7-Year-Old Murdered for Not Learning the Koran

British newspapers are reporting on the retrial of the disturbing case of a Muslim mother in Cardiff, Wales who beat her son to death in July 2010. Why would she commit such a heinous act? Because he had failed to memorize enough of the Koran.

Seven-year-old Yaseen Ege was originally thought to have died in a house fire. But a postmortem showed that the little boy had been beaten and abused for months prior to his death, and had been beaten so severely on the day of the fire that he died. Doctors found that he had previously suffered bone fractures and ultimately died from severe abdominal injuries caused by multiple blows which split his bowel, leading to organ failure.

Sara Ege, 32, a university graduate from India, confessed and told police she had used a stick to beat her son “like a dog,” as she herself put it, over a period of months when he couldn’t sufficiently recite passages from the Koran. As if that isn’t horrifying enough, she also revealed that she started the house fire deliberately to burn the body and cover her crime, according to testimony in the Cardiff Crown Court. She admitted pouring lighter fuel over her son’s remains, saying, “I know he was gone but I was just trying to protect myself.”

In a video interview, she told police, “I was trying to teach him the Koran” – a task this “devout mother,” as one report described her, told police was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 in importance to her. “I was getting more and more frustrated. If he didn’t read it properly I would be very angry. I would hit him.”

Sara and her husband Yousuf Ali Ege, 38, had enrolled the prematurely born Yaseen, who had eating problems and was small for his age, in advanced classes at the local mosque. Both parents, whom a BBC report describes as being “known for being devoutly religious,” wanted him to become a hafiz, or someone who has completely memorized the Koran, by the time he was 10 years old.

The little boy endured 13-and-a-half hour days focusing on the Koran, beginning at the mosque at 6:30 a.m. He also attended extra math and English lessons and went to Arabic classes on the weekends. “We had a high target. I wanted him to learn 35 pages in three months. I promised him a new bike if he could do it” – but only, according to her initial confession, if his recitation of the first two chapters was word perfect. “But Yaseen wasn’t very good. After a year of practice he had only learnt a chapter.”

The mother told officers: “I was getting all this bad stuff in my head, like I couldn’t concentrate, I was getting angry too much, I would shout at Yaseen all the time.” She apparently also hit him with a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper, as well as repeatedly punching him. She allegedly locked him in a shed, tied him to a door, and forced him to do pushups. “I have become so harsh, I even killed my own son.”

And what was her excuse for all this “harsh” and ultimately murderous abuse? The devil made her do it. Months after the fact, Ege told a doctor she had been commanded to kill Yaseen by Shaitan, Arabic for Satan. She also admitted to believing in Islamic spirits called jinn, and that her house was inhabited by them.

Meanwhile the husband in this arranged marriage, a taxi driver and Royal Mail worker, denies the charge of causing or allowing the death of the child by not stopping the beatings, and denies even knowing that his son was being beaten at all.

It’s difficult to know exactly what did happen, because both parents have blamed each other and/or lied through every step of the trial and retrial. The mother has given too many conflicting accounts to keep up with. She initially admitted the beatings, the killing and the coverup but blamed it on Satan’s voice in her head. Then she retracted her confession and blamed her son’s beatings on her husband, claiming that he killed the boy, that one of his brothers started the fire, and they forced her to take the fall. At one point she claimed that the boy was in the middle of reciting the Koran to her when he simply collapsed and died. At another point she confessed to the coverup but pretended not to know why she attempted it, and blamed the crime on her cancer medicine. “When you are faced with a piece of evidence,” the prosecutor said, “you come up with a new account.”

A jury was unable to come to a decision the first time around, and the retrial is still ongoing. But whatever the truth, one or both of these disgusting excuses for parents gradually beat a helpless seven-year-old to death for failing their excessive demand that he memorize the Koran, then tried to cover it up by roasting his body.

