Recruiting Young Evangelicals for Climate Activism

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It’s presumably not coincidental that YECA was formed in a presidential election year.  “As young evangelicals, we are looking for a President who will lead our country and Congress in overcoming the climate crisis, through comprehensive climate legislation that centers around putting a price on carbon pollution.” They are demanding that presidential candidates prioritize “comprehensive climate legislation in the next administration.”

So YECA is essentially lobbying young evangelicals to support President Obama, though even he, having mostly remained silent about the climate over the last 4 years, is unlikely to resurrect it as a major theme in the future.  The YECA website celebrates that Obama has “finally” mentioned global warming, in a recent Rolling Stone interview.  YECA is pledging to target electoral swing states like Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida.

So much for post-partisan evangelicals seeking to transcend the culture wars. The Evangelical Left, despite its verbiage, largely wants to persuade evangelicals to switch sides in the culture wars, abandoning marriage and abortion in favor of Big Government.

At a launch event in Washington, D.C. early this month, YECA activists met with the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, and Greenpeace, or much of the main secular environmentalist priestcraft.  As YECA noted, the summit was a “seemingly ironic swap of stereotypical roles,” since evangelicals were now encouraging environmentalists to “work harder for climate action.”  Is there the implication that even professional environmentalists are weary of the global warming theme and ready for greener pastures elsewhere?

A YECA video warns of “powerful interests that profit from holding us back.”  Who are these dark forces?  Surely they are no more powerful than the billions of dollars that governments globally continue to expend in homage to global warming, not to mention millions of dollars from leftist philanthropies.

Despite all the dollars and genuflections, very few governments are meaningfully choosing curtailing carbon emissions over economic growth.  Despite the West’s economic stagnation since 2008/2009, the global economy continues to grow, and the global south is the biggest winner.

Hundreds of millions globally have escaped poverty thanks to economic growth.  And evangelicals who really care about the poor should pray their numbers increase no matter the increased carbon emissions. The grim message of global warming alarmists, based more on ideology than science, privileges a mythological climate ideal over higher living standards for the world’s poorest.  That message is a loser, and thankfully so.

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  • Phil

    God gave us a paradise; now we have Global warming, and man has killed around 1/3 of all God's creatures, by pollution, etc.

    Global warming should be one of man's most important issues; it is our responsibility to stop polluters.

    • stevefraser

      Global Cooling is gonna bring the real problems, especially when this years snow is added to last years snow.. It's called an Ice Age.

      • Jane

        Setting global warming or climate change on the back burner for a while and just trying to be mindful that it COULD be harming the environment since AGW has not been proven would be a start toward be a righteous Christian. To be adamantly against even the possibility of us causing or even contributing to it when the science has not been proven is a bit premature, and frankly makes us look anti-science. FWIW, I am concerned about pollution, since they are deliberately destroying God's beautiful creation, and holding polluters accountable because we know that they ARE disrespecting God's creation and are foisting problems on the least of our brothers who cannot afford the lawyers to fight Big Pollution when it occurs.

  • Schlomotion

    It is not surprising that after advocating gun running, and attacking Christians who want peace, after trying to dismantle churches who criticize Israel, and generally supporting the CIA and oligarch's control of religion, Mr. Tooley is also in favor of global warming and out to defend the interests of the polluters and the oil cartels. This article resembles all the others. It has a pro-war bent, advocating the destabilization of nations, and the support of corporatist interests, all under the guise of safeguarding religious belief and promoting democracy.

    • Ghostwriter

      And it's not surprising that you write your idiotic nonsense for all the world to read,Schlockmotion. Fortunately,we can tell you what an unbelievable slimeball you are in the comments section.

  • Alex Kovnat

    If carbon dioxide buildup in the Earth's atmosphere is that critical an issue, then why not support nuclear power instead of demanding that nuclear power be abandoned for all time? Let's face it, we are never going to have a perfectly tidy, orderly world. As I see it, the art of government is managing the imperfection that is inherently part of the human condition. Do we really want to impoverish ourselves to the point of living no better than peasants in the middle ages, to satisfy those who can't stand global warming, can't stand nuclear power, can't stand hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, and who pretty much can't stand people (while proclaiming how much they love THE people)?

  • stevefraser

    Thanks for the update on this madness.

  • an adult

    global warming, global cooling… how about global stupidity. the same 92 elements that that make up our planet will always remain. oil is the ultimate bio-fuel. the continued attempts to capture and indoctrinate our young people with stupid science should be outlawed. keep your eyes on the standusky's heading up the "youth groupings"

  • Gerogevii

    Here, you are getting warmer: "Perhaps it’s due to increasing members of the scientific community, which never spoke uniformly, questioning the apocalyptic neuroses of the worst climate fear peddlers." No decent person deliberately raises acute fear of the future in the young.