Al Shameless

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That Al Sharpton has no shame should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the career of America’s foremost racist demagogue and lynch-mob leader.  His recent statements show that Reverend Al continues to live down to that low reputation.

In a recent episode of his MSNBC show, “Politics Nation,” he began by claiming that the Republican party is attempting to “dehumanize” President Obama, whatever that means. And in a jaw-dropping example of psychological projection, he accused them of engaging in “a long history of fear and smear.”

Projection comes from the Freudian lexicon.  The founder of psychoanalysis saw it as a defense mechanism whereby a person is in denial about his or her own attitudes and motivations, and instead attributes them to other people. It is a serious mental pathology of the left, and it accounts for leftists’ astonishing blind spot to their own intolerance, hatred, bigotry, and racism, which they instead ascribe to the right.

In another recent example, a fact-free opinion piece entitled “War on Students,” Sharpton informs his Huffington Post readers that there is a kind of warfare “that is ideological rather than physical.” This isn’t news to conservatives, who have learned the hard way that progressives are the ruthless masters of such combat. But Al, of course, asserts that “nobody knows the concept of waging these sorts of wars better than” – naturally – “Republicans”:

As a collective, they have waged virtual wars against women, immigrants and progressive groups… The latest victims in Republican warfare are the most defenseless among us – our children.

He’s referring to the diabolical Republican plot to keep “our children” in a “persistent cycle of poverty” by means of the crushing debt of student loans. He doesn’t explain why Republicans would want to choke off America’s future prosperity, nor does he address the fact that it is not they but the Obama administration that is driving our young people and everyone else into a “persistent cycle of poverty.”

Sharpton first thrust himself into the national spotlight in 1987, when he exploited the infamous Tawana Brawley case. The black 15-year-old in New York claimed she had been kidnapped and raped by a gang of six whites. Despite an absence of evidence to support her story, Sharpton made increasingly wild allegations, including the charge, without a shred of proof, that the assistant prosecutor himself had participated in the girl’s brutalization. Brawley’s tale eventually proved to be false, and the assistant prosecutor won a court judgment against Sharpton.

In 1991 Sharpton formed the National Action Network, whose platform involves a rather unfocused range of activism regarding everything from racial profiling to police brutality, women’s issues to public education, job awareness to international affairs, abolishing slavery in Africa, and more.

That same year Sharpton showed just what kind of activism he espouses. Anti-Jewish riots erupted in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights after a Hasidic Jew accidentally ran over and killed a 7-year-old black boy. Delivering the eulogy at the funeral, Sharpton blamed Jewish “apartheid” rather than a car accident, and got the mourners fired up about the local “diamond merchants”: “All we want is what Jesus said. If you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it. No compromise, no meetings, no coffee klatsch, no skinnin’ and grinnin’.” Within three hours of his eulogy, a black mob had hunted down and killed an innocent rabbinical student in retaliation.

Unapologetic as always, Sharpton organized angry demonstrations: “No justice, no peace!” he shouted. Hundreds of Crown Heights blacks took to the streets for three days and nights of rioting, which Sharpton excused by stating, “We must not reprimand our children for outrage, when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system.”

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  • Bamaguje

    How did such a vile hate mongering antisemite become a reverend?
    What happened to the standards of morality expected of Christian clergy?

    • pierce


    • jacob

      May I tell you you can become such a "REVEREND" by mail ???
      I does not require your studying for years at seminars as Catholics and some Protestant persuasions
      require and I bet dollars to doughnuts this is how THIS rabble rousser got to add this title to his name….

      However, it is this "Political Correctness" crap which allows this sad state of affairs to happen and this
      no good to do what the does….
      I was one of those who donated to the fund of the NYPD person accused by this Reverend in the
      BAWANA case (which ended up by her confessing she had been making out with her boyfriend while
      police was looking for her) and learned later he got off with a slap on the wrist instead of being jailed,
      most definitely for fear of another riot….
      OR NOT ????

      • Questions

        The fact is, much as I can't stand Sharpton, he's been an ordained minister since age 9. He began as Pentecostal and converted later to Baptist. Like it or not, his crednetials are legit.