Islamic fundamentalism is cancerous for kids worldwide, whether it’s the horror of Beslan, a jihadist grenade attack on a Sunday school in Kenya, the rape and murder of Christian children in Pakistan, the torture and murder of Christian kids for blaspheming against Islam, or the full-on terrorist war against Israeli children, to list just a few examples.

It’s cancerous even for the children of Muslims, whether it’s Hamas using Palestinian children as human shields or indoctrinating them to be Jew-hating suicide bombers; the Taliban hanging children they suspect of being spies, or beheading them to intimidate the populace, or shooting or throwing acid on those wanting an education; parents committing honor killings; al Qaeda recruiting mentally ill kids and orphans as suicide bombers in Iraq; or parents beating a child to death for failing to memorize the Koran fast enough.

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  • Mary Sue


    ….i…I have no words….


    • David R

      Some mention that this heinous crime against children even happens among Christians, and tre we occasionnally read of such behavior; but are these Christians true Christians? Jesus said that many are called but few are chosen…and Satan being the master deceiver convinces many into believing that they are true Christians, but are really wannabes who think they are. The Bible gives the criteria for being a true child of God:
      “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…” (Galatians 5:22)
      All true Christians go through trials and persecution, but the Holy Spirit always turns them to God..not against their children.

      • Mary Sue

        I think undiagnosed mental illness such as schizophrenia may play a role in some of those cases.

        Reminds me of when on Law and Order, Detective Lenny Briscoe said, "If you talk to God, you're pious. If He talks back, you're crazy."

        (now I wouldn't posit that God absolutely never actually "talks" to anyone, but you'd think people would realize if a Voice talking to them was telling them to do something contrary to God's word…)

  • Deep_Space

    Look, this is an absolutely horrible thing and no one can say otherwise. But I don't know the extent from a numbers standpoint of this kind of thing but there are stories of terribly misguided Christians doing somewhat similar things for somewhat similar reasons.

    • Mary Sue

      and they're just as dumb/crazy. Yeah, we get that. Though with the Christians, it's usually over some perceived (real or imagined) misbehavior, while with Islamists, it's Chinese Tiger Mother On Crack.

    • Mary Sue

      Also one thing you're hardly ever see a Christian do is murder their own daughter for speaking to a boy. The amount of cases worldwide of something like this happening to an Islamic family is staggering. There's 4 bodies in a canal in a Mercedes in Kingston Ontario because of this kind of nonsense.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Yes, we do hear about an occasional Christian murdering their children….but this kind of intolerance and wicked brutality is a lot more common among Muslims. I would like to see some comparative stats, on the frequency of Christian v. Muslim child murders; by their parents.

    • findalis

      That is true. And when Christian or other religious parents kill their children they are also prosecuted and convicted. Long prison sentences are normally served too.

    • https://www.facebook.com/david.marshall.102 David Marshall

      The Article is not about Christians

    • Since 1791

      Terribly misguided "Christians"? No other religions, just Christians. You should have stopped after you stated "I don't know the extent from a numbers standpoint". That is certainly a true statement.

    • https://www.facebook.com/StuartinGN Stuart Kaufman

      @Deep Space: you are symptomatic of the sickness that has slithered into the United States – trying to find "reasons," trying to "understand" the evil that preys on innocents. DISGUSTING!

  • mike

    Deep-Space, some have murdered their childred because of a mental disorder and have called themselves christian but this is normal with muslims.

    • Mary Sue

      well, to be honest I wouldn't rule out mental disorder in the case of the Islamists, either.

    • anonymous

      OK look I am memorizing the Quran my self and my mother has always been the sweetest person about it. Never did she attempt to kill me. I believe all u Christian extremists need to shut ur freak in mouths about topics u have absolutely no knowledge of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pinnie99

    Just plain sick…really really evil

  • Schlomotion

    It's this kind of pillorying of the tiger mom that is bringing down achievement scores. Take a lesson from Bing Crosby or Ben Shapiro. When making a hafiz, use a bag of oranges.

