United Methodists: Afghanistan Better Off Under Taliban

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For at least 50 years, the United Methodist Church, America’s third largest denomination, has been unable to effectively apply traditional Christian teachings to issues of war and peace. The resolution called “Seeking Peace in Afghanistan,” originating with the New York-based United Methodist Women’s Division, and approved by the recent governing General Conference of the 12 million member global denomination, continues this sad tradition.

Ostensibly the resolution puts the church on record for peace in war torn Afghanistan. But actually it demonizes the United States, itself a 50 year tradition in United Methodism, while ignoring the evils of the Taliban and al Qaeda. And it materialistically assumes that peace can be purchased with ever more U.S. dollars. It never cites radical Islam, a chief cause for strife in Afghanistan, perhaps because liberal United Methodist elites cannot conceive of anyone taking traditional religion any more seriously than they do.

The resolution calls the U.S. presence in Afghanistan the “latest in a long history of foreigners trying to impose by military might their own agenda in Afghanistan.” So presumably the American led 2001-2002 overthrow of the Taliban Islamist dictatorship in response to 9-11 is morally on par with the murderous Soviet invasion of 1979, which created 30 years of war and strife. Oddly, but predictably, the resolution never mentions 9-11 or the Taliban, which might distract from its targeting the U.S. It also never mentions that the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is scheduled to end in 2014.

Afghanistan is ever degenerating, thanks to the U.S. presence, the resolution claims. And it asserts that U.S. resources spent on war distract from “health care, education, and community development,” without acknowledging tens of billions already spent by the U.S. on these goods, or admitting that almost no spending or progress on health care, education, and community development would be possible under the Taliban. The resolution also condemns U.S./NATO unmanned drone attacks on insurgent/terrorist targets, likening them to “extrajudicial killings.”

Self-importantly, the resolution chides the U.S. for spending on “weapons and soldiers” (again without citing billions spent on civilian aid) while boasting, “By contrast, for more than 45 years United Methodists and other humanitarian organizations, in partnership with local Afghans, have supported health care and community development work in Afghanistan.” Of course, such church programs are impossible without some level of security.

Embarrassingly, the resolution recalls that in the immediate wake of 9-11, the United Methodist Women’s Division urged “diplomatic means to bring the perpetrators of terrorist acts to justice and to end the bombing of Afghanistan.” Even more laughably, it recalls the ostensibly prophetic words of California Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee who, after 9-11, was the “lone voice at that time in the U.S. government to question military action against Afghanistan.”

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  • Tompro97

    The UMC has become a total embarrassment to its many members who have no connection to the far left-wing UMC establishment. The Church has been hijacked by Marxists and Communists and, worst of all, Demagogues whose sole purpose in life is to destroy the USA. As long as these scurrilous individuals are in charge, the Church will continue to see rapidly declining membership, etc.

  • Schlomotion

    Kudos to the United Methodist Church for standing up against this relentless violation of church and state by this CIA front organization. Mr. Tooley is gunning rather hard for the destruction of the leadership of the Methodist Church, and on the heels of the assassination of Raytown's MO's Methodist Minister last week, it is just plain disrespectful.

    • StarTripper

      "CIA front organization"???? What are you talking about? The UMC? The IRD? The Taliban???

      • Schlomotion

        The IRD, doing its best to disrupt Christian organizations that don't fit its right wing, social injustice, anti-gay, pro-war agenda.

        • http://reformedpastor.wordpress.com David Fischler

          Your tin foil hat is obviously on too tight.

    • Western Canadian

      Frankly, praise from you is all the confirmation anyone would ever need, that this mockery of a church is degenerate and worthless.

    • Camel

      This is just another example of a warped church following peace over common sense, let alone biblical principles. As humans we were given the right to protect ourselves and if our own people will not stand up for the boys over there, I feel sick and you should leave the country….

  • BAB1989

    I was a member of the UMC in the late 80's to early 90's. A new Book of Discipline and new hymnal, both greatly influenced by this same group of women, were issued. The Book of Discipline, rather than Bible precepts, took priority over most matters. These women took great umbrage with the "Amens" (possibly with the "men" between the A and the s) and they were removed from the end of of each Psalm, song or psalter. They even wanted to remove all references to men in the hymnal but 'some" reason prevailed. However, as an example, with the great song "Rise Up Ye Men of God" you could find an asterisk directing you the the footnote which read, "May substitute "saints" for men." I left the UMC, its worship of the goddess Geia and an a sundry of other things in 1991. The final nail was the senior pastor's benediction one Sunday in July of that year. In his closing he said, "To Father God whomever He or She may be." I pray for this group daily because people can be inside a church yet outside of Christ. May God have mercy on their souls that their eyes be opened to truth of the Gospels.

    • dos

      Good revelation about what's happening inside UMC, now I kind of know Why Paul warmed women that proclaim false teaching in the Church, he must have seen them fall into the deceiving tactics of the serpent, just like Eve did.

  • joy52

    I stopped attending the UMC after they became PC and irrelevant. Their dwindling membership tells the story. Funny how they did not get the memo.

    • Schlomotion

      Does that make you a Methodist hipster?

  • wctaqiyya

    I won't comment on Methodists, their political leanings, or their motivations, since I don't know and I don't care. I won't even nitpick about whether the first year or so in Afghanistan wasn't justified to some extent. However, unlike the federal government, the Methodist Church has very little power, can invade nobody and cannot force me to pay for foolish wars. And when the Methodists say Afghanistan is ever degenerating, they are merely understating the bloody obvious truth. And if it isn't OK to criticize a disastrous war policy and the people who peddle it, what is? For the author of this ignorant post and anybody else who still thinks America is achieving anything positive in Afghanistan or might even 'win' that conflict, I suggest you spend some time reading. Read the reports generated by the U.S Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGUR). Read the reports from the folks at the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF). I think the trust fund part is supposed to be funny. Read the reports from the Center on International Cooperation (CIC). Read the 2005 GAO report on Afghanistan Reconstruction and marvel how much hasn't changed since then. Mind you, those organizations believe in the war, or say they do. If you still think the debacle called Afghanistan is a good idea, it's probably because you work for one of the many organizations who are paid to generate reports, promise better results and flush billions in good money after billions of bad. Or, you could be related to a bag of rocks.

  • Geneww

    This group should be among the last to define the right thing to do!

    In every religion [and people group] there are those who refuse to believe that God authored the Bible as proven at http://jc.does-it.net. By ignoring this fact, they are swayed by Satan and evil thinking to assume a 'more authoritative’ position and define right and wrong by their own standards.

    Any fact, opinion or belief contrary to scripture is wrong and they will answer to God for it. Only a fool will mock or fight God. Requirement for eternal life in Heaven is defined by God and every soul that accepts the free gift of salvation enters. Those who reject God’s free gift will not spend eternity with Him! It is your choice … Heaven or “separation from Heaven”.

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt the Afghan women would agree with the Religious Left and the pathetic twit called Schlomotion.

  • Pulse

    Hay look at the bright side the Methodist voted to keep the gay out last week cudos to them for that!