      • johnnywoods

        jacob, in many cases Blacks act like preachers that they have known then someone tells them they should become a preacher and they start claiming to be one. Simple as that. They may also get a "mail-order degree" to make it look more official.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Anyone can claim to be a "reverend". You will know a tree by the fruit it bears.

    • RoguePatriot6

      You can be a reverend, priest, or minister and not be of God.

    • johnnywoods

      Bamaguje, I will never call Al Sharpton "Reverend" as the title indicates deep respect for one who is a "man of GOD" which he clearly does not deserve.

    • Questions

      Black clergy rarely have observed high standards of morality. That's not a slam at Christianity; it's a slam at blacks.

  • Vic Kelley

    Sharpton is a disgrace just like Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee. But their audience loves them. Sharpton appeals to those who don't want to work or try harder but instead just want to blame others. From time to time Sharpton organizes a group somewhere and blocks traffic long enough to get arrested, so people don't take Sharpton too seriously. But they should. Sharpton is a real danger to public safety. As the article outlined clearly Sharpton incites violence.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Vic, If you added the combined IQs of those three you might come up with a total of 100.

  • StephenD

    I've heard of his cooperation with the mob. He gets a call from a mob boss to gather his troops. The mob boss is shaking down a local construction company for tribute. Sharpton, who always has a troupe ready to go on a moment’s notice (surprise, no one need worry about missing work), to hold signs calling the contractor out as racist or sexist or some other trumped up charge to shut down the job site…until he pays. Sharpton gets his cut and evryone is happy…except the contractor. Pretty lucrative deal for Sharpton if it’s true.

    But he would NEVER lower himself to do such a thing would he???

    I wonder why he never faced charges of being an accessory to the fact of murder.

  • Schlomotion

    There is a great irony in reading Daniel Greenfield lamenting about how Newsweek fell from its alleged golden age of high journalism and then reading Mark Tapson going on a rant about a blip of Al Sharpton that he watched on MSNBC and then tried to report as a news event. Is "Al Sharpton made an appearance on MSNBC" really news? Mr. Greenfield was just saying that now magazines are not about the content, they are about the cover, and news is simply magazines reporting about the covers of other magazines. Then he did the same. Now here, Mr. Tapson is using some filler from MSNBC as a basis to reignite a skirmish between Blacks and Hasidic Jews from 1991. Are we really supposed to feel the wrath of Menachem Schneerson? It's just not palpable.


      Schocky OCD.

    • poppakap

      Once again, the only thing Slomo's feeble intellect is able to conjure up is a deflection from the issues in the article itself. Obfuscation, denial, and faux outrage are all hallmarks of the Marxist left and Slomo once again shows he/she/it is a true believer.

      Why Slomo insists on trolling here is open to debate. I tend to believe it's an unrequited crush on FPM's authors.

      • Atlas_Collins

        I think Schlomo was dumped by a jew gal, myself.

  • Zionista

    two words: tawana brawley

    • Roger

      Resist we much, and we will!

      • Zionista

        Mark Levin has played those eloquent words of al not so sharp – I remember the days he used to squeeze his fat butt into sweat suits and strut around like he was so important. How a lying demagogue like him has ANY credibility is a travesty.

        • davarino

          Just look at the dolts that follow him. Not so bright

  • BS77

    Sharpton is a modern day carpet bagger…..he travels to hot spots, incites emotional outbursts and mob "outrage", without any reliance on facts or reality. This guy needs to be restrained…..

    • Schlomotion

      That's true. He's like a Black Pamela Geller.

      • StephenD

        Schlomind, You've said some pretty vile things on the pages of FPM but this has got to be right down there with the worst of them. Pamela Geller is a HERO. She works for all the right things. Who else is trying to highlight the plight of Muslim girls afraid of "Honor" killings? She offers them a safe haven. She has the guts to call Islam out. How dare you compare this Charlatan Sharpton with her? I suspect you are trolling this site because where folks agree with you, you aren't responded to and you then have to face the fact that you…are irrelevant.