    • Mary Sue

      to beat them with? ???? :(

    • kevinh

      The moral equivalency argument can be stretched soooooo faaaaarrrrr. Now then, see how *everyone* is guilty of the exact same thing no matter what it is?

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlomotion,a child is DEAD. Your imbecility isn't helping matters any.

      • Schlomotion

        Is prostituting the child's image on Frontpage helping any?

        • Western Canadian

          The only prostitution here, is that which you practice. Good bye loser.

  • Steve Chavez

    What's the problem? Women who believe in Islam even vote in people who will enslave them, torture them, and legally kill them. People of Venezuela voted Hugo Chavez in again even as he has ruled like a thug, banned all types of freedoms, aligned himself with Iran and terrorists, used government funds to buy elections all over Latin America, and openly bribed, in the worst type of corruption, for votes.

    Americans too voted in a dictator again since he also bribed through government handouts, government bailouts, government funding with some of it returning to his campaign coffers, banning freedoms, aligning himself with terrorists, bypassing Congress, and ruling like a dictator by decree.

    Look for this fake Christian to come out of the closet to announce that he is, and always has been, a Muslim! Required reading in schools: The Koran!

    • Heidi

      thank you, friend

    • Pip Power

      There are no more Free Governments!

      The Council for Foreign Relations rules every country in the world – NWO.

      They are the ones behind Fundamentalist Muslims taking control of Muslim countries & getting rid of Secular Governments.

      Homer Simpson will be elected next time around in the USA.

      It doesn't matter who the MONKEY is, its the ORGAN-GRINDER who plays the tune for the MONKEY to dance to.

      • Mary Sue

        Pfffff the CFR. Really?


      WHERE IS THE MEDIA IN THIS COUNTRY??? Sitting at the UN?
      In order to be outraged we must informed…………
      And if the British welfare people knew about this child being abused……can you imagine their attempting to remove him to safety?????

  • Rotait

    This woman only got caught because she set fire to the house. Loads of muslim kids go missing every year in the UK and because , noone knows how many are here in the first place , the exact number will never be known. Even in cases where the Police get a sniff they do not investigate as they are scared of being labelled ' racist ' and are easily put off by the ' gone back to pakistan to visit relatives ' story. There was a recent case here where a teenage bride warned the police that her family were going to ' honour kill ' her and the police did nothing. After she was killed it took years to convict anybody because the whole ' community ' misled the police as to what had happened .The whole ' community ' of course were praised for their ( misplaced ) sense of loyality

    • Pip Power

      And the police are not allowed to bring in sniffer dogs into Muslim houses, because Muhammad said they were Jinn/Devils.

      But oh! President Bush, Clinton & Obama said Islam was a Great Religion, a Religion of Peace. Even Tony Blair said the same. So don't just blame the Muslims, blame the SCUM politicians all over the world, who refuse to condemn this MUSLIM NAZI GANG OF MURDERING, RAPING, GANG OF THIEVES.

      • Mary Sue

        And the police are not allowed to bring in sniffer dogs into Muslim houses, because Muhammad said they were Jinn/Devils.

        This is what happens when Imams watch Cujo :P

    • Lan Astaslem

      don't forget about europe's many "no go zones" – muslims enclaves where even the police don't tread – and deep-space, there have already been 'honor killings in the US

      • Mary Sue

        There have been far too many in Canada as well, though a few of them on the West Coast were committed by Sikhs, not Muslims (though Sikhism is basically a syncretic mix ideologically of Sufi Islam and Hinduism).

    • Mary Sue

      The spread of poisonous political correctness has enabled this, make no mistake.

  • john spielman

    Unlike Christianity, Islam actually sanctions this type of behavior. It allows violence against unbelievers as a way of gaining merit points for their day of judgment. This is part of their nefarious works righteous theology that make Islam teh antithesis of Christianity. Mohammed is darkness while Christ is light. Islam is death while Christianity is life!

    • Mary Sue

      they get triple word score if the unbeliever they slay is their own family member.

