A Taste of Islam: An Interview with Bill Warner

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The biggest statistical surprise was the dualistic nature of Islamic doctrine. Islam holds contradictory ideas that are simultaneously true. Now this confounds all Western logic, but this gives Islam its great strength. Islam is peace. Islam is jihad. Islam is a brother to Christianity and Judaism. Islam annihilates Christianity and Judaism.

I find it revealing that 64% of the Koran deals with Kafirs (non-Muslims), not Muslims. The Trilogy has a greater textual devotion to Jew hatred, 9%, than Mein Kampf. We are led to believe that there are a few verses about jihad in the Koran, but 24% of the Koran written in Medina is about jihad.

My work is from the view point of the Kafir, the non-Muslim. The Kafir is the victim in nearly every verse by Allah and most actions by Mohammed. The grandest lie of Islam is that Muslims have the correct view of Islam. But dualism demands that there are two correct views that contradict each other and cannot be logically aligned. Hence, there is the Kafir-centric view of Islam that is equally valid as the Muslim-centric view. Islam, the universities, and the apologists all insist that only the Muslim view is the true view. This is an error that is not supported by facts.

We can now hold fact-based discussions about Islam. There is no longer any need for “experts”, since we have the supreme experts in our hand — Mohammed and Allah.

MT: You’re speaking in Los Angeles on “A Taste of Islam.” Why is it necessary to appreciate “the full menu” of Islam in order to understand it?

BW: It is impossible to understand Islam based on just the Koran, but it is simple to understand when you look at the entire picture, both of Allah and Mohammed.

Muslims and their apologists want us to look at Islam one verse at a time. But this is like trying to understand a jigsaw puzzle by looking at it one piece at a time. If we put all the pieces together, as a system, the picture is obvious.

MT: Pointing out the theological motivation of Islamic fundamentalists always brings the politically correct objection that they constitute a “tiny minority of extremists” who have “hijacked” a religion of peace and interfaith tolerance. How are we to answer that objection?

BW: The use of the term “extreme” implies that something is being measured, and it is off the chart. There is one and only one measure of Islam and that is its doctrine as found in the Trilogy. For example, Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for thirteen years and made only 150 converts. But when he turned to jihad, ten years later he died, he was the ruler of Arabia and every Arab was a Muslim. Conclusion: jihad is normal, not extreme. But notice that since Islam is dualistic, Muslims can claim that it is peaceful.

As to the claim that the jihadists are few in number, look at war statistics. During WW II only 10% of our population was in the military. Did that mean we were not at war? No. In war only a few are doing the actual work, the rest of the country backs them with labor, money and morale.

There are four ways to be a jihadist – sword, pen, speech and money. Jihad is incumbent on ALL Muslims; therefore, it is the sixth pillar of Islam.

MT: Especially in the wake of the Arab Spring, the Obama administration wants us to draw a distinction between the terrorists and the “moderate” Islamists we can work with. How do you respond to that?

BW: First, a terrorist is a jihadist, modeled after Mohammed, the supreme jihadist. A moderate Muslim can be one who is not observant or it can be a Muslim who is following the Koran of Mecca, the religious Koran.

The apologists always want to talk about people, Muslims, not doctrine. Remember: when a Muslim is talking to a Kafir, there are twelve verses of the Koran that state that a Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir. Also, Mohammed repeatedly told Muslims to deceive the Kafir if it would advance Islam. There is one Muslim who will tell us the complete truth about Islam and that man is Mohammed.

The iron rule of Islamic doctrine is: if someone is talking about Islam and does not mention Mohammed or Allah (Koran) they are only building castles in the air.

An Islamist wants Sharia. Sharia destroys human rights and Kafir civilization. Why would we want to cooperate with someone who wants Sharia?

We don’t need politicians, religious leaders or academics to explain about Islam, we now have Mohammed and Allah. Forget the opinions of experts. For the first time in history, the common man can read the facts of the Trilogy and find out all of the answers without the “experts.”

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  • KarshiKhanabad

    I hope that the author is currently compiling and plans to publish a time-line based trifecta consisting of a time-reorganized Koran alongside equally reshuffled Hadiths & Sira which lay out the sayings of all three in sequence of the real events in the life of Mohammed. For one thing it will end all confusion about the differences between the "Meccan verses" and the "Medinan verses".

    If this is his actual plan, the resulting publication would be a bombshell dropped on the current PC establishment which calls Islam a "religion of peace".