        • Schlomotion

          This Pamela Geller?

          Pamela Geller the owner of a Luxury Car Dealership that sold cars to known cocaine dealers through dummy accounts and bogus financial paperwork? The woman who was reborn as an Islamophobic hatemonger with the voice of a busted speaker tweeter?

          That's not like Al Sharpton getting cocaine money from James Rosemond?

          • Bartimaeus

            What is with the irrelevant photo of airline security? The Southern Poverty Law center is not so far removed from Al Sharptons tactics. You will have to do better than that.

          • Schlomotion

            I often ask myself, what is with the irrelevant photos of char-broiled people on the articles posted here. It is reminiscent of pro-life billboards.

          • Bartimaeus

            At least you admit that your photo is irrelevant. That s a good start on acknowledging the truth. You are doing better!

  • kong.ming

    Let's not forget:

    Sharpton on videotape organizing the sale of kilos of cocaine between the Gambino mob to push it into NYC's black communities, at a time where the crack epidemic killed more people each year than Osama did on 9/11.

    Sharpton ties to James Rosemond, New York's crack kingpin, including exchanging hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • mrbean

    Dah referend Shawpton beez dah man cause he know dat dah white man beez keepin' meh down – yonowatahmsayin, mettt…..metttt…..mettt…. Himun dah referend Jackson gontah git meh mah reparaishuns,,, Yassah, gonna make awl dem white honkay crackas pay. yonowatahmsayin, mettt…..metttt…..mettt….

    • Vermont Yid

      mrbean, I find your bigoted crap above extremely offensive. You're no better than Sharpton, you ignorant turd. You and Sharpton are cut from the same cloth. This is coming to you from a white Jew. Have you got something to say about that? Go crawl back under your rock.

      • mrbean

        Oooh derah, dah libral whitey beez upset with mine ebonics. Now ain;t dat jus' tah bad. Youse beez unejumacated in the lankwhich uf dah bruthas an dah sistas. yonowatahmsayin, mettt…..metttt…..mettt…. KKkksssssss..Ksssssss.

        • KarshiKhanabad

          Love your jive talk. Keep it up. Freedom of speech & expression is fundamental to liberty. No group is immune to criticism, which is the opposite of political correctness. An I be jes' one mo' jiveass ofay honkie!


    • Ghostwriter

      Like Vermont Yid,I also find your "Amos n' Andy" routine stupid and offensive. I don't even find it funny. I find it appalling. Your response to him was just as dumb. As a white man myself,you make the rest of us look stupid. When are you EVER going to grow up,mrbean,and join the rest of the human race?

      • mrbean

        Holay Madkral Andy dajh Ghostwriter dun no likes mah routine. yonowatahmsayin…..Yassah.

        • Ghostwriter

          I hate to say it mrbean,but your "Amos n' Andy" routine still isn't funny.

  • Looking4Sanity

    I used to think this buffoon was funny. Now that I've seen the laundry list of murders he's responsible for, I don't think I'll ever laugh at him again…not even in ridicule. It is an indictment of our Justice system that this scum is free and walking the streets, let alone allowed to continue inciting riots and murder.

    • Schlomotion

      Just say no to vigilantism, Charles.

      • Looking4Sanity

        Sod off, moron.

  • greatj

    ALFRAUD Sharpton is an illiterate, race hating,antisemite,tax evader,rioter,hoaxer,and a disgrace to race relations but ALFRAUD is a great black/mailer which is his real career.

  • fiddler

    "In a recent episode of his MSNBC show, “Politics Nation,” he began by claiming that the Republican party is attempting to “dehumanize” President Obama, whatever that means. And in a jaw-dropping example of psychological projection, he accused them of engaging in “a long history of fear and smear.'"

    All people like Shaprton need is a megaphone and an audience. MSMBC has provided them.

    • Serafino

      He couldn't spell "dehumanize".

  • mrbean


    • KarshiKhanabad


      Oh, and I dig your homey jive. May we hope for more?