    • Pip Power


      Muhammad was a cross-dresser, used eyeliner and dyed his hair with henna. Muhammad had a homosexual relationship with Zihir. Muhammad liked men to kiss his whole body. Muhammad complained to Allah that he had a problem with impotency. Allah sent the angel Gabriel with a special kind of “Viagra” in the form of food. From the 66 women he had in his harem, he never produced offspring. The only children born in his marriage to Khadiga, were born in the Jaheliya (Ignorance) period before Islam, where the practice of exchanging wives was widely spread. This was banned in the Quran sura 33:52.

      Aisha’s Trick.

      Aisha liked to have boyfriends and got into serious trouble with one of them, Safwan. She spent a night with him, while their caravan continued on in its journey. The next morning they had to rush to catch up, but were discovered missing. Muhammad had to get a “special” revelation to protect her from being charged with adultery. She must have like being with real men, because she thought up a plan – ADULT SUCKLING!

      If women suckled men, they were classed as relations and so could be in the same room with women, when the husband wasn’t around. Aisha asked her sister Om’Kolthoum to suckle her boyfriends, so they could be in Aisha’s house and no one could accuse her of adultery again.

      When you take all these facts together, you are left with one messed up Arab, who is the greatest JOKE in history!

      That gets Muslims MAD!

  • marios

    Half of country which were brainwashed by biased MSM propaganda machine don't understand that 9/11 was the same act of war as Pearl Harbor. Islam unleashed war with us, with actually all Western civilized world but our Muslim Pres. ban to notice that we fought against not "terrorists" but against Islamic terrorists. Our country missed such vital point and BHO more 4 years… we will have MLN's new Islamists in USA. Horrible

  • Mannie

    What’s to be surprised at? A barbarian from a barbarian country, acting barbarically.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Christianity was defanged by the Enlightenment. In the days when Christianity existed in all its purity, heretics and witches were executed. There is no such thing as a witch. There never has been. As for heresy, we humans were given the ability to question and revise out beliefs.
    Abraham lived in a time and place where fathers universally sacrificed their first-born sons through their legal marriages. Abraham made up a cock-and-bull story about an angel stopping him from sacrificing Isaac. Nobody ever was more heretical.
    Islam, alas, has not yet been defanged. The only two doctrines that are accepted with absolute faith nowadays are Marxism and Islam. http://www.jochnowitz.net/Essays/MarxIslam.html

    • Willy Rho

      We humans were given the ability". Where did this idea come from? Maybe enlightenment is a religion?

    • Mary Sue

      so Isaac having Esau and Jacob never happened because God didn't actually stop Abraham from sacrificing him? Is that what you're saying?

      • g_jochnowitz

        Mary Sue,
        Esau and Jacob were born because Abraham disobeyed God and didn't sacrifice Isaac. http://www.jochnowitz.net/Essays/Abraham.html

        • Mary Sue

          Um, God said to him right at teh last minute, "don't sacrifice your son", this was all a test of his faith.

          • g_jochnowitz

            A test of his faith–in other words, a vicious, pointless practical joke.
            All religions teach that gods are pranksters. http://www.jochnowitz.net/Essays/PranksAndGodsPol

          • Mary Sue

            So you'd rather God ran a computer simulation of whether Abraham had faith in sufficient quantity? Or maybe He should have invented a "faith-o-meter"?

          • g_jochnowitz

            Faith has always been the major source of evil throughout history. Islam is trying to teach the world what blind faith means. Nobody is learning.

          • Mary Sue

            I don't think it's faith that's the problem, it's the ideology.