    The author has solved the puzzle of understanding Islam. Doesn't mean that those who already understand Islam as a religion of intolerance, violence, and misogyny ("by their fruits ye shall know them") are in anyway off the mark.

    The author's reorganized trilogy of the murderous teachings of Islam needs to hit the newstands. As quickly as possible.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      understand Islam as a religion of intolerance, violence,

      Islam is not a religion. It's a theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a religion to dupe the gullible societies it intends to subjugate via the imposition of Sharia into draconian Islamic totalitarianism for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme.

      In addition, non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad relative to violent jihad is employed by the Islamic world against the West astronomically far more prevalently. In fact, the threat emanating from violent jihad relative to non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad is miniscule.

      The author's reorganized trilogy of the murderous teachings of Islam needs to hit the newstands. As quickly as possible.

      Already has since 2006 @ http://www.politicalislam.com/blog/refuting-count

      • cshort

        Spot on!

      • cshort

        Islam is a compendium of the evils of mankind wrapped up in a deity that replaces the state as justification for horrible deeds. Combating the state is difficult, combating a theocracy, which is apparently the only thing smacking of religion, which PC Liberal leaders apply constitutional protection to, is going to be bloody when their population in this country reaches a tipping point that will signal our own Arab Spring. If anyone doesn't believe it, look to the modern histories of Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and Europe.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Thank you Dr. Bill for an enlightening interview. Yes, muslims do lie! Ask any of them what "dhimmi" means and they will lie about its meaning. Hence they are covering up the tracks of islamic subversion. Keep it up!

  • Roy

    Does his work discuss Islams views on people of faiths other than Judaism and Christianity? Looking at the plight of pre-Islamic Arabs, Iranian Zoroastrians and Bahais, South Asian Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and pan Asian Buddhists, African animists, at the hands of Islam in the past and present, and also other religions in the world that have not yet been as touched directly by Islam for some reason (Native American faiths) I would hope he would devout some time on this much needed area.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    A moderate Muslim can be one who is not observant or it can be a Muslim who is following the Koran of Mecca, the religious Koran.

    I agree but nonetheless either way whether non-observant or followers of the Meccan Koran, they are not considered to be Muslims at all, but instead blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of mainstream orthodox Islam must be executed.

  • khyber

    they try to put out the light of god with their mouth.

  • Jaladhi

    There is nothing complex to understand about Islam. Islam is pure 100% unadulterated evil and it turns it's followers into zombies who do not see any difference between good and evil.. No further debate and hand wringing is necessary. We should be courageous enough to deal with this evil the same way as we do with other evils.

  • Rajiv

    Thank you for your hard work and devotion to a great cause- to tell humanity what Islam is all about. For me the actions and deeds of Muslims (and nations based on Islam) say everything I ever wanted to know about Muslims and Islam- intolerance, hatred, terror- but hopefully now the secularist and liberal leaders like Obama can be refuted when they say Islam is a religion of peace. Well, Mohamed and Allah would beg to differ on that view point.

  • aspacia

    Great essay

  • Gea

    Islam is like Nazi delusional supremacist ideology of Jew-hate and apartheid, also an ideology that promotes misogyny, pedophilia, polygamy and murder for Allahu Akbar incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or US Constitution. Thereore, most Muslim-majority countries had refused to sign this human rights declaration, since their medieval evil sharis does not recognize rights of individuals but DEMAND SUBMISSION to a bloodthirsty Allahu Akbar, as interpreted by Imams and mullahs calling for death of the Jews and America.

    Obama and Clinton should stop making deals with those jihadists, such as Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban, because their catering to CAIR and OIC, the white washers of Islam is endangering the safety of US, EU, Australian and Asian citizens, and indeed Muslims who do not follow this ideology of hate of non-Muslims.. Islam as additional teachings of misogyny, pedophilias, polygamy and murder to get into Paradise with 72 virgins.

    We need to become independent of Arab oil and thus dry up money that finances terrorist groups around the world (by Saudis and Iranians) in addition to mosques in out midst which are the breading grounds for domestic Jihadists hell bent to destroy the civilization that feeds them.

    Islam ITSELF is the ROOT CAUSE of terrorism around the world and thus needs to be sued in the court of law as a HATE speech inciting violence and murder.

  • John

    Alloh Akbar Islam is the right way just think deeply dont close your eyes from it)))