  • jk-phd

    I complained to Fox News O'Reilly for even featuring Sharpton and cited an in-depth report of his short comings. They can and should do way better. My note to Fox News 4/18/2010:
    Please take a look at the report on Al Sharpton by National Legal and Policy Center. He discredits his race and O'Reilly with his background and hucksterism. See the 2009 50-page report with full documentation at:


  • BLJ

    Sharpton is a tool .

  • Ghostwriter

    To me,I find the Rev. Al Sharpton to be an annoying twit. When my mother was visiting my aunt,she would watch MSNBC and that was one of the shows she'd watch. It was one of the most annoying things I'd ever heard. I find "Saturday Night Live's" version of Rev. Al far more tolerable to watch and far less annoying. And in many ways,one of it's better skits. They should do more of that. I'm no fan of Al Sharpton.

  • Serafino

    Someone asked how this poverty & race pimp got the reverend title. He must have received it at some hole in the wall where if your check clears, you become a reverend. He an his mirror image Jesse Jackson go around extorting money from business owners. This man has a warm place in hell waiting for him. As to the rest of us, get armed. We are going to see more racial rioting in our lifetime.

  • Anamah

    Miserable bug.

  • marios

    Blaiming whites for racism Sharpton's transformed our country in black racists one. Blacks spoiled and corrupted by those Sharpton's and community organizers (one of them in WH now) don't want equal rights, they want advantages, priviliges. They believe now that they (not all blacks of course but "sharpton's" mob) don't need to work as whites duties provide them all benefits. On "Democrats"language it means "Fear share": free lunch for lazy criminals on hard working people account. Sharpton is not more shameless than all Democarts leaders ones.

  • koran kid

    Watson, nice one. So if us white monkeys are the victims of a simple case of conscious or unconscious projection, and it feels to me more like the conscious school playground variety where the guilty bully has worked out that attack is the best form of defense, which means get your accusation in first, and preferably the one you are guilty of, is there any way to fight back, without invoking Fried or Young in a right wing column, which is like sending the weak, tweedy professor in the misty bi-focal specs with a fountain pen and boxing gloves into a bare knuckle fist fight with a school bully armed with megaphone and knuckle duster? Like, you don't frighten me, you yellow bellied coward, we've all got to die some time sooner or later, and when he comes at you, whack him with a team of hand-picked lawyers whose sole job is to sue every racist word he utters everywhere, and then kick him in the nuts with a team of hand-picked psycologists in court, to open up the dark areas of his sad, inferior mind, and get him into a mental institution if he doesn't see the light. Because, 'let he who is without sin' doesn't work with a black marxist thief disguised as a man of the cloth, because if you out him, you'll end up doing time, since the top judge is a black marxist thief disguised as a judge, and the top dog is a black marxist thief disguised as a president, and all those little white monkeys like me are too scared to do anything or say anything about it, in case we get fed to the printing press! Apart from appeals to the maker, and he must have more important things on his mind to worry about, what is the alternative? Just provoke him into an abusive attack, of the type he's got away with all his life, and nail him with this elite hit team, who can be paid for by wealth creators, who better get him before he and his ilk get them. And make sure the elite team are all black. And pay them a third up front, a third in court, and a third when he's behind bars, with a USD 1m for every year that he stays there bonus. Who knows, he might come out like Nelson Mandela, and tell his lazy followers to jack in the comrade crap, and get a decent job, as a lawyer, or even a psycologist! This way, we anxious white winged monkeys get to project some subconscious fear of bullies, and some conscious hatred of faux marxists, to ameliorate the agony of seeing a once great country impoverished by the very people it saved from loincloths. And in case you are worrying, when confronted with the real thing, that is real Africans in real poverty, these urbane Afro-American activists can barely hide their contempt. What did Fried call that? Seems like an ugly case of denial to me, and it can take plenty of years in the jug to get to the bottom of the wrong idea that lies under that, and then a decent stint as leader to prove the findings. Ask Nelson! On second thoughts, let's just leave it at shameless. Blub, Al Baby, Blub. He's just a lost, lonely, little Cry Baby, really. You really tapped into a raw nerve there, son. Good luck, Holmes.