          • traeh

            What horsecrap. Islam is evil. But faith is not necessarily so. You grossly oversimplify. Yet you pretend to be rational and scientific. The matter depends on whose faith and what they mean by it. Every time you take an action, you must have faith — and I don't mean some sectarian faith. If you have ever rock-climbed, you will have some inkling of this. Sometimes you will get to a point on the rock face where you are not sure how to make the next move. And you can think it out as scientifically as you like — and that's a good idea to think it out. But you can also make the mistake of supposing that if you stand there forever, you will eventually gain certainty that your next move will work as you hope and plan. But as you stand there, what you find is that you never gain that certainty. In the end, after coming up with a hypothesis, you must have trust or faith that your next move may get you successfully up the face of the rock. And aside from faith in relation to action, the relation between faith and knowledge is also much more complex than you suspect.

          • bill

            Good point. Faith is the substance of something not seen, yet believed.

    • Pip Power

      YO g_jochnowitz,

      Ezra the Babylonian priest/scribe Jew, under the instructions from Cyrus, brought ZOROASTRIANISM to Jerusalem & kicked out the Israelites who had remained. He REWROTE the Law of Moses, added books of Myth, corrupted the Books of the Prophets (Jeremiah ch 7; 8:8) & left the Pharisees to collate & canonize the Old Testament. They also added the Oral Tradition, thereby creating Talmudic Judaism. Jesus of Nazareth CONDEMNED this Babylonian Jewish religion (Matthew ch 15; ch 23; John 8:43-47).
      After 70 AD many of these Babylonian Jews went to Rome & became Marranos in the Christian church. By 300 AD they had got control & with Constantine created Roman Catholicism. In 600 AD they created Islam & again by becoming Marranos, they also control this Babylonian Cult. All 3 are Babylonian Cults.All 3 are big into pedophilia.

    • traeh

      The Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution were born out of Christian civilization, which first made a distinction between the secular world and the world of the spirit. But because you have a blind faith in philosophical materialism and evidently cannot conceive or perceive anything non-material, you give a tendentious account of Christian civilization. Because you are so horrifically biased, you focus exclusively on things like witch and heretic persecution, but are completely negligent in that you do not attend to the long history of Church support for science and scientists. You also fail to notice that the Church generally restrained and moderated and limited such things as trials of witches, trials which were often pursued much more aggressively by the secular authorities. I don't say that the Church was innocent of these crimes. But I'm trying to balance out your completely ignorant, provincial, and biased view of the matter. People like you simply have not loved intensely or purely enough, because if you had, you would see with your very own inner sight that love is something irreducibly non-material. You would see how and why it is non-material. You would know exactly what non-material means. It would revolutionize your whole perception of the world. And then you would look at all religions with new eyes, not necessarily assenting unequivocally to any one of them, nor going to the opposite extreme and saying they are all the same, but perhaps leaning one way or another, or even finding your own way into the spirit.

      But because you can't yet see such things, you underrate and misunderstand religion, and thus never bothered to attend to a number of key factors about Christianity (let's leave aside whether it's "the true religion" or not, that's not relevant to my case). The central character portrayed by the New Testament made clear distinctions between secular and religious. That was something rather new in the world, and led over the long run toward the separation of religion and state, and thus to the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment. From the very beginning, moreover, the New Testament amalgamated itself with the culture of Athens and ancient Greece, insofar as Christ was "the Logos," or Reason, or the Word, and the gospels were written in Greek.

      Early Christianity moreover was a tremendous liberator in the Roman world, though less so after Christianity was coopted by the Roman state under Constantine. Even so, unlike Islam, Christ's teachings (if not some Christians) always left a space for the individual, for freedom, and for the secular. He said, "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, to God the things that are God's." And he said, "My kingdom is not of this world." He said to the disciples that those among them who would be greatest would not lord over the others but would serve them and wash their feet, as Jesus had washed their feet.

      All those and many other statements, together with the fact that Jesus made love the center of his teaching, lead toward social and individual freedom (and a division between sacred and secular) and thus eventually to the Scientific Revolution. Love as central leads toward freedom, especially in the context of a distinction between the sacred and secular. In the words of the pop song, "I can't make you love me if you don't…I can't make your heart, do somethin' it won't…" Love, because it comes from a person's innermost core, cannot be compelled.

