding the extra-biblical teachings of Confucianism and humanitarianism,

    ~ Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori of the Episcopalian Church USA denies Christ's basic teachings.