      (continued below)

    • traeh

      (continued from above)

      When the Bible said, "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus," and similar things, that was revolutionary. It was something almost unheard of. It was the universal human. It was therefore the rise of the individual, that which is beyond more external classifications and characteristics.

      Judaism, whether "the true religion" or not, is also so infinitely much more than you make of it, with your blind eyes that cannot see anything but the crude matter of the senses. So much the pity for you. Judaism brought a sense of time as more than a cycle of repetitions, brought an increased consciousness of unique, unrepeatable, historical time, which is a prerequisite for a sense of individualized time, and of the individual himself. Why do you think it was that the word for God in Judaism is something like "I Am"? Has it ever even dawned on your sleepy brain that the polarization of "I Am" as divine Other utterly beyond, at the same time leads to a consciousness within of "I Am"? That Judaism, and thus Christianity, is connected with the birth of individual consciousness into its fullness? No, you think all is matter, and accidental collocations of matter, and your only idea of spirituality is probably the impoverished fundamentalism of some bible-thumper in the deep South. You probably think the only two alternatives to understanding life are "Intelligent Design" OR Evolution. But what if evolution itself involves not only natural selection working upon random mutation, but also non-physical factors? What if there is evolution, but it is not the exclusively material process that love-deprived, spirit-blind numb-skulls say it is?

      • traeh

        The above two replies, from me, Traeh, are intended for g_jochnowitz

  • Alex Kovnat

    That so many Islamic parents murder their children in "honor" killings, proves that such people will not confine themselves to tactics we in the west find acceptable.

    We can only hope that the now-reelected President Obama realizes, in his heart if he doesn't want to say so openly, that regarding Islam as just another religion is like regarding communism as just another form of political opposition. Having grown up during the 1960's, I remember we had the Soviet Union and we also had Maoist China. Neither of those two conflicting variants of communism, was all that desirable though it seemed that Maoism was more virulent. Today we have Saudi Arabia, which I call the Soviet Union of Islam and we also have Iran, which I have often thought of as the Maoist China of Islam. Neither is desirable. If our now-reelected leadership can recognize that, perhaps we will have made a start in saving children's lives – including our enemies'.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      President Obama is a man deep in denial about his own childhood abuse. Do you really think he is going to view Islam rationally? Obama is crazy. He is a malignant narcissist. He is so utterly devoid of the ability of seeing the world and the effect of his actions that it is scary. Appealing to him on an intellectual level is ridiculous. It has been tried. It is a waste of time. By now you should know that.

  • faithiej

    Is it Satan or normal human feeling that makes me wish the same, and worse, for the parents?

    • Mary Sue

      no, that's normal.

      This is what makes me think this woman, if she's not completely full of excrement, is absolutely crackers insane: the "devil" made her do it. I can't fathom for the life of me why people DO what they claim "the devil" told them to do. Did they forget that they are NOT supposed to do what the "devil" tells them to do?

      • traeh

        Maybe she's full of excrement, AND insane. In other words, maybe for some weird reason she wanted to do the beatings, like an addict, but at the same time knew it was wrong. In contemplating her own desires to do it, and the voices of those desires urging her to do it, she would feel perhaps compelled by those desires, as if they were an outer force like…Satan. So she would describe those inner desires and the inner voice urging her to satisfy them as Satan talking to her.

        But I suspect what's really happening here is something else, a specific kind of Islamic phenomenon. If you declare that the devil made you do something bad, Islamic law and doctrine might cut you some slack, as I recall. And after all, the devil made Muhammad give the Satanic verses, and Muhammad got over it and was the best you can be, according to Muslims. So maybe she's hoping to get off with less than the severest punishment.

    • traeh

      A scary thing is what if this kid comes back, is reborn in another body, and is chock full of violence and Islam?

    • anony

      Satan :-) literally

  • Willy Rho

    People of the West should not "FALL" for the "Select Words" used to describe Murder. "Honor Killing" is an Oxymoron, and mostly Moron. Do not fall for their soothing words and language. Call It a "Convoluted Honor Murder" or some such. Don't let your ears be tickled by the Satan(EVIL) that is revealed in their actions. Jesus said, "by their Fruts you will know Them". Evil has evil fruits. Muder is EVI, there is no HONOR in Murder.

  • drivesguy

    Was it Islam or the Devil? Is that a trick question?

    • mohamed

      Devil, islam teaches mercy to children

  • Necrophagi

    Execute them both, now. Bullet to the face. I will volunteer myself to do it if you cannot afford the bullets. They tortured and murdered a CHILD.

  • Stuart Parsons

    And I have to appear in court in the U.K because I have offended a couple of well-meaning know-nothing-about-Islam ladies by speaking out against Islam. It is stories like this that make me determined to keep me going. God Islam is a disgusting cult..

    • Mary Sue

      my god, what's the official charge?

  • Ghostwriter

    I hope this woman spends the rest of her life in jail. She deserves it!

  • Deshawn

    Yeah, well how about jewish ritual murder of christian children? let’s talk about that.

    • findalis

      I see the anti-Semites have finally emerged. Please state date and victim(s) of this occurrence.

      • Mary Sue

        DeShawn's been out for a few days, since he accused the Evil J00ish bankers of trying to kill everybody/take over the world/various insane screeds.

        • BS77

          Don't bother replying to DeShawn….why argue with a idiot?

          • Paardestaart

            I get it :-)

          • traeh

            please explain it to me then

      • GaryG1

        Deshawn-What's the matter? Didn't the Jews let you have an Obamaphone?

    • Mary Sue

      How about that it doesn't happen and is a vicious lie concocted by idiots?

      Suggested origins of the myth

      Professor Israel Jacob Yuval of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem published an article in 1993 that argues that blood libel may have originated in the 12th century from Christian views of Jewish behavior during the First Crusade. Some Jews committed suicide and killed their own children rather than be subjected to forced conversions. Yuval investigated Christian reports of these events and found that they were greatly distorted with claims that if Jews could kill their own children they could also kill Christian children. Yuval rejects the blood libel story as a fantasy of some Christians which could not contain any elements of truth because of the precarious nature of the Jewish minority's existence in Christian Europe.[11][12]

      • traeh

        Okay, I don't doubt the citation at all, but you should say where you get such quotes, rather than allowing them to appear as your own.

        • Mary Sue

          hm I thought I posted the link too, I think it got ate. Oh well. It's from the Wikipedia entry for Blood Libel.

    • BS77

      Don't bother replying to Deshawn….why would you argue with an idiot?

      • Mary Sue

        because I'm bored and I feel the need to tear down another ridiculous Blood Libel Believer and totally pwn them.

        Eh, it's been a slow day.

      • Mary Sue

        I at least want to make the attempt to show him that Blood Libel is ridiculous on its face, because the Jews are forbidden in the Torah to eat blood, so why in heaven's name would Jews murder ANYONE and use their blood in any sort of food, matzo or otherwise?

    • Ghostwriter

      Oh brother! Another hate-filled screed from DeSlime. And,just when I thought I couldn't feel worse,I have to read one of his rancid ravings.

      • Mary Sue

        I know right!

  • TheExpat

    Islam is a cancer, that will kill the western civilization

  • watsa46

    Some components of Islam are deicidal by nature.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Cute child. It is because he died that we know about how he was raised. This is important and enlightening because it explains the violent sociopathic behavior of Muslims in the Muslim world and in Western countries. Most of these children don't die. They grow to adulthood and perpetuate outrageous violence on everyone around them. The West should take note and expect pain.

  • Paardestaart

    I can´t prove it of course, but this story did not feel right, and so I searched to find more reports.
    I´m pretty sure that it wasn´t the mother who insisted on the little boy learning the koran by heart, it was the dad and his parents. This woman was university educated and the daughter of a good family, the husband turned out to be not the owner of a taxi company as he had pretended, but a humble
    Therefore he has terrorized his wife, and his mother in law was delighted to harass her hoity toity daughter in law.
    This poor woman has been terrorized and abused by her husband and his family. Look at the little boy´s face..this is not the face of a child who is afraid of his mother.
    It happened the way the accused woman said: the child tried to intercede when his mother was attacked and he caught the fatal blow. This is simply a variation of the pakistani style inhumand acid attack on wayward wives and daughters in law..The poor girl has been living in hell.

    • Paardestaart

      Correction: "The husband turned out to be not the owner of a taxi company as he had pretended, but a humble"… taxidriver, it should have read..a word felll out.

    • Mary Sue

      interesting, under this narrative, perhaps the husband is forcing his wife to take the fall and cover for him.

    • Slingmisery

      Religion is a cancer!!! Islam is just the harsher one. More drastic.

  • kafir4life

    When a muslim kills a muslim, the muslim that was killed will never harm anybody. You have to learn that at times, muslims make lemonade. Now don't get me wrong. It's not good when anybody kills another person, but if muslims keep it amongst themselves…….who could complain? It's part of their faith. Leave them alone to practice it internally.

  • Jonathan

    It’s always funny how articles like these seem to give people a sense of justification in attacking Christians. Really makes no sense at all.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nening.marbella Nening Villasin Marbella


  • Anamah

    Let stay these good mothers in their own countries to act as beast, so cruel and primitives for America must be enchanting for Islamist countries. We must close our doors!

  • GaryG1

    Did "Satan" make them do it or Islam? I thought Islam was Satan.

  • Mahmood

    This has nothing to with religion – this mother and father were just plain old sick, metally ill, evil.

    • slingmisery

      The religion put this silly notion in their heads and they took it and built on it . Stupid as I see it for any ideology to cause this. Get real

  • Hannah K

    I am so horrified by this – my heart is absolutely breaking. We could debate religion from now until the year 3030 – but ultimately it is about humanity – a mothers love which is supposed to be unconditional, never ending and protective – how do you sleep at night – knowing this is what you have done? I hope that these parents never have a minutes peace or rest until they meet Allah and have to explain their actions. RIP little man, I hope you have finally found rest. You are in my prayers. X

  • http://www.salaf.com ahmed

    - Hannah, they are my thoughts and prayers too. Words can’t describe how I feel when I imagine what that Child would have thought each time he was hit so hard and cruely by his Parent or Parents who he would have looked upon as his world. May our Lord, The Most High, the All Mighty Who is the Most Merciful, increase Yaseens joy and happiness in the akhirah and reward him with a better family, aameen.

    – I’m not suprised that none of the regular users are bothered by Kafir4lifes comments. Shows ur true selves.

    – Re Dewshans comment. I have no idea exactly what he meant when he said ritual n if he was refering to what people thought it was. However, I believe that when the jews murder Palistinian children, they include Christian Palistinians aswell as Muslim Palistinians.

    – Re the discussion on the term faith. Muslims try not to use the tern faith but prefer the term belief or sure belief / certainty. Its not a “blind” faith.

    – Re So called “Honor Killings” I agree that this term can be misleading and a term such as Murder for so called honor mighr be more better. Sadly, (and for your information) this type of thing is not an Islam or Muslim thing at all but can actually be found amongst South Asian Hindu’s, South Asian Christians as well as East Asian oriental and Arab Christian and Muslims. However, we have only seen it occur in the West amongst South Asian so far.

  • um_khaled

    Institute to teach the kuran and the Arabic language … Parameters with certificates in the Holy kuran and the intonation and the experience of more than 10 years in teaching Arabic to foreigners through Skype waslamoalikom warhmatullah wabrkatu

  • Shakthy Thewi

    THis is much like the case in Malaysia. Force conversions of aboriginal people happen amass and many of them face constant abuse in school. Here is only one example reported by the Malaysian Bar Council: http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/legal/general_news/orang_asli_children_slapped_for_not_reciting_